How to avoid being attacked in the city? Security steps

Elena Martynova

Advertising entrepreneur, mom, aspiring author.

Not long ago, a teenage girl I know puzzled me with the question: “What should you do if you are attacked?” When I asked who she was talking about, she replied: “They're all watching. I’m tired of hearing after them: “This is an ass!” I don’t know how to defend myself, if anything.”

I immediately remembered a recent flash mob on social networks with the hashtag #I'm not afraid to say. If anyone doesn’t know, thousands of women talked about how they were molested and even raped. It was an avalanche of shocking confessions.

Once upon a time, I read an article about how to behave when meeting a rapist. A little later, she practically saved my life. It contained advice: if an attack occurs at the entrance, under no circumstances bring the offender home. Until you enter the apartment, there is a chance to break out, make noise, attract attention. In your apartment, paradoxically, you are defenseless.

That time, to the rapist’s question, “Is anyone home?” I lied and answered: “Father and brother.” Later I managed to break free and scream, and the man who threatened me ran away. By the way, at that moment I was 11 years old and everything happened at lunchtime in the entrance of my home. I didn't wear provocative clothes or bright makeup. The truth is that it can happen to anyone. And now, being already a mother, I would like to do everything to prevent this from happening either to my friends or to our growing girls.

Next, I will address you, adults, but I kindly ask you to tell these simple rules to your daughter, niece or goddaughter.

How to prevent trouble

The best defense against a crime is to prevent it from happening. According to statistics, most rapists did not choose the most attractive girls as their victims. They chose the circumstances in which they could accomplish their plans. Therefore, remember just a few simple rules.

Do not walk in the dark in unfamiliar deserted places

If for some reason this cannot be avoided, agree with your loved ones on control points: you must call your family from pre-agreed locations. Avoid late walking at all costs. The best choice in such cases is public transport or taxi.

Remember: the mandatory control point is the entrance! Constantly remind yourself and your daughter to look before you enter.

If you are embarrassed to do this openly, you can pretend that you are tying a shoelace, adjusting a shoe strap, or stopping to make a call. During this time, you can assess the situation.

If you see a stranger approaching, never go into the entrance with him. Play out the scene with the phone or shoes again, hesitate, let him go ahead. Call home and ask someone to come down and meet you. In the dark, stay in a lighted area under a lantern. If there is a store nearby, go to it. If you are near a roadway, go out onto the road.

When a stranger acts aggressively or strangely, don't be afraid to attract attention without finding out what they mean. Scream or, which is more effective these days, hit the hood of one of the parked cars to set the alarm off.

Never talk to strangers

Even if everything happens during the day and not at night. Even if a person behaves politely, and even more so if flirtatiously. The opportunity-seeking rapist will see this as an invitation. The best strategy is to remain silent or respond with an eloquent gesture. Look at him coldly and unfriendly. Do not run away under any circumstances: this can only provoke you. Try to pass by without changing your pace and get to a crowded place as quickly as possible.

Another simple trick: let your mobile phone have a button to quickly dial your husband’s or parents’ number. In case of a bad situation, it will help you quickly contact them without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. This way, your loved ones will be able to hear your conversation with a stranger.

Always carry self-defense items in your purse

This could be a classic gas spray or a stun gun. The first, however, is a very ambiguous means of protection, since when spraying it you have to take into account the direction of the wind, otherwise the liquid may get into your face.

There are fewer problems with a shocker, but you need to practice using it in advance. After all, the offender will not nobly stand aside while you look for the right button.

In this regard, it is much easier to carry an automatic umbrella or a large heavy handle. An umbrella can be used as a stick for protection. Another option is to open it in the attacker's face, preferably in the eyes or nose. And a heavy handle, clenched in the palm, can replace your brass knuckles and strengthen your blow. By the way, brass knuckles are prohibited by our legislation, so we do not mention them here. It is also convenient to use a pen to poke the offender.

How to protect yourself and your property and not end up in the dock?

There are many cases in Russian judicial practice when, having become victims of rapists, robbers and hooligans, people use any means to fight their offenders and, as a result, find themselves in the dock.

