The ideal man through the eyes of a woman. What type of men do they like?

Why do girls literally go crazy about some men, while they don’t notice others at all? This question intrigues most men, namely what kind of men women love, and by what criteria they choose their life partner. In order to find answers to such questions, you need to understand female psychology and female nature in general. Knowing this, even the most inexperienced and insecure men will be able to cultivate the qualities of an ideal.

The idea that women are most attracted to muscular, strong and successful men is actually only partially true. To be in great demand among the fair half of society, a man will need to work on his appearance, character, behavior in society, internal qualities and self-esteem. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the measure so that the man does not lose his zest and individuality.

Men who complain

There is nothing less attractive to a woman than a man who constantly complains. It's one thing if she was in a relationship with him for 3 months and he often expressed his disappointment. But a man who is trying to seduce her? That's bad luck.

And the more complaints, the more it damages your level of respect in her eyes. Have you slipped on a puddle and are whining about how you got your coat dirty? Minus 1 point. Do you constantly complain about how you can't take a break from life, how you are so desperate to succeed, and how bad the world is around you? Minus 20 points. Which means the game is over.

What kind of guys do girls like: main types

There are several main common categories of men, somewhat exaggerated and generalized images of which we can often observe in films, especially in youth comedies and TV series. The following types are distinguished:

  1. Shy people. It is very rare, but girls like such guys precisely because of their shyness and inexperience - many like to look after, seduce, liberate and share their experience. Typically, this type attracts powerful women who like to feel their power over a man, or the same modest women who do not see him as a potential threat, as from other, more masculine types.
  2. "Bad Boys". The complete opposite of the first type - dangerous, aggressive, hot-tempered, they attract precisely because of their indomitability and riskiness. Unanimously - the most popular type; most often no girl can resist such people. In addition, girls also like these guys because they usually have a strong, beautiful body.
  3. Casanovas. The type, which received its name in honor of the legendary seducer, is distinguished by ease and charm, good manners and the ability to predict literally every desire of a girl, including in bed, which only enhances their attractiveness. However, they are rarely chosen for serious relationships - their craving for new love adventures is too indomitable.
  4. Romantics. Something that is always in fashion. Sensual, gallant men, perfectionists and aesthetes, well-read and eloquent idealists are everyone’s dream, rivals of hooligans in the fight for first place in the popularity ranking. Girls like these guys precisely because they know how to create and give the fairy tale they crave, and not like womanizers - with the goal of achieving, but because they themselves feel that way.
  5. Adventurers. Restless extreme sports fans and adrenaline maniacs who, on a date, will take their girlfriend skydiving, and on a joint weekend, kayaking down a mountain river. Not every girl can stand it, but the memories that such a guy gives will become truly unforgettable for everyone.
  6. Ordinary guys. A classic “good guy”, smiling and cheerful, without a pronounced inclination towards anything. Reliable, faithful, capable of entertaining and comforting, from time to time they give out surprises in a romantic or adventurous spirit, but in general, relationships with them are smooth and calm, without violent feelings and unexpected turns. Such guys are liked by girls who are calm and “homey”, who crave comfort and tenderness rather than Mexican passions.
  7. Henpecked. Sluggish, lacking initiative, weak-willed, often boring and completely devoid of imagination, nevertheless, such guys are liked by girls of a certain type. Often these are strong, self-confident girls who strive to prove their leadership everywhere and in everything, including in relationships.

Another category of men that does not belong to a specific type is the wealthy. Rich guys are liked by girls even more often than others, regardless of their character. Of course, they attract girls of a very specific mindset, with specific life priorities, including material security and high social status. However, it is difficult to create a strong family with such a guy - they are accustomed to female attention and tend to change girls even more often than ladies' men - simply because victories are given to them without difficulty.

Men who put them on a pedestal2

The Internet age has done something very interesting for the modern woman. This gives overly thirsty men everywhere the opportunity to stroke her ego and try to "convince" her to sleep with them by telling her how beautiful she is or simply liking all her photos on VK or Instagram.

The internet age has created an absolute haven for women to put on a pedestal. Women know this. And women love it (in theory). They love the fact that they get validation from these endless hordes of people, but they never actually want to sleep with them. “Uh, no,” she thinks. She won't sleep with any of them.

