What to do if nothing is interesting and nothing interests you?

  • October 14, 2018
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Do you often complain to your friends that nothing interesting is happening in your life? Think, maybe the problem is not in others, but in you? There are many people in this world who are passionate about life and find something to keep them entertained. To give meaning to your existence, try the tips below.

Find a hobby

A person who has a favorite thing never says: “I’m not interested in anything.” It’s not a big problem for such a person to find a leisure activity. It’s only uninteresting for those people who don’t have a hobby. If you are one of these people, then you should come up with something to do for your soul. Can't decide? Think back to your childhood. What did you like to do when you were 5-10 years old? Did you want to draw, sing or ride a horse? Try to realize your long-standing desire today. There's nothing complicated about it. Today there are many schools and short courses that will teach you everything. You can become a writer, poet, artist, architect, gardener, etc. Don't be afraid to try yourself in areas in which you know nothing. You can always gain knowledge and experience. Remember that the road will be mastered by those who walk. And to achieve your cherished dream, you need to take the first step. Then in moments of leisure you will not think about how to entertain yourself. You will purposefully engage in activities that bring you pleasure.

Reasons for the lack of desire to live

Usually the desire to live disappears for the following reasons:

  • The onset of a stage at which, according to the prevailing opinion of the majority, a person should have accumulated a baggage of benefits or obligations.

By the age of twenty-five, a woman is increasingly reminded of the notorious biological clock, which is ticking inexorably, and if she has not acquired a husband and child and has not done anything for this, the pressure of the public circle can lead her to depression.

From a man to thirty, depending on his social circle and social status, he is expected to have successful career growth, to have a car and other attributes of an “established life,” and a lonely, childless bachelor of an ordinary profession may fall into depression simply because he has not achieved the heights that he himself, maybe he didn’t want to achieve it, but it seemed like he should have wanted to do it.

  • “The program is completed” is the opposite state of affairs to the above, when the individual knows that in his years he has achieved everything that he could achieve, and there is nothing more he wants.

This situation and depression against its background are typical for a circle of wealthy, successful people who have everything, have nothing else to do, and their nature demands to achieve further results, but both in the family and professional sense, everything is so successful that there is nowhere to move - the life program has been completed .

This is also typical for retirees: after leaving work, they do not know what to do with their free time, especially if the children have grown up, and the grandchildren do not require regular help and supervision, and their social circle becomes scarce.

  • “Vicious circle” is an option in which an individual develops squirrel-in-a-wheel syndrome.

Events are repeated day after day, nothing changes, there are no striking incidents that make it possible to distinguish one day from another, and a reasonable question arises: why do I exist at all? For what?

The next step comes the realization: I don’t want to live. A person usually does not know what to do in this situation, and if he or his loved ones do not realize it in time, everything can end in depression.

Read more

The world of literature is so vast that you definitely won’t have time to explore it, even if you devote all your time to studying it. So don't even try to read everything. But you can choose those books that are considered recognized masterpieces and read them. If you are looking for an answer to the question: “Nothing is interesting in life - what to do?”, try to plunge into the world of literature. Read everything you think is worthy. Even if you don’t have good literary taste now, don’t worry about it. Everything will come in time. The main thing is to start. Read as much as possible. Literature will help you get to know yourself and the people around you. By learning about the morals of people living in the last century, about their customs and preferences, you can change internally. Perhaps the book you read will give you an interesting thought, and perhaps the literature you read can radically change your worldview. Therefore, do not neglect reading, and if you have a free evening, then immerse yourself in a book and try to find in it not only something interesting, but also something useful.

Find an interesting series

What to do if you are not interested in anything? Watch the series. Today you can download many long series that will help while away your leisure time. Every person has moments when they don’t want to do anything and don’t want to go anywhere. If this is the period in your life right now, then find a series that interests you and watch it. To spend time not only having fun, but also usefully, it is advisable to watch those films that are considered recognized masterpieces. Of course, you can find a pearl among little-known TV series, but it’s still more difficult to find it there. So, don't make things difficult for yourself and watch some of what are considered classics.

Attend recreational events

Are you sad and lonely? Then go to some social event. You can choose the entertainment that you like best. For example, if you like art, then go to the opening of a new exhibition. If you are interested in new technologies, visit a robot exhibition. Do you love animals? Go to the zoo. Well, what to do if nothing is interesting? Then visit an amusement park. In a crowded place where there is always a festive atmosphere, it will be easy for you to get a charge of positive energy. Have fun with those around you. Ride on those attractions that you never dared to even look at before. This kind of exit from your comfort zone will help you rethink your values ​​and understand that making your leisure time interesting and varied is very simple.

Expand your circle of acquaintances

Are you sad because nothing is interesting in life? You need to unwind, and you should do this in the company of friends. If you are bored and no one you know wants or can cheer you up, then look for those people who can cheer you up. Go to the park and find new friends. If you are embarrassed to meet people on the street, you can find a club based on your interests and look for friends there. Well, if you still can’t find something you like, but want to talk to someone, then social networks will help you with this. You can find new friends in any group in your city. Moreover, you can communicate with such people both online and invite them to meet in person.

