How to learn to think positively and attract positive things: step-by-step instructions

Mahatma Gandhi once said one very wise phrase:

“Man is a product of his own thinking. He becomes a reflection of his own thoughts."

You can’t argue with this statement, since our thoughts really determine the style of our life.

But how can you think positively if in the world every now and then there are some kind of disasters, pandemics, wars and other unpleasant events that we hear about every day from TV screens, read on the Internet and print media? Do you really need to turn into an insensitive and heartless cynic?

Many people, trying to get rid of the negative thoughts that visit their heads, do not always realize that a positively thinking person is not a frivolous and flighty optimist or an always joyful and happy person who doesn’t give a damn. Positive people understand perfectly well that they do not live in a fairy tale, and the reality around them is far from a paradise.

A person who knows how to think positively considers all the difficulties that arise on his life path through the prism of possibilities. Trying to solve another problem, such a person will first look at the situation from different angles, and then, using creative approaches and controlling thinking with his own willpower, he will begin to look for the most optimal solution!

Learning to think positively is not that difficult. You just need to change your attitude towards the events happening in life. How to do it? Now we'll tell you!

Think positively. How and why

The task is to develop a thought process that is based on the perception of the environment from the most favorable perspective. The mindset for the best allows a person to boldly experiment, learn new things, and be open to self-development.

When solving problems, optimists always concentrate on the positives of what is happening, and therefore in difficult moments they become winners. This attitude to life allows them to remain a winner even in hopeless situations. It is people like these who make humanity move forward.

Character traits

Having positive and positive thoughts about life does not always mean denying failures, negative incidents or worries. This is valuable experience that helps you avoid the same mistakes in the future. Thinking in a positive way allows you to view problems as opportunities rather than obstacles.

When a pessimist has troubles, he gives up, takes the current situation for granted - “I’m always like this,” “I’m an unlucky person,” etc. An optimist, of course, will also worry when difficulties arise, but will quickly come to his senses. yourself, come to terms with what happened and move on. He understands perfectly well that without overcoming difficulties one cannot achieve success. Such people are usually characterized by: friendliness, curiosity, inability to be offended for a long time, and a good mood.

Peace of mind comes from the understanding that things may not be great today, but tomorrow will definitely be better. Constantly waiting for the next catastrophe is very harmful to health. How to learn to enjoy life, see the positive and be a positive person? This means realizing that you cannot take on an excessive burden of responsibility. It is important to be able to let go of a situation when its solution is beyond your control.

Additional Tips

To quickly achieve the goal of creating positive thinking, additional expert advice will be useful.

Pleasant awakening

The whole day depends on what emotions a person starts the morning with. Waking up with gratitude for the opportunity to live a new day will put you in a good mood. And the belief that the coming period of time will be filled with interesting events is one of the important conditions for success.

Listen to the advice of Professor Preobrazhensky from “Heart of a Dog” and don’t read newspapers in the morning.

A cup of your favorite coffee, a delicious breakfast, and memories of a happy chapter in life will help you get into the everyday rhythm.

Gratitude to others

Feeling gratitude towards other people has a beneficial effect on your mental state.

There are special techniques that will help you become grateful:

  1. Say thank you often.
  2. Keep a special notebook where in the evenings you write down at least three episodes in which you felt gratitude.
  3. Write a letter to someone in your circle outlining everything you are grateful for. Reading a letter out loud to that person has a special effect.
  4. When you do something good for someone, don’t expect gratitude in return. The opportunity to provide a service is already a pleasant reward.

Everyone has a bad mood

All people have days when it is difficult to cheer themselves up. Nothing helps.

Remember: it's a bad day, not a bad life. Tomorrow will be better.

Don't blame yourself. You need to go through this period, trying not to take it out on others.

Favorite hobbies

Try to fill your life as much as possible. Your favorite hobby is exciting and brings a lot of pleasure. Choose an activity you like and devote part of your leisure time to it.

Many hobbies allow you to find wonderful people among like-minded people.

Proper rest

Periods of activity must certainly be followed by rest to restore physical and mental strength.

You need to rest properly:

  • walk outdoors;
  • country holiday;
  • doing what you love;
  • communication with pleasant personalities;
  • Reading books;
  • dream.

Lying on the sofa in front of the TV only creates the illusion of proper rest. The brain becomes clogged with unnecessary information. Regular noisy parties with alcohol are even more harmful. Such rest leads to degradation and health problems.

