What to do when meeting a stray dog: safety rules and protection

There can be several reasons for a dog attacking a person. A common case is when a person unknowingly invades the territory “assigned” to the dog (this, for example, could be a stairwell adjacent to the apartment in which the dog lives, a yard space where the dog is usually walked, or simply an area guarded by the dog). It is not uncommon for a dog to attack a person or his dog at the command of its owner; Lately there has been a proliferation of idiots who amuse themselves by setting their fighting dogs on passers-by or their pets. Dogs can suddenly become aggressive with little to no apparent reason; This is a consequence of improper training and training of dogs.

Sometimes children try to play with a walking Rottweiler; At first, the dog seemed friendly to everyone and affably let the children approach, but the next moment suddenly, out of the blue, it rushed at the child, inflicting multiple bites all over his body. The owners of dogs are primarily to blame for this because they do not follow the rules for walking them and make a number of mistakes in the process of training them; We must remember that a fighting or service dog is a dangerous weapon, and in many countries around the world the trafficking of such animals is strictly regulated and under special control.

Stray dogs usually attack when you invade the territory of their pack; stray dogs may attack a person when he is carrying food; in this case, the dogs' goal is simply to get food for themselves.

And finally, the classic case of a dog attack is when it is infected with the rabies virus. If it is very easy to recognize a mad fox or wolf approaching people (of course, a normal fox or wolf will never approach people), then identifying a mad dog is often difficult: the animal can approach people, trying to flirt with them, and its actions can be at first you won’t notice anything unusual; everything will become clear only when the person is bitten.

Cyclists also often encounter aggression from dogs; It seems that in his time a self-defense cyclist has to deal more with dogs than with two-legged creatures. Apparently, dogs perceive a moving cyclist as a sporting target; Usually, as soon as a person slows down and stops, the dog stops the attack. But as soon as he tries to move again, the dog resumes the attack.

How runners can protect themselves from stray dogs

We encounter them every day. And even if we love dogs, this does not mean that any of us is immune from an attack by a four-legged tramp. Knowing why and how stray dogs attack will help you protect yourself from them.

Why are they attacking?

Stray dogs cover a fairly large area, but each pack has its own resting place - a secluded place where the bitches give birth to puppies, where the pack feels at home. This place is protected by dogs. Their main goal is to drive away the stranger. They can chase him for some time, but, having driven him 20-30 meters away, they calm down and return to rest. Just like a resting place, a flock may defend a “feeding site”—an area where they are regularly fed, such as near a Hot Dog stand.

Outside the "core" of the pack's territory, stray dogs attack out of fear or for fun. From fear, if a person intentionally or accidentally behaves provocatively: chases a dog, tries to drive it away, or suddenly gets too close. And, for fun, if a person seems like an easy prey for dogs: he is clearly afraid, falls, slips, or rides a bicycle.

How do they attack?

1) It is relatively safe if the attack is the dog’s desire to warn you of its presence and thus avoid a collision.

The dog may growl in warning, raise its withers, or turn sideways. In this case, if the person stops and gives the dog time and space, it will go away on its own. It happens that she does not leave and growls simply because she is afraid to turn her back to a person (what if she bites or hits?) or the person himself did not notice how he blocked her path to a quick retreat (for example, he stands in the middle of a path, the sides of which are very high and, if the dog tries to climb on them, he will be defenseless for a few seconds). In this case, the main thing is to give the dog time and opportunity to leave.

2) The other type of attack is more serious. The dog rushes at the person, raising its tail, raising its withers and barking deafeningly. When approaching, it can jump up on its hind legs.

This is a psychological attack. The dog is trying to appear taller, bigger, angrier. Plus, her barking attracts attention and invites other dogs to join her. This is how dogs attack if a person appears suddenly or is too close to the resting place of the pack.

In both cases, the dog is trying to impress the stranger, make him retreat or stop. She has nowhere to retreat and will stubbornly defend herself or the territory, but at the same time she prefers to avoid close contact and the person needs to take advantage of this.

3) The most dangerous situation is when a dog attacks out of boredom. This means that she considers you easy prey and acts arrogantly and purposefully.

