Folding knives under 1000 rubles - top 10

Those looking for high-quality knives at an affordable price should pay attention to the following models:

ModelWeight (g)Blade length(mm)Handle material
Marser Ast-150 Zombie Angriff2555fiberglass G10
Cold Steel KUDU68108Zytel
Ganzo G61811080ABS plastic
Antonini Pattada ANT6011FC1558ABS plastic
Pirate T70216082tree
Knight - “Soroka”137100tree
Master K Makhaon-2 MS0109087steel
Kizlyar - “Scout”9298ABS plastic
Kershaw Cinder2566fiberglass G10
Baby MA8083258plastic

Choosing a good folding knife

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the right model of folding knife is its purpose. You need to clearly understand for what purpose it will be used. Folding knives are extremely rarely used for cutting vegetables or fruits in everyday life - there are special kitchen knives for this. At the same time, folding knives are quite practical and versatile: they can cut anything and at the same time act as a means of self-defense against wild predators.

Further. Selecting a blade. This again depends on the purpose of the knife, but it is best to choose the simplest possible blade that will be suitable for any task.

The size of the knife is also an important aspect. You often have to take a folding knife with you, so it is important that it is of the most compact size and can easily fit in the glove compartment of a car or even in a pocket.

The material from which the knife handle is made. Everything here is individual: some people like wooden handles, while others prefer steel handles. However, we should not forget about the practicality and durability of the product, and in this sense it is worth giving preference to the second option in the rating.

Knife lock. The quality of the lock on the knife makes its use simpler and more convenient. Choose the most convenient to use, reliable and durable lock.

And, of course, steel is perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to. The best option is steel after heat treatment, or “hardened”, as it is also called. It is also worth paying attention to parameters such as wear resistance index, corrosion resistance index and cutting edge retention index. The higher these parameters, the more difficult it is to sharpen the steel and the faster it rusts, so do not forget that good steel should have low indexes.

And now we present to you a rating of the twenty best folding knives from the popular website AliExpress. When compiling it, we took into account the materials from which they are made, the hardness of the cutting edge, the blade, blade coating, knife lock and much more. In a word, we have chosen the best, most popular models, so when choosing a folding knife, you can safely be guided by our rating.

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Folding knives under 2000 rubles - top 10

Buying a good knife in the price category up to 2000 rubles is quite possible. List of the most worthwhile models:

ModelWeight (g)Blade length(mm)Handle material
Marser Ka-2811478fiberglass G10
Marser Str-2515481fiberglass G10
Sanrenmu 7109072steel
Opinel 10VRI Tradition Inox73100beech
Mora Companion MG (S)80100rubber plastic
Extreme Ops Folding Knife8281anodized aluminum alloy
Rui Comando 1087613485Aluminum
Schrade SCHF13SM5750fiberglass G10
Ganzo G742-1-BKP16289fiberglass G10
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops CK105BK8881aluminum

Folding knives under 5,000 rubles - top 10

It is very easy to purchase a folding knife with a budget of 5,000 rubles, since the market offers many decent options for such a price.

ModelWeight (g)Blade length(mm)Handle material
CRKT Crawford Kasper OD/black21095Zytel (composite polymer)
Kershaw Shuffle Deep Blue7860plastic + steel
Cold Steel Pro Lite Sport8589glass fiber reinforced plastic Glass Filled Nylon (GFN)
Ruike P801-SF12086steel 3Cr14N
Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight C122PBK10390FRN
Steelclaw steel D2 tanto9485aluminum
ESEE Avispa BRK130112888fiberglass G10
Ganzo Firebird FB7603-BK12287fiberglass G10
Victorinox Spartan6791nylon
CJRB Feldspar12090fiberglass G10

Folding knives from Aliexpress - top 10

On the website you can also choose good options for folding knives. The models listed in the table have many positive reviews and are the best-selling on this trading platform.

ModelWeight (g)Blade length(mm)Handle material
Black Sable13090aluminum
LDIRECTOR FA1821594fiberglass G10 + steel
LDT 056224592fiberglass G10
LDT Qwaiken Tanto13088steel
LDT BF2RCT15088aluminum
Samsend ZT035018080steel + fiberglass G10
ZT056217392wood (rosewood)
SDIYABEIZ19088aluminum + steel

How to choose a good folding knife

When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. Cutting edge hardness is a value measured in Rockwell units (HRC). This is a kind of hardening degree of the steel from which the blade is made. Its optimal level reaches from 42 to 60 HRC. Accordingly, the higher the Rockwell value, the longer it holds an edge.
  2. Blade - you need to take into account that if the hardness of a knife becomes above 61 HRC, then it becomes very fragile. At the same time, steel hardened to only 42 units usually cuts poorly and has low strength.
  3. The surface of the blade blade: it comes in several types: polished, ground, chrome-plated, brushed, and also with a special protective coating.