Report by Elena Borisova.

Konstantin Simonov never thought that in his declining years he would find himself in the role of a defendant. An 80-year-old pensioner is accused of nearly shooting a six-year-old boy.

Vadim Rutchenko, press secretary of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Irkutsk Region: “Children were playing near his house. According to him, they constantly threw bricks at his fence and broke his glass. And so he decided to scare them once and for all. And he picked up a gun to intimidate.”

Konstantin Mikhailovich says that he didn’t seem to be specifically aiming at anyone, but in the end the little boy received two serious wounds in the back. Doctors say that Nikita Berdnikov survived miraculously; he is now in the hospital, recovering from surgery.

In the village of Kasyanovka, Simonov’s house is now avoided. What if it shoots again? After all, while the investigation is underway, the pensioner was released on his own recognizance.

Konstantin Simonov, defendant: “They came and shouted - give me money. So I shot. Once. That's all. And they fled."

According to self-defense experts, this situation is another reason to think about how, while defending yourself, assess the strength of the retaliatory strike and the degree of danger that threatens you.

Maria Grosheva: “I always have a knife in my pocket lately, a small one. That is, nothing prohibited, which can be used simply as a lifesaver. And nothing more. I don’t carry a spray can with me, because I could hurt myself.”

Previously, Maria carried a gas canister and even a stun gun in her purse. But she realized in time that if she managed to use them, she might later end up in the dock.

The best self-defense weapon, in her opinion, is your own hands and feet. But they may also be illegal. In hand-to-hand combat courses they teach: if you hit him in the nose or shin, it means he neutralizes the enemy and remains innocent. Hit him on the neck - he became accused.

Andrey Sverlov, hand-to-hand combat instructor: “For example, you shouldn’t break an attacker’s neck. It will be murder. Maybe he wanted to bloody my nose, and I took him and killed him. Why hit in the neck when you can hit in the stomach, in the solar plexus, when you can hit in the jaw, incapacitate the attacker so that he stops moving, and calmly leave.”

After six months of training, Maria and Vladimir realized that the main thing in the art of self-defense is to get out of a collision without losses. True, in order to avoid injuries in the future, for now they have to get bruises and bumps in training.

In fact, a fist, as practice shows, is the safest means of defense. The use of weapons, even for self-defense, is fraught with consequences.

For example, it is prohibited to shoot a person with a traumatic pistol if the distance to him is less than one meter. Then how to stand up for yourself in a cramped passenger elevator? If you pull the trigger, it will no longer be regarded as defense, but as an attack.

Sisters Katya and Sveta know exactly how to stand up for yourself in a cramped elevator cabin, even if you are only 13-14 years old. The skills that the girls acquired over three years of playing football and two years of kickboxing came in handy when they were suddenly attacked by a 30-year-old man.

Ekaterina Kashlanova: “He started pestering me. I hit it, I hit it so hard. He hit me too, I got a concussion, and hit me like that.”

A few kicks and punches were enough for the attacker to understand that it was better to surrender to the mercy of the police than to continue the fight with two well-trained athletes.

To fight back a criminal, it is not at all necessary to have outstanding physical abilities. After Marina Vikulina once miraculously escaped from a bully on the street of Yekaterinburg, the girl decided that she simply needed to take up hand-to-hand combat techniques. There would be nothing unusual in this if it were not for the fact that Marina is forced to move in a wheelchair.

Marina Vikulina: “In fact, there are basic self-defense skills. It’s elementary to do something so that there is simply an opportunity to escape. And this can be learned. This is what they teach."

Maxim Berenov, hand-to-hand combat trainer: “Marina helped me get into the skin of a person who controls a wheelchair with his hands. It was very difficult for me. I sat in the stroller myself a few times, just to understand what it was like.”

It turned out that the stroller is not a hindrance even for practicing Thai martial arts. Armrests and brakes help. Now the girl and her coach have a new task - to develop a self-defense course for people with disabilities.

The guest in the “Other News” studio is lawyer Sergei Pankov.