Successful sexual relationships

Regular sexual relationships that bring satisfaction and joy have a positive effect on your emotional state. During intimacy, happiness hormones are produced, giving a feeling of well-being.

Visualizing Success

Scientists have long proven the positive role of visualization in achieving success. When striving for any goal, you need to imagine yourself as the person you want to see yourself as. Try on his manners, speech, positive thoughts, mental state of success. Try to visualize in detail everything that surrounds your ideal.

This practice allows you to get significantly closer to your goal.

By mastering positive thinking, you will take your life to a new level, improve your relationships with loved ones, and become a happier person. Don’t give up if you get caught up in the negative at first, because learning to think positively, see the positive and enjoy life is a long process. Thinking positively is as much a habit as making your bed in the morning, and it takes time to make it a part of your life.

Positive thinking is vital

We are all familiar with the stable statements: “Thoughts are material,” “Bad thoughts attract the same events,” etc. It’s simple. The internal contents and the external world are closely interconnected.

Why do thoughts about bad things attract negative events? Yes, because, plunging headlong into the problems that have piled up, we no longer notice anything good around us. Life develops according to the scenario drawn by the subconscious. From a psychological point of view, mental activity works on the principle of a sieve. She keeps what is closest to her. A large amount of negativity leads to a person’s inability to find ways to escape from current situations, effectively interact with the environment and resist diseases.

By answering for yourself how to learn to think positively, attract positive things and achieve peace of mind and success, you will be able to radically change your life attitudes. Those who tend to think in a good way are less likely to get sick, more often achieve their goals and become successful. They cope well with the consequences of stress, and unpleasant events happen to them less often.

Let's tell ourselves "stop"!

Bad thoughts and anxiety are all in our heads. You need to understand that feeling sorry for yourself and crying makes no sense, nothing will change: wages will not rise, the quarrel will not resolve itself, depression will not go away. First you need to put your thoughts in order. How to get rid of all the bad things from your head:

  1. Figure out what's bothering you. Describe on paper your fears, the reasons and the solution to how to get rid of them.
  2. Don't hide them deep in your mind. Even if you are positive, they will still break out.
  3. Nip bad thoughts in the bud, switching to good moments, think about children, about a wonderful event in life.
  4. Don’t create horror; there’s no need to make mountains out of molehills.
  5. Find the positive in everything.

And remember that there is a way out of any situation. Positive thinking will relieve you of depression, and only then can you work on raising your mood.

How to develop the ability to think optimistically

Before you start changing the direction of your thinking, you need to figure out what type (according to psychological parameters) you correspond to.

  • Introvert. This is a closed person with a smooth emotional background without sudden changes. He avoids noisy companies and finds satisfaction in solitude. A positive attitude is an almost unattainable goal for him.
  • Extrovert. The exact opposite of the previous category. He has an open character, values ​​communication with others, and is inclined to consider emerging difficulties as a way of self-development. He knows how to always be more positive and infects everyone around him with his love of life.

Characteristic differences of extroverts

The power of optimism is fully revealed in a number of inherent traits:

  • desire to gain knowledge, discover new unknowns;
  • desire to improve your life;
  • drawing up plans for further actions;
  • the ability to actively work to achieve what you want;
  • accounting and analysis of the knowledge and experience of successful individuals;
  • calm perception of one’s own victories;
  • lack of dependence on material things;
  • reasonable emotionality.

According to unspoken rules, it is customary to identify an extrovert with positivity, and an introvert with negativity. But it should be remembered that this is a figurative classification. It cannot be stated unequivocally that a certain type of character has only negative traits or vice versa.

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Let's tear off the masks

What is said about a positive attitude in psychology? If you artificially put on a smile, abstract yourself from problems without solving them, nothing will change. Our thinking is determined by a number of psychological program settings that create a positive attitude.

Therefore, everyday positive psychological attitudes create positive thinking, which will attract health, luck, success, while negative programs repel them. Everything that surrounds us is the result of our perception, attitude to life, so first we need to start changing ourselves, our thinking, working with the subconscious, because that is where our thoughts are formed. Let's look at this using an example of one technique.

Methods for developing thinking

The habit of thinking in a positive way can be developed by using some proven methods for this.


