Composition of EDC: Classification and Selection Principles

EDS system

This system not only increases the safety of driving, but also improves the traction dynamic technical characteristics of the equipment, namely, while driving along dangerous sections of the road.

Advantages of the EDS system:

  1. Makes it easier to start the car.
  2. Lightens the load on critical components of the machine's structure during sudden acceleration.
  3. Makes it easier to move and control when climbing steep hills.
  4. Facilitates control while driving on dangerous road sections.

Operating principle of the EDS system:

The EBD (electronic control unit) system receives signals from the ABS (anti-lock braking system) sensors and receives signals from the wheel speed sensors (that is, the number of revolutions in a certain time interval). Based on the data received, the EBD system calculates the angular velocities of the driving wheels and compares them with each other. If one wheel, for example, slips, then the angular velocities of the wheels will be different. The EBD system sees this and brakes the wheel that rotates faster, thus comparing their revolutions.

When equalizing angular velocities, the wheel speed provokes a reactive torque, creating the effect of a mechanically locked differential if necessary. A wheel that has better grip on the road surface transmits more traction.

Another special feature of the EDB system is that it actively works both when moving forward and when moving backward. But when turning while reversing, the system does not work.

How to choose for yourself

Things that absolutely everyone should have. No matter who you are by profession, origin or religion:

Knife. A knife is primarily needed to cut something, create holes (not necessarily in a person). And you won’t be walking down the street with a creep every day.

Still from the movie “Rimbaud” The main character with a survival knife

Gas canister. The balloon and the knife are two brothers who will help fight off 2-4 people or take down these 2-4 people alone (if you have the courage).

In my experience, it’s better not to take SHOCK - it has practically no effect on drunks

Flashlight. It can be useful everywhere: to light your way, use it for self-defense, scare away predators or blind a bully.

An important component of any EDC

Lighter. The source of fire, and fire is known to be a source of heat. Without it, it is impossible to survive in the wild.

source of fire. Without it, survival becomes problematic

Multitool A miniature tool kit containing everything you need to survive. A multi-tool is a must-purchase.

A multitool can replace a whole set of tools

Leather belt or paracord bracelet. For those who don’t know what paracord is, I’ll tell you in a separate article. The belt can be used both as a tourniquet to tighten the wound and as a rope.

Can be used as a tourniquet, as a rope, and even as a weapon

Notepad and pen. It will be useful to make some notes and notes. It’s very convenient, you don’t have to remember unnecessary information.

A notepad is needed to write down important information.

This is interesting: How to tie a knot on a bracelet so that it can be adjusted?

EDC functions

Correct operation of Electronic Diesel Control optimizes the functioning of the engine under different loads, reduces the content of harmful substances in the exhaust and fuel consumption. The start of the power unit and the dynamic qualities of the car are improved. The toxicity of exhaust gases is worth special mention.

Environmental requirements are constantly becoming more stringent in Europe, and the new Euro 6 standard is no exception. Therefore, operating a diesel engine in the EU without an EDS is impossible.

Euro 6 is a long way off...

Signs of an EDC error

In addition to the direct indication of the EDC lamp on the instrument panel, there are other signs that indicate a malfunction in the engine management system. Among them:

  • jerks in movement, loss of traction;
  • jumping idle engine speed;
  • the machine making loud “growling” sounds;
  • the appearance of excessive amounts of black smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  • stopping the engine when sharply pressing the accelerator pedal, including at speed;
  • maximum engine speed - 3000;
  • forced shutdown of the turbine (if available).

Why you don't need an EDC kit

The popularity of EDC kits has skyrocketed recently. Whether this is due to the general paranoia that has gripped the globe or whether people have simply begun to think ahead more, I don’t know. I am sure of only one thing, that moderation is good in everything. Some people reach the point of absurdity and try to cram everything into their organizer.

Remember, no matter what happens, no matter what circumstances arise, the main thing is your ingenuity. Man was born with an amazing ability, thinking, which eventually elevated him to the top of the food chain, so keep your mind clear and all problems will find their solution.

