Psychology of a loving man: what you need to know about the feelings of the stronger sex

A loving man is not uncommon, as many women think. Rather, it is not so easy to find out what he really feels for a woman. There are many attitudes in the head of the stronger sex that do not allow you to be generous with emotions, open and clearly show your feelings. At least, the period of getting used to it and realizing that this woman is the one you can open up and trust lasts much longer for men than for representatives of the fairer sex.

Of course, girls want to speed up the process of understanding that the relationship is serious, and something incredibly serious awaits you ahead, flowing into a cloudless dream of marriage, small children and a cozy home. Take your time to live, try to avoid pressure and hide your desire to find out his attitude towards you.

A beloved and loving man has the right to draw conclusions when he sees fit. Women should learn patience and respect for personal space. Yes, there is a deadline, beyond which you can obviously waste time. This is approximately six months. During this time, we strongly recommend that you do not start conversations about his intentions, how he feels about you, what plans he is making for the future. When a man loves a woman, he will start this conversation himself. True, we cannot help but share with you some little secrets of how to understand this without further ado at the initial stages of your communication.

How men fall in love

When caught in the web of love, men and women begin to behave differently. A loving partner does not immediately understand that in front of him is the one and only one with whom he would like to spend years of his life together. In the process of realizing this event, his feelings go through several stages of emotional transformation. By nature, a man is not capable of spontaneous actions. Either he takes an important step under the influence of feelings, or he calculates it using logic. In any case, it takes time to bring thoughts and emotions into a stable balance.

It is simply impossible to understand the reasons why a guy feels love for this or that girl. He himself will not be able to explain why, at the sight of his beloved, his heart begins to beat faster, the usual eloquence disappears somewhere from an accidental touch, and for the sake of her smile he is ready to do the impossible. Each man goes through this path individually, since the birth of love is influenced by many factors: upbringing, mentality, character, previous experience of romantic relationships.

Quite often, a man feels warmth and care emanating from a woman he likes, and unconsciously strives to preserve these emotions for a long time. He begins to actively seek her company, instinctively noting qualities in her that other women do not have. Without fully realizing the reasons for his choice, the man nevertheless feels in love.

Psychologists have identified seven main stages in the process of the birth of love in the strong half of humanity:

  1. At the first stage, a man evaluates external data, beauty, charm.
  2. Feeling interested in the girl, the guy decides to create a relationship with her.
  3. If the gentleman’s advances are favorably accepted by the lady, then he becomes attracted and desires to continue communication. To achieve consent for a date, a loving man shows miracles of seduction. The chosen one supports him in this sensual game, responding with light signs of attention.
  4. The partner wants to make a worthy impression, attract the lady’s attention and evoke reciprocal feelings.
  5. Mutual sympathy has been confirmed, and now the loving guy intends to make the girl fall in love with him, doing everything possible.
  6. A loving man increasingly invites a woman on dates, trying to fully understand how he feels when communicating with her. Weighing all the pros and cons, he is preparing to move the relationship to another level.
  7. Having become convinced of his own feelings, a loving man tries to determine the depth of his partner’s reciprocal sympathy.
  8. Male love is confirmed by a firm belief in the need to create strong relationships. What makes a man fall in love

Should you try to make him jealous?

Some women's glossy magazines advise trying this tactic: if it seems that a man has grown cold , you need to try to make him jealous. To do this, it is suggested that you start staying late from work, put on sexy outfits every day, buy yourself flowers, but say that it is from some distant acquaintance.

Women hope that this technique will help a man remember: his wife is still capable of winning men’s sympathy .

He will be afraid that he will lose her, and his feelings will flare up with renewed vigor. In reality, things may be different. A loving, faithful husband will simply be offended by such undeserved provocations . And the one who really no longer loves his wife and wants to separate from her will be glad of the opportunity that has arisen.

To understand whether your husband loves you or not, you need to be observant and try to look at him from the outside with a sober look. It is important to evaluate not only a person’s words, but also his actions.

You will learn more information on this topic by watching the video :

Why do men hide their emotions?

A loving man feels many emotions, sometimes a real storm of passion covers him. The opportunity to experience these new, sometimes frightening sensations attracts him no matter what. Possessing subtle intuition, a woman, even after a long acquaintance, can notice insincerity on the part of her partner.

