How to enjoy life - step-by-step instructions from a healer

A person puts something of his own into the concept of “happiness”. Everyone decides for themselves how to react to a given situation. You can learn the skills to enjoy life regardless of external circumstances and enjoy every moment of it. Mastering these practices will help make the feeling of joy and satisfaction permanent.

Pleasure in human life is the basis of everything

In this article you will learn:

We now live in times of severe turbulence. When we are literally “trained” at an accelerated pace to shift our attention from past paradigms and fixate ourselves on a new reality, to enjoy life .

Yes, the allotted time for slowly “swinging” and imposingly guiding yourself millimeter by millimeter into the projection of new vibrations has already passed. Now the investigative and time processes have been accelerated significantly. Compared even to the reality of a year or six months ago. What can we say about the life we ​​lived three to five years ago.

The dimension has changed. From a rigid three-dimensional reality, which presupposes the foundations of cause and effect fixed over millennia, we have stepped into the fourth and, in part, even the fifth dimension. Where new spatial quantities - Time and Love - dictate their conditions. They open up not only for scientists, but also for everyone living on earth, a reality whose details are difficult to imagine even for science fiction writers.

Right now, before our eyes, the acceleration of cause-and-effect relationships is unfolding, when, it would seem, I just thought, did, experienced some vivid sensations and already received a real response in the surrounding reality. Be it a mention, a response, or even a specific result. Many who are not yet sufficiently aware continue to be surprised by the increasing frequency of coincidences or things that are inexplicable from the point of view of their understanding of life.

It's time to sleep

You've done your job, go for a walk, or rather, you can sleep. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? There is no need to immediately turn away from your partner after sex and start snoring. Lie down and talk a little. Have some tea. And then, as practice shows, in many cases it can be repeated, especially since both partners often want this.

This is how, by following just a few simple rules, you can achieve perfect sex that will bring pleasure to both partners and bring new passion and sensations to your relationship.

Joy and lightness are the essence of life

Those who have already taken the path of raising their own vibrations intuitively feel the need to be, to sound in unison with the Planet. The “Ecumenical Government” has changed. From now on, the vitality for any action and achievement of results is not obtained from struggle and overcoming oneself in difficult conditions. And from the amount of lightness, joy and permission that a person has learned to generate with his own thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitude towards certain things and life in general.

It is important to understand that “feeding” energy from the “socket” of struggle, overcoming and the survival position in general, when “in happiness through pain”, no longer works. There's no energy there. This means that acting out of habit, gritting your teeth, feeling heaviness and mental discomfort in the hope of a “bright future at the end of the tunnel” means, firstly, draining your life force into the airlock.

Secondly, with your emotions and thoughts you can multiply similar destructiveness in your future reality.

And thirdly, to pump out life-giving energy from the future desired event, for the sake of which all these overcomings are done. As a result, why be surprised at the incomprehensible and offensive tastelessness that sets in when the result seems to have been achieved, but the feeling is “as if someone had already eaten this candy before you...”

Why do we feel bad when everything seems to be fine?

It turns out that the pleasure principle does not work? Works. But in a different way. First, let's figure out what relaxation is and what pleasure is.

Rest is the restoration of strength after WORK. Any muscle in the human body functions according to the tension-relaxation principle. If a muscle is not strained for a long time, it will atrophy. Lying on the couch after a hard day is pleasant. But lying on the couch for days is a bad sign. Walking around the shops and window shopping is a good way to relax for many women. But wandering around stores for days on end is already a diagnosis.

The eternally resting-traveling-relaxing person becomes just as unbearably bored and insipid as the eternally living Immortal, who, in order to feel the taste of life, is ready to give up this immortality.

The purpose of life is to enjoy it, but what if it doesn’t exist?

As a result, many of those who have not yet gotten along with the new speeds are faced with such a strange state in themselves when they feel something akin to apathy and lack of pleasure from life. That is, ask such a person what he wants, and he will fall into a sad stupor. Because he understands that he doesn’t want anything at all.

Meanwhile, this is a rather dangerous state, because our desires turn the wheel of life itself. It is they who make the rotor of energies rotate, aimed at obtaining energy and experience here. The absence of desires signals that the Soul has nothing more to do here in its earthly incarnation. And it’s time for her to return to the Light and the Source.