Men who like women never put them on a pedestal. What normal person would want someone they truly respected and craved to be treated like some holy object unworthy of them? No one. Nobody. But what most guys don't realize is that for every cute or hot girl, throughout her life, thousands of men put her on a pedestal and pursue her recklessly. Literally thousands. So what is your 4301 number? Nothing.

She's looking for a man who won't do that. Do you want to put her on a pedestal? Then this is the only place you'll put it.

What women love in men:

  1. Fall in love with the image.
  2. Women fall in love with those who make them feel like women.
  3. Women choose those with whom they feel important.
  4. They fall in love with smart people.
  5. Be active.
  6. Be confident.
  7. Show character.

Fall in love with the image.

You must remember this and understand this for yourself once and for all.

She will not love you for your hair color, height, figure, status in society, your car, etc. She will love you for your complete image and how harmonious you are in it. However, many people really have points by which they choose a gentleman. Athletic, tall, dark-haired, etc. - appearance is very important.

If you are pieced together like a puzzle, then you need to work on those areas of your life in which you feel like you are falling short. And nothing else.

Women fall in love with those who make them feel like women.

She can be strong without you. She wants to be weak. She wants someone to take pity on her, so that someone will take on some of her problems and worries.

Someone with whom she will finally stop thinking about everything, and just relax and understand that she is the right man next to her. With whom you no longer need to play any roles, with whom you can breathe out and just be yourself - a normal weak woman.

Women choose those with whom they feel important.

There is no need to tease her, mock her or make unflattering comments about her. Praise her, increase her self-esteem.

She must understand that she is the best for you, then she will want to live up to you. Then she will want to be with you.

Motivate her and inspire her, become an example for her. After all, you must admit, if she sees how you go to the gym 3-4 times a week and watch your diet, she is unlikely to reach into the refrigerator at 2 am for another piece of cake.

And there are many such examples. She should have a desire to realize herself with you. And that’s when you will have a harmonious relationship.

Women fall in love with smart people.

It `s naturally. Intelligence for them is almost one of the most attractive criteria.

You don’t need to think long about what kind of men girls like, because the answer is quite simple.

She really wants to be proud of you, so do your best. Instead of watching another football match, it is better to read some interesting book. Visit museums and theaters.

When she sees that you know much more than her, and this knowledge is from different areas of life, she is almost yours!

You must be active.

Nobody wants to spend their life with a lazy person. If you suggest she spend her weekend watching the next new series and eating everything in the house, then there are only two options.

Either you have the same amoeba, or she is already packing her things.

Take on a little more than you can handle - it will teach you organization and self-discipline. You will want to do more and more, and thus change your life enormously.

You must be determined and confident.

Forget about your shyness, doubts, slobbering, etc. You will never find a girl with such an approach to life.

She wants to see in you confidence and strength, the ability to make decisions. You think for two, you have forgotten about all your fears, you must become an alpha.

If you just pretend that you are decisive and confident, she will feel it quickly enough. So don't pretend, just be.

Men who have no friends3

Women not only want men who are great lovers, but also men who are loved by many people. Of course you're fine when you go out alone and talk to girls. But if you get a girl into bed and start spending more time with her, and she becomes increasingly aware of your social life, only to later discover that you're not spending time with other people, alarms will go off in her head.

She'll start wondering if there's something wrong with you if she's the only one spending time with you. This is probably the easiest pitfall to avoid.


What do women like in men? Their sociability. On the one hand, this trait is very useful. After all, communication with people accompanies a person almost everywhere. However, this also has a downside. A sociable person, as a rule, has many friends and acquaintances, and he wants to have fun with everyone. But what to do when you need to devote your free time to your family and children? At this stage, disagreements may arise. If an agreement is not reached in time, they threaten to become a problem.

Need for security4

If you've interacted with a decent amount of girls, regardless of age, you've probably noticed that girls - especially the more attractive ones - are very abnormal. Their sloppiness is not particularly evil, but is exacerbated by the large number of options they have in terms of partners and lovers. And this fact drives men to madness.

Have you ever had this happen? You text a girl, she sends you emojis and energetic replies, and then... You text her, she takes 12 hours to respond. You text her a couple more times and she just stops responding. It might drive you crazy if you really like her.