In this case, the dog barks, runs away, looks around, jumps up again, tries to go around from behind and, now silently, rushes to the heels, jumps back when the person turns around, barks again, runs around from behind again. Dogs often wag their tail and at the same time raise their hair on the withers. Their behavior is ambivalent. Having jumped back, they can stand still, yawn, stretch, move away, and as soon as the person continues on their way, they attack again. This is how dogs attack when they are not afraid of humans. They want to have fun, hunt - seriously or as a joke - as it turns out.

They are just planning their first bites. They don't bite, they don't cling and hang, they just grab and let go over and over again. The purpose of these bites is not to harm a person, but to make him nervous, jump, and, finally, run. And if they succeed, only then do the dogs inflict those terrible wounds that land the victim in the hospital.

Very often, the first and second methods of attack develop into the third, that is, having driven away the person and, making sure that he does not pose a danger, the excited flock begins to pursue him.

How to protect yourself from dogs?

If you often have to walk through construction sites and garages where a pack of stray dogs has settled, do not neglect protective equipment. It could be:

The editors of BNK, together with dog handler Evgeny Kanev, figured out whether a shocker and a spray can will save you in case of a dog attack and what a child needs to be taught to protect himself from stray animals.

Photo by Grigory Pil and the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Komi

The tragedy that happened in the Ukhta URMZ has escalated the situation around stray dogs. After the report of a bitten child, it came to the introduction of a high alert regime. People increasingly began to write about the need to carry pepper spray or a stun gun with them for protection. The head of the canine department of the security department of pre-trial detention center No. 1 in Syktyvkar, Evgeniy Kanev, explained why dogs attack people and how not to behave so as not to provoke them.

- How to understand that a dog wants to attack?

- If the dog pricked up its ears, began to growl or bark, its fur or tail rose, it means that the animal was alarmed and reacted to you. Another person should be alerted to sneaking steps.

— Why do stray dogs attack? Does it happen that they become aggressive for no apparent reason?

— Stray dogs are “territorial”: they mainly protect their place, puppies, food. Therefore, as a rule, they attack to protect “their own” - this is the main reason for aggression.

Animals also react to smell, to gestures in their direction, to screams, even to a person dragging something along the ground. If a person is drunk, his smell, gait, and behavior can again provoke a dog.

— How to behave if attacked by a stray dog? What should you teach your child?

- If you are absolutely sure that you can run to the shelter, run. In other cases, you cannot turn your back and run. Thus, you tell stray dogs about your fear, and they run away in fear. The instinct kicks in - drive it away, bite it. In addition, fear “throws” adrenaline into the blood, a person begins to smell differently, and this smell again provokes dogs.

You can prevent an attack, for example, by freezing. Even if the flock was previously interested in you, it will run past. If it’s too late to freeze, you need to look around and stand so that something covers your back, the same pillar for example. Then, if you have a briefcase or bag with you, you need to take them, put them in front of you and hold them so that your hands are closed. You can also use a jacket for protection: take it off and raise it like a shield. At this time, you can try to take a stone, stick, or make a snowball with your other hand and throw it. There is no need to put your arms and legs to the side; on the contrary, you need to group.

And most importantly, don’t be afraid. Stray dogs are afraid on their own, they have no self-control. If they see that the person is not afraid, they stop. Parents should explain to their child that there is no need to be afraid of stray dogs. Otherwise, the actions are the same as for aggression against an adult. Again, children can use a whistle or bicycle horn: loud sounds scare dogs.

— Is it possible to distract dogs with food? Can stray animals bite the person who feeds them?

- Question: will you constantly carry it in your hands? You need to understand that you need to get food in time. If the dog is alone, food may help. And if there is a pack, then the person may not even have time to pull out this “feeding”.

As for those who feed stray animals, yes, such a person can be bitten. While service dogs have a “smooth” nervous system, homeless dogs have no self-control. They do not perceive people they can bite as owners. So they may well bite.

- Will a stun gun or pepper spray help in case of an attack by stray animals?

— You need to know how to use both a shocker and a spray can. You need to understand that when using them you can harm yourself. For example, they sprayed a can, the wind blew, and everything got into your eyes, and the dogs didn’t even run up yet. Such protective equipment is more suitable for those who are forced to walk in places where there are a lot of ownerless dogs: at bases, for example. At the same time, both the shocker and the spray can must be in capable hands.