This is exactly the state experienced by a very elderly person who has lived a long life and is ready to leave for the subtle world; the colors fade, desires fade away, the body and Soul are preparing for the transition. But in our reality, a huge number of middle-aged people, and even even young ones, face this feeling. And, yes, in cases of advanced depression, lack of energy and a banal desire to live, the Soul chooses a combination of circumstances through which it goes to the subtle plane. Since there is no more development for her here.

But so as not to needlessly frighten anyone, let’s say that the examples given are truly critical cases. In all other situations, the process is completely reversible. The main thing is to realize why everything doesn’t get bogged down. Because cause and effect, as you have already learned, operate at much higher speeds these days.

Eat beforehand

Before sex, it is better to avoid heavy foods and dishes with a very strong and pungent odor. Moreover, this applies even to couples who have been together for quite a long time.

Don’t forget that after such a feast you will have quite serious physical activity. Well, with spicy food that has unpleasant odors, there is no need to explain anything at all, everything is already clear.

I stopped enjoying life, what is the reason?

So what is the reason for the loss of pleasure from life and getting stuck in gray colors? In not allowing. Man has not yet adjusted sufficiently to the new reality. I didn’t realize that the “power” now comes from a completely different “socket”. To connect to which, you need to relax, feel joy, gratitude and acceptance of life in all its manifestations.

Yes, it takes some time to “reformat” ourselves, but everything around us is directed for our good. And as soon as extreme fatigue from the state of struggle appears and the blissful state of “I give up” in the light of new vibrations appears, the Forces of Light will certainly and immediately envelop you with new opportunities and provide the necessary information in exactly the form that will have the best “assimilation.”

But until this happens, a person tries over and over again to “recharge” where there is no more energy. Thus, de-energizing yourself and not understanding the reasons for this. While he is “burned” by a series of failures and similar events, which actually make him understand with all his might that he is going in the wrong direction. He gets the feeling that everything is in vain, nothing works, everything is getting worse and worse. Dreams are smoke, and what you want is unrealistic.

It is precisely the state of apathy called “I don’t want anything” that has rolled in and settled in a dense viscous fog and snatches the true cause. It lies in the fact that a person suddenly believes that he is not worthy. That nothing comes of it, that everything is in vain. There is no pleasure in life. That there is only darkness and the absence of good paths ahead. This is not allowing yourself to dream and desire from now on, because “why? Nothing will happen anyway..."

Control your breathing

It is important for any man that a woman enjoys intercourse. This increases his self-confidence. This is why many girls who cannot experience an orgasm simply prefer to fake it. However, it is much easier to solve a problem than to try to hide it. For example, in some cases, a beauty cannot achieve pleasure only because her blood is not supplied with sufficient oxygen.

For optimal muscle contractions, a girl must learn to breathe correctly. It is important to inhale the air deeply and exhale as slowly as possible. Also, you should not hold your breath at the moment of orgasm itself, as this can interrupt the process, resulting in incomplete pleasure. So don't be afraid to breathe properly. Most men are delighted when they hear the languid sighs or even moans of a beauty.

Life is not fun, how can you bring joy back?

What to do? How to regain your joy and pleasure from life ? Well, based on the above, it’s trite to “change the outlet.” The natural state of any person, which has been inherent in him from the beginning of time. But now it is activated to the utmost, this is to be in a state of joy and lightness. Constantly, always.

But, you say, how can you be at ease and joyful if life twists you into such a tight knot every day that you can’t breathe? And the goal is just to take a breath of air, and not at all with ease and joy. There are two things to understand here. Your reality today is a consequence of the beliefs, thoughts and emotions you experienced yesterday. Like circles on the water.

Try taking an aphrodisiac

There are quite a few means in nature that will allow a woman to receive pleasure from a man. Dietary supplements are made based on natural ingredients, which allow you to increase blood circulation in the pelvis and increase libido. In extreme cases, you can start tablets prescribed by a specialist. Well, the simplest aphrodisiac is regular chocolate.

However, keep in mind that you should take such drugs at your own peril and risk. After all, even a slight overdose can negatively affect a girl’s health and provoke the development of side effects. In addition, it is recommended to take such drugs in combination with psychotherapy, since in most cases the reason for the lack of orgasm lies in the girl’s subconscious. Therefore, do not neglect a visit to a specialist.