Presenter: What kind of troubles can threaten those who emerge victorious from a fight with hooligans? How to protect your property and life from bandits, without breaking the law yourself? Lawyer Sergei Pankov will answer these questions. Tell me, what exactly is regarded as an excess of self-defense?

Guest: Not exceeding the limits of necessary defense is when a person whose life, health, or property is threatened by violence or the threat of such violence carries out lawful actions, that is, non-criminal actions that correspond to the nature and degree of public danger of the attack itself.

Presenter: If, for example, they try to throw a person out of a car, he presses on the gas and crushes the attacker. How will this be assessed?

Guest: I think the situation here is unexpected for a person, since this can happen, for example, at a gas station, or when he left his car somewhere and parked it. The attackers most likely acted suddenly and with the aim of precisely: a) seizing property, and b) possibly causing damage to his life and health. In such a case, his actions to avoid this situation are actions within the limits of necessary self-defense. He will not be held responsible.

Presenter: What should a girl do, for example? The rapist attacks her, it is obvious that he is stronger. How can she defend herself? What means can she legally use?

Guest: In this case, our weapons law provides for civilian weapons. These are stun guns, gas pistols, gas canisters, improvised means: shoes, a nail file...

Presenter: That is, this will not be an excess of necessary self-defense?

Guest: Yes, if the actions of the person who attacks her involve violent actions and the threat to life is real.

Presenter: What to do if the attacker threatens with a knife or a pistol, but it is not completely clear what kind of weapon he has in his hands? Can a person take some serious measures in response? And what happens if it later turns out that it was a toy gun?

Guest: A person has the right to regard this as a real weapon, and, accordingly, the threat posed by the criminal is real. In this case, a person has the right to resist, that is, to use a gas weapon, a knife, if he has one.

Presenter: Is it possible to use a weapon or, for example, an ax if criminals break into your house?

Guest: If, at the time of entry into a home, robbers or robbers have any weapons with them, and the nature of their entry allows us to judge that their actions are aimed at causing death to the owners of this apartment, then, of course, the owner has the right to use firearms.

If the criminals are not armed and did not intend to attack the owner of the apartment with the aim of causing him bodily harm or murder, then the use of lethal means is illegal and is an excess of the limits of necessary defense. Then you should either fire a warning shot, or try to call your neighbors or call the police.

Presenter: If a person is attacked by a minor, what can he do?

Guest: He can take adequate actions, including in relation to minors, if a real threat is created to his life and health.

Presenter: But everything is within the law?

Guest: Yes.

Presenter: What threatens those who exceed permissible self-defense?

Guest: In case of the most serious consequences, namely, causing death to a person who does not encroach on life, imprisonment for a term of up to two years is provided.

The law allows the use of gas canisters, stun guns, and even registered weapons for self-defense. But remember: you can only use it if there is a real threat to your life.

If you injure or kill a criminal in self-defense, you will have to answer to the court and prove that you defended yourself within the law. The testimony of witnesses to the incident will help you with this.

If it turns out that the criminal wanted, for example, to steal your wallet, and in return you seriously injured the thief, keep in mind: you may face a sentence of up to two years in prison.

And do not rush to shoot a weapon or grab a knife even in such a dangerous situation, when robbers are breaking into your apartment. After all, according to the law, if the bandits are not armed and did not intend to kill, then you do not have the right to take too harsh measures against them.

Those who have been attacked by a rapist have special rights. You have the right to defend yourself by any means. In such cases, justice is usually on the side of the victim of the maniac.

What to do if a stranger talks to you or attacks you

The main thing is not to show him your fear. It’s not for nothing that they say that the best defense is an attack. If he simply made an indecent proposal, scream or remember all the swear words you have ever heard. Threaten, stomp your feet, get angry. Lie that you have an STD (all adults, and no need to explain what it is?).

In such situations, one must rely not on force, but on the effect of surprise. One of my friends put the offenders to flight simply by grabbing a stone from the ground and growling. Drunk teenagers - and they were the ones who pestered her aunt - called her crazy and kicked her.

