How to live on if you have no strength and don’t want anything - detailed instructions

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I don't want anything. Just sleep. Weakness, and I gave up long ago. Constant thoughts in the head or a complete vacuum. What good am I in this world if I can’t even do anything with myself? Anyone who is familiar with the state of hopelessness, when there is absolutely no strength to live, will understand.

It's difficult to explain why it's bad. I want to get out of this quagmire by any means. Or end it all, I don’t have the strength to suffer...

Sleep saves you, you forget there from problems and pain. You're lucky if you don't have insomnia. And in the morning... it’s unbearably difficult to drag yourself out of bed. You live as if you are serving a sentence in this body. For what?..

How to find the strength to live on?

Lack of vitality is called apathy

. It is manifested by a lack of interest in life and the desire to exist further. Psychologists recommend several methods of treating this symptom:

  • You need to take paper and write on it everything that is happening in your soul. Next, you need to hide or burn your note. If such an idea seems stupid, then you can speak out about everything to a stranger. After this action, slight relief should occur;
  • Isolate yourself with nature, take a break from the bustle of the city. Go to the forest, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds singing. Such relaxation will restore vitality;
  • Psychologists say: in order to get rid of negativity, you cannot keep your emotions inside yourself. If you want to cry, you need to cry, you want to scream, you need to shout out, and so on.

If you cannot overcome the problem at home, then you need to contact a specialist.

Finding the meaning of life

The first thing a person who finds himself in a difficult situation needs to do is say to himself: “Enough!” As you know, “thoughts have a habit of materializing.” If you think only about the negative, then you will soon attract new troubles into your life, and, conversely, if you dream about the positive, then sooner or later your life will be filled with new pleasant impressions.

When you lose a loved one, for example, after the death of your mother, to whom you had a strong attachment, it is difficult to free yourself from oppressive thoughts.

But you shouldn’t wallow in grief for too long. It is more correct to think that her soul is soaring in the sky and watching over you. By thinking this way, you will gain new meaning in life. You will try to do everything to please and even surprise your soul mate. The story is similar in the case of another “loss” - loss of trust in a spouse after the betrayal of a husband or wife.

If you constantly suffer because of this, if you withdraw into yourself, then this will not lead to anything good. And if you consider this as a challenge, and having accepted it, take action, then instead of apathy you will acquire a new meaning in life - to prove to your spouse how unfair he was by betraying you. After all, you are much better than the one with whom you were cheated on.

Women who choose this path begin to take better care of themselves, always look well-groomed, are more interesting and spend their free time profitably. Having noticed such changes, the spouses are again drawn to them, and sometimes they try to win their favor once again.

Bottom line

There is a way out of every situation - you need to remember this and not become limp, act and not give up, seek and find the meaning of life. If you lose a loved one, you need to remember that they can’t be brought back, but your life goes on!

How to find the strength to live?

Apathy is a feeling that does not notice time. It can begin to torment a person from the very morning. He will wake up and be too lazy to go to work or do household chores; despite the early hour, he will feel slightly tired. How to find the strength to continue existing? Need to recharge your body

, and you can do this in three ways:

  • Proper nutrition
    is an excellent “battery” for the body. Studies have shown that a person who eats only healthy foods feels more energetic and less stressed. People who eat conservative, fatty and unhealthy foods always feel tired due to the heavy load on the body;
  • Citrus
    gives vigor, improves well-being and energizes you for the day. This is much better and healthier than drinking a glass of coffee. If you are allergic to citrus, you can enjoy its aroma: add orange essential oil to your shower gel or perfume;
  • Another source of energy is sports
    . Light morning exercises will allow you to wake up faster and gain strength for the whole day. If it doesn't bring you pleasure, then just turn on your favorite songs and dance, even if you don't know how to do it.

Follow these simple rules every day, in addition, work on yourself: try to suppress depression, look for positive aspects in every situation, create new goals for yourself in life.

Chronic viral infection

Only some viruses, once they enter the body, immediately begin to multiply, which causes a response from the immune system. Other varieties may not be recognized by white blood cells as foreign. These viruses will be in the body under the control of the immune system, which will prevent their excessive reproduction.

Now imagine that you are tired, your nerves are on edge, and you also got your feet wet on the way home. What will happen in the body? Immunity falls, and viruses that have entered the body a long time ago begin to multiply rapidly, causing an attack of prolonged general weakness and “incomprehensible” malaise. What to do? There is only one way out: you need to go to the doctor, be sure to get tested and undergo an examination - this will allow you to assess the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood. For successful therapy, it will be important to determine why the immune system failed. Methods for eliminating the causes will differ depending on whether chronic stress is to blame or a concomitant illness.