But here's a secret: many girls use their worthlessness as a screening tool. If a guy becomes needy or visibly insecure and starts trying to catch or chase her, the girl will simply move on to the next one.

And it's important to know that even if you successfully seduce a girl, you can still sabotage yourself by becoming needy. If you sleep with a girl you really like and get into a situation where you can't stop thinking about her, that neediness will seep into all your interactions, turn her off. Likewise, women will avoid guys who don't believe in themselves and look to women for validation of their self-worth.

And now that we've looked at what women don't want, let's look at the qualities women really value and the men they really want.

As we all know, no two women are alike. However, there is certainly a core of qualities that all women will appreciate—regardless of their more specific tastes.

What kind of men do women like based on their zodiac sign?

Many young people pay special attention to horoscopes and predictions of astrologers. Therefore, when choosing a life partner, girls often turn to the stars for advice and recommendations. You can choose a match based on your zodiac sign as follows:

  • Aries woman is more suitable for daring and impetuous men with fire in their eyes and assertiveness;
  • A soft, loving and sensitive young man will suit a Taurus woman
  • For a Gemini woman, the stars advise an enterprising man, sociable and sociable;
  • the Cancer woman needs a modest and homely man with a gentle and sensitive attitude towards his chosen one;
  • the Leo woman needs a powerful, independent and proud partner with leadership abilities;
  • Virgo woman likes patriots, military men and hard-working men;
  • The Libra woman likes shocking and handsome guys, masters of flirtation and gallant suitors;
  • a Scorpio woman will suit a willful, courageous, punchy partner and an ideal lover;
  • the Sagittarius woman needs a man who is not limited to everyday life with large-scale idealistic plans;
  • For a Capricorn woman, a man who stands on his own two feet and has career prospects is suitable;
  • For the Aquarius woman, the stars advise versatile men with a wide circle of acquaintances;
  • The Pisces woman will need an emotional partner who will prove in practice her uniqueness.

All of the listed qualities are present in many men, and it will not be difficult to cultivate them in oneself if a man is aimed at conquering a certain girl. Astrology only suggests what specific criteria can be used to attract her attention with the prospect of a relationship.


A woman wants a strong man who can live his own life - even if he ends up in a relationship with her.

Men are born to be leaders. And as a leader, you must learn to rely on yourself and your own masculine abilities to be a pillar of strength in a woman's life. They value a person's ability to be independent, mature, and live together without relying on other people for support.

Women like men who are bold and adventurous: men who aren't afraid to pack up and move around the world at a moment's notice.

What should an ideal man be like?

Some men are concerned about the question of which girls like modest guys, others do not understand why, with such high self-esteem, they remain unnoticed by the fair half of society. And only psychologists are ready to name the type of ideal man. So, the ideal man is:

  • an outwardly well-groomed and attractive person who takes care of his appearance;
  • a man with good taste and a sense of style (if a man does not know how to dress to please a girl, he has already lost on many fronts);
  • a man with an optimal set of character qualities, self-confident, strong and backbone, with a sense of humor, kind and positive;
  • promising regarding self-development and financial situation;
  • aimed at creating a family and having children;
  • passionate and ardent in intimate life;
  • capable of making compromises in relationships.

In addition, in modern society, a man must have communication skills and have clear goals for the near future and for the years ahead. A woman will always appreciate a man who knows how to resolve conflict situations, shows respect for her and the people around her, and is able to care and pay attention.

Do you consider yourself an ideal man?

Not really


When it comes to women of any level of attractiveness, you don't have to be smart; you don't need to be particularly good looking; you don't have to be rich... but you do need to be confident.

But confidence doesn't mean walking around with your chest puffed out and talking loudly like some Gaston. This kind of blind confidence does not equal success. Confidence refers to having confidence in who you are.

Ability to cook

I like to look back in history, our ancestors lived and hunted animals for survival and procreation. The man was the breadwinner, so in the female brain there is a gender program, its settings, etc.

So, when a man knows how to cook, or invites you to his home for dinner, then a woman is more likely to go on a date.

A lightbulb flashes in her subconscious and says (food). Oh, yes, all this is funny, but the fact remains a fact.

And look at the popular films, The Transporter, Agent 007, there are actors everywhere - Tom Cruise, Jason Statham can cook, all this external television also has an influence.