If everything is bad and it comes to a fight, act meanly, evilly and unexpectedly. Strike like it's the last time. In fact, this is how it can be if you are cowardly.

You are unlikely to be proficient in martial arts, but you must memorize your enemy's weak points.

Most often in such situations it is recommended to hit the groin. My former hand-to-hand combat trainer doubted this move. It only works if you hit with all your might. If the blow is weak, you will only anger your opponent. There is a more effective variation of this technique: hit him in the groin with all your might and at the same time, with both hands, pull his ears or their earlobes down just as hard. In fact, you should aim to tear them off!

In general, the ears, eyes, nose and Adam's apple are the most vulnerable places. The ears must be hit simultaneously with both palms cupped. In the eyes - with the thumbs or the “goat” of the index and middle fingers. Into the nose - with the back of the hand from bottom to top or using improvised means (the edge of a plastic card, phone, notepad) at the base of the nose.

Many people know that there is a knockout point on a person's chin. However, if you do not have a ballet stretch to reach it with your foot, then it is better to refrain from hitting it. As a last resort, hit it with the back of your hand. But a punch can cost you a broken wrist.

If your opponent grabs you from behind, hit the arch of your foot as hard as you can with your heel. If there is no heel, hit the front of the shin with all your might.

Bite! No one has canceled Mike Tyson's reception yet!

It's bad if the attacker has a knife. The main thing you must do is move away from the line of impact and put an obstacle between you and the knife. To do this, relax the enemy with a conversation, apparent agreement, and then abruptly move to the side from the line of attack and either hit the hand with a handbag or briefcase, or at least simply put them between you and the knife and scream. In my case, this is exactly what worked.

The main thing that all your efforts should lead to is to attract attention to yourself (if you are, for example, at the entrance) or temporarily disorient the offender and run to a crowded place.

How to avoid being attacked on the street

Let's start with time. Since the walks .

For some reason, we are most afraid of showing up on the streets after one in the morning. It seems to us that it is then that the alleys and gateways are infested with criminal elements. Meanwhile, statistics convincingly prove that the greatest number of street crimes occur from 20 to 00 hours. That is, at a time when even late children are still playing in the courtyards - mom, it’s only ten more hours! Maybe it’s better to let children go for walks as an experiment after three o’clock in the morning, when hooligans and rapists are already asleep?

If we talk not about hours, but about days, then the greatest fears are caused by the days of advances and pay at enterprises, when the criminal becomes more active, going on the hunt for easy money, and citizens in a not very sober state noticeably appear on the streets.

Weekends, and especially holidays, when the streets are simply oversaturated with dangers should cause serious concern.

Of the seasons, the safest is, of course, winter; There are few bandits who are capable of sitting for several hours under the bushes in the city garden in a January blizzard, waiting for a random victim. In winter, criminal incidents move closer to the warmth - in entrances, basements, boiler rooms, etc., premises favored by criminals.

Now about the location . Let's go from larger to smaller. Every city has its own potentially dangerous areas. Either these are, in the worst sense of the word, workers' settlements, or neighborhoods adjacent to correctional labor institutions, or areas where territories are being divided by youth groups. Everything is completely individual, and you just need to know the local conditions.

! Generally recognized crime-prone areas include areas adjacent to train stations and airports, street markets, parks and youth hostel towns. Almost always, due to their distance from law enforcement headquarters, the outskirts of cities pose a greater threat than the center.

Unsafe yards are located in close proximity to places where there are periodic mass gatherings of people - stadiums, cinemas, sports palaces, discos, bazaars, shopping centers, etc. It is clear that the more people there are, the more preconditions for crimes to occur.

And, conversely, the fewer people, the calmer life is. In the tundra or desert, where the population density is less than one person per hundred square kilometers, you still have to manage to find a criminal who wants to encroach on your honor or wallet, you still have to sweat, covering hundreds of kilometers of deserted spaces.

But only we go on vacation not to the tundra, but to discos and stadiums infested with criminal elements. And then we wonder: why did we suddenly get into trouble?

