Negative character traits of men that women hate!

Hello, dear readers!

They say that appearances are deceiving.

I would add that the inner world of any person does not always tell the truth.

In any case, not all at once and not all of it.

Sometimes it takes years to understand a loved one, but what can we say if we have known him for only a few weeks or months.

On the other hand, there are character traits that manifest themselves in behavior that can tell us a lot, a lot. The main thing here is not to rush to conclusions and not to mess things up.

In one of the previous articles, I described the character traits of a woman, especially not loved by men.

In this article I will talk about the character traits of men that most often end up on blacklists of female attention.

I don’t think that I will write much new here; countless words have already been said and written on this topic.

However, it is worth talking about. After all, the character traits and personality traits listed here and in the previous article most often become a stumbling block in relations between the sexes. Although, for some reason, they are the ones who are overlooked at the very beginning of this relationship.

And again, I note that the problem is not the presence or absence of negative traits in a man’s character, but the degree of their expression. The more pronounced the trait, the more it repels a woman.

Many men well compensate for the presence of one or even several negative traits included in this “black list” by developing positive qualities in themselves that attract women. Thus, they weaken the negative manifestations of their character.

It is very good if at the same time a man knows how to control his negative traits, making them almost invisible to others, then his problems with women are reduced to a minimum.

So the presence of the traits listed below in a man’s personality is not a death sentence, otherwise he is guaranteed to have chronic problems in relationships with the opposite sex.

And here is the “black list” itself:

Who is the ideal man

The phrases “ideal man” and “dream man” are found so often that they are no longer given much meaning. No one knows exactly what this ideal looks like, what its character is, and what qualities it possesses. Everyone puts their own meaning into these words.

For any woman, the standard qualities of an ideal man include high intelligence, wit and respect. Everyone dreams of seeing next to her a handsome and fit chosen one who will give gifts, preferably with his own apartment and car. He must have beautiful eyes and a charming appearance. All this looks like a description of a prince from a fairy tale, but not a description of a real man.

According to family psychologists, the main qualities of a man should include:

  • Kindness is the first quality that all girls talk about when describing their ideal. A kind person will come to the rescue, love his children and value his family;
  • Reliability. This can be called a person who will not change his opinion and will do what he promised;
  • Ability to care. Everyone wants to see a chosen one next to her who will take care of her and say pleasant words;
  • Responsibility. A man must realize that he is the head of the family, the woman and his children depend on him;
  • Loyalty. Every woman wants to be sure that her husband will not leave her or exchange her for another.

Note! All girls are partly right when they describe real masculine qualities in their character, but many of them are exaggerated. For example, having a car is an absolute plus, but if a guy with a car turns out to be an infantile egoist, he can hardly be called an ideal.

Male behavior: earth element

Guys of these signs often become a desirable companion for many ladies. They just devote a lot of time to improving the material side of life and at the same time do not shy away from romance. These include:

• Taurus; • Capricorns; • dev.

What negative traits do they have? In fact, everything lies on the surface.


Stubbornness, stubbornness and more stubbornness. These guys are capable of pissing off anyone just for their manic desire for something. It is simply impossible to convince them.


The behavior of a Capricorn man often causes rejection due to his strong desire for material well-being. Saving for these zodiac signs borders on stinginess.


Guys of this sign can blow the minds of any woman with their pedantry. Everything must be done strictly according to the clock. The slightest delay or change of plans can lead to real hysterics.

Bad character traits

Negative character traits - how to find and correct negative qualities

A man’s bad qualities may not appear immediately; a woman may notice his bad traits when the relationship has already gone far. The first few months of a relationship, or the “candy-bouquet” period, the girl is in a state of love and does not want to see anything bad. She may be fascinated by appearance, facial features or voice. Later, faced with everyday life, she notices that her chosen one is far from ideal.