The exercise is suitable for early morning. The execution time should not be less than 24 minutes. The following must be done:

  • sit down and take a comfortable position;
  • in your thoughts, consider in detail the obstacle that has arisen;
  • imagine this problem crumbling to dust or burning to the ground;
  • give free rein to the negativity, do not stop thinking that there will be no trace of it left as soon as it spills out.

After completing the practice, remain calm for some time. Gradually, such training should be made longer. This way you can force yourself to always remain positive.

Pros instead of cons

Before starting the exercise, you need to find out the causes of the problem. In addition, you need to pay attention to how others react to it. Do they consider it insurmountable or imagine its successful resolution? After receiving reliable results, you can safely proceed to:

  • make yourself comfortable, imagine a burning fire in front of you and the fragrance spreading from it;
  • think that when caught in the fire, the causes of the difficulties that have arisen melt like wax;
  • and everything negative instantly turns into good and bright;
  • the situation changes, and now instead of bright orange flashes, blue flames appear, new fire flows along the spine, warms the body, penetrating the heart and mind.

A good mood after such training is guaranteed almost immediately. You will be surprised how easily you will be able to deal with the next problems after it and you will understand how to tune yourself only to positive and positive thoughts every day.


This practice can help to help family and friends. The first thing to ask yourself is whether you really intend to direct your gracious thoughts towards them. If you sincerely want to help, get started:

  • direct your favorable energy to someone who needs support;
  • imagine how difficulties disappear under the influence of thoughts;
  • mentally direct a white beam of energy (it is this that attracts good luck and gives confidence) directly into the heart of that person.

At the end of the exercise, clap your hands seven times. The best day to thus come to an understanding of how to gain positivity and switch to positive thoughts is Sunday.

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The power of thought

What we constantly think about will definitely happen someday. Therefore, it is necessary to develop only positive thinking. The following list of actions will be useful in this regard:

  • keep in mind and pronounce exclusively words-statements and expressions, forget about “not”;
  • believe in success, an optimistic attitude will help you achieve incredible results;
  • boldly step towards change;
  • Wake up every morning with a constant smile.

Even the ancient Tibetan monks devoted their lives to acquiring spiritual knowledge and developing the direction of the mind. They knew very well how powerful the mental flow of energy is endowed. And now exercises that develop brain activity in a positive direction are actively used in practice. With their help, you can understand how to change your negative thinking to positive and force yourself to think only about the good, to think positively.

To create a positive mood - away from life's garbage

To learn to think positively and live a life filled with good emotions, begin to gradually but punctually get rid of life's garbage. From everything that lights the fire of discontent. Look around you - what books you read, what films you watch, what programs. Is there anything positive in the news and something to think about? Or it just provokes grumbling and irritation. What groups are you subscribed to on social networks? Where, and most importantly, why, do you scoop up negativity with spoons?

Perhaps you have unresolved problems that have been put aside and pushed into the back burner. Go to the doctor, talk with the child about unpleasant, educational topics. Everything you put off accumulates as a heavy burden and does not bring lightness to your mood and thinking. Thoughts revolve around the same thing (how to get rid of annoying thoughts is a separate article).

Deciding to take a step means finding a solution. Go to the doctor - they will make a diagnosis or reassure you that there is nothing wrong. If the diagnosis is already information, then start treatment without delay. After all, the fear of the unknown is even worse, it takes away your strength drop by drop (read how to get rid of anxieties and fears separately).

Think about who in your environment is putting pressure on you. If there is an opportunity to meet less, then use it. Or at least try to talk openly about what's bothering you.

Unresolved problems pull like an anchor, and they accumulate like a snowball. Also, think about your grievances. Indeed, grievances affect health, provoking somatic diseases.

Only action can make you a little calmer. Even if at first it seems difficult and simply impossible. When an unpleasant event that has been postponed for a long time finally happens, you will breathe a sigh of relief. And the tyrannical and disturbing thoughts will slowly subside, making way for new thoughts. I give you hope that life is a striped zebra, and after a dark stripe, a bright one will definitely come.