If you don’t want to become a victim of a street crime, avoid places of increased crime danger. That's all.

Moreover, even in relatively peaceful areas we manage to find dangerous places. Instead of walking along a well-lit street on a deserted night, we take shortcuts and wander through dimly lit courtyards, through new buildings, neglected squares and vacant lots. Moving along the sidewalk, we huddle close to dark bushes, walls of houses, and fences. You see, we suddenly decided to comply with the road rules that were ignored during the day, prohibiting going out onto the roadway. But we violate the rules of personal safety, risking that at any moment they can grab us by our clothes and drag us behind a nearby fence or into a dark entrance.

Get off the sidewalk! Your place is under the street lamps and headlights of passing cars, it is brighter there, there is room for maneuver and the hope that someone will notice you and, if they don’t hit you, will protect you. Remembering the traffic rules, it is better to walk on the left side, facing towards approaching cars.

On narrow roads you can walk right in the middle. It's not safe, but between two disasters you have to choose the lesser.

It is better to ignore drivers who slow down near you and offer you a ride. Except perhaps women, police officers and ninety-year-old pensioners sitting behind the wheel.

It is especially important and at the same time difficult to choose a safe path in an unfamiliar city. Here it is better, without looking for adventures on the mountain, to ask the local population which areas are best avoided and which are relatively calm even in the evening.

A few words about appearance , which can also provoke an attack.

The importance of this point is probably clear even to unintelligent preschoolers, who have more than once learned the hard way that most often well-dressed girls and boys suffer from grown-up boys shaking change out of their pockets. How can they not suffer if their appearance advertises their well-being and promises the overgrown dunces from the neighboring yard a good profit.

Growing up dunces turn into adult bandits and robbers, suffering from the same old teenage habits - choosing the rich and weak as victims.

There is no better way to lose expensive things than to put them on yourself and stroll leisurely along the outlying streets of a city at night. Sooner or later you will be noticed.

And, on the contrary, the unpretentious appearance of your wardrobe can save its owner from many troubles. Somehow I haven’t heard about the robberies of homeless people traveling the streets in filthy, smelly padded jackets and cotton pants. But about the ladies stripped down to their underwear and the gentlemen accompanying them - as much as you want. Another gentleman dresses like a mannequin in a window, only the window is protected by an alarm system, and the gentleman is protected by nothing. Hence the temptation.

Therefore, when getting ready for a night voyage, look in the mirror and evaluate yourself from the point of view of the robber who met you. What can attract his unselfish attention? Sparkly gold earrings? Take them off. Rings? Put it in your wallet. Watch? You'll get by somehow. Luxurious sable hat? Swap it out for a knitted ski cap. Fur coat? Or maybe a standard Chinese down jacket, which your acquaintances have where you are staying, will be enough for you today? And you’ll take the fur coat later. Health is still more important than appearance.

In my life, I quite often had to wander around the city at night. More than once or twice I met suspicious-looking individuals in the gateways. At first I read excitement on their faces - they waited, then disappointment and sorrow - what can we take from this, except worn-out sneakers? And I walked on calmly, blessing my impeccable taste for the city at night. Everything is correct: why rob me when the profit from me is a pittance, and the potential prison term is exactly the same as if Morgan Sr. had been stripped. Articles are given for the fact of robbery, and not for its “catchability”.

Factors of provocation can easily be attributed to the deliberately playful clothes that our women love to wear. Trying to attract the attention of the stronger sex, they lift the hems of their skirts to prohibitively dangerous heights, cover any bulges with ultra-light fabrics, make defiantly deep cuts on their blouses, etc. And they achieve what they want - people pay attention to them, but not always those who who would you like to attract? During the investigation, a considerable number of rapists are outraged by the behavior of their victims no less than their victims: “I thought she was a prostitute. She was dressed like that...”, “I saw her bare legs and couldn’t resist...” Or: “I was sure that she wanted it herself,” etc. There is a certain logic in these statements.

I am not against spectacular clothes that stimulate the male “appetite”, but at the right time, in the right place. In other cases, it is better to prefer more modest clothing, and when traveling at night in areas of criminal threat - the most closed and shapeless clothing. You will be healthier.