I think now I’ve convinced you that you can and should learn to cook. So every man nowadays knows how to cook, but if not, you can just watch a couple of videos on YouTube and invite a girl and cook dinner together. This move will work even better and bring you closer together. And most importantly, you will learn to cook.


It really should go without saying, but many men are taught to hold back their sexuality by many of the cultural influences in our society. But despite what the media may tell you, or what women themselves may tell you, women love sexy men. Women love men who are not afraid to show their lustful, sensual side and get a girl excited about sex.

So learn to be a sexy man and join the minority of men that women respect by knowing what women want.


Gallantry and gentlemanly manners are what women like in men under any circumstances. A given hand or holding the door when leaving, a friendly smile and a pleasant compliment will always lift your spirits. Moreover, male attention is pleasant for women of any age and status. And even if behind this lies only the good manners and manners of a gentleman, and not personal sympathy. In the modern world, such behavior on the part of men is becoming rare.

And women, and everyone else, really lack care. Humanity has advanced in technology, but people are losing such valuable connection among themselves. Nowadays, they increasingly simply text using mobile phones and other gadgets or call friends and family. But when meeting in person, there are almost no warm words to express sincere feelings, to say once again how dear this person is, to thank him for something, or simply to embrace him. Therefore, showing care and attention is how you can conquer a worthy girl.

Pleasure in communication8

Women often complain about men who "don't get it." These men walk their way through social interactions and fail to grasp the subtext that always occurs in a conversation with a woman.

Thus, women value men who are socially dexterous; men who know how to listen, how to make them comfortable, and how to communicate with them on their terms.


A useful trait for a man who wants to please girls is generosity. It's no secret that a romantic atmosphere and periodic surprises cost money. Of course, a girl has no right to demand this every day. However, taking her through the back streets of the park for the tenth time, citing the romance of the area, is already too much. A bouquet of fresh wildflowers, her favorite chocolate bar or a can of canned pineapples - anything can become a worthy sign of attention if you put the appropriate meaning into this gesture. You shouldn’t skimp on small surprises for fear of spoiling your girlfriend. Life is too short to deny yourself the little things.


One of the saddest things in the world is not the death of a person, but a person living without a purpose. The great paradox of the seduction game is that the easiest way to get women is to make sure they are never your first priority.

Should you approach women? No questions. Should you flirt with them? It goes without saying. Is it worth seducing them? Stupid question. But should you make them your number 1 priority? Never!

In the game of seduction, there are definitely people who think that picking up girls is their real job.

Okay, think about this: Let's say you've been running for 2 years, getting closer to your little heart, and finally found the girl of your dreams. You date her for a year and then marry her. What then? What is your purpose in life now that you have found the woman of your dreams?

Seducing women is not a life goal. It is a great boon to help you achieve a greater purpose in your one journey through this world.

Making art or music is the goal.

Business improvement is the goal.

Leading a movement is the goal.

Women look for guys who have a goal because they want to build a life with someone who has big aspirations that they can be a part of in some way. Perhaps it will join you on the path to achieving your goal; maybe he will support you while she seeks support to do hers. But either way, you'll have a hard time finding a quality woman if you don't understand who you are and try to figure out why you're here.

Stability and reliability

This is a voluminous item that includes 3 parts:

1. Emotional stability

2. Economic stability

3. Everyday reliability

As for the latter, in essence it is predictability. A woman wants to know that she can always rely on you. The tendency to change is not the best quality in our eyes. As for the material aspect, of course, it is important for a woman to know that you have a good job and a good salary.

For everyone, the concept of “good” is different. Yes, it can be considered petty, but I still think it's better to face the truth than to pretend that money doesn't matter.

Of course they do! Men will prefer a sexy beauty to an unattractive plain woman. Women like a rich guy more than a poor, church-mouse loser. And it’s not even about the number of zeros in your salary, but about your attitude to this issue.

Do you love your profession, do you like it, do you get satisfaction from it, do you strive to develop? Or do you like to “plow” at this damn job, just to get paid?

And third is emotional stability. Men who can control their emotions are amazing. Panicking, freaking out and unrestrained guys only cause rejection.


Women want a man who won't be pushed around by other people, but who will treat people with care and compassion, and this especially applies to the close people in her life.

They want a man who knows how to talk to people, and they want a man who they can tell their girlfriends about and make them swoon with jealousy.