Positive attitude training

  1. "Emotionality." Stand in front of the mirror and carefully examine your face as if for the first time. Now depict different emotions and accompany your actions with appropriate phrases and apt remarks. Listen to the voice changes. Feel the inner sensations.
  2. "Change of emotions." Awaken the negativity within yourself and feel unpleasant feelings. Slowly move from negative to positive feelings and focus on your feelings again.
  3. "Changing the expected." First, imagine a situation where your position is far from advantageous. Then sweep the imaginary picture to another, where you are the undisputed winner. This technique will help you learn how to quickly switch to the positive in life.
  4. "Getting to know the hand." Training the ability to observe your own feelings. Focus on your left palm. Feel the skin temperature, humidity (dryness), trembling, goosebumps. Repeat the same with your right palm.
  5. "Taste of food" The purpose of this exercise is not only to learn to eat correctly, but also to experience sincere satisfaction from any task that you have to do. Don't just mechanically swallow food, but enjoy the amazing taste characteristics. It is necessary to concentrate, chew the dish thoroughly, and try to taste each of its ingredients separately. Let it be for a while, but become a real gourmet.
  6. "Limitless fantasies." This practice liberates the mind. Let's say you want to buy a car. Put one hand in your pocket and imagine that you feel your car keys in it. Concentrate and feel the imaginary coolness of the metal, the heaviness, and hear a barely audible sound. Remember well everything that appears before your inner gaze.
  7. "Relaxation". It will help you relax and understand how to look at life and the world positively every day. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes. Now quickly, quickly clench and unclench your fists. Then raise your arms parallel to the floor without stopping the movement. When it becomes obvious that you are tired, lower your palms and relax. Remember this state.
  8. "Awareness of one's own advantages." Reflecting on achievements makes us more confident in our abilities. Unfortunately, we often forget about what we once achieved. Therefore, you should tirelessly repeat this to yourself. Arm yourself with a sheet of paper and a marker. Divide it into three equal columns. Label them: “advantages”, “strengths”, “achievements”. Now fill out the columns and try to remember everything you wrote. Don’t forget to re-read it regularly, see how great you are, you can do anything.
  9. "Faith in the future". Here you will need to repeat everything described in the previous task with the only difference. In the columns, write down the quality characteristics that you want to develop.
  10. "Financial achievements." Imagine that you are a financially independent, self-sufficient person. Think about how much you can afford with decent capital. At the same time, try not to go beyond real life; imagining yourself as Bill Gates is clearly overkill.
  11. "Advice from wise people." If you have to make a very important decision, think that there are those next to you whose experience you are ready to rely on. "Talk" to them. Ask them your pressing questions and give the answers yourself on their behalf. Then you will be able to understand how to start thinking and thinking positively if everything is bad.

You need it???

On my blog I often write on the topic of self-development and psychology. I am very interested in this area, I try a lot of things on myself, and most importantly, I try to formulate them from a practical point of view. What needs to be done specifically:

  • Not just “how to stop being lazy”, but techniques for getting rid of laziness
  • Not just - stop moping, finally! And techniques for combating blues and apathy.

So I let psychology into my life to the fullest - education - work - books - training, then I am happy to formulate those techniques that once helped and continue to help me.

In order to hear how to think positively and solve a problem, let’s look at the question “why?”

Probably, each of us has met people, for example, in a team - whiners, bores, pessimists. With whom you have been working for many years, and you can say for sure, I don’t want that. Every event causes only a negative response. It is very difficult to interact with such colleagues, but what if they are a family member? Everything is bad, everything is annoying, everything is depressing.

But, unfortunately, the pessimist himself has a difficult and hopeless life. Not only does everyone offend you and you are always in a bad mood, but over time the pain keeps piling up. Indeed, psychological studies say that optimistic people have a life expectancy that is 11-15% longer than pessimists.

But if suddenly, the person himself really wanted to change. Or he understands that something is wrong in his surroundings, he often quarrels with colleagues, quarrels with his family, and his friends have begun to visit less often, then it is worth trying the following techniques:

Negative thinking

It is based on a person’s personal qualities, his experiences and his environment. Characterizes an insufficient level of brain activity capabilities.

As people get older, they accumulate more and more negativity. They tend to deny everything that they consider unacceptable to themselves. When thinking about difficult life situations, they invariably try to find a way that will help avoid them in the future. This is a big mistake. Such thoughts do not allow you to see anything but negative aspects.

After a certain time, the pessimist begins to perceive life as dull and colorless.

Characteristics of a negative thinking person

He constantly looks for the reasons for his own failures in other people. He tries with all his might to make them guilty, and doesn’t even think about changing the situation. The main properties of a person who cannot figure out how to change consciousness, learn every day, always live positively and forget about the negative, think only about the good, include:

  • lack of desire to make changes in life;
  • constant search for disadvantages in any situation;
  • reluctance to learn, to comprehend something new;
  • causeless longing for the past;
  • anticipation of changes for the worse, preparation for them;
  • passivity along with the desire to benefit;
  • bad attitude towards others;
  • stinginess in all areas.