Several main causes of fatigue and depression

Before you fight a disease, you need to know its root cause. Fatigue may appear due to:

  1. With constant stress and depression.
    First, the brain cells suffer from this, then the entire body as a whole. A person completely loses the feeling of joy, he can remain motionless for several hours and not leave the room for several days. Only a psychologist with extensive experience or medication treatment can help in such a situation;
  2. With vitamin deficiency.
    Fatigue may also occur due to a lack of B vitamins, folic acid and hemoglobin. First, a feeling of fatigue appears, then anemia develops, and as a result, the body begins to work at half capacity;
  3. With diets.
    A person who is losing weight limits their intake of glucose, which causes the cells to be in a state of weakness. Fatigue appears to a greater extent after mono-diets and fasting days;
  4. With heavy physical activity.
    Intense sports activities lead to fatigue;
  5. With heavy mental load.
    Often students are in a state of stress and depression for a long time after the session.

In addition to the five main reasons, fatigue can also be associated with taking medications

, some of them put a lot of stress on the body.

Rule out the disease

Everything mentioned above should be taken into account when diseases are excluded. But they primarily cause a decline in vital energy. What to do if you don't feel well? It is acceptable to deal with such symptoms on your own for approximately 10-14 days. If weakness, drowsiness and apathy do not go away, then you need to go to a therapist. The specialist should give a referral for a detailed blood test, urine test, and offer to take an x-ray of the lungs.

Based on this, further examination is already prescribed. You will need consultations with specialists - a neurologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, hematologist (doctor for blood diseases), immunologist (deals with problems with the immune system), psychiatrist (treats depression). By the way, any drug prescribed by a doctor can cause weakness and drowsiness during use. This should be discussed with your doctor.

What can happen if depression is left untreated?

As already mentioned: stress, depression, lack of vitality are not temporary problems, they are a disruption of the body’s functioning. This disease must be cured as soon as possible, otherwise it may worsen.

There are several negative aspects that depression can lead to:

  • The cells will no longer be filled with oxygen, resulting in anemia;
  • The person will withdraw into himself, stop communicating with friends, relatives, and going to work;
  • The meaning of life, purpose and strength for further existence disappears;

Depression affects both the psychological and physical aspects of a person. In 3% of cases, prolonged stress leads to suicide.

Emotional stress

Difficult situations in life cannot be avoided. If you get a divorce, worry about a sick relative, or move, your body is under serious stress. Emotional overstrain is unpleasant because it leads to a period of prolonged weakness, apathy and despondency. And this, in turn, can lead to the development of psychosomatic diseases. And we never know in advance which organ will be the weakest. The joints will fail, an ulcer will form in the stomach - it doesn’t matter, but the problem will not go unnoticed. Therefore, conflicts must be resolved immediately and irrevocably. Even if this leads to new problems, they will cause a different reaction and will not hit the patient.

Is it possible to get rid of fatigue with medications?

There are several ways to cure chronic fatigue


  • Medicines containing Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract. They improve brain function, calm and normalize sleep. It is recommended to take them to improve the condition of neural connections;
  • General restoration of strength is provided by unsaturated Omega-3 acid. It affects the entire body;
  • If you have a feeling of irritation and anxiety, then the drug “Tenoten” or motherwort tincture will help relieve it.

Each of the above medications must be taken three times a day. It is not recommended to take the medicine at night.

Iron deficiency

This is how one can characterize a common disease called anemia. In this case, the blood carries little oxygen, and as a result, the person feels tired and has no vital energy. What to do in this case? Of course, you need to undergo a course of treatment. But usually it is the effect that is treated, not the cause. The purpose of such courses is to improve blood test results. But after some time they can become the same again.

Diet is also important. Women who severely limit themselves in food suffer from iron deficiency. Vegetarians have a lack of B vitamins. But they are necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin. That is, proper nutrition also plays an important role. Your diet should always include meat, milk, butter, cheese and fruit. Good nutrition is the key to activity and longevity.

What to do to prevent depression from appearing?

Depression and fatigue are unpleasant conditions. No person would want to encounter him. You can prevent its occurrence by leading a healthy lifestyle:

  • Do not overload your body: alternate rest and work;
  • Get enough sleep, sleep at least seven hours a day, this is enough to restore vitality;
  • Give up bad habits: drinking coffee, alcohol and nicotine. They contain harmful substances that reduce the body's energy reserves;
  • Do only those things that bring you pleasure. Don't force yourself to do something you don't like;
  • Communicate only with pleasant and positive people.

