How to protect yourself on the street from attacks by random aggressors (tactics and bloodless rescue options)

How to protect yourself on the street from attacks by random aggressors (tactics and bloodless rescue options)

Can you be attacked on the street? No one is safe from this dangerous episode, not even an armed special forces soldier. But most people do not have special training, so it makes sense to prepare for such a situation and know how to behave. By thinking ahead about the consequences of your actions and anticipating the most likely future events, you can increase your chances of avoiding serious consequences. It is worth at least theoretically modeling such situations in order to understand what you will say and how to act, so that you do not have to improvise on the spot.

How to proceed? Tough, fast and most effective. Only such behavior can make your victory real or give you the opportunity to quickly leave a dangerous place (if it’s easier, run away in time, minimizing the possibility of persecution). Since we are talking about your health or even life itself, and possibly the health and life of loved ones (for example, your companion), you should not hope that everything will work out.

The street is not a ring, although in fights in the ring people get seriously injured and even die. But still, after a street fight, people end up in intensive care or the morgue more often than in fights for the title of champion, even a champion in mixed martial arts, where instead of boxing gloves they use shankers, the blow of which is much harder, and where almost any blows and techniques are allowed. In such “fights without rules,” injuries to athletes occur much more often and these injuries are usually much more serious than in any other form of combat sports. But the street is more dangerous. It happens that masters of various sports fighting techniques, strong and self-confident people, become victims of street bandits, but their knowledge is often useless, because the attackers do not work according to the usual pattern, for example, a boxing match, there can be any surprises on their part, such like a knife to the liver from behind or a kick to the groin from the front, which the boxer is not used to. If we talk about athletes, mixed martial arts fighters have the best chance on the street, especially good strikers.

Chuck Norris, a famous Hollywood actor and hand-to-hand fighter, once held the title of world champion in full contact karate for 7 years. And when journalists asked him: “If on a dark street several robbers demand your wallet at knifepoint, what will you do?”, he replied: “I’ll give my wallet without hesitation, so I can immediately leave while they count my money.” Food for thought.

If you find yourself in a situation where several guys decide to have fun in a dark alley, you should remember that the fight will be without “school” and sports rules, the words “I give up”, first blood or slapping the palm on the ground will most likely not end. Also, in life you won’t be able to have beautiful fights like in the movies; striving for this is suicide.

No matter what, playing sports will, of course, give you an advantage; physical fitness in general and fighting training will only play into your hands in any situation. But we will talk about this point in the second part of this article.

You can get into an extreme situation anywhere these days. Let's take a classic case as an example. Dark street, silence, you are going about your business, and three hooligans are coming towards you, wanting to test their strength on the first person they meet. Just like that, without any reason, just to see which of them would hit harder. It is not very difficult to guess the intentions of the trio. Uninhibited movements, boorish smiles, arrogant remarks: “friend, give me some money,” or “can you find a smoke?” when the opponent has a smoking cigarette in his teeth, and so on. Here, as a rule, the sixth sense kicks in and everything becomes clear. There are many options for such remarks, but they all lead to one thing - “now you and I are going to have fun!” In their eyes, you are a victim by default, and this is your advantage.

But do not forget that the most inveterate hooligans are also ordinary people who have weaknesses, and as a rule, such hooligans are not trained fighters, just drunken fools in search of adventure. So there is no need to panic right away. Moreover, this will not help you much, or rather, it will greatly hinder you. Even fleeting fear in the eyes, noticed by opponents, will be a signal for them - “this one can be beaten with impunity.” You cannot slouch, make short and sharp unnecessary movements with your hands, small steps... All this betrays fear.

Assess the balance of power, the pros and cons of both sides, and the surrounding situation. It is unwise to intimidate bullies. This only happens with young children, and only if you know how to intimidate. Bravely rushing into battle with several opponents at once, especially without any fighting experience, is stupid, since you do not know the level of training of the aggressors and do not know whether they have weapons (most often in such companies knives are used). Therefore, it is better to look around first. There remains a chance to do without blood and sprint races; you can “move out,” as they say on the street, if you know how to speak correctly with such comrades.

The first thing to do is evaluate all possible escape routes. If there is a chance to escape, and the distance to the attackers gives a head start, or the hooligans are in a disadvantageous position for a quick start, then we quickly turn around and disappear under the cover of darkness. You can run away in any way available to you, just so as not to catch up with you. You can quickly run away, jump somewhere, hide, crawl into some gap after several turns (so that visual control of you is lost), and so on. Just because you run away, the crown will not fall off your head; in its absence, there will still be no spectators, but your health will remain. But it’s not always possible to escape, especially if the hooligans have blocked the escape route. And now there were only a few moments left before the first blow. Then it’s worth putting pressure on the attackers’ psyche and winning the initiative. It must be remembered that the only advantage of the attackers is their numerical superiority.

One option is to start behaving in a way that is unexpected for them. For example, boldly approach and ask in a normal tone, as if you were talking to old acquaintances: “Guys, where does Kolya Lysy live here? With a fixation here (and with our finger we show the place where the imaginary fixation is located). He’s been released from prison for a couple of days.” You can use other phrases, but the essence of the words often fades into the background. The main thing is to behave naturally and look confident. The truth of these words is not so important. You can make even the most stupid statements: “Finally, I found someone to drink with.” By the way, there is a chance that in this way you can pay off night hooligans with a bottle of vodka, if there is such an opportunity and this option in this situation is not critical for you. But if they can’t speak with their teeth, and they’ve already had enough vodka and now the boys want fresh blood, the question becomes more complicated. Then, during a conversation, you should take a position that is advantageous for yourself, and mentally estimate your future movements. Accordingly, it is necessary to visually evaluate the hooligans. But this must be done in a few seconds, while the children reflect on your words. You need to figure out which guy is in charge, and you need to start with him. If you manage to knock out the leader right away, the rest will probably cool down sharply.

