TOP 20 masculine qualities: which women value and men respect


I would put her first. The extent of his maturity and independence is determined by how much responsibility a man is willing to take on. If this quality is not instilled from childhood, a successful adult life will not be possible. A man will be followed by a trail of immaturity, which will interfere both in his personal life and in his career.

However, this applies not only to men. In any relationship between people, everyone must bear their own level of responsibility. “We are responsible for those we have tamed” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) - you can’t say it more precisely.

What is important in appearance

Wise ladies in relationships don't get hung up on certain features of their appearance. Young girls allow themselves to dream about boys with a certain eye or hair color. More mature women prefer to consider the image as a whole, making a conclusion about attractiveness after a short close interaction.


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Beautiful body

Beautiful young ladies always evaluate the appearance of others. Experienced women will not admire the amount of muscle, since bodybuilders who seek recognition in their careers are incapable of producing healthy offspring. What is more important is the absence of excess weight, a fit figure, which makes it clear that the young man periodically appears in the gym.


When meeting for the first time, a girl will pay attention to the smell of her interlocutor and mentally note how attractive he is. For this reason, do not forget about daily hygiene, use deodorants and eau de toilette so that you have a pleasant aroma. It's not always possible to guess with perfume, so choose neutral scents. The main thing is not to overdo it with cologne, otherwise the woman will not be able to stand next to you for long.

A sense of style in everything

Girls highlight their beauty with fashionable things and love it when a guy also has a passion for this. One of the masculine qualities that stylish women value is good taste in clothing. If this trait is not inherent in a young person, it can be developed. For this:


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  • choose outfits that copy images from magazines or mannequins on display;
  • use the advice of consultants, friends whose appearance makes a pleasant impression;
  • at first, use basic things that go together;
  • maintain your individuality by buying clothes that make you feel comfortable.


You can't underestimate her. Of course, it comes over the years, but not on its own - you need to strive for it. Why is wisdom important for men? Because it is expressed in everyday experience, inner peace, understanding the meaning of life, studying the world and one’s capabilities, and the constant pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.

Intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing. A smart man is not always wise. But a wise man will definitely not turn out to be a fool. In a family, it is very important that its head has the wisdom to be tolerant and condescending to a woman’s weaknesses and allows her to show these weaknesses from time to time.

Negative traits

A woman is repulsed by unpleasant character traits. Although in the first days of dating a man tries to make a favorable impression and present himself in the best light, with closer communication the girl will understand that this is a pretense. But often representatives of the stronger sex hide their true nature until the wedding itself, then serious problems begin in the family.

Negative qualities that guys may have:

  • irresponsibility;
  • laziness;
  • coarseness;
  • greed;
  • lack of will;
  • imbalance;
  • lack of goals.

Reluctance to take responsibility will lead a man to the point that he will not be able to move up the career ladder and will not want to have children or even pets. A woman will have to solve all problems herself. A lazy person will find 100 reasons to do nothing. He will do his job poorly, refuse to take on household responsibilities and help the girl.

Rudeness usually appears after several years spent together. Partners tire of each other, tenderness disappears. But there are men who behave cruelly always and with everyone. At first this may attract a woman, but later it will become her main fear. A rude guy is even capable of beating a girl and his children, because he considers them just adjectives to himself, and not individual personalities.

Greed is immediately visible - a man cannot pay for dinner in a restaurant, asks for money for a taxi, comes to a birthday without a gift, never gives flowers. If such a characteristic coincides with the guy’s behavior, then it is better to leave him immediately. After all, in family life, a man will save on everything - food, clothing, travel, his wife and even children.

Weak-willed people move from one addiction to another. Usually, spineless guys live with their parents for a long time, and then look for a wife who looks like their mother. They do not have personal opinions, desires, dreams, which are inherent in a man with character.

The imbalance will later turn into frequent outbursts of aggression and even physical violence. The inability to restrain emotions will negatively affect family life. And the lack of determination hinders the development of both partners. If a man does not want to develop and reach new heights, then the woman will stand still, since she has no one to follow, no one to improve herself for.

Respect and self-esteem

A real man is a self-respecting man. And this manifests itself in literally everything, even at the everyday level. Tidy apartment, car interior, workplace, clean clothes and shoes, neat appearance - this is, first of all, self-respect. Your chosen one does not have to be handsome, but he should look well-groomed.

Loyalty, it seems to me, is also a sign of respect. A cheater who indulges in vulgar affairs behind the back of his wife or lover does not respect himself or her. If you are no longer happy with your current relationship, look for a new one, but do it with dignity. A man who respects himself will treat others with respect.

Three main advantages

Although women's ideal male images differ, there are qualities that each would like to see in her chosen one. These are the three most important advantages of a real man:

  • reliability;
  • call of Duty;
  • generosity.