Have you been tormented for an indefinite time by the question of how to live on if you have no strength? Don't know how to deal with this problem yourself? Do not hesitate to ask a specialist for help; this is a fairly common illness; if it is not cured in time, you can cause irreparable harm to your body.


If you are oppressed by thoughts about the end of life, your worthlessness, insolvency, uselessness, remind yourself that you exist and you have a specific mission. Otherwise you wouldn't exist in the first place. And problems can be solved. Not always right away, not always the way we would like, but YOU CAN DECIDE! There is a great saying: “Even if you are eaten, you have two options!” So, what to do if you don’t want to live?

Believe in your story

You are unique! At 15, 20, 30, 40 years old, you already have your own baggage of experience and stories that make up you, your individuality. At a minimum, you have your own name, surname, place of residence, character, personality, history. Realizing this, believing in your story, you are already starting to fight for your future, your full life! You reboot, continuing to live and conquering new heights!

Break the vicious circle!

Thoughts about the end of life can arise not only in adulthood. I would say, not so much as an adult, but as a teenager. It can be difficult for a teenager to adapt, since this is an age when many of them do not know what they want, where to go, and what they need. That's why such thoughts arise.

But try to imagine yourself as the captain of a ship, where the ship is your life. Wherever you turn, that’s where it will float. Don’t swim in circles in the ocean, break the vicious circle of problems and try to look at them from the outside, from above.

Look for communication

Depression leads a person to complete loneliness. Left alone with yourself in this state, you plunge into dark thoughts that only aggravate this state. Do you know the famous saying: “The salvation of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves”? So, with apathy and the desire to completely isolate yourself from everyone, if you don’t pull yourself together, it will only get worse...

Make it a rule to be in communication with any person or group of people 2 times a week. For example, go to your relatives, go to the park and talk to someone, call an old friend.

Look at people with problems

When you feel bad, try to think about others who have it worse. For example, after a divorce did you become overwhelmed by apathy? Think about those who don't even have a roof over their heads. Are you tired after a working week? Think about those who have been unable to find work and feed their children for a month now.

In our city, we organized a “Marathon of Good” - a fundraiser for children with cancer, where everyone can simply give money, take part in a lottery, or make something that will be sold at the fair. I know that in many cities helping sick children is important. When you feel lonely, go to such fairs or directly to the hospital with such patients. You will reconsider your attitude towards life...

Engage in self-development

Or any other useful activity. For example, start renovating your room, go somewhere you’ve been dreaming of going for a long time, attend a personal growth training, or just read motivating, developmental books. This will help you tune in to the best, and also teach you how to manage your emotions.

Play some sports

Physical activity in moderation has never harmed anyone. Physiologically, improved mood after exercise is due to blood flow to the brain, stimulation of activity throughout the body, and improved lymph flow, which helps get rid of toxins, waste and infection. All this garbage in our body, by the way, can also be the cause of apathy.

Try to devote 10 minutes to exercise every morning. Then, when you get used to this time, complicate the exercises and increase the training time. Improving your figure is a nice bonus to motivate you to live successfully.

Head over heels

I once read about a man who had only a couple of days to live due to illness. So when he found out about this, he began to live in a way he had never tried before. I tried to visit different places, tried delicacies from different countries, talked with all my friends, acquaintances, and enemies.

One of the ways to force yourself to live and breathe deeply is this method. Try to live as if you have nothing to lose and only a little time left to live. By the way, as an example of this, watch the film “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” There, although in an embellished form, it shows what to do when everything is bad.

Stop to take a breath

Sometimes problems become so overwhelming that you don’t even have the energy to talk about them. At this moment, the only right decision for you would be to delegate some of your powers to someone close, and stop yourself. Stop, take a break, try not to do anything. This will help put your brain in order, find harmony with yourself, and find new solutions to the problem.

But there are situations when you’re at least stuck in a loop: your husband left and your wife is expecting a child, you want to forget yourself, but you have children and you can’t leave them, the feeling that no one needs you, a difficult divorce, your business partner “dumped you,” your very best friend abandoned you. a loved one, without whom life is not life. In this case, advice like “stop”, “sip some tea”, “smile in the mirror” will not work.

These are deep-seated experiences that need to be thoroughly processed. Self-help will not help here; you need the help of an experienced specialist: a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes even antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications are necessary. Then the issues of finding the meaning of life are resolved, because the person has lost it. Get ready for long and open work to find yourself.