The same can be said for men who choose the “a la ninja” or “special forces” style as their everyday clothing. Such clothing is obligatory. Rarely a hooligan will deny himself the pleasure of fighting with a “specialist” who “works” under Schwarzenegger. Such cinematic clothing is a challenge in itself, so when wearing it, you need to be prepared to defend your style, including with your fists. Or, if self-confidence is not enough, prefer a more modest wardrobe.

But there is no need to overdo it. Excessively wandering appearance is also unsafe. The tramp does not attract the interest of robbers, but attracts the attention of the same tramps who defend the right to their territory.

The last wardrobe tip concerns uniforms. No, not the army or the police. Uniforms of youth and criminal groups. There are often cases when young people, huddled in district, village and other groups, acquire their own uniform, different from others, or simply highlight some detail of clothing, by which one can judge whether the owner belongs to one or another party. These can be a variety of stripes, badges, headbands, hats, etc. At one time in Chelyabinsk, the so-called “straps” made a lot of noise, choosing pants with two or three white stripes as a distinctive wardrobe item.

Without knowing what and how you are supposed to wear in this or that area of ​​the city, you can, unwittingly, run into trouble, being mistaken for a “stranger” who has violated the borders. Therefore, if you are young enough and fit the definition of a teenager, do not be lazy, when going to a disco or visiting a foreign area, take an interest in the local language of dress. And if an adult, do not force your child to wear this particular jacket or cap when he refuses to accept the update for no apparent reason. Perhaps it is this jacket or cap that defines him as an “alien” with all the ensuing consequences. Trust your child, he has a better understanding of the rules of local etiquette, if, of course, there is one. “Own” and “alien” forms are not nonsense; very serious teenage squabbles can loom behind them.

Behavior. This is how you can find adventure even in the safest area, at the safest time of day, among the most peaceful citizens. Behavior is the fuse that can stir the rustiest bomb.

The robbery is provoked either by excessive uncertainty, timidity, external fussiness of the victim, thereby convincing the robber that his criminal goals can be easily achieved, or by emphatically lordly communication with others, which includes demonstrating one’s wealth, throwing money left and right, and telling anyone about one’s wealth. And so on. Such a person becomes interesting as a “cash cow”.

In the first case, if you find yourself in a foreign, unfamiliar city, you must strive to blend in with the crowd, portray a person who knows the city, and if you ask how to get to... then only from police guards, truck drivers (and not from private cab drivers, who may be gunners) or employees of nearby offices on duty. In any case, you should not resemble a confused stranger who is a tasty morsel for criminals - be it robbers or swindlers.

The more nervous you feel during overnight hikes, the more calm and confident you show. Do not awaken the instinct of a predator in a criminal - to catch up and finish off a helpless and, therefore, safe victim. Fear always attracts attention! By recognizing yourself as a victim, you consequently portray yourself as a victim and ultimately become one. Break the initially vicious mood and then, perhaps, you will avoid the final sad outcome.

For situations of provocation by wealth, I will repeat what I said earlier: do not demonstrate your wealth, do not shake unnecessarily bundles of banknotes near trade counters, exchange offices and savings banks; do not ask the first passerby you come across where there is a bank where you could deposit a large sum of money; do not consult with random acquaintances about buying an expensive item; do not throw thousand-dollar bills into the hats of the beggars, so as not to sit down with the same hat next to them; and, for God's sake, keep your mouth shut if you don't want him to become your enemy.

The reason for a possible fist fight may be the behavior of the challenge: posing as the hero of the latest popular action movie, demonstrative “flexing of muscles”, arrogant, dismissive, contemptuous glances generously distributed around, unflattering comments about someone else’s appearance and behavior, etc. The sowing wind naturally reaps the storm.