Psychological attitudes are laid in children from a very early age. According to a tradition that goes back centuries, the attitude towards boys in the family is strict, sometimes even harsh. Fathers, and even mothers, actively project into the consciousness of their sons concepts that characterize purely masculine qualities. This is strength, courage, patience, a sense of responsibility. In this case, expressions like: “You’re a boy, don’t cry!” or “Be patient, you are a future soldier” and the like. Fatherly instructions look like a guide to action, forming in the child’s fragile psyche a stable ban on the full expression of his feelings. This is not so bad, it just once again confirms the influence of public opinion on the formation of a person’s personality.

Thanks to the prevailing stereotype, women imagine a true protector to be strong both physically and morally. Therefore, loving men try to carefully hide their true feelings under the guise of severe coldness, considering their manifestation a weakness of character.

A feeling of fear takes root deep in the subconscious for life. Excessive restraint for fear of showing true emotional impulses makes them more callous, unlike women. But the passions boiling inside can sometimes be very difficult to hide even for the most persistent and self-possessed. Let's look at the most common reasons why a loving man is afraid to admit how he feels.

  1. Fear of being rejected. Realizing that the choice remains with the woman, even the most successful and self-confident representative of the stronger sex, deep down in his soul, is afraid that he will not be reciprocated. For this reason, he tries to emphasize his supposed indifference.
  2. The habit of living alone. Having led a single life for many years, the man does not want to give it up. He values ​​the independence of an alpha male, which he is not going to exchange for family relationships.
  3. Bad experience. The reason for the chosen one’s silence may be a difficult breakup that he experienced in a past relationship. Having such experience, men are afraid to “step on a rake” again and refrain from making serious commitments in the future.
  4. Restraint in emotions. A tribute to the prevailing stereotype that a loving man should not show tender feelings, be stern and restrained in emotions. Romantic relationships, sympathy, love are interpreted as weakness. Not wanting to be considered weak-willed among his friends, he will try for as long as possible not to show that he feels special interest.
  5. Uncertainty about your feelings. Before declaring his love, a guy must figure out for himself what he feels. And if he is not sure whether this is love or just a fleeting attraction, then there is no need to wait for confessions yet.
  6. Fear of becoming henpecked. Fear arises in a potential groom from the depths of the subconscious, since a declaration of love, in his opinion, makes him vulnerable. He believes that the chosen one will definitely take advantage of the momentary weakness of a loving partner and will manipulate him.
  1. Method of protection. Despite their “male” upbringing, deep down, guys are sentimental and even vulnerable. External isolation and coldness are essentially a barrier behind which a sensitive, loving nature is hidden.

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How does a loving man feel?

Men should not be viewed as one-sided creatures who only need sex and a hot meal. According to psychologists, they need romantic feelings even more than women, precisely because of their constant closeness and restraint. New experiences, emotions and passions may alarm a loving man, but he will never give up the desire to feel the depth of true love.

  • Interest

A guy may like several candidates at once, but only one will arouse overt interest. At first, he will be attracted by his pretty appearance, and in the process of communication, other reasons for a deeper feeling will appear.

  • Attraction, including sexual

It can be very difficult for a loving young man to understand why a girl attracts him. He feels comfortable in her company, so he strives to spend more time with her, talk, take an interest in her life and hobbies. If the passion reciprocates, then the attraction intensifies.

  • State of euphoria and happiness

Usually collected and purposeful, a loving man loses the ability to concentrate on anything other than the object of his passion, especially when she is nearby. He is torn apart by conflicting feelings: on the one hand, he is worried, nervous, lost in her presence, on the other hand, he feels an unusual ease in communication.

It is not easy to describe in words how a man feels when he loves a girl. In addition, the fair half of humanity is interested in the answer to a more significant question: how does a guy behave if he is in love? The psychology of a loving man in a relationship with a woman is quite difficult to study. However, an analysis of his behavior will help to understand this issue.

Signs of a good father

If you want your child to have a good father, then pay attention to whether your man has the following qualities:

  • Who should a child contact if their bike or favorite toy breaks down? Of course, to dad. A good father is a craftsman with golden hands who is able to fix any breakdown in the house.
  • A good father does not adhere to old fashions, but understands that the world is constantly changing. He and his children use various technical innovations and social media.
  • He does not rush to conclusions and prohibitions, but tries to understand why children act this way and not otherwise.
  • He knows when to defuse an awkward situation with an appropriate joke. You won't get bored with him.
  • He believes in the success of his children and is ready to invest money in their hobbies.
  • You can discuss everything with him and get advice. He will understand and be the first to know about troubles, because he shows fatherly care and wisdom.
  • He treats his wife with respect.
  • He does not humiliate when he tries to prove that he is right, but speaks calmly and strictly.
  • I don’t want to upset him with bad behavior.
  • If he promises something, he will definitely fulfill it.
  • The father is interested in the company of his child. He goes to school competitions and participates in games.