By the way, shockers can be used without contact with the dog. The sound of an active shocker can scare away aggressive dogs.

— What to do if stray dogs attack while walking a domestic dog? How to recapture a pet?

— If the dog is small, then you need to lift it in your hands, “hide” your back and try to fight it off with the same leash, for example. If a stray dog ​​has already grabbed onto your pet, it is better to try to close its eyes - it may let go. As an option, lift the clinging dog by the paw. She will become disorientated and let loose for a while. You need to pull out your animal in these seconds, and at the same time not get caught in the teeth. This is, of course, a difficult case. It will be difficult for an unprepared person.

Another possibility is to scare stray dogs with a flashlight or sound stimulus. The most difficult case is when not only a stray dog ​​clings to a domestic dog, but also yours to an ownerless one, when more than two dogs cling. In such cases, you can only drag your dog away and try to disengage the dogs by pouring water on them, for example.

- How long will it take to rehabilitate a stray dog? Teach her self-control?

— You need to look specifically at each dog: how much time it spent outside, what kind of behavior it has, whether it’s a puppy or an adult. In general, re-education will take more than one month with classes at least 2-3 times a week. Everything is individual: you can “place” a dog in a month, or in six months. Of course, there are also severe cases: for example, an aggressive dog that is already five years old and has spent all this time on the street. It will be very difficult to re-educate such people. For such people, the option is lifelong detention in a shelter.


How a resident of Vylgort proved whose dogs bit her

In Ukhta, police are checking information about the shooting of dogs

Evgenia Granina

Dog repeller "Dazer II"


The Dazer II dog repeller is a reliable American-made ultrasonic device. A very effective “pocket” means of protection against aggressive dogs. Compact, lightweight and easy to use - to scare away an animal, you just need to press one single button. Equipped with a belt clip - you can take it out and use it in a matter of seconds.

The ultrasonic repeller “Dazer II” is guaranteed to protect you from “urban predators”!

The ultrasonic dog repeller “Dazer II” is an extremely effective solution for protection against four-legged “robbers”. The device does not harm dogs and is absolutely safe for people, while being quite effective: it is guaranteed to scare off even the bravest and most aggressive animals.

The Dazer II dog repeller can be used for self-defense, protection of children, as well as others from attacks by both individuals and entire packs of feral dogs. The main advantage of the device is that the sound pressure level and operating frequency in it are selected to repel all types of dogs, cats and even wolves .

It should be noted that personal protection is not the only area of ​​application for an ultrasonic repeller. It can be used for:

  • protecting your pet from strangers or stray dogs;
  • changing the behavior of animals, say, weaning them off bad habits (this is quite harsh and therefore effective punishment, but by using it you do not risk causing physical harm to the animal);
  • pet training.

Advantages of the Dazer II dog repeller:

  • Provides a repellent effect at a distance of up to 15 m! The radiation power of the generator with which the device is equipped is significantly higher than that of most other repellers. The sound pressure is 116.5 dB - it is capable of putting to flight the most ferocious and courageous four-legged aggressor.
  • Safety. The device does not cause any harm to animals, but only drives them away with ultrasonic signals. It also does not pose any danger to people (since the human ear is not capable of perceiving ultrasound), so you can safely use it and not experience the slightest discomfort.
  • Practicality and ease of use - the device runs on one 6F22 or Krona battery (9 V) and does not require any special maintenance. All you need to do is insert the battery and press the button. The repeller will do the rest for you!
  • Cost-effective - as real experience of using the Dazer II repeller shows, one battery lasts for about 1000 uses!

Comparison of the sizes of the Dazer II and iPhone repeller

What is the Dazer II repeller?