The greatest strength of any guy is reliability. A woman is subject to emotions, she can be upset and happy several times a day. That is why in a family the man is considered the point of balance. He guides his chosen one, smoothes out sharp swings in her mood, calms her hysterics, and does not allow her to make a row over nonsense. A reliable person will help, even if he is offended by the girl.

You can notice this quality from the first date. A man will take the initiative - choose a walking route, a dish in a restaurant, but at the same time he will take into account the opinion of his companion. He will always warn you about departure and important matters, answer all your questions, and keep your promises.

A sense of duty is considered an old-fashioned concept, but women continue to value it today. Love makes men do good deeds. At the same time, they show care for those with whom they have connected their lives. But a guy may not have the most pleasant relationship with his wife’s relatives, and this is where a sense of duty is needed. Thanks to him, the young man behaves decently and smoothes out conflict situations.

Generosity is sometimes considered a weakness. But in fact, this concept is a description of inner strength. Such men will never offend the weak and defenseless ; they will take care of them. Conflicts with higher ranks are allowed in order to defend justice and one’s own righteousness. But a generous guy simply cannot hit, insult, or humiliate a weak animal, woman or child in any way.


It is not at all necessary to be a successful businessman - not everyone is given this, and not everyone needs it. You can realize yourself in absolutely any field, becoming a professional or specialist of the highest class. Having golden hands and working as an electrician is no less prestigious than running your own organization.

Many people brilliantly find themselves even just in a hobby, ranging from artistic carving on eggshells or building houses from plastic bottles to jailoo tourism (have you heard of that?) or base jumping.

The point is that a man should be passionate about his business. Where there is no progressive development, the reverse process begins, that is, degradation. Of course, some hobbies require considerable financial expenses, but they provide strong motivation to strive to earn more and adequately provide not only for yourself, but also for your family.

The role of the husband in the family

A man is a husband and father. He, like a woman, plays a big role in the family. Love for the wife, the desire to provide for the family financially, participation in raising children and the children’s attachment to their father - all this helps strengthen the family, creates harmonious relationships and makes the family happy.

A man needs a family just as a man needs a family.

A man must be:

  • Leader . Complete harmony should reign in the relationship between husband and wife. A man must make decisions and bear responsibility for their consequences. He must provide all family members with a comfortable existence;
  • A breadwinner . A man’s task is to provide financial support for the family. He must provide the family with food, and the woman must prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner from it.
  • Defender . A man's duty is to protect his family from any danger.


This is the core of personality, on which are strung the traits and properties that determine the behavior of a particular person and his relationships with others. It is important for a man to have a strong character, but not to be too stubborn, to be able to compromise, but not to be henpecked.

And if some character traits create serious problems, do not be shy to admit them and systematically work on developing your own personality. Which, by the way, won’t hurt women either.

Who is the ideal man

The phrases “ideal man” and “dream man” are found so often that they are no longer given much meaning. No one knows exactly what this ideal looks like, what its character is, and what qualities it possesses. Everyone puts their own meaning into these words.

For any woman, the standard qualities of an ideal man include high intelligence, wit and respect. Everyone dreams of seeing next to her a handsome and fit chosen one who will give gifts, preferably with his own apartment and car. He must have beautiful eyes and a charming appearance. All this looks like a description of a prince from a fairy tale, but not a description of a real man.

According to family psychologists, the main qualities of a man should include:

  • Kindness is the first quality that all girls talk about when describing their ideal. A kind person will come to the rescue, love his children and value his family;
  • Reliability. This can be called a person who will not change his opinion and will do what he promised;
  • Ability to care. Everyone wants to see a chosen one next to her who will take care of her and say pleasant words;
  • Responsibility. A man must realize that he is the head of the family, the woman and his children depend on him;
  • Loyalty. Every woman wants to be sure that her husband will not leave her or exchange her for another.

Note! All girls are partly right when they describe real masculine qualities in their character, but many of them are exaggerated.
For example, having a car is an absolute plus, but if a guy with a car turns out to be an infantile egoist, he can hardly be called an ideal.

Good manners

This does not necessarily mean an impeccable knowledge of etiquette and refined table manners. Although, of course, this is also welcome. We are talking about adequate behavior in society, which implies

  • observance of basic rules of decency;
  • delicacy;
  • tact;
  • politeness.

There is absolutely nothing difficult about not picking your nose while sitting at the table, not using foul language in the presence of others, giving up your seat in public transport, and the like. Such basic things should be instilled in a boy from childhood.

How to get closer to the feminine ideal without losing your individuality

External changes occur gradually, so you won’t be able to lose yourself. Internal qualities sometimes change over the years, requiring great moral investment. So that it does not turn out that the work was done in vain, and the chosen girl does not pay attention, do not change your principles and do not pretend that unusual traits are characteristic of you. The qualities of young people who turn out to be valuable for women differ; their set depends on the traditions of the family and the social environment of the chosen one. However, it is important to cultivate and strengthen the basic traits that most people like. This will help attract women's attention and be able to build relationships.