Let’s simulate the following situation (very often we come across just such companies):

The leader (let's call him the First) behaves more confidently than the others, speaks more, the others agree, look at the First, perhaps try to show off in front of him, etc. The second one, if he often looks around and his eyes dart around, it means he is a coward and you should not focus the attack on him, he will fall into a stupor for some time after your unexpected actions, and does not immediately pose a danger. The third is a healthy fellow, you need to watch him all the time so as not to get hit or grabbed. He should always be in front of you, like the First. The second one doesn't count. The forces are distributed.

Your hands should be in motion all the time, either scratching your nose or the back of your head. But in no case should it look fussy, because the body language, by the bustle of hands that cannot find a place for themselves, will make it clear to even a complete idiot that you are either up to something tricky, or you are in complete confusion, and this is where the reflex works "fas".

During the conversation, while the hooligans are trying to understand the essence of the conversation (but the conversation should not be long, everything must be done quickly, you have no more than two minutes, but leisurely, without fuss, like well-fed cats move), radiating self-confidence, you turn , then to one, then to the other, continuing to talk, thereby occupying the most convenient position for attack or for a low start. Let your opponents get used to your movements and move to a position so that there is no one behind you and preferably two people on the same line with you. And the maximum task is for everyone to be approximately on the same line. If it works, immediately attack the first one and run. It will simply be inconvenient for the rest to chase after you, they will be hindered by the one who was attacked, he himself will unwittingly tie up their movements, giving you a head start.

In the second part of the article, we will talk about specific actions and how to quickly prepare for these actions to be most effective.

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Example No. 2: Theft or robbery in a deserted place

Theft or robbery in a sparsely populated or deserted place. What to do?

  • In advance, at home, break a large amount of money into several small ones and put them in different safe places (pockets, handbag, purse, backpack, etc.).
  • If you do get caught, then be careful so that no one gets into your pockets, pay attention to surveillance, if you suspect that someone is following you, you need to change the route and move through crowded places, if surveillance continues, apply for help (police, passers-by).

How to effectively protect yourself from hooligans on the street

Knowing how to defend yourself can help you avoid physical confrontation with an attacker and also help you stay healthy. On the streets of any locality you can expect trouble in the form of a robber or simply people who are looking for trouble. In the modern world, it is very important to understand how to protect yourself from hooligans on the street, and what methods of influence are the most effective.

It is worth noting that the legislation provides for certain liability even in self-defense. Causing bodily harm in any situation requires the initiation of a criminal case. Even if you become a victim of a crime and fight off the attackers, there is no guarantee that you will end up as a victim in the end.

It is for this reason that you should approach protecting yourself and your loved ones wisely, and not pick up bricks or rebar. Using legal means of self-defense will protect you from consequences and allow you to get out of the conflict without breaking the laws.

What can you use for self-defense?

Current legislation provides for several types of means for self-defense, namely:

  • Stun guns.
  • Aerosol devices.
  • Gas cartridges.

You can use all of the above for your own protection, taking into account the instructions for use and technical requirements.

Stun guns

These means of self-defense refer to short-range weapons with no lethal outcome after use. On the territory of the Russian Federation, they can be purchased and used by any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of eighteen.

Stun guns are actively used by ordinary citizens to ensure their own safety. The principle of operation of these devices is to neutralize the attacker for a short period under the influence of a high-power electrical discharge.

Depending on the power of the device and the duration of the discharge on a person, it is possible to paralyze or disorient him for a certain period of time. Typically, the duration of the shock effect lasts from 5 to 30 minutes. This amount of time is enough for anyone to leave the danger zone and, if possible, call the police.

Aerosol devices

These devices are especially popular among the older population of our country, who know firsthand about gas pistols. The principle of operation of aerosol devices and a gas pistol is similar, and the effectiveness of this method of neutralization will make the aggressor think twice before attacking you.

This device fires a powerful blast of irritant directly into the attacker's face. The cartridges for such a device are small cans that contain pepper concentrate or a synthetic composition. This method of influence is called stopping. After the shot, the attacker experiences severe itching and burning of the skin in the affected area, and also causes spasm during breathing and lacrimation.

Most often, the effect of the substance lasts about 10-15 minutes, after which the attacker will need a long time to come to his senses. This time is enough to escape from the scene of the collision.

Gas cartridges

The most common means of self-defense against hooligans on the street are gas canisters. Their popularity lies in their ease of operation and use. There are several models of cans that differ from each other in the spray method and nominal volume.

The main methods of spraying the substance are jet, aerosol and aerosol-jet. Jets are perfect for neutralizing a bully indoors, since the gas is practically not sprayed into the air. Aerosol is effective for use in an open area, as it creates a large cloud of gas that can affect even a large group of people. Aerosol jets are universal because they release a stream of solution that creates a denser cloud of gas.

Using a gas canister, you can easily neutralize an enemy for a short period of time. It will be quite enough to avoid a collision and escape from a dangerous area.

Which method of self-defense is right for you?

The most popular and effective methods of protection from hooligans on the street have been listed above. From them you can choose the method that suits you best. Girls most often choose a small gas canister. At the same time, guys can opt to use a stun gun in the form of a flashlight, which can be used to illuminate the area, if necessary. Fans of the classics may like the aerosol gun.

The most important thing is to use it in accordance with the instructions, and only for self-defense purposes! Remember, these tools were designed for defense, not offense.

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