This device is made in the form of a small box with a special faceted shape, so it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and does not slip out. Its body is made of fairly strong plastic - it can easily withstand reasonable physical stress (for example, light impacts or falls from a small height). Inside the repeller there are: a battery compartment with a power supply, an ultrasound generator and simple electronic “stuffing”. In the “head” part of the repeller there is a speaker grille. This part should be used to point the device at an animal that is aggressive towards you.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Dazer II repeller fits perfectly in the palm of your hand

On the “front” side there is a button that activates the repeller. It is very comfortable because it can be pressed and held with one hand without any effort. In addition, to improve grip with the finger, it has special notches. (Even if your hand gets sweaty, which is not surprising in a critical situation, you can use the button without any problems.) To avoid accidental, unintentional clicks, it is slightly “recessed” into the body. Above the button there is a red LED, by the lighting of which you can determine the operability of the device: if it lights up at the moment of pressing, then everything is fine, the device is working properly and is functioning, but if it doesn’t light up, then either the battery is dead or the device itself is broken.

Repeller "Dazer II": view from the back and front

Overall, the device has excellent ergonomics, making it extremely comfortable to use.

The repeller is very easy to use!

The device in repellent mode emits ultrasound with a frequency of 24.3 kHz with a sound pressure strength of 116.5 dB (data at a distance of 1 meter), which has a depressing effect on dogs, forcing them to retreat.

In the event of a threat of attack: press the power button and point the repeller with the “head” part (where the speaker grille is located) in the direction of the dog - the device will emit ultrasound. Change the direction of the device slightly to select the most effective sector for operation, that is, the most unpleasant for the animal.

The speaker grille is located in the “head” part of the repeller

The standard reaction of a dog is to back away or run to the side. The device is most effective if the dog is facing you and is aggressive. A dog perceives ultrasound at a distance of up to 15 meters, however, the optimal exposure distance is 1-7 meters. Ultrasound does not harm the psyche and health of the dog.

With the help of "Dazer II" you can not only scare away other people's dogs, but also train your own

Dog training using ultrasound commands is very popular now. When giving a voice or sign command, press the power button of the device and hold it for 1-3 seconds. In the future, the desired action will be performed without a voice command. For example, you can call your dog on the site, even if it is far away and may not hear your voice - it will always hear the ultrasound. In addition, the device can be used to punish an animal for bad behavior and disobedience. But remember that in this case the dog will feel very unpleasant, so you should not use this method of punishment unnecessarily or too often - the animal may become “offended” by you.

Protection against dog attacks: means

Recently, there have been a lot of stray dogs, and special means of protection against dog attacks have become popular on the market. If you live in an area where there is at least one pack, be sure to buy yourself one of these self-defense products.

This is especially true for children. They are weaker and are considered easier targets for dogs. In addition, children often tease animals themselves, provoking an attack. But even if this does not happen, the child controls his emotions worse than an adult and simply cannot cope with fear. To protect children from dogs, it is better to immediately buy special products, which will be discussed in detail below.

Ultrasonic repellers

This device allows you to effectively defend yourself even from a large pack of angry dogs. Externally, the device is small and resembles a whistle, although it does not make any sounds when used (Figure 4).

Do not think that the device is defective. The fact is that ultrasound is not perceived by the human ear. Its frequency is 20 thousand Hz, while dogs are able to hear sounds up to 40 thousand Hz.

#3 Aerosol guns

These are my favorites. I separated them from gas canisters because they allow for fairly accurate “shooting” at a distance of 2-2.5 meters, which is quite enough to stop one or two dogs. Such “pistols” use special ammunition - BAM (Small-sized Aerosol Sprays).

However, as I said in the introduction, dogs rarely attack alone. Therefore, carrying a multi-charge aerosol device (I mean UDAR, UDAR-M2, Premier-4, Dobrynya, BAMer) for the sole purpose of protecting yourself from dogs is not the best idea. In this case, be the first to wear a blank BAM, which will at least somehow scare the animals.

I’m keeping quiet about Premier-2, since 2 BAMs are not enough for effective protection against dogs, but I’ll tell you about Pioneer (which can use light-sound cartridges) a little later.

Let this weapon “shoot” pepper, you need to be able to quickly draw it, aim, and quickly hit attackers or animals. It is also worth mentioning their price. A good aerosol can costs from 1500 to 4000-5000 thousand rubles. Therefore, I will put aerosol devices in 3rd place in the TOP. Let's move on!

Slowly move away, without turning your back and controlling the actions of the dogs. Do not start running until you are out of their line of sight.

