Behavior during an attack: 20 rules for surviving on the street

Rules of conduct in case of attack: robbery on the street or kidnapping

Life in modern society involves not only various accidents and accidents, but danger can also come from the people themselves.
Robbery attacks for the purpose of robbery, sexual assault or kidnapping have long ceased to be rare occurrences. An attack is understood as a dangerous situation, which consists of committing various illegal actions that threaten human life and health. It is characterized by suddenness and unpredictable outcome. The result is always moral, physical or material harm. How to behave in order to avoid becoming a victim of an attack by criminals, what rules of behavior are recommended to follow when being attacked on the street and for the purpose of depriving a person of freedom - we will learn from this article.

The biggest mistake many victims of attack make is underestimating the strength of the attacker or not believing in their own ability to escape in a dangerous situation. You need to learn to correctly and adequately evaluate people, control your own actions and emotions.

Try to play out different scenarios. Choose the tactics of behavior that the criminal will least expect from you. The attacker is also a person, he can be confused, confused or talked into by stalling for time.

Basic rules that will help reduce the risk of negative consequences:

  • Do not show aggression towards your offender, do not treat him with hostility or condescension
  • Avoid an argument, do not aggravate a situation that is already not very favorable for you.
  • Answer evenly, clearly and firmly. Try to act confident.
  • Be prepared to defend yourself at any time, but do not be the first to be physically active.
  • When speaking, look into the attacker's eyes. If there are several of them, identify the leader and talk to him.
  • Look around. Mark all possible escape routes. Use any available means (stone, stick, sand) if you have to defend yourself. Mark them in advance. You can distract the criminal with conversation and move closer to them.
  • When leaving an enemy, do not turn your back to him.

According to the rules of behavior when attacked on the street, the best action is to escape. Take every opportunity and run. Don't turn around and try to look for your things.

If a couple is attacked and the girl is given the opportunity to escape, then this must be used. A man will have greater freedom of action when left alone.

Try to attract people's attention by shouting. Running into the entrance, ring the doorbell and shout: “Fire!” People will not respond to a call for help because they themselves are afraid of becoming a victim of an attack. A cry about a fire will force them to open the door and clarify the information.

If you are threatened with a weapon, then comply with all the demands of the attacker. Give money, jewelry, clothes. In this situation, your strengths are unequal. Once you decide to fight back, act decisively and boldly. Use your physical abilities to the maximum.

Tips to help reduce the risk of attack

Experts advise that in order to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of aggression or illegal actions on the part of other people, you must adhere to the following rules when going out:

  • Try to think through your route in advance. If possible, exclude all uncrowded or remote places. Drive only on faces that have good lighting.
  • If you have to move in the dark through a vacant lot, a park, poorly lit courtyards or arches, then call one of your friends or loved ones. Report your location and ask to keep in touch with you until you pass the dangerous place.
  • When outside, be attentive and vigilant. Don't wear headphones.
  • Knowing in advance about possible criminal situations in the place where you are going, do not provoke an attack. Dress casually. It is better to remove jewelry or leave it at home altogether. Don't show off your expensive gadget. Take a comfortable bag. Do not tie a scarf over outerwear; gather long hair into a hairstyle.
  • Buy any means of self-defense. It is better to get it in advance, even if the possibility of an attack is minimal, but still exists, for example, if you find yourself next to a group of unfamiliar but aggressive people.
  • Don't get into an elevator with strangers.
  • Do not use passing cars.
  • If provoked, do not respond to it. Don't get into an argument or conversation.
  • If you feel like you are being followed, check to see if this is true. Slow down your walking pace and let the person behind you overtake you. If this does not happen, then go to any public place, call the police or relatives.

How to avoid a kidnapping attack

Kidnapping is a fairly common crime. It is aimed at illegally depriving a person of his freedom, holding him in a certain secret place against his will. The goal is usually to obtain a material ransom or to fulfill certain conditions of the criminals by government agencies.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of kidnapping, but certain actions can help reduce this risk to a minimum.

