What percentage of wives cheat. Cheating statistics: who is more likely to be unfaithful, men or women?

In attempts to answer the question of which women often cheat, authors often assign different types to girls: an adventurer, demanding attention, a thorny rose, etc. Thus, people try to equate all representatives of the fairer sex with one carbon copy. In fact, the truth is much more prosaic.

There are only two main types that determine the possibility of betrayal:

  • Women who accept it as a normal part of life. Such people are also called flighty. Yes, there are also fans of polygamy among the ladies.
  • “Everyone else” is a beauty who considers cheating to be something unnatural and illogical. No, this does not mean that they will never “cuckold.” There just must be logical reasons for this action.

Often, adventurers move from one category to another. Disappointment or vice versa - great love can significantly change your worldview.

Who cheats more often according to statistics - a man or a woman?

Men are polygamous by nature, they tend to strive for bright, charismatic partners, and if given the opportunity, rarely is anyone able to resist a liberated beauty. The majority of representatives of the stronger half of humanity approve of the institution of polygamy in Islam.

For them, intimacy may not mean anything other than satisfying sexual desire. While for most women feelings are decisive, and sex is secondary. There are also frequent exceptions; there are many examples when married ladies consciously strive to end up in the bed of a rich businessman or sports, film, or television star.

Statistics is an impartial science. What do the research results indicate: who cheats more often, men or women?

How often do men cheat?

Approximately 2/3 of all men who have obligations to a partner entered into a one-time relationship or were in a long-term relationship on the side. It turned out that among married men 59% cheat on their significant other. The vast majority do not consider “going left” a reason for divorce.

If a man is comfortable in his family, he will not risk breaking off the relationship even for the sake of mind-blowing sex. Reason will prevail, and everything will work out if the wife, out of love for her husband, concern for the children, and for the sake of financial well-being, decides to forgive. Then the statistics of male infidelity will have nothing to do with this couple, who managed to overcome a difficult period and restore peace in the family.

The statistics on cheating in marriage are as follows. In families with high incomes, a situation arises that psychologists call mutual betrayal. Both spouses have intimate affection on the side. Among men who cheat on their wives, 60% date their married mistresses.

It’s more convenient for them, and it helps them avoid problems in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. Married ladies who have regular sexual relations outside the home, in 70% of cases, date married men, often older than themselves in age.

From a scientific point of view...

What are the scientific grounds for the emergence of a relationship on the side of the fairer sex? As we know, the main task of a female is to give birth to healthy offspring, ensure their survival, and adaptation to the conditions of the outside world. The male helps her in this, so he must meet specific criteria: to be a good producer and a reliable breadwinner for the family.

All animals want to survive, but only the strongest and most resilient survive the competition. If it is not possible to give birth to healthy, strong offspring, the female looks for an alternative, or rather, another partner who can provide for the needs of her and the babies. In this sense, adultery is a necessary condition for the survival of the species. You can't argue with the laws of nature.

What percentage of women give birth to children not from their legal spouse? Research conducted about ten years ago in European countries shocked the world. According to genetic testing, 11% of children were not born from their legal fathers. The biological parents turned out to be completely different men.

Contrary to talk about polygamy, the fair half of humanity more often leaves the family for a new hobby than men.

Scientifically speaking, a breakup occurs in 50% of cases. Among men, this figure is much lower; only 5% of respondents leave their family for a new passion. Experts say that 70% of marriages were dissolved at the initiative of the spouse.

The phenomenon is explained simply - girls are more emotional and impulsive. If they feel a lack of affection, care, attention from their own husband, they tend to mentally idealize the new chosen one and denigrate the previous relationship. Perhaps later she will regret her decision, but for now she is acting at the behest of her heart, not her mind.

Statistical TOP reasons for cheating

Family relationship experts have studied the reasons that push people down the path of infidelity. It turned out that they are different for men and women. Psychologists identify only three reasons that equally encourage sexual relations on the side.

  1. Chronic dissatisfaction in the intimate sphere. Couples with mismatched temperaments who fail to achieve harmony in sex before and after marriage are doomed to cheating.
  2. A holiday romance. Sun or moonlight, sea, tanned bodies, people forget about obligations. Who can resist a confident partner? The vast majority of people who plunged into the abyss of a holiday romance did not even think about divorce, but only wanted bright emotions.
  3. Sex with a cute colleague during or after a corporate event. A festive mood and a little alcohol make the impossible possible, innocent flirting pushes people towards each other.

Ways to overcome the consequences of betrayal if the marriage was saved

If the marriage can be saved, the woman returns to her husband, the couple needs serious psychological help. After all, feelings of guilt can lead to severe depression. With the help of proven psychotherapeutic techniques, psychologist-hypnologist Nikita Valerievich Baturin will help his wife overcome remorse for what she has done and help the man regain self-respect.

In order for the deep wounds from betrayal to heal, the wife should be as frank as possible. At a therapy session or alone with her husband, a woman must honestly admit everything and ask for forgiveness. It is very important that the lady explains the motives for her actions and tells how long the betrayal lasted. Then gradually the husband will again begin to trust his other half.

Psychologists advise the reconciled couple to conduct a symbolic ritual of farewell to the past. At some memorable place (for example, next to the wedding palace or temple where the couple got married), they need to burn a piece of paper with the inscription “treason”, then re-swear an oath of fidelity to each other. This will definitely be remembered and will bring back good memories. Also, the couple needs to organize a “remake” of the honeymoon, go on a honeymoon again in order to forget the past, and start a relationship with a clean slate.

Statistics of cheating by zodiac sign

Among the zodiac signs, the most avid for love affairs are Cancers; determined Aries and romantic Sagittarius are only half a step behind them.