How to enjoy life? - a simple recipe!

Choose your own reality. You threw, for example, a cobblestone into the smooth surface of a lake, and it spread in circles across the reality of the surface of the water, generating consonant waves and ripples. But every minute of your life you can choose your reality for tomorrow.

By consciously changing your response to certain life “realities”. Which in essence are not reality at all, but projections outside of your own beliefs and beliefs. Throw a blossoming flower instead of a stone, change your beliefs - the scenery will change.

The second knowledge is that the process of our life here, in material embodiment, is built on contrasts. Dark shade - light shade, bass - tenor, thunderstorm - sunny, boulder - fluff... All these are the realities of the material world. He also has contrasts of life situations, human actions and other things of very different directions. Which can evoke a range of different emotions in us.

There are many emotions, but there are only two states. This is "bad" and "good". And so he mastered the art of harmonious relationships with life, who learned to play in contrasts. Whoever understands that they will be constantly present to one degree or another, but the choice depends only on his will and confidence that he himself creates his own reality. How to quickly enjoy life? You can learn to create your own reality right now. Fill out the form and receive the video by email.

Types of orgasms

Someone once started a myth that there are vaginal and clitoral orgasms, and women for a long time divided them according to these criteria. Actually, this is not true.

All female orgasms come from the clitoris.

The clitoris is the female reproductive organ, which serves as the main erogenous zone. Many owners of this organ, and even their partners, do not know where it is. They confuse it with other parts of the vulva, they confuse the vulva itself, so we have a picture that details the structure of the female genitalia.

Precisely because all orgasms come from the clitoris, it is correct to divide them into coital and extracoital. In other words, you can achieve orgasm through penetration and without penetration.

Coital orgasms are orgasms from internal stimulation of the clitoris. You can call it vaginal, but it happens not from stimulation of the vagina, but from internal stimulation of the clitoris. According to statistics, only 20% can achieve orgasm during vaginal sex. Anal orgasm also belongs to this type.

Extracoital orgasms are orgasms with additional stimulation of erogenous zones. This type of orgasm is the most common. This includes all clitoral stimulation that has ever happened in your life. Therefore, extracoital orgasms have their own varieties depending on how the stimulation occurs:

  • masturbation - with fingers, toys, shower;
  • petting - everything is the same, only together with a partner (even if all the actions are performed by you yourself, and not by him);
  • myocompression - compression of the legs and various objects between them, friction against the surface;
  • myotonic - compression of the pelvic muscles;
  • in a dream - independent of anything;
  • accidental - most often it occurs from overvoltage. For example, you are very nervous before an exam, and your body decides that the most effective way to relieve stress is to experience an orgasm without any stimulation.

In general, it doesn’t matter where your orgasm comes from. The main thing is that there is a result!

How to enjoy life and have fun

Again. Contrasts exist always, everywhere and in everything. But only a person chooses what to direct his attention to and what emotion to experience. And the emotion already experienced over and over again builds Space. Determines its vibration and whether it will have more frequencies with a “+” sign or with a “-” sign.

If something is happening around you that you would not want in your life, your task is to switch your attention from this unwanted thing by all available means, the faster, the better. In this way, you block the flow of energy aimed at bringing bad situations into your life in the future. What to switch to? Yes to anything. Don’t aim for happiness and joy right away. How to enjoy life? You just need to stick your head out the window, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel grateful that you are breathing and living at all.

Establishing contact with the body

The senses are the main channels for receiving pleasure. Thanks to the body, we feel the joy of hugs and kisses, enjoy delicious food, beautiful music and nature, express feelings and emotions. Everyday bustle forces us to live “in our heads” - in thoughts, worries, plans, worries. The techniques below will help you “come down to earth” and feel the joy of the moment from contact with yourself.