Don't have time for online dating? Then you can start conversations with people at work or on public transport. Among these people you will find those with whom you will subsequently be able to have a pleasant time.

Unsatisfactory personal life - what to do next

Another common situation is the realization of the fact that your personal life has not worked out.

The realization may be sudden or gradual, but in any case, the idea “I will never find a loved one with whom I will build a family or relationship” begins to dominate everyone else.

You can be a professional of the highest level, a great friend with a huge social circle, but an empty apartment, everyday joys that you have no one to share with - all this can drive even the most self-confident person to depression.

Someone solves the problem by changing gentlemen or ladies like gloves in a vain attempt to find that same happiness in life, someone decides to live out their life alone, someone stands at a crossroads, asking: “I don’t want to live, what should I do? »

In this case, the best way to change the whole situation and make life interesting is:

  • expand your social circle, which for many is limited to work colleagues and regular friends;
  • get a pet - this will automatically open up a new world for you, in which there will be owners of other animals, you can communicate with them, exchange experiences;
  • look for an exciting activity outside the walls of the office and at home: sports, floriculture, hobbies, everything that involves communicating with lovers of the same type of activity. This will not only expand your social circle, but also increase interest in life, develop a desire to learn something new, give you small but important goals, or even some kind of global dream for your whole life.

Change your job

When a person begins to notice that there is nothing interesting in his life, then the person needs to think about his work. A person spends most of his life earning money for his comfortable existence. Are you satisfied with the field of activity in which you are engaged? No? Then why don't you change your job. Over time, people change, and it is quite obvious that their interests also undergo changes. It is not surprising that a person who applied for a job 20 years ago has lost interest in it today. Don't be afraid to change your professional field. Be afraid to spend the rest of your life in a job that doesn't bring you any satisfaction.

When you're looking for your dream job, consider making your hobby your job. Agree, it's nice to spend most of your day developing your knowledge and skills in an area that interests you.

How to help a person who has lost interest in life

If suicidal thoughts are visiting a person close to you, it is your duty to help him overcome the psychological crisis. I have prepared recommendations on how to act in this situation.

  1. First you need to find out the reason and make a plan for what to do next. Gently ask the person why he is so depressed and upset, maybe you can help him solve the problem. Even if the situation seems hopeless, when a person has cancer, for example, you can significantly improve his condition - find good doctors, collect information, organize treatment.
  2. Being in despair, a person may lose motivation to take care of himself. You must temporarily become a motivator for him, who will show him the right path like a beacon. Encourage him, engage him in some interesting activities, inspire him. Good mood and love for life are contagious.
  3. In difficult moments, it is very important for a person to speak out; be prepared to listen to him at any time of the day or night.
  4. Sometimes mental suffering can seriously affect your health - loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and failure to cope with excitement and anxiety. If you see that a person is not struggling with the situation and his condition is worsening every day, you need to insist on a visit to a psychotherapist.

Watch a video on this topic.

Travel more

When does a person live? When he learns something new and does something unusual or familiar but loved. New impressions and emotions can be gained if you travel more. You won’t be able to discover anything interesting while sitting at home. It is clear that you will be able to read about something, or watch something. But the visual picture that you draw in your imagination or see on the TV screen will be different from the one that you can see with your own eyes. When traveling, a person always changes. He reconsiders his views on the usual way of things; what he liked before, he may begin to consider stupid. It's always nice to change and see how people build their lives in other countries around the world. Therefore, if you are bored and don’t want to do anything, take a vacation and go on vacation to another country.

Requests for help Write your story Hello! My life is gray and boring for me. Any turn of events in the course of life seems boring to me. Any activity is uninteresting for me, I don’t want to do anything. There are no ambitions in life and I don’t want to have any. In general, I have plans for my life, but even if I implement them, then what? Even if I do something else, then what? Even if I don’t implement it, then what? Who cares? What's the point of it all? Just do something and be happy about it? Enjoy life? Why do I need this? I don't understand. I will live and enjoy life, but I can grieve, why all this? I don't want either one or the other. I don’t see myself in any field, in any relationship or in any endeavor. Any path does not bring me any delight. I can try anything in this life, I know, but I also know that sooner or later I will get tired of it. I'll get bored. I don’t know what to do with this. Only one question remains: why was all this? Oh, yes, some experience has appeared, yeah. To hell with this experience, I don’t really care whether it happens or not. I’m really not interested in living, I don’t know what to do with this, except maybe die, but there is still hope for something good. I won’t lie and say that I want to live, but I don’t want to live the way I am now, I want to have a mountain of interests, I want to do something useful and just love something. I would really like to hear from you how I can resolve all this and how to show interest in life, since I cannot continue to live like this, but please do not write about God, parents and suicide as a sin, because these three concepts won't solve my problems. Anyway. Support the site:

Olesya, age: 202 / 07/09/2015


Hello! Olesya, you should take a little break from yourself and your thoughts, look at how others live, and provide help to those who need it. Visit orphanages and see how the children will simply enjoy sweets, attention, and your smile. Go to hospitals with seriously ill and terminally ill people, bring juices and fruits, support them with a kind word, and look into their eyes, they will have a great desire to live, because for patients the main thing is recovery, the opportunity to meet the dawn every day, you think they are not burdened by the monotony hospital walls... Olesya, you don’t know why you need to live, but each person has his own destiny, his own goals. If you don’t want to do something for yourself and your future, do it for others.