Signs of a good father

How does a loving man behave?

The first acquaintance took place, the bouquet given on the date had not yet faded, but the counterpart did not call again. How to perceive such behavior? There may be several reasons.

How a loving man behaves:

  • Uncertain behavior and anxiety

Take a closer look at your date. Facial expressions and gestures are much more expressive than words. If he is very nervous, lost and cannot speak coherently, or, conversely, is too cold and self-confident, then you can calm down. Most likely, he feels that he is in love.

  • Desire to please, to please

It's nice to receive gifts, but it's no less nice to give them, which is what loving guys prefer. It could be a luxurious surprise or a pleasant trifle, a trip to a restaurant or a movie. Perhaps this is not the case when you just want to while away the evening. Most likely, a loving young man is showing signs of attention, expecting to gather more information about you during a casual conversation.

  • Sincere emotions

It is impossible to completely hide what a man feels when he loves a woman or experiences deep feelings about another matter. An open face, eyes sparkling with joy, a willingness to answer any question, a languid look - all this speaks of serious passion. A loving person is not indifferent to your opinion, he tries to show himself from the best side.

  • Pays special attention to his appearance

Even a young man who is not particularly neat, when getting ready for a date, will wash and carefully iron his trousers, put on a fresh shirt, and use expensive perfume. After all, his goal is to convince the girl that he is the best. In this regard, loving men, like women, are well aware of the role of appearance in the courtship process. Therefore, a gallant gentleman must look perfect in order to win the lady’s favor.

  • Interested in your life

Some comrades may call 10 times a day to keep abreast of your every move, but this is a rare occurrence. Usually, a young man, carried away by a new acquaintance, tries to learn more about your friends and even get to know them. He is interested in how you like to spend your leisure time, where you prefer to go on vacation, your favorite dishes, and so on on the list. This information makes it possible to feel and fulfill your desires. A real gentleman will never forget to call.

Behavior of a loving husband

  • Your opinion matters to him

This does not mean that a loving husband is afraid to take even a step without you. He’s just sure that decisions on such important issues as vacations, buying household appliances, a loan for an apartment, and children’s education should be made in a family council, and not with colleagues or parents.

  • He cares about your health

The candy-bouquet period usually ends with the creation of a family, but many continue to believe that true love is luxurious flowers, expensive gifts, romantic trips to exotic countries. Firstly, not everyone can afford it, and no one has canceled family budget planning. Secondly, for a loving husband, the physical and psychological health of his other half is much more important. He feels the need to take care of her in order to see his wife happy as often as possible.

  • He is ready to compromise

A woman does not always understand how a loving man feels when he obediently agrees with her fantastic ideas. A sign of true love is a willingness to give in, ask for forgiveness, and take the side of your loved one.

  • He tries to please you

Many wives do not see anything special in the fact that their husband helps around the house, goes to the store together, invites them to the theater or to the park for a walk. But these are the happy moments of family life. Manifestation of love is attention to you and the desire to be near you every free minute.

Everyone understands love relationships in their own way, but sexual attraction must be distinguished from real feelings, true love. After all, men are characterized by inconstancy.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Hello, my name is Yaroslav Samoilov. I am an expert in the psychology of relationships and over the years of practice I have helped more than 10,000 girls meet worthy soul mates, build harmonious relationships and return love and understanding to families that were on the verge of divorce.

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My goal is to show women a way to develop relationships that will help them create a synergy of success and happiness!

Signs of an ideal couple

8 signs of an ideal couple:

  • a man kisses his lady love, leaving for work and returning home
  • he constantly keeps in touch with his beloved: even when he is very busy, he will find time to call home
  • When leaving on a business trip, a loving husband misses his significant other, and therefore calls her more often than usual
  • he trusts his wife
  • he says the simple words “I love you” several times a day
  • over the years his love does not weaken
  • he shares household chores with his beloved
  • he supports his soulmate in a difficult time for her, when mental pain is strong

Signs of an ideal couple

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