  • When you wake up in the morning, don’t immediately pick up your phone and don’t rush to check your email. Be in the moment - yawn, stretch, blink... Let your body awaken, be gentle with yourself. Then scan your body and describe how you feel in each part of it. Start at your toes and work your way up to the top of your head. Notice where there is tension, relaxation, cold, warmth, tingling, heaviness, comfort, itching. Feel the contact of your skin with clothing or bedding. It is advisable to comment on your feelings out loud in order to formulate them more clearly and not get lost in a tangle of thoughts.
  • Consciously move every part of your body - this will help you establish contact with those muscles and areas that you hardly feel or do not use in everyday life. Gently stretch up to feel your back. Do leg swings to activate the muscles in your thighs and buttocks. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and freely, completely relaxing your chest and stomach. Take your time, be slow and smooth, and pay attention to the sensations. This practice is based on a statement by body-oriented therapist Alexander Lowen: “Being aware of a part of your body is described as “being in touch” with it. Contact with an intangible part of the body can be established through increasing the mobility of that part. […] all feelings, all perceptions depend on movement.” For the same reason, it is useful to engage in mindful exercise or stretching for at least 5-10 minutes a day.
  • Gently patting the entire body (naked) helps relieve tension and clear the head. Let your movements be comfortable and gentle, do everything with love and care for yourself. Concentrate on the skin - feel your own touch.

Establishing contact with your body will not only help you receive more pleasure from tactile sensations (touch, pleasant fabric, etc.), but will also show you how often you ignore your own comfort. How you torture yourself with uncomfortable clothes or shoes, neglect breaks during work, suppress hunger and thirst. This is very good because by admitting to yourself your discomfort, you can take concrete steps to overcome it and thereby instantly improve your quality of life.

How to learn to enjoy life?

Give thanks for what you already have. Gratitude is perhaps the most powerful creative high-vibrational force. Set a goal at the end of each day to collect at least ten points for which you can be grateful in life. If somehow it doesn’t work out very well, try, at least for a short time, to deprive yourself of what you consider familiar and given to you “by default.” Don't drink when you're thirsty. Or even close your nose and mouth with your palm for a while longer, so that it “gets there” faster.

Next, train yourself to record small little things that evoke positive emotions in you. A flower on the windowsill, a child’s smile, fresh bed linen before going to bed... There are so many things the value of which we do not realize. But which, being fixed by our attention and collected by the warmth of perception one to one, ignite in us a flame of love for life. Which is expanding and gaining strength.

How to learn to enjoy life? Make it a rule, in addition to gratitude, when summing up each day, write down all the pleasant moments that made you rejoice. Smile and feel a warm feeling. Not only will you learn to consciously notice the positive moments in your life and shift your attention from the negative ones, while generating high frequencies. So, even when re-reading it in the evening, you will again experience warm feelings and “vibrate” in unison with the creation of well-being. Accelerating the transformation of your reality.

Turn off your mobile phone

Nobody should disturb you. But if it just so happened, and someone called your partner, then don’t waste the opportunity! Try to be a little naughty during this time.

So, while one partner is talking on the phone, the other can caress him, giving him pleasure through, for example, oral caresses. In such a situation, it is quite difficult to concentrate, which will cause a storm of emotions and sensations.

The best pleasures in life

The best pleasures in life are the ones you dream about. Well, when you get stronger in these practices after a couple of weeks, give yourself permission to dream. Do not immediately set your sights on Santorini and yachts, so as not to feel the bitterness of impossibility. Although you now already know that you need to switch from depressing emotions right away. Choose any desired event that warms you up at least a little. And start thinking about it as if you are in it all. In the moment of complete real fulfillment.

It’s a mistake to try to build a path from the you that is now to the you that is “there.” This will nullify all efforts. Your task is to “see” yourself in the desired state. Concentrate on how you feel in the moment when everything came true. Understand how you feel. What an expression on your face. What do you see in front of you? How your body is positioned, what you might hear. What details surround you, smells and even taste!

Everything is real. The more details are presented from living these ideas in a state of lightness and joy, the more wonderful and sparkling energy of embodiment is generated. The more likely it is that your life will soon change its vector to a set of blissful turns. And you will begin to feel its taste again. We care about more than just ourselves. We build the surrounding reality and make this World better and more joyful. And this is already quite a serious mission. The importance of which cannot be overestimated. Enjoying life is the primary serious task of every person living on Earth.

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Final for two

This is another common mistake in intimate life among all people. Sex should not end when a man reaches orgasm.

Thus, a woman who remains unsatisfied may not only completely lose interest in intimate life, but also become very nervous. Therefore, repeat the entire action after a short rest.

At the same time, during that very rest period, it is important not to let your partner cool down. Thus, even those women who are aroused very slowly will definitely enjoy it and will look forward to your next intercourse.

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