According to Orthodoxy

Christianity, in particular Orthodoxy, copes well with the question of finding the meaning of life. Believers know that God created man and had a good relationship with him, but then the tempting serpent came and made the first people sin; from that time on, the relationship between God and man became different. But Christ, by his death on the cross, restored them, since he took upon himself all their sins.

Christianity finds its answer: spiritual emptiness, loss of meaning in life, the desire to end a difficult life - the result of the loss of relationships with the Almighty. Why do many people become monks? Why, after praying with a candle in front of the altar, does a person believe that everything will be fine? Some kind of peace appears after this.

It’s up to you to decide which way to help yourself. But if you can't cope, don't isolate yourself in your problem. Try all of the above, but drive away thoughts of suicide far and long! They won't do you any good.

Lack of attention

It often happens that a person has a family, children, a bunch of relatives, but he feels lonely and useless to anyone. In such a situation, you may have a desire to die so that “they” understand how bad it is without you. With your reckless action you will only achieve that you will be buried.

If your household doesn't notice you, try to find an interesting hobby. Don’t expect your loved ones to immediately rush to help you. You can choose any activity, from stamp collecting to rafting. The main thing is that it captivates you. Your activity will definitely give you many pleasant moments and new friends. If your hobby begins to generate income, your status in the eyes of your loved ones will immediately rise.

Useful examples

There are dozens of stories on various information resources that make you live. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who, without both legs, consider themselves happy, get married, give birth to children, and even become champions in sports competitions. Take an example from these people.

Perhaps some of you will be inspired by the story of Lviv resident Roksolana Dzioba-Balayan. At the age of 17, she was hit by a train and lost both legs. However, Roksolana does not lose heart. She married twice and gave birth to two children. In addition, she is an Olympic champion in archery (in the Paralympics).

Another unique woman is Annette Gabbedi from Great Britain. Without any hands, she became one of the most famous jewelers.

You can’t ignore the handsome young man Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs. Fate gave him only a fragment of a foot. One day, in despair, Nick tried to drown himself, but he took pity on his mom and dad. I stayed alive for them. He managed to get a higher education, learned to walk, swim, and work on a computer. He is now married and has two children. Nick comes from a simple working-class family. He has no rich relatives who left him an inheritance. Inexplicably, this unique man managed to become a millionaire. At the same time, he achieved everything himself.

Where to find a new incentive, a new dream, new motivation for your own life


Learn to follow an important rule - turn your dreams into goals, the fulfillment of which is given a certain period of time. Surely, as a child, you dreamed of many things, planning that you would realize all this “as soon as you grow up.” How many of these dreams have come true? It looks like you have reached a time when your life simply needs changes! Remember where you dreamed of going, what purchase you planned, and so on. Now all these are your plans for the near future. Write a wish list and start making it a reality.


How to motivate yourself to make any changes or implement plans. Clearly imagine what your life will be like when you do what you want, but what you don’t have the strength or determination to do. Think in detail about how much you need it and what it can give you. Still can't motivate yourself? Perhaps, in fact, you no longer need what you once dreamed of and that is why your motivation is so weak? Review your list of dreams and determine what you really want from life in the future.

Leave fear behind.

The fear of condemnation, pain, criticism and the like will separate us from many accomplishments and changes. Your fears are what are stopping you from living a good life. If you want to achieve truly high goals, you will have to understand that failure in this case is a natural phenomenon.

If you are afraid of something on the way to what you want, then analyze the situation well. Accept that your fears may not be unfounded, and you will indeed have to go through some unpleasant moments, but they are the ones that separate you from what you really need! And when you receive this, then all the inconvenient or difficult situations accompanying this achievement will become small and insignificant for you. Give your dream a chance to come true!

Death of loved ones

When a loved one dies, it is always painful. Some people cannot come to terms with the loss. The death of a child is especially difficult to bear. How to force yourself to live if such a misfortune happens? If your house became empty? What if the world suddenly stopped? Many are in a hurry to leave this life in order to connect with dear people somewhere.

Take your time, look around. Believe me, in your city there are dozens of living beings who need you.

Many psychologists advise doing charity work. You can start helping sick or abandoned children, visiting them in a hospital or orphanage, bringing them toys and books, communicating with them. You can also organize a fund to help children. Name it after your deceased loved one. You can say that it will live on in the happy smiles and grateful looks of the people you saved.

You can start helping homeless animals, because it is extremely difficult for them. They really need care and supervision. If you have someone in your life that you start caring about, it will be much easier for you to cope with the loss.

You can do anything, the main thing is not to be alone, find something to do that will cover your pain.

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