Control your behavior by playing superman in front of your girlfriend. At the very least, look around: it is not at all necessary that what delights your friend will be liked by others. Maybe it will offend them. But whether you are able to defend your high title in deeds, and not just in words, is still unknown. Don’t overplay your hand, don’t tempt fate once again. When you see danger, extinguish your movie-like arrogant glances and smiles in time. And best of all, play Superman to the extent that you can confirm the proposed image with action. Remember: people really don’t like those who demonstrate their superiority to them, and for teenagers this is the same as for a Spanish bull, the red cloak of a bullfighter, rinsing in front of his nostrils. I dare to assure you that your friend will survive your reasonable “cowardice” more easily than lifelong paralysis as a result of a brutal fight.

The creation and maintenance of a Superman legend about oneself can have even more destructive consequences for the body. Self-affirming teenagers and failed athletes often suffer from this. Probably, for some time you can, by telling stories about your past combat biography, reap the fruits of your imaginary greatness, but one day there will be a hero, and most often a dozen heroes (to be sure), who will try to challenge the invincibility of the self-proclaimed superman.

Several of my childhood friends who enrolled in boxing and karate sections were able to verify this in their own skins. One was saved by the entire teaching staff of the school when, after a long search, they finally found him worthy, matching his stories about the enemy’s own combat skills.

To some extent, the study of martial arts techniques can be considered a factor of provocation. I really want to test my acquired skills in practice. The moral and philosophical side of the ancient teachings, which professes restraint, is learned much later than the combat side; hands that are stuffed to the point of calluses are very itchy.

Potential victims of street property and hooligan crimes should be recognized as people who like to drink bottles. A drunkard is every criminal's dream. A thief does not have to be a talented pickpocket to be able to rob a drunkard. A robber, even without a fathom of shoulders, can easily cope with a tipsy person. For a hooligan, a fight with an opponent who has drunk half a liter of vodka is a pleasure: you can make yourself look like a hero, and not receive a single counter blow. A drunk woman is a suitable match for a rapist who desires love: she most likely will not be able to offer real resistance or identify her “lover.” So it turns out, whatever one may say, a drunkard for a criminal is an ideal victim in all respects.

Among other things, a drunkard, having a clouded psyche, is often a provocateur and the main culprit of incidents in which he himself suffers. He becomes attached to passers-by, bullies obviously stronger opponents, and looks for reasons to get his face punched. Responsive people are usually found.

Hence, if you want to avoid trouble, don’t abuse it, and if you abuse alcohol, stay at home.

A separate conversation about behavior that provokes violence . First, I will give police statistics.

About 70% of the victims, women and girls, knew the perpetrators. Of these, 22% met the rapist on the day the crime was committed.

25 cases out of a hundred occurred in nature, that is, in parks, squares, gardens.

35 - in apartments and youth hostel rooms.

And finally, girls aged 14-17 were victims of violence twice as often as their elders.

18-23 year old girlfriends.

In my opinion, there is nothing to add. Any district investigator will tell you that most cases involving violence cannot even be called a case, since they did not occur due to a coincidence of circumstances, not due to the will of fate, but due to the stupidity of the victims themselves. This is confirmed, among other things, by the fact that, having matured a little and, therefore, become a little wiser, women are half as likely to fall into the clutches of sex offenders (see the figures above).

Any behavior that attracts male attention to you can be considered a provocation of violence.

You went into the smoking room and, “tarring” cigarette after cigarette, listened and told vulgar jokes. That is, you belong on the board. Sitting down on the bench, you lift your legs high, and you really want to check whether everything else that is hidden for the time being by the dress is really so cute.

You are coolly flirting with a guy you don’t know, bringing his ardor to the state of an overheated steam boiler, and then you wonder: why did he suddenly show such illegal activity? And there was less need to give free rein to his hands. How could he know that while you allow a lot, you still don’t want to give him everything? What is he, a telepath?

You date a guy for a long time, and then suddenly, without explaining anything, you leave him. And he considers you his and tries to confirm his rights with deeds.

You boldly go down to the basement, inhabited by young punks, knowing for certain that several of your friends have already had some trouble here. But you think that this cup will pass from you. And why? How are you different from them? Or are you such a freak that you can't create desires? No? Well then, stop at the top step of the basement stairs.