  1. Change your usual route to your place of work or service more often
  2. Don't ignore if you see that you are being watched
  3. Leave your car in a parking lot or garage, avoid unguarded places
  4. On the way, do not stop in deserted places
  5. Carry a small notepad with you. Write down the license plates of suspicious cars or those who have been following you for a long time.
  6. To clarify your suspicions, make a circle or a sudden turn. Observe how the suspicious car behaves.
  7. Install an alarm system at home, and get a guard dog in a private house.
  8. If you change your route, please inform your relatives.
  9. If you see an obstacle on the road (logs, an accident, a suspicious car), try to go around it. Do not leave the car.

A video camera or sound recording device installed in the yard, apartment or office can help in the event of a kidnapping.

Teach children how to behave in the event of a kidnapping attack. Most often, the victim of such crimes is a child. Explain that it is dangerous to approach an unfamiliar car or person. A little further than arm's length is considered optimal.

Do not sew your child's name on visible parts of his clothing. The kidnapper can take advantage of this and instill trust in the child. Children should be able to say a firm “no” to adults, then it will be easier for them to refuse a stranger’s request.

The psychologist told how to behave if you are accosted on the street

Most women have at least once encountered or seen from the outside such a phenomenon as catcalling. These are street harassment, often non-verbal, from strangers. Catcalling includes whistling, mocking comments, compliments and suggestions with sexual overtones, and using a car horn to attract attention.

People of both sexes suffer from street harassment, but the overwhelming percentage of victims are women. The reasons and intentions of “whistles in the back” vary, as do the reactions to them. FAN discussed what is behind unsolicited signs of attention and how to safely get out of an unpleasant situation Nadezhda Fadeeva .

According to the specialist, we can only guess what motives drive a particular person in a particular case. In general, the reasons are varied: starting from the internal uncertainty of the harassers and attempts to assert themselves in this way or the desire to amuse themselves and others, ending with the generally formed ideas about masculinity in society.

“One thing I can say for sure - in general, this manner of behavior has existed from time immemorial, so in the minds of the majority, these episodes on the streets often seem absolutely normal. And many men don’t even think that such behavior can cause moral damage or psychological trauma to the objects of their comments,” says the psychologist.

Most often, unexpected attention in a public place causes surprise and stupor in the victim. But the specialist assures that there is no wrong reaction to what is happening, and it all depends on how you know how to feel people and the situation. However, most of us will want to quickly get out of unwanted contact, and this is what Nadezhda Fadeeva advises.

“Make sure the situation is safe. After all, if a catcaller is aggressive, if he has some psychological problems or is in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, then he poses a danger. It is also important to look at the environment in which this happens. Situations are more dangerous if they unfold in deserted places, in the evening, and also if “signs of attention” come from a group of people, because the behavior of a person in a group is more unpredictable. In this case, you need to immediately think about how to leave as quickly as possible, call for help and find means of defense in the event of an attack,” explains the expert.

According to her, at an exciting moment it is important to pull yourself together and not lose self-confidence. Other people always unconsciously sense whether you are confused or ready to fight back and stand up for yourself. It is very important to exclude an emotional reaction.

“If you start to panic, become embarrassed, or respond inappropriately aggressively, this could be taken as a signal of an attack. Therefore, it is important that you are confident, collected and calm. From this state, any reaction will confuse and disarm the catcaller, be it a serious gaze, a firm answer demonstrating your boundaries, or simply an unexpected discouraging joke,” explains the specialist. Arsic

The last thing to remember is that, according to the expert, such a reaction only speaks about the person, not about you, and by and large it has nothing to do with you.

“That is, a person has his own internal processes going on, and the fact that you got in his way was accidental, and anyone could have been in your place. You shouldn’t dwell on what happened and look for your fault in it. Take this as an experience in asserting your own boundaries and controlling your own states and reactions,” the psychologist sums up.

Previously, FAN shared recommendations from a sexologist on protecting a child from harassment.

Rules of conduct in case of kidnapping

Robber attack in car

If you find yourself in a critical situation, then try to attract the attention of passers-by. Defend yourself, scream, fight back the kidnapper. Make it difficult for the invader to kidnap you in every possible way. Fall to the ground, grab bushes, pipes, poles. If there is even the slightest opportunity to break free and run away, use it.