Structured Cabling Tool

To check and restore cable systems, including for quick installation in the office, the local network administrator must have the correct crimp for twisted pair cables on hand, as well as a device for testing and testing them. First of all, we are talking about the usual LAN based on the FTP-4 cable. For example, a specialized crimper is a tool for crimping twisted pair cables, which comes with a side or end mechanism. And to check the functionality of the Ethernet network cable, you will need a separate tester. As a rule, it consists of two parts: the main module and the counter part.


Set of essentials

For any hike you need a certain set of equipment, thanks to which you can solve the problems that arise as efficiently as possible. Including for urban conditions, for example, for solving various everyday situations. If tourist kits include a huge amount of various equipment, the list of which is formed solely on the expected conditions of the trip, then for daily use a small EDC kit (from the English Every Day Cary) is quite enough.

This set is a minimal list of things that a modern person needs to solve various problems that arise in urban environments. The main advantages of such a set are its small dimensions, light weight, ease of wearing (since all the elements of such a set can be distributed in the pockets of clothes, bags, or hung in the most convenient place if you have a lanyard or carabiner) and versatility.

In modern urban conditions, it is quite useful to have such a set of things on hand due to the fact that often without such devices a person is not able to perform basic tasks such as opening a package or minor repairs, not to mention providing first aid or self-defense. Having a well-designed EDC set, you can greatly facilitate the performance of this or that task, and in the event of an extreme situation, you are guaranteed to be able to help yourself and your loved ones.

Today, the most versatile EDC kit is represented by a list of the following items:

  • documents (passport/driver's license);
  • mobile phone;
  • credit card;
  • wallet;
  • lighter/matches;
  • keychain;
  • watch;
  • knife;
  • multitool;
  • flashlight;
  • pencil pen;
  • notebook;
  • smartphone/tablet PC;
  • USB flash drive;
  • napkins/handkerchief;
  • first aid kit;
  • Sunglasses;
  • headdress;
  • rope (the ideal option would be a paracord bracelet, which, if necessary, can be untied and used for its intended purpose);
  • flask/bottle;
  • bag backpack;
  • umbrella;
  • batteries;
  • GPS receiver/mini-map (in current conditions it is still more practical to use a smartphone with a geolocation function).

It should be noted that most of the items on this list can be presented in one device. For example, a multitool can combine a knife, a flashlight and other useful tools, which, given the small dimensions of this device, allows you to significantly save space and take an order of magnitude more necessary things or simply move “light”.

You should also take into account the fact that EDC kits are purely individual and the list of daily necessary items may be influenced by the following factors:

  • territorial location;
  • features of the main occupation/work;
  • season;
  • physical training;

There are also many other factors that influence the compilation of an individual EDC set, but the ones mentioned above are the main ones.

Despite the location, climate and setting, some items remain key to every EDC kit, these are:

  • Bag backpack. This piece of equipment is designed to carry things that don’t fit in your pockets. You should select a backpack or bag according to the criteria of spaciousness, convenience, durability and, of course, based on your wishes regarding design.
  • Knife. The EDC knife is the main item in this kit, as it can be used to open a package, cut food, or simply pick something up. When choosing an EDC knife, carefully study the characteristics of the blade and the materials from which the knife is made. Also pay attention to the dimensions, because for everyday carry you don’t need a huge cleaver; a small knife with a blade 7-9 cm long will be enough.
  • Multitool This device has small dimensions and combines quite a lot of different useful tools with which you can solve most everyday problems and even make minor repairs. Also, it should be noted that this device may contain a fairly good blade, which makes it an excellent alternative to an EDC knife. But as practice shows, for the most comfortable solution of everyday tasks it is better to have both tools.
  • Flashlight. With the help of a high-quality EDC flashlight, you can illuminate the way home or signal your location if you get lost. Also, if the flashlight has a strobe mode, you can prevent attacks from animals or people.
  • Lighter or matches. Even if you don’t smoke, these items will still be of great benefit to you, since they can be used to light a fire, burn a thread, and warm your hands a little during the cold season.

Thus, all the items that are included in EDC sets are designed to make it easier for you to complete your daily tasks, no matter where you are. We hope that these recommendations will help you create your own set of everyday things and tools with which you can solve a wide variety of problems.

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