I carry pepper spray with me for dogs (it also helps for people). By the way, you need to take into account that nerve gases for people often do not have an effect on dogs. I chose based on reviews and settled on a German manufacturer (Pfeffer KO). It is small, with a convenient clip for attaching to clothes or a running belt.

Spray can on the Spi Belt running belt

The size is compact, this is what it looks like in a small hand

When splashing, you need to control the direction of the wind. Then quickly jump to the side so that the attacker does not rush at you out of inertia, and get out. Disadvantage: use involves fairly close contact, i.e. It is useless to spray from it, for example, from two meters.

To be honest, I haven’t had to use the canister in 2 years, although the safety lock has already been removed, and it has been put into combat readiness more than once. The main advantage of having it: additional confidence, which increases the chances of other methods working.

Other dog repellents:

Here is an ultrasonic repeller that has good reviews.

The best remedies for stray dogs

We bring to your attention an overview of products that provide protection against dogs on the street. All information is presented based on real customer reviews, as well as manufacturers’ instructions.

Traditional methods

Since ancient times, the so-called cayenne mixture has been used as protection against dogs. It consists of finely chopped shag (you can take tobacco) and any ground pepper, preferably hot pepper, but if it is not available, any will do.

The mixture can be poured into a bottle with a neck diameter of 3-4 centimeters and a height of 7-9 centimeters. With such a container size, one movement is enough for the powder to easily get into the dog’s face. A bottle of vitamins is best suited for these purposes.

You should know that the Caine mixture cannot be used indoors.

Important. Experts recommend that you never put the container with the mixture in your trouser pocket. The best place for it is the chest pocket. When in dangerous areas, you can quickly get a bottle and use the mixture.

Another well-known remedy is citric acid. You can buy it in grocery stores, in those departments where they sell spices. Recommendations are the same as above. But the effectiveness of the cayenne mixture is much higher than citric acid.

Ultrasonic repellers

They are among the most effective means of protecting against dogs. Proven action gives reason to talk about them as devices with maximum efficiency.

The action of repellers is based on the effect of ultrasound on the hearing organs and, accordingly, on the brain in dogs. For comparison, imagine that an airplane is flying above you at low altitude.

Ultrasound causes a feeling of discomfort in animals, and they try to escape from the dangerous zone as quickly as possible. If you notice an aggressive dog, you should direct an imaginary beam from the device directly at the animal, preferably at its head. When the animal turns and runs, the beam must be directed after it.

Before purchasing a device, we recommend that you read our rating of the most effective ultrasonic dog repellers based on reviews from our readers.

In the photo one of the best sellers is the ultrasonic dog repeller.NET (price 3900 rubles)

The greatest effectiveness of the devices is observed with a range of 5-10 meters , then the effect of ultrasound is significantly reduced.

The best of the series of ultrasonic dog repellers are considered to be Grom 250, Typhoon LS-300, Dazer II.

Very important. It is strictly not recommended to test devices on friendly animals. This can cause them to become aggressive and behave inappropriately. You should also not direct the beam of the device at people - severe headaches and discomfort may occur.

Ultrasonic repellers are considered the most effective dog repellents for children. Ease of use, compactness and aesthetic design of devices that resemble a toy make it possible for children and older people to use the products.

Pepper spray

Another effective means of protecting against animals. The composition includes a mixture of peppers that cause burning in the eyes, tearing and severe coughing.

Among the disadvantages of this method of protection, the following point should be noted. You need to take the can out of the bag, remove the cap and direct the stream at the dog. You may simply not have these seconds - while you are performing these simple actions, the animal will already attack you. Pepper spray cans are not recommended for indoor use.

Anti Dog product for protection against aggressive dogs and animals

Need to know. Gas (tear) canisters designed to protect against people have practically no effect on dogs. If you decide to purchase a spray can, then the choice should be made in favor of pepper-based sprays.

Fight prevention

To avoid the possibility of an attack, you must always carefully monitor your surroundings and avoid areas where there are pack dogs. When meeting one unfamiliar dog, it is advisable to demonstrate that your paths do not cross in any way. You cannot pay obvious attention to the dog, look it straight in the eyes, or turn your whole body in its direction. The dog’s behavior must be discreetly observed with peripheral vision. The dog will not consider such a person passing by as encroaching on its territory, its place in the pack, or its prey.