Sense of humor

Not only do ladies want a man who can make them laugh, they also want someone who can laugh at themselves. Don't take yourself or life too seriously. Look for positive moments, notice funny incidents or situations that happen to you.

Watch more humorous programs, be a light and cheerful person.

Byronic hero11

Of course, women want strong, confident and dominant men. But they also want their man to be vulnerable, empathetic and flawed. There is a study that shows that people who make mistakes are actually much more likable than those who succeed.

This is because we humans cannot relate to perfection. So while we may admire people who seem to have everything going their way, we can't really connect with them. Women want to be able to peel back your layers and reveal a man they completely understand.


What do women like in men besides the above points? Self-sufficiency of a representative of the opposite sex. It's good when a man has an interesting hobby. This means that he has deep knowledge in a certain area, which undoubtedly broadens his horizons. Self-sufficiency gives a person many privileges. She characterizes him as a moderately independent, fulfilled and versatile personality. After all, no one will be interested in going on a date with a guy whose only free time is lying in front of the TV.

Firstly, such a lifestyle speaks of his laziness. This trait is an obstacle to achieving many goals in life, because a person has not been taught to improve. He chooses the simplest path - to do nothing. And if someone doesn’t like his pastime, then he would rather break up with such a person than get down to business. It's easier that way. Secondly, the horizons of such people are usually very narrow. With them you have to come up with topics for communication, which is more reminiscent of a monologue.

It's pretty simple12

It's not particularly difficult to avoid the pitfalls that turn women off. And it's also very easy to accept the qualities that women really want. Like everything in life, knowledge is power. If you understand where you want to go and know what you need to do to get there, then you will inevitably achieve success over time.

Once you are able to attract women this way, you will realize that you are, in fact, the kind of man that women like. However, the reason you didn't get good results in the past was because you simply lacked the ability to truly attract women when you talked to them.

Visual appeal

For a woman, the inner qualities of a person are truly important. But this does not mean that the fair sex does not pay attention to appearance at all. Girls like:

  1. Slender, fit figure. According to statistics, only 15% of girls are delighted with an athlete’s body. But a slender physique with a small amount of fat attracts 69% of respondents. Ideal weight can be calculated using the classic formula - height minus 100.
  2. Firm buttocks. On a subconscious level, it seems to a person that the better the gluteal muscles look, the better the fertilization process will occur.
  3. Bristle. Facial hair attracts women because stubble is associated with brutality.
  4. Smile. It suits everyone. And friendliness improves the attitude of any interlocutor.
  5. Good posture. A hunched back spoils your figure. Excellent posture adds height to a man and visually improves his physique.

According to statistics, 79% of surveyed representatives of the fairer sex pay attention to a man’s face at the first meeting. Girls are attracted to features that hint at masculine strong-willed qualities (a prominent chin, a defined jaw, symmetrical lips are a big plus).

Next they pay attention to the hands of the potential gentleman. This is a manifestation of a subconscious desire to evaluate a man’s sexual abilities. 75% of respondents admitted that they even fantasized about sex while looking at beautiful men’s hands. Afterwards, the women examine the guy’s figure. 66% of girls love an inverted triangle body type (wide shoulders and narrow hips).

You don't have to be a wealthy businessman to impress a girl. Women value responsibility, masculinity and a caring attitude most of all. If the chosen one sees that her gentleman has these qualities, she will not care that he is far from Apollo and cannot boast of a huge amount in his bank account.

Ability to dance

Stop, now we are not talking about some super dances, rather about moving to beautiful music.
I remember how, while walking around PG (Gorky Park) in the summer, I first saw the dance floor, came closer and saw a bunch of beautiful girls who moved beautifully and felt their body.

So I took my first step and danced with a girl, and then I met her.

Places in Moscow - Where you can meet a girl

She and I moved smoothly, to the beautiful music I repeated all her actions. It's like a mirror image.

Afterwards, when I left, I took a couple of dance classes (salsa), I felt more comfortable, I relaxed and could already drag girls onto the dance floor while walking and just dance, enjoying it.

I’ll keep quiet about the girls’ emotions, everyone loved it wildly, because there are few men who dance, especially in the light in the center of the park.

Dancing is body language. Communicate through dancing.

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