The polished surface is a perfectly smooth blade processed to a mirror shine. It ensures the highest quality cutting properties of the knife, long-lasting sharpening and high resistance to corrosion.

The polished surface of a knife is a surface from which any irregularities, burrs, etc. have been removed. To grind knives, a special abrasive made of granulated sand is used - this is what removes everything unnecessary from its surface.

Chrome plated is a surface coated with chrome. Chrome protects the product well from corrosion and also contributes to its presentable appearance - the substance is actively used for decorative purposes. You can coat folding knives with chrome both in production and at home, but you must carefully follow safety precautions, since chromium is a very toxic substance.

The matte surface of the knife is a processed, smooth surface, without irregularities and roughness, with the knife coated with a matte film. This technology allows you to get original patterns on the knife. There are several ways to matt knives: mechanical, chemical, electrochemical, but chemical is most often used, since it is more efficient in both cost and time. This method consists of applying a special chemical solution to the product, which makes its surface smooth, matte and creates a certain pattern.

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Knives with special coating - here we can distinguish several types of coating that have been used recently:

  • powder – a powdery substance is used for coating (often Teflon or epoxy), the particles of which stick to the blade under the influence of high temperatures;
  • varnish - this method involves painting the knife with special varnish;
  • PVD – a film of titanium and carbon is applied to the knife;
  • diamond-like coating - a mixture of layered carbon, graphite and diamond is applied to the blade;
  • Titanium nitride coating is a very high-quality, wear-resistant coating.

The shape of the blade is an important detail, depending on the purpose for which the product is used. There are several types of blade shapes:

  • flat-curved - capable of perfectly cutting soft materials of any thickness, but does not cut hard materials well. The main disadvantage of such a blade is that it is extremely difficult to sharpen;
  • chisel - a blade that not only cuts well, but also chops. Easy to sharpen;
  • plano-concave - mainly used for making cuts. This blade is very easy to make and sharpen;
  • wedge-shaped - cuts well, but there are certain difficulties with sharpening the blade, plus it is quite fragile, and if the product is handled incorrectly, it can easily be broken;
  • The pentagonal blade is an excellent blade in every sense: very durable, cuts well, but there can be problems with sharpening.

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The presence of additional devices (such knives are called “multi-tools”). As you know, a folding knife, in addition to the main cutting surface, can contain several more useful gizmos, namely:

  • awl;
  • corkscrew;
  • can-opener;
  • serator (small saw);
  • bottle opener and more.

Features of knives:

  1. Knife handle. Most folding products use metal construction. It consists of a frame, which is located inside and linings. An automatic knife opening mechanism, if provided, can be located inside the frame. The handle of a folding knife comes in different shapes: wedge-shaped, concave, rectangular, convex-concave, complex ergonomic. The cross-sectional shape of the knife handle can also be different: round, oval and rectangular.
  2. Knife lock. This is an element for fixing the product. There are three most reliable locks that have proven themselves quite successfully: Tri AD Lock, Back Lock and Axis Lock. These are universal locks, very easy to use and reliable. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. There is also a Liner Lock, but this is only for right-handed users.
  3. Related details. Many modern models are equipped with a variety of additional devices: clips for carrying a knife, elements for safe use of the product (fuses), elements that expand the striking capabilities of the knife, and much more. This, of course, is not a determining factor when choosing a knife, but if they are there, it will only be a plus.

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Folding knives made in Russia - top 10

The skill of Russian knife manufacturers is growing every year. The most popular models with exclusive design and durable materials:

ModelWeight (g)Blade length (mm)Handle material
Shokuroff— “MODEL M0901”108100titanium + fiberglass G10
Cheburkov’s workshop – “Urbis”11578titanium
Workshop of A. Biryukov - No. 10 3D135105titanium
Kizlyar Supreme—BLOKE Z D2 BLACK TITANIUM22095fiberglass G10
KNOX Officer 2M176111fiberglass G10
“AiR” - folding (walnut)11883tree nut)
Sander Barbus Ti106104titanium
Knives ZlatProfit – “Guard”208101tree nut)
NC Custom - Minimus10593fiberglass G10
Semin’s Workshop – “Fang”15592tree