In addition, dogs are excellent empaths. They really sense a person’s emotions and mood, detect the smell and concentration of adrenaline released into the blood during fear, sense other accompanying odors and use them to judge the person’s condition. Therefore, you never need to artificially “pump yourself up” with anger or become a hysterical coward in advance.

Actions to take if a dog attacks you from behind

Shampoo for dogs: professional hypoallergenic products

How to protect yourself from a dog lunging from behind:

  • If an attack cannot be avoided, then it is necessary to group, first of all, protecting the throat.
  • You can't run away from the dog.
  • Try to turn sideways to the animal, but under no circumstances look directly into its eyes;
  • If possible, try to knock the dog down with a sharp blow, aiming for the throat and chest. Also considered vulnerable places are the eyes, nose, genitals, ribs, back of the head, and tailbone.
  • Try to sit down. The dog will think that the person has shrunk, which means he has taken a fighting stance and is ready to attack. The main thing is that if she tries to stand behind you, move around, not allowing her to jump onto her back.
  • You can whine. The dog will hear a plaintive sound, which is associated with defenseless puppies, and will retreat.

Note! When defending yourself against street dogs, you need to remember that you should not make sudden movements, raise your arms above your head and wave them. You can't turn your back.

You can scare a dog away from attacking with anything that comes to hand. The main thing is that she switches to the chosen object and grabs onto it. It will act as a shield, saving you from bites by an aggressive animal.

Features of application and period of protective action

Spray Outpost Bio:

  • Apply to the coat before each walk of the animal,
  • To increase efficiency, treat the animal’s habitat.

Collar Outpost Bio:

  • continuous use provides a repellent effect for up to 12 weeks,
  • then the collar can be replaced with a new one.

Shampoo Outpost Bio:

  • after washing it creates repellent protection for 2-3 days;
  • Suitable for frequent use.

It is important to know:

For those who want to increase the degree of protection for their pet without the risk of poisoning and overdose: all products of the Avanpost Bio series can be safely combined with any insectoacaricidal agents!

More light and fire

Curious young bears often come out to people. They want to play, get a tasty bite, or just stare at the tourists. However, you shouldn’t be moved and take out your camera. Firstly, the flash can blind the animal, and out of surprise it will go on the offensive. Secondly, the mother of the cubs that have been on a spree may appear in the bright light.

The mother bear will not waste time trying to lead her cubs away from the campground. She will do whatever it takes to kill a person.

But bright light can give hunters and fishermen a run for their money. It’s good if you have with you in nature:

  • Lighting checkers. They will warn bears that a person is approaching.
  • Red flares and flare guns. Red is the color of fire and the predator’s instinct of self-preservation will work.
  • Fireplace or hunting matches. They burn longer than usual.

How to protect yourself from a dog when attacked

According to statistics, about 3.7 million people in the world are attacked by dogs every year. The reasons for the attack can be several factors, including: intrusion into the territory of a stray pack, dog fights during walks, errors in training or its complete absence. Despite the depressing statistics, almost half of the attacks occur on stray or strange dogs, and therefore you should know how to protect yourself from a dog in the event of an attack. In this article we will look at: how to avoid a collision with a dog, how dogs attack, and what devices will help you protect yourself and your family members from attacks.

How to Avoid Colliding with a Dog

  • You should not feed dogs on the street. Often this noble deed leads to disastrous consequences. Even a domestic dog can be aggressive while eating, but good behavior in stray dogs is out of the question.
  • If you see a pack of stray dogs, try not to catch their eye. It is better to wait for some time in a suitable crowded place or, for example, a store, but under no circumstances move towards the flock. Also, you should not make sharp sounds or call dogs, even if among them there is a good-natured familiar dog from the neighboring yard.
  • If you encounter a dog, do not run, as this will awaken the animal's hunting instinct. Dogs most often attack those who try to run away from them. Also, do not make sudden movements or make loud sounds. For a peaceful retreat, you should not turn your back to the dog and slowly move back, lowering your head slightly and not looking into the dog’s eyes.