A person living on negative emotions is unable to formulate his goals normally. He tries to make life easier, but has no idea how to do it.

What is it - good morning?

To have a successful day, you need to be positive in the morning. How to do it? So, tips:

  1. First you need to get a good night's sleep (7-8 hours), healthy sleep is the key to success.
  2. There is no need to suddenly jump out of bed. Lie in bed for five minutes, stretch, sing your favorite song and get up on your right foot.
  3. Don't stuff cones in the dark. Open the curtains, open the window, breathe in a breath of fresh energy.
  4. Play your favorite music.
  5. Find a reason to be happy. These could be plans for the weekend, for example.
  6. Do morning exercises. It will give you vigor and lift your spirits.
  7. Drink a glass of water. Then take a shower.

After all this, go to the mirror and say affirmative phrases that will set you up for positivity.

From negative to positive

Unfortunately, the fulfillment of absolutely all our desires is beyond reality. For example, we are unable to choose our parents, change our biological age, or return to the past. Based on the tendencies of an optimistic mood, you need to calmly accept these facts. There is no point in tormenting and worrying about something that you cannot influence.

Ask a question

Throw away pipe dreams, just love yourself. Don't judge other people and do what you love and learn to see the good in everything.

Now let’s share some little feminine tricks

A happy person glows from within, he succeeds in everything. What can I advise women to have a positive attitude? There are several practical recommendations. So:

  1. Smile. The morning should begin with it. Smile at your children and husband. And your mood will immediately lift.
  2. Make the most of everything. No matter how the situation turns out, look at it from the other side.
  3. Pamper yourself. Visit beauty salons, buy yourself gifts.
  4. Movement is life. Do what you love, go to the pool, go to the gym, for example. It distracts from problems and lifts your spirits.
  5. Don't put things off. Your needs and desires must be satisfied immediately.

By following these simple tips, you can stay positive. The main thing is to drive bad thoughts away from yourself. And, of course, use the affirmation method and apply autogenic training (positive attitudes) in the morning and before bed.

Positive thoughts for every day

First of all, remember three important words forever.

  • "Can".
  • "Will".
  • “Worthy.”

For example, not “I’m feeling kind of sad today,” but “Yes, I’m not feeling very well right now, but I can overcome it.”

List of additional settings.

  • “Nothing will ruin my mood.”
  • "I admire myself."
  • “Whatever happens is for the better.”
  • "I am responsible for my actions."
  • “I know how to forgive offenders.”
  • “I am loved, I am appreciated.”
  • “Thoughts shape my life.”
  • "I'm happy here and now."
  • “I was able to understand my psychology and how to change my thoughts to positive ones and find positivity in life.”
  • “A new day is an opportunity to become better.”
  • “I appreciate simple joys.”
  • “There is nothing that I cannot handle.”
  • “My choice is a wonderful, rich life.”

Example phrases

The main thing is that they come from the heart, so that you want to say them. Think about them in advance and write them down on a piece of paper. So, you can say these words:

  • I am the most beautiful and happiest in the world!
  • I am a positive, lucky person!
  • I achieve all my goals!
  • I am healthy)!
  • I am the best specialist at work!
  • Everything works out for me!

Choose the phrases that are right for you, say them, even shout them, and secure them with a radiant smile. And watch how wings grow behind your back, you will want to fly and create.

Help from psychologist Daria Milai

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact me for advice. During individual conversations and group trainings I will teach:

  • think in a positive way;
  • prepare fertile “soil” for good thoughts;
  • fight negative attitudes;
  • escape from depression with ease;
  • redirect negatives into positives.

Let's find the root of the problem

Why do people get depressed? Many will easily answer the question, citing a lack of money, a quarrel with their other half, failures at work, or simply internal anxiety. But if you look at it all from above, these reasons are just a consequence of one big problem.

People lose meaning in life. In a race against time, we want to get ahead of him and accomplish a lot. But everything goes wrong. Because everyday life and the current pace of life, the desire for material enrichment pushes spirituality into the background. We forget why, what we live for, what we want. Indifference appears, which drives you into a depressive state. And only we ourselves are able to get out of it, we just need to be able to tune in to the positive.

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