The best folding knife for every day - top 10

Universal folding knives with a reliable design that are useful at home and on the go:

ModelWeight (g)Blade length (mm)Handle material
Steelclaw Reservist MAR01191110fiberglass G-10
CRKT 7097 CEO6080nylon
Ontario RAT-1 GRN 8848SP14292thermoplastic GRN
Boker Magnum Cobalt (BK01RY288)16695steel
Opinel Tradition Classic Stainless Steel No. 1046100tree
BUCK 110 Folding Hunter20595stabilized wood
Antonini Old Bear 9303 L5893laminated wood
Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point (27BS)147101,6fiberglass
Kershaw Natrix 700782,283fiberglass G-10
VICTORINOX Hunter pro (0.9410)16296nylon

Steelclaw Reservist MAR01

Knives made from modern tool steel (containing 12% chromium). They are in great demand among hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts. The handle is made of G-10 fiberglass - a material that lasts a long time and does not slip in the palm.


— energic handle; — smooth opening; - keep the cutting edge sharp for a long time; - resistant to corrosion.


- heavy; - It is necessary to wipe dry after contact with moisture.


Folding knives that are designed specifically for daily carry. It is lightweight (only 60 g), compact, equipped with a removable clip and therefore fits comfortably even in a pocket. Steel grade 8Cr14MoV.


- resistant to corrosion; — blade fixation; - good cut; - wear-resistant.


— the impact strength of the nylon handle decreases at temperatures below 17°C.

Ontario RAT-1 GRN 8848SP (Rat)

These knives were developed by professionals from the American company for use in extreme conditions. Steel grade AUS-8 with hardness HRC 58-60.


- good blade cut; — optimal ratio of flexibility and hardness of the blade; - anti-corrosion resistance.


— the thermoplastic handle does not withstand cold (below 17°C).

Boker Magnum Cobalt (BK01RY288)

Simple but very convenient knives with an original design. Durable 440A mild steel with HRC 55-56 hardness.


— the blade is made of hardened stainless steel; — not afraid of a humid environment and even contact with salt water; - handle made of durable material; - interesting pattern.


- not the lightest model on the market (144 g).

Opinel Tradition Classic Stainless Steel No. 10

A reliable knife with a simple design. Equipped with a locking ring that prevents accidental folding of the knife and thereby protects the owner from injury.


- durable blade; - very light; — compact size; — Viroblock lock.


— the handle is afraid of water (to prevent the wood from swelling, it is necessary to soak it in oil); — the blade is susceptible to corrosion, as it is made of carbon steel XC90.

BUCK 110 Folding Hunter

This is one of the most popular folding knives in the whole world, which has been produced for more than 50 years. It is made of stainless steel (420HC) with high carbon content.


— ergonomic handle (with grooves for fingers); — use of stabilized wood; — the blade holds an edge for a long time.


- relatively heavy (205 g); - high price.

Antonini Old Bear 9303 L

Italian-made knives that are very simple and easy to use. They are distinguished by a black original handle design, as well as Teflon blade treatment.


— reliable and safe Viroblock lock; - ergonomic shape; - high quality blade.


- price.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point (27BS)

Excellent quality knives made by an American company. They sharpen well at home and look very solid due to the finishing coating (DLC) of the blade.


— convenient design; - durable and corrosion-resistant blade; - reliable lock; - textured handle.


- price.

Kershaw Natrix 7007

A folding knife that combines stylish design, quality materials and an affordable price. The sharp tip allows you to perform delicate work. The ergonomic shape follows the curves of the hand, making the knife very comfortable in the hand.


— the presence of a “fin” for quick opening with one hand; - light weight; - reliable lock.


— the blade does not have an additional coating, so prolonged contact with water should be avoided; - Designed to be held in the right hand only.

Folding knife designs

Today there are several basic designs of folding knives. For example, a back-lock with the help of which the lever presses the blade from the side of the butt, relying on the spring of the handle on the other side.

Liner-lock provides for fixation through the use of a flat spring, which presses the blade. After modifying the frame lock, the spring became part of the handle itself.

There are also pin structures, which are represented by different locks and methods of fixation, where a movable pin is involved.

Clasp-knife is the most reliable among other methods of blade fixation. It is based on a rotary coupling, which has a special connector. Since the emergence of a specific niche, many companies that produce folding knives are constantly improving their product range. Of course, it is quite difficult to choose a good knife without the proper knowledge and experience. For this reason, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the rating of folding knife manufacturers in demand around the world.

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