Physical strength

Many are convinced that a man should devote enough time to sports, keep himself in constant shape, be strong and physically developed. Beautiful, sculpted muscles are a source of pride for many representatives of the stronger half of humanity. But in my opinion, you can remain a real man even in a wheelchair. Are there enough examples?

  • Pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexey Maresyev, who survived the amputation of both legs and continued to fly with prostheses.

  • US President Franklin Roosevelt, paralyzed after a serious illness and invested great effort in stabilizing international relations, including with the USSR.

  • Oscar Pistorius is a track and field athlete who has no legs below the knees and has achieved outstanding athletic results.

  • Physicist Stephen Hawking, a Nobel Prize winner, almost completely paralyzed since the age of 20, enriched world science with new theories about black holes and many other discoveries.

Who will say that these are not real men worthy of sincere admiration and respect?

general characteristics

But despite these trends, there remains a desire to develop an optimal definition of how to characterize a real man. Moreover, similar questions are raised by representatives of both sexes.

In modern times, based on numerous studies by specialists in various fields of sociology, it is generally accepted that such a person is a realized personality. What kind of real men there are - those who have a favorite business, as well as close people. Real men have a family, a wife, children, for whose lives he is responsible for their well-being and loves them.

Healthy lifestyle

If a man abuses alcohol and tobacco, this not only undermines his health, but also harms his business reputation and image. It seems that this is obvious to everyone, but for some reason not everyone attaches due importance to such harmful habits, considering them trifles. And in vain.

It has been scientifically proven that alcohol impairs cerebral circulation, impedes the access of oxygen to neurons, which leads to their massive death and the disintegration of neural connections in the brain.

The heart muscle also suffers:

  • the rhythm is destabilized;
  • hypertension progresses;
  • the volume of the heart increases;
  • the risk of developing a heart attack increases.

The nervous system is also seriously affected:

  • coordination of movements is lost;
  • limbs go numb;
  • hallucinations appear.

Nothing good can be said about smoking either. Carcinogens contained in tobacco can accumulate in the body, sharply worsen the condition of the reproductive system and provoke the development of cancer.

Well, who wants to deal with a man who drives himself into a coffin? The woman will either try to disappear from his life, or simply die with him. Does anyone dream of such a “schedule”?

Men need to take care of their health in order to live a full life and enjoy it. A disregard for health is in some way a manifestation of selfishness. A sick person is unable to take care of the well-being of his family and be a support for loved ones, since he is forced to deal with his own problems.

There is no need to bring yourself to such a state. It’s enough just to eat right, wisely combine workload with rest, take care of the nervous system and try not to lose a positive attitude in any life situations.

The role of the father in the family

Parents are not born, they are made. And every child wants to have caring and loving parents. Therefore, adults need to engage in their upbringing in order to become good fathers and mothers.

Many fathers believe that they should become involved in raising their child only when he grows up. And while he is still small, one mother is enough for him. But such an arrangement does not benefit either the child or the father.

A father is more than just a father to a child. For him, he is a symbol of masculinity, a symbol of a man.

The father sets an example of behavior in the family, is an authority, a source of confidence, the personification of discipline and order. It helps the child learn about the world and technology, teaches him how to work, guides him towards his future profession, and creates goals and ideals.

The father brings the child into society, teaches him to take initiative and resist group pressure. He takes care of children less, thereby instilling self-discipline in the child and giving him more independence.

With a father, the child does not feel fear; in the eyes of the child, the father can do anything. Very often a loving father is a more effective teacher than a mother. Usually a child who grew up in a family without paternal authority is undisciplined and asocial. Young men who grew up in a single-parent family may exhibit increased aggressiveness.

Girls feel a lack of male attention, trying to make up for it by getting married early or simply having affairs with different men.

For full development, every boy must communicate with his father every day, be friends with him, receive his approval, and have a role model before his eyes.

In a daughter, her father helps her develop a positive self-esteem. Constant communication with her father teaches her to understand male psychology and not be afraid of men.

Some rules

It should also be noted that a real man takes care of himself and his appearance. But not the one who carefully follows fashion trends and dyes his hair.

In order to maintain a certain image, it is recommended to follow some rules:

  • Maintain personal hygiene, take a shower at least twice a day;
  • take care of your hair, contact your hairdresser on time;
  • maintain physical fitness, play sports;
  • pay attention to the cleanliness of hands and nails, keep them in well-groomed condition;
  • A real man's clothes should be ironed and his shoes polished.

A description of a real man must necessarily include the message that he has his own opinion, based on stable principles. He does not change them, does not adjust them to the opinions of others. They always count on such men; they are entrusted with responsible work. A strong man in society can give up momentary pleasures in favor of achieving more significant goals.

Usually he is a leader in the company, in the family at work.

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