Egoist against the background of the wall

According to women, the main negative traits of a man’s character are:

  • Arrogance and selfishness. Self-obsessed individuals who try in every possible way to show their importance do not endear them to themselves;
  • Uncertainty. Girls do not like weak men who are afraid to make decisions; they do not feel safe next to them;
  • Infidelity and hypocrisy. Lies and betrayals are what destroy any relationship. A girl will not want to connect her life with such a person;
  • Bad manners and bad manners. A rude man who uses obscene language and obscene expressions belongs to the lower social class;
  • Lack of initiative and ambition, inability to complete a task;
  • Hot temper and aggressiveness. Next to such a person, the girl feels in danger. If aggression is directed at strangers, and a man is kind and affectionate with his chosen one, there is no guarantee that he will not lose his temper later;
  • Inattention to a woman. Such a man may not notice problems, forget about requests;
  • Laziness. Slackers who like to spend their free time on the couch or in front of the computer are not attractive to women;
  • Phlegm. Girls do not like it when men react coldly and cannot sincerely rejoice or empathize.


Rudeness, anger, insults and even assault are faithful companions of marginal families, and sure signs of the imminent destruction of relationships. An adequate modern woman will never believe in the monstrous myth “hitting means loving.” A man who shows aggression towards a woman will always look like a loser, compensating for his shortcomings on the weak and defenseless. Women do not stay in relationships with such people for long.

How to treat: find another way to express aggression. Punching bag, contact sports, violent computer games, after all. Beat your woman in Mortal Kombat and feel like a winner in life, if that doesn't make you laugh already. If so, then congratulations, you are on the road to recovery!

Positive traits

Positive character traits of a person - what applies to them

Every girl has her own opinion about what the character of a real man should be. Despite this, everyone agrees that a real man should have the following qualities:

  • Masculinity;
  • The ability to be there and help out in difficult times;
  • Neatness and neatness;
  • Independence, having your own opinion;
  • Diligence and determination;
  • Honesty;
  • The ability and desire to earn money.

Note! The husband’s desire to provide for his wife does not mean that his chosen one should not do anything.

Classification of personality characteristics

An individual is known and studied by his innate properties. This concept refers to stable phenomena that characterize it not only psychologically, but also emotionally.

This list includes:

  • Temperament is individual characteristics associated with types of nervous functioning. It is this that is the “foundation” of people’s development.
  • Character is an acquired, permanent quality that determines a person’s behavior with others and with reality.
  • Abilities are abilities and skills that are the main point for achieving success in a certain activity.
  • Orientation is a set of motivations, motives and aspirations to get what you want.

All characteristics are divided into positive and negative. You need to know them in order to correctly analyze your essence, as well as those around you, and begin to work on your shortcomings. However, it should be remembered that such a division is conditional and is determined by the established foundations in society, a personal sense of morality and ethics.

What women value most in men

Human character traits - what they are, their description and characteristics

Girls love men who care about them and who make them feel confident around them. Everyone wants her chosen one to be attentive to detail and behave like a gentleman. Such small actions as opening the door or giving a hand mean a lot to women; they form their impression based on them.

Hugs a girl

What qualities should you value in your man:

  • Decency, the ability to restrain your emotions and be reasonable. Such a person will not allow himself to insult or humiliate a woman;
  • Courage, ability to take responsibility;
  • The ability to love and show emotions. Such a man will make a good family man and father;
  • Attractiveness. A real man has charm, a girl unconsciously reaches out to him and can trust him;
  • A sense of humor is an important character trait. Girls like witty guys who can lighten the mood.

Note! The qualities that women value also extend to appearance. Representatives of the stronger sex take care of themselves and take care of themselves, this is right, but some are too passionate about their appearance. Not every woman appreciates hours-long visits to the hairdresser for the perfect hairstyle.


Just another form of self-doubt. In most happy couples, this feeling does not even arise, because the partners trust each other and do not look for reasons to doubt their beloved simply because she started talking to another man. Some couples believe that a healthy dose of jealousy will not harm, but on the contrary, will make the relationship interesting, but even they will agree that if a man is jealous of a woman at every post, there is nothing good about it.