Even if you find yourself in the passenger compartment or trunk of a car, do not stop looking for opportunities for rescue. Make noise. Look around, some modern car models have trunks inside that have a handle or handle with which you can open the door.

If all attempts to save yourself are unsuccessful, then concentrate on the road. Pay attention to all turns, sounds, climbs, remember the approximate time you will be on the road.

If possible, carefully inspect the place where you were taken. Mark possible hiding places that can be used in the event of liberation and firefight. If there are other hostages, establish contact with them. They may have information that can help you.

Agree to all demands made by the kidnappers. Remember their number, special signs, timbre of voice, height. When contacting relatives, do not panic. Reassure them by speaking calmly and clearly.

Don't refuse food; you may need physical strength. Don't do anything that might be perceived negatively by criminals. If you are in an isolated, enclosed room, then try breaking a window and attracting the attention of passers-by by screaming.

If there are no windows, if you have a lighter, use the fire alarm. Set fire to any material and bring it closer to the sensor. Attempt to escape only if there is a real chance of success. Don't risk your life and health unnecessarily.

Protection from one or more animals

It should be remembered that the dog itself experiences fear during aggression. Her overexcitement and improper human behavior can cause a direct attack. It will be expressed in bites of the lower parts of the legs; fighting breeds try to knock down the victim, reach the throat or face.

In this case, it is recommended to take the following actions:

  • Use your protected foot to hit the nose or back of the head. A hit is unlikely, but the dog will temporarily retreat to a safe distance.
  • Be sure to scream loudly, but without breaking into a squeal. The latter is very annoying for the animal and can increase the chance of the conflict moving into the stage of direct contact.
  • Use available objects - sticks, stones. Stray dogs have often felt the effects of their actions and will be wary of approaching their prey.
  • When attacked by a small dog, you should fight back with your feet and not let yourself be knocked down. He will try to bite the ankle, pull at the pant leg with his teeth in order to throw his victim off balance. Large fighting dogs use their mass - they jump on a person, trying to grab the throat or face. You need to press the collar tightly and turn around in place while the dog is jumping in order to extinguish the inertia of its mass.
  • If the weight of a dog is significantly less than the weight of a person, you can use this in a critical situation. It is necessary to lean on the animal, trying to press hard parts of the body (elbows, knees) on it. If your hand gets into the mouth, you should try to push it as far as possible. The dog will instinctively try to free itself from the foreign object and loosen its grip.
  • If for some reason a person finds himself on the ground, it is necessary to take the fetal position. This will protect the most vulnerable places - the throat and face. If one dog attacks, you should vigorously fight back with your elbows and legs. It is strictly forbidden for a flock to do this. You need to lie still and then they will most likely lose interest.

Which shocker is better to buy against attacks by dogs and people: practical advice and review of models

It is necessary to fight as fiercely as possible. Not only your health, but also your life will depend on this.

What to do and how to act if you are attacked?

In our turbulent times, the streets of megacities and other populated areas are full of dangers and unpleasant surprises. Neither men, nor women, nor teenagers, nor older people are safe from meeting criminals on the street. Moreover, this circumstance does not depend on the time of day and year.

Do not despair and give up if you find yourself in such a situation, because there is always a way out of it. How to behave when attacked on the street by hooligans and gopniks, as well as what to do if you are attacked, is described in detail in this article.

How to behave when meeting

If you met an interesting person on the Internet, it is possible that sooner or later you will want to meet in person. But in such a meeting it may turn out that the person is inadequate. How to behave correctly when meeting a maniac? Here are some tips:

  • make a date in a crowded place and do not agree to be alone or take a walk in a park where there are few visitors;
  • Do not show aggression or irritation. This may make the person angry;
  • Ask your friends in advance to call you from time to time to see if everything is okay. If a maniac notices that you answer the phone every now and then, he may be afraid to attack. After all, your disappearance will be quickly discovered;
  • Do not reveal personal information, do not tell your address or tell your place of work to a stranger. This information will give him the opportunity to track your route in order to plan an attack;
  • try to keep communication to a minimum. For example, after another call from a friend, say that you are urgently called to work.