Libra and Pisces have become average in the statistics of adultery. There are always many women around the gallant Libra men, and there is a compliment for everyone. Pisces is a closed area for outsiders. Most likely, they manage to skillfully hide their adventures.

Capricorns, who are always passionate about their careers and not particularly eager to change anything in life, are rarely seen in infidelity, Leos. Loyalty is the eternal companion of love. If peace and mutual understanding, respect and the desire to protect your significant other from adversity reign in the family, the spouses will not get bored of being together.


Check your beloved for signs of adventures using the test that we have prepared for you. To ensure accurate results, please answer truthfully.

1. Does your attention often appear in her direction?

2. Is he trying to protect his social media accounts from your surveillance?

3. Do you often point out her shortcomings?

4. If you are angry for an objective reason, then

5. How often are your relationships affirmed in the bedroom?

6. Does your appearance often remind you that it has become worse than before?

7. Do you often ask to attend women’s meetings? (doesn't take you with him)

8. When you call, does he often hang up?

9. If you think she's wrong, you

10. Constantly accuses you of ruining something (her figure, her life...)

11. Have you ever cheated on her yourself?

12. Does it go away during single telephone conversations?

13. Are you tired of your relationship?

14. You go together, she

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments. We wish you all the best!

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Statistics of betrayals by country

Specialists from the American Pew Research Center conducted a statistical survey in several countries around the world and came to the conclusion that the French were the most unfaithful among Europeans. Half of married men admitted that they regularly “walk to the left”; among women this figure was 32%.

There has been a steady increase in the number of betrayals. If in the early 70s 19% were noticed to be unfaithful, in 2021 it is already 53%. The number of unfaithful spouses in Germany differs slightly - 40% and 36% in Spain and Italy.

Residents of Thailand confidently hold the top spot in terms of the number of infidelities – 56%. In a country where the sexual entertainment industry is so developed, it is really difficult to resist temptation.

According to the results of a study by American sociologists, the most faithful spouses turned out to be residents of Muslim countries - Turkey and Palestine, who honor family traditions. The Turkish parliament at the beginning of 2000 even tried to pass a law according to which an unfaithful spouse would face up to 3 years in prison.

Cheating statistics: men and women, who cheats more often?

Statistics say that men decide to cheat two and sometimes four times more often than women. Such data was collected by researchers over three years around the world, calculated and analyzed. At the same time, girls more often forgive male infidelity, unlike guys, for whom female infidelity is the most compelling reason to break off a relationship. The reasons that provoke infidelity in men and women also differ.

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Surveys of the male half of the population have shown that infidelity occurs due to strong sexual desire towards a woman. Alcohol, a low level of responsibility, or weakness of character prevent them from containing their ardor. Scientists have proven that the higher the intelligence, the less betrayal. An intelligent, educated man fights temptations by analyzing the consequences, such as:

  • divorce;
  • property division;
  • children whom you will rarely see.


What is treason? Everyone understands this word differently. For some, infidelity is sexual intercourse with an acquaintance, for others it is an ordinary kiss. If we think logically, then even the feelings that one of the spouses experiences for someone else’s can be considered adultery, especially if sympathy for one’s legal spouse has disappeared.

Example: the wife began to devote a lot of time to someone else. Communicates with him, shares secrets and experiences. There is no physical contact between them (they didn’t even walk hand in hand), but all the girl’s thoughts are focused on this person, and her moral principles do not allow her to indulge in adultery. But don’t the facts already listed hint at some frivolity? How to treat this is up to each person to decide for themselves.

Why do men cheat?

When entering into a legal marriage, a woman must be prepared for the fact that her partner will cheat, because according to statistics, three out of four Russian men go to the left. And this happens quite quickly after the wedding, because it is not without reason that 90% of marriages break up precisely because of infidelity, and half of them - in the first year of marriage.

Alcohol abuse, drug addiction, lack of housing, and the inability to have a child can lead to divorce. But still, the main factor in ending a relationship is adultery.

At the same time, the cheater does not at all seek to create a new family with his mistress. Only 3% of the stronger sex are ready for such a “feat”. So playing the role of a good family man at home and then having fun on the side is the dream of many men.

Those who decide on such a double life do not take into account the fact that the son, inspired by the example of his father, will do the same in the future.

Men who are prone to cheating honestly admitted that they are driven to sexual exploits in bed, in most cases enhanced by alcohol. The first infidelity usually occurs during the wife's pregnancy. The husband, left without carnal pleasures, begins to look for satisfaction on the side. The most critical age is 25-35 years. At this time, most men take on a permanent mistress or are content with casual relationships.

Reasons for male infidelity:

  • new love;
  • negative example of the father;
  • work in a women's team;
  • unkempt wife;
  • dissatisfaction in marriage;
  • boredom.

It should be borne in mind that the more sociable the husband is, the easier it is for him to cheat. And if the wife has forgiven the first betrayal, then there is no doubt that it will be followed by a second, third, etc.

Why do women cheat?

The statistics of female infidelity are much more modest - only one out of four faithful will cuckold their spouse during their family life. At the same time, 12% of unfaithful wives do not go far - they cheat on their husbands in their own bed with a neighbor. And 70% of them have sexual relations with married men, thus jeopardizing not only their happy family life, but also their lover.

Little consolation for the deceived spouse is the fact that 8% of wives, having cheated once, remain faithful to their husband in the future. But others get a taste and, on the contrary, change sexual partners like gloves.

Reasons for female infidelity:

  • inattention on the part of the husband and the desire to feel desired;
  • fading feelings for her husband;
  • the desire to increase one’s self-esteem with the help of betrayal;
  • ovulation period;
  • long separation;
  • thirst for revenge on the cheating spouse.

If a woman has crossed the line of marital fidelity, then in 85% of cases her daughter will follow in her footsteps.

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