How dogs attack

  1. Front. When attacking from the front, large dogs try to grab hands, so do not gesticulate when confronting the dog. Active gestures will only anger the animal even more.
  2. Behind. Dogs often catch up with their potential enemy, and then try to bite the leg, or jump higher and bite the arm. It all depends on the size of the dog. Large dogs may even try to grab you by the neck, so do not turn your back on the dog, much less run. Firstly, it is very dangerous, and secondly, you still won’t be able to escape from it. Be sure to share this information with your loved ones so that they also know what to do when faced with an aggressive animal.

How can you protect yourself from dogs?

Fortunately, today there are several effective methods of defense against stray and aggressive dogs.

  • Stun guns.

They are ideal not only for repelling dogs, but also for self-defense during a human attack. A short-term, high-power electrical impulse produces a sound that is unpleasant for dogs. Often, only a warning shock is enough, after which the dogs run away. In addition to the sound, ozone is released during the discharge, which is very unpleasant for dogs. If the attack cannot be avoided, then the dog will lose the ability to move and will be disoriented when struck by a stun gun. Models of the 1st power class are ideal for protection against dogs: Impact Pro paralyzer, Impact 2U, Verona, Oca 928 Max Effect, TW-10 with siren and Gepard-3 Power. The second option is great for those who often encounter packs of stray dogs. If you are a fan of outdoor trips, then consider the option of a stun baton. It will keep wild animals away, because the length of the device will help keep them at a distance. In addition, wild animals are shy and, most likely, will run away only after hearing the loud sound of a stun gun.

A stun gun can be used by persons over 18 years of age, and therefore it would be a good idea to purchase this device for your loved ones, especially if there are a lot of stray dogs in the city.

  • Aerosol devices.

Aerosol guns are an effective way to neutralize an aggressive animal. They are small pistols with a front sight and sometimes even a laser sight. By firing this device into the face of an attacking dog, you will neutralize it for a long time. The irritant contained in BAMs (compact cans that are used instead of bullets) causes severe lacrimation, as well as a burning sensation in the eyes and respiratory tract. The dog will be completely disoriented and will not be able to continue its aggressive actions.

In order to use aerosol devices, you do not need to have special skills, and therefore they are used by both men and women. These pistols fire at a distance of 2 to 5 meters, depending on the model. This allows you to prevent an attack by an animal, which can cause serious injury and transmit serious diseases.

  • Gas cartridges.

Everything is quite simple with them - you need to choose the can that contains hot pepper concentrate. It is designated on the packaging by the abbreviation OS. The synthetic analogue of the concentrate is designated MP. Also on the cans you can see the designation CS, which means tear gas. This substance affects dogs, but to a lesser extent than humans. In addition, it begins to act with a delay.

In order to purchase the most effective spray against dogs, study the composition. The best composition is considered to be a mixture of hot pepper concentrate and tear gas.

  • Ultrasonic dog repeller.

The device makes a loud and very unpleasant sound for dogs, causing them to scatter in different directions. It also has bright LEDs and a red laser pointer. When you turn on a bright light and a loud sound (2 ultrasonic emitters, each with a power of 130 dB), the animal finds itself in an uncomfortable zone and begins to feel fear. The small size of the device will help you carry it in your purse or pocket.

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This is a good way to quickly rid your dog of parasites. But unlike previous products, zoo shampoo does not provide a long-lasting effect. You will have to handle the animal as needed.

  • Repellent zoo shampoo "Bars" for cats and dogs.
    It is a very delicate remedy in the fight against parasites. It can be used to wash kittens and puppies, as well as pregnant and lactating pets. The drug can help get rid of fleas, lice, nits, as well as attached ticks the first time. In addition, you will notice how the wool shines beautifully from essential oils.
  • Insecticidal zoo shampoo "Lugovoy" for cats and dogs.
    This is a fairly budget option in the fight against parasites. It not only helps get rid of fleas, but also strengthens and cleanses the coat well. Your pet will smell like meadow herbs.
  • Zoo shampoo “Four with a tail”.
    Developed based on natural ingredients. The shampoo will not only help defeat parasites, but will also add a light aroma to the coat. You will notice that it becomes easier to comb your pet. And the price will pleasantly please you.
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