Irina, age: 27 / 07/09/2015

Olesya, perhaps the state of boredom is associated with a consumerist attitude towards life - give me more impressions, delight, etc.. If you put your soul into something, then it will not be uninteresting. Try to give more. Remove concerns about yourself, your perceptions and attitudes. Think more often about others, do something for them, you are still bored, but for others it is help and joy. Perhaps fears, concerns and pain are hiding behind your boredom, you need to figure it out. Perhaps boredom is covering up your protest and rejection. In any case, what you wrote about is your INTEREST. You are wondering how to get rid of boredom and how to start living differently, good luck with this!

Taciturn, age: 48 / 07/11/2015

Hello, Olesya! Many people ask the question about the meaning of life. But understand, all the same, the path that you are destined to take on Earth will not be taken by anyone else. You won't be able to cut it off. Therefore, even through strength and laziness, we must search. Think about some possible things for yourself or interests. At first it may be something minor. A small goal that you want to achieve. Then another one. Achieve everything step by step. Every time I ask myself the question: am I really interested in this? Did I do the right thing in that situation? If you don’t think so and you understand that you did it in vain, change. Don't be afraid to try something new. The main thing is to regain interest in something. Help others or learn something new for yourself. Think about culture, creativity, sports, travel. In fact, it’s full of interesting and unknown things. Many people, at some stage in their lives, leave the hobbies they had before and begin to live completely differently. They change their habits, the places they visit, their daily routine. Moreover, they begin to do things that they didn’t know at all before, that they didn’t think about. You, too, probably just don’t know a lot or know little. Think about it. But even if you don’t want to do anything, learn something, then just try to enjoy the opportunity to sit at home and be alone. Why not? You live, that's the main thing. After a while, why not find a new challenge and take it on? Leave bad thoughts. Good luck!

Mikhail, age: 27 / 07/12/2015

Reading Chekhov, I was offended by the fact that quite young, mature, healthy characters with no financial problems were tormented by boredom. And I nodded my head, well, yes, it’s really boring, after all, this is the end of the 19th century, no phones, no Internet, even reading the book you want is a big problem, life without special events and impressions is, of course, boring. But now it’s a different matter, take at least the Internet with its communication capabilities, forums, libraries, watching any movie, programs, discussions on thematic forums, searching for any music, artists, various radio stations, TV channels, and ALL this at a time convenient for you and place, when interest and desire arose, etc.. Now in the 21st century, in my opinion, there is simply no loophole for boredom, boredom remained in the distant 19th century, and suddenly, Olesya, you surprised me with your letter. And I realized that not everything is as simple as I thought. What could be behind your boredom? Everything seems meaningless to you, like what difference does it make, the question sounds rhetorical: why do I need this. The difference is that it will be in your life, and not on the TV screen. This is your life, which you look at as if distantly and from above. You make speculative conclusions, but try to LIVE, FEEL. You argue about what an unprecedented fruit tastes like instead of trying it. Do you see the difference between inference and reality? those. You live little in reality, but more “in your head.” In life you have to make an effort, work, invest a piece of your soul, give love, warmth, share your emotions. Maybe you're lazy? Try it, life will sparkle with colors. It also seems to me that your position is a psychological defense. Firstly, from the pressure of external demands and norms, accepted stereotypes of how one should live. It sounds like you don't want this and that. That's right, your task is to understand what you personally want, what your soul strives for! And build your life in accordance. Secondly, protection from pain, from disappointment. Self-doubt, which is difficult to admit to yourself, can be disguised as boredom and lack of desire. You need to understand that this is your life, your interest, not someone else’s, but your life. Accept your every tiniest little interest in something. And then other interests and tastes for life will appear, allow yourself that. If you are used to criticizing yourself, constantly making excessive demands on yourself, then you should give up this attitude. If you work hard, without counting your efforts, life will definitely show its colors and taste. It is worth giving more, and then life will show colors. If you strive for something real, then you will definitely succeed! Keep in the right direction! I wanted to help, good luck!

Taciturn, age: 48 / 07/12/2015

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Write a life plan

Does existence seem meaningless to you? Nothing interesting is happening in life? If you don't change the situation, then the situation itself won't change either. So start reshaping your life. Think about what you would like to achieve? Don't have any goals? Think about what you wanted to become as a child. Don't be afraid to make your childhood dreams come true. Write a detailed plan of what you ever wanted to achieve. If you have absolutely no thoughts on this matter, then write yourself an epitaph. And when you write it, you will be able to understand exactly what you would like to achieve by the time your life ends. Develop a detailed life plan and begin to put it into reality. This way you can make your everyday life richer and brighter.

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