How to escape from a maniac? The main thing is to end communication as quickly as possible and go to a safe place. You shouldn't play with fate, it can have dire consequences.

Important tips for life when attacked on the street

In the event of a real threat to the safety of life and health arising from outside, it is necessary to follow a certain algorithm of actions and follow the following advice:

  1. You need to pull yourself together and under no circumstances show your fear in front of a potential enemy.
  2. It is necessary to carefully analyze the current situation as a whole.
  3. You should evaluate the aggressor in front of you, focusing on his physical characteristics, lines and behavioral characteristics.
  4. Determine your next action plan and stick to it.
  5. If there is an opportunity to hide without coming into direct contact with the bully, then you should definitely take advantage of it.
  6. If you have a chance to call for help, you should take it. In this case, the cry “Fire” will be more effective and efficient than the cry “Help”.
  7. It is advisable to do something unexpected and even inappropriate in relation to the attacker. For example, run towards him or forcefully throw an object in his hands towards him.
  8. If there is an opportunity and there is no chance of retreat, you need to press your back against a wall or tree, while insuring yourself from possible blows to the head from behind.
  9. If you manage to start running away from the hooligan, it is advisable to throw a stone or other heavy object at some store window along the retreat route, which will slow down the pursuer, as it will attract the attention of others, and possibly the police or private security.
  10. In situations in which there is nothing else left, it is necessary to prepare to enter into battle with a gopnik or a hooligan. In this case, you need to act extremely toughly and aggressively.
  11. If possible, blows to the attacker should be struck not with a bare hand, but with some object located in it. The hand can be armed with either a bunch of keys or a phone stored in a pocket or bag, or a stick or stone lying under your feet.

What to do if a maniac is stalking you on the street

How to deal with a maniac who stalks you on the street? Here are some recommendations:

  • if a maniac is following you, try to go out into a crowded place as quickly as possible or go into a store or cafe, where you can either wait out the danger, call a taxi or ask for help;
  • call someone on the phone and ask them to meet you. It is advisable to do this as loudly as possible;
  • Always carry self-defense equipment, such as a gas canister, with you. If you feel like someone is following you, take it out of your bag and prepare for a possible attack. If you have deodorant or eau de toilette, you can use them: if the liquid gets into your eyes, you can neutralize the maniac for a while;
  • if you enter the entrance, and a person is following you who can harm you, and there are no means of self-defense, use a bunch of keys. Squeeze them between your fingers so that the keys protrude between your fingers in the form of an improvised brass knuckles;
  • if an attack occurs, do not be afraid to resist. Many maniacs are accustomed to the fact that fear paralyzes the victim, so your actions can frighten the attacker and force him to retreat;
  • Under no circumstances should you turn into the arches or enter the entrance to take shelter there. The criminal may follow you. What to do if a maniac is chasing you at the entrance? Make as much noise as possible, call all apartments, try to attract attention. Many people may ignore the cries, but there will always be those who will try to help.

Precautionary Instructions

  1. When traveling along the street in the evening, you should choose the most illuminated and crowded route.
  2. If you need to cross a side street, you should stay closer to the edge of the sidewalk and away from darkened entrances into which an emerging criminal might drag you.
  3. The movement must be carried out confidently.
  4. It is advisable to hold an umbrella or a lantern in your hands, the bright beam of which directed into the eyes will blind the attacker for some time.
  5. When moving along the highway, you must adhere to oncoming traffic, since the villains will not be able to drag you into a car that has slowed down next to you.
  6. The bag with valuables should be kept on the left side. In this case, no one will be able to snatch it by suddenly slowing down nearby.
  7. It is advisable to store apartment keys and personal documents not in a bag, but in the pockets of clothing, which will allow them to be preserved in case of theft.

Important! It is advisable to constantly change the routes of your daily movement. This will disorient the attacker, who had previously observed you as a potential victim of a crime.

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