Sitting in a company you met only yesterday, you make eyes and drink one, then a second and a third glass, remembering your bad habit of passing out after the fourth. So, maybe we shouldn’t pour this fourth? And maybe there’s no need to stay overnight either? It’s actually safer on the sofa at home.

Still necessary! Your right. But you don’t have to cry later because you were treated uncivilly. You knew what you were risking, you knew what you were doing. And if they didn’t stop, it means they didn’t want to stop.

I am sure that if the weaker sex thought through the consequences of their actions - how to dress, where to walk, who to meet, etc. - 90% of rapists would be left without potential victims. And just to avoid being put through the meat grinder of rape, you need to think a little!

The latter provoking factors can be considered more rare. You were seen in someone else's company, where you fraternized with the leader, and for this reason, when you meet one, they beat you mercilessly. You simply don’t have time to tell him that this is your second cousin. But in general, you had to know who your brother was, with whom he was friends, and with whom he was fighting.

You were mistaken for the wrong person. I know of one sad case when the mother who opened the door was asked to call Yura and, seeing him in the dim doorway, first stabbed him under the heart, and then shouted: “Sorry. We were wrong!" It turns out that they mixed up the floors, and the name just coincided.

Here, only following general safety rules can help: don’t go where you shouldn’t, don’t open the door to just anyone, etc.

You borrowed money or borrowed an expensive item and lost it. It is better to immediately admit insolvency. Then it remains possible to resolve the conflict by signing promissory notes (even for a large amount), civilized work, gradual sale of property, re-borrowing money, etc., before fists and brass knuckles are used.

The worst way out of the situation is to look for patrons, defenders, etc. “roofs,” who will ultimately only increase the debt by including their services in the bill. By starting such a game, you risk finding yourself between two warring factions, as if between a rock and a hard place. I'm afraid that this balance of power will significantly deform your appearance and psyche. It is better to get out of sticky situations like non-payment of a debt, following the principle: a bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

To avoid street "adventures",


  • Avoid traveling at night.
  • Wear discreet, comfortable running clothing and shoes. Leave your dear one at home.
  • Remove and hide all money, jewelry, expensive watches, etc. in “hides” on your clothes. Take protective equipment.
  • Ask the owners of the apartment where you are staying or one of the guests to accompany you.
  • On the street, try to find fellow travelers walking in the same direction with you.
  • Do not walk through potentially dangerous areas: near train stations, markets, parks, “youth” areas... And other notorious places in your city.
  • Do not walk through dark streets, courtyards, vacant lots, new buildings, squares and parks, trying to take a shortcut. At night, the shortest route is the safest one.
  • In a foreign city, you need to find out about safe routes in advance.
  • At night, before going out into the street, outline the safest route through “safety islands” - regional police departments, traffic police posts, guarded buildings (banks, etc.). Move not on the sidewalk, but along the roadway, facing the direction of traffic. At the same time, be confident, but not defiant.
  • When you see potentially dangerous companies, move to the other side of the street or turn into alleys in advance.


  • Wear expensive clothes. Abuse jewelry and other items that attract the attention of criminals.
  • Wear military or paramilitary uniforms that may be perceived as a challenge. Going out drunk, which attracts potential robbers. Hop into passing cars driven by men.

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Instead of an afterword

Probably, while reading the article, you thought more than once: “All this is unreal, I couldn’t do it!” In fact, all the techniques work. The main thing is that you must be ready to fight back and not be submissive. It is foolish to hope for the leniency of an abnormal person who is planning rape. You need to bet on his fear or on the fact that you will attract attention to yourself and he will not risk doing what he has planned.

Women's weakness is a trait that we will save for the man we love. In emergency situations, a woman or girl must show all her strength, cunning and aggression.

And two more facts that I hope will convince you. Known throughout the world thanks to Bruce Lee, the wushu style - yunchun - was once created by a woman. More precisely, a Chinese nun. And another Chinese woman opened a school of fist fighting, on the basis of which karate was then born.

Be strong, brave, cunning and teach this to your children!

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