How to treat: if every man seems like a competitor to you, capable of taking your beloved away with a snap of his fingers, then there is one of two things. Or they all seem more successful, smarter, more interesting and funnier than you, and then it’s time for you to work on your self-esteem. Or you don’t trust the girl you’re trying to build a relationship with at all, and then you need to find out if there is a reason for this mistrust. Perhaps you just came up with this reason out of the most common fear of losing such a wonderful girl? Awareness of this fear is already halfway to solving the problem.

How to develop good masculine qualities in yourself

To develop positive character traits, you must first determine what qualities are currently lacking. How to cultivate a real masculine character:

  • Develop physical. Sports should become an integral part of life;
  • Develop spiritually. Read developmental literature, including about relationships;
  • Leave your comfort zone more often, fight your laziness every day;
  • Achieve success. There is no need to set unattainable goals for yourself; it is better to start small. For example, set a goal to complete work faster than usual;
  • Communicate with your chosen one, listen to her and talk to her. In communicating with his woman, a man will understand how best to act, what she and he lack.

What is meant by masculinity

Masculinity is a generally accepted character trait that everyone of the stronger sex should have. Everyone talks about this character trait, but no one knows exactly what it means.

On a gray background

Social science says that masculinity is not a separate quality, but a set of all the qualities that a real man should have. These include courage, confidence, determination and all other strong character traits.

Male behavior: element of water

Now it’s time to talk about the water signs of the zodiac. Their advantage lies in their subtle perception of other people. The presented category includes:

• scorpions; • fish; • crayfish.

Despite their many common properties, they also have many differences. Therefore, let's talk about everything in more detail.


Vengeful to the point of mania. At the same time, they perceive everyone around them and even their closest friends solely as tools for achieving goals.


The behavior of men of the zodiac sign Pisces is very characteristic. Women in this case can be infuriated by their almost constant self-analysis and blues. Of course, no one likes pessimists.


Everything here is also quite interesting. The fact is that crayfish with their conservatism can drive anyone crazy. The slightest, even positive changes are met with hostility.

Is it possible to overcome negative aspects of character?

Throughout your life you need to fight your shortcomings and make yourself better. Difficulties can arise if negative traits developed from childhood and managed to take root in the character. At first such a person will not understand why he is being condemned, and why the woman does not like his behavior.

You can overcome any negative character trait, the main thing is personal interest and desire. First you need to identify your weaknesses and begin to gradually get rid of them. For example, fight laziness, suppress aggression, and take initiative more often.

Every girl has her own ideal man and a list of qualities he should have. Everyone wants the best and kindest person nearby. Girls who are carried away by their appearance begin to forget about what an ideal chosen one should be like. Responsibility, reliability and loyalty are the qualities of a strong-willed man who will not cheat on his woman.

List of negative qualities of a person with transcript

In fact, the list is quite extensive, so here are the main negative features:

  • Authoritarianism is a character trait that manifests itself in the desire to rule over everyone and everything, without taking into account the needs of others.
  • Aggressiveness is a thirst for conflict, a desire to provoke other people to express negativity with a raised tone and offensive words. For children it is one of the means of self-defense. For adults, it interferes with communication and interaction with others.
  • Gambling - this trait is manifested by the desire to achieve what you want, no matter what. Sometimes it has very disastrous consequences.
  • Greed is a great love of money and thirst for wealth.
  • Disorganization is the inability to quickly respond to changes, to act according to new rules that can ensure less costly achievement of goals.
  • Indifference is disinterest in the world around us. Often people react this way to stress or are influenced by educational gaps.
  • Irresponsibility is manifested by a refusal to take serious steps and make decisions in the hope of correcting the situation thanks to other people.
  • Ruthlessness is an indifferent attitude towards the problems and troubles of others, an unwillingness to provide them with support and help.
  • Unceremoniousness - manifested by deviation from generally accepted rules and norms, swagger and tactlessness.
  • Talkativeness is the inability to “keep your mouth shut” in certain situations.
  • Suggestibility is the perception of other people's points of view, principles, behavior patterns.
  • Vulgarity is a person’s inability to balance between originality and vulgarity in appearance and actions.
  • Stupidity is a lack of logical thinking, a tendency to accept populism as truth without critical analysis.
  • Pride - this trait manifests itself in confidence in one’s own uniqueness despite the insignificance of others.
  • Cruelty is the desire of people to hurt others, to bring suffering, while receiving satisfaction.
  • Forgetfulness is the inability to remember basic things.
  • Addiction is a painful desire to achieve satisfaction from the action of something or someone, despite the risks of harm to health or materially.
  • Envy is a bad trait in people, which manifests itself in the inability to be content with what they have.
  • Complexity – expressed in low self-esteem and fixation on one’s own weaknesses and disadvantages.
  • Boring - this trait manifests itself in boring people through constant moralizing, touching on one topic in conversations even in the absence of interest of the interlocutor.
  • Anger is a manifestation of dissatisfaction with life in discomfort.
  • Spoiledness is a kind of demonstration of the gaps in upbringing, the desire to receive everything immediately without taking into account the availability of opportunities and the circumstances of a particular situation.
  • Laziness is an unwillingness to make efforts to gain comfort, the desire to satisfy one’s own needs at the expense of others.
  • Falsehood - this trait manifests itself through the issuance of false information with the aim of slandering another.
  • Hypocrisy is two-faced behavior, pretending for one's own benefit.
  • Flattery - manifests itself in the desire to constantly praise and extol the existing and imaginary merits of others, pursuing selfish goals. This trait is often characteristic of those who want to gain the favor of people of high status. In this way, the flatterer tries to “whitewash” negative traits or actions.
  • Curiosity is the desire to constantly be aware of the details of someone else's life, without observing any rules of decency. This is a pathological desire to know everything about everyone and current events.
  • Pettiness - this trait is manifested by attaching enormous importance to the smallest of one’s own actions, decisions, words, as well as in the form of demands for detailed reports from a significant other or subordinate.
  • Vindictiveness is the ability to remember even the most insignificant quarrel, offensive statements addressed to oneself in order to take revenge on the offenders in the future. Moreover, there is no statute of limitations.
  • Arrogance is a trait that manifests itself in tactless behavior around other people. Impudent people often try to achieve what they want without waiting in line and do not take others into account.
  • Arrogance - is expressed through a disdainful attitude towards the environment, considering others to be low-grade subjects of the lowest category because of their fictitious advantages or real material wealth, status in society.
  • Boredom – the inability or unwillingness to independently solve one’s own problems, difficulties, or find something to do. It can manifest itself due to immaturity or feeling lonely.
  • Narcissism - this trait manifests itself through self-adoration, constant self-praise, and without paying attention to the fact that such a model of behavior does not always happen at the right place and time.
  • Negligence is a lack of diligence when performing work, solving assigned tasks, a disdainful attitude towards assignments, both personal and public.
  • Touchiness - manifests itself in an exaggerated negative reaction to everyday trifles and troubles due to increased selfishness. At the same time, the offended always strive to attract the attention of others, who drop everything they are doing and begin to show participation, care and support.
  • Cowardice is the inability to resist an opponent due to insufficient development of willpower, as well as susceptibility to fear.
  • Vanity is the desire to receive praise, compliments, even undeservedly.
  • Stubbornness is the desire to act only according to one’s own plan, not recognizing authoritative recommendations, ignoring generally accepted norms and rules.
  • Selfishness is a conscious desire to put one’s own interests above others, self-love.
  • Other.

Using this list, you can look at yourself and your environment differently.

Negative characteristics of people

In negative personality traits one can see the expression of mental characteristics, temperament, behavioral specificity, and relationships with the outside world. The general range of characteristics of individuals includes all their knowledge, skills, and experience. The fact that there are many classifications of characteristics and typologies is explained by the great interest of psychologists in the mysterious human nature. And the average person, having such knowledge about the negative qualities of a person, can become more conscious and use them for self-preservation and self-development. This helps us see the true colors of others, evaluate their behavior, and also build relationships with other people and maintain them for many years.

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