Healing the soul. How we program our own lives

From this article you will learn:

  • What are the signs that your soul needs healing?
  • How to heal your soul and body through meditation
  • What mantras should you listen to to heal your soul and body?
  • How aromatherapy can help heal the soul and body

Probably, every person periodically encounters a feeling of fatigue, which goes away as soon as you get a full and quality rest. But in some cases, this condition may drag on. And if fatigue is accompanied by apathy and lack of desire to do anything, this may indicate that you have a real breakdown. Is it possible to fight lack of energy? Certainly. You will learn about how to restore energy, what healing of soul and body is and what methods exist in our article.

The relationship between soul and body

Experienced specialists working with internal energy are confident that the human soul and body are inextricably linked. However, this point of view is also shared by a large number of ordinary people. A special scheme has even been developed to find a direct connection between the manifestation of negative emotions and the diseases that they can cause.

Healing the soul and body is a process that each person must carry out independently. After all, it is built entirely on personal feelings and seems to be a journey into your inner world. In such a situation, the energy of love will help, the power of which will renew the soul and body. And there should be enough space in the heart for warm feelings, and it must be cleared of any negativity, primarily from fear and anger.

Preparation and attitude

Particularly important for receiving portions of healingly charged prayers. The following steps will help you completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of divine flows:

  • stay in a quiet, secluded place, take a comfortable position. You can listen to prayers before going to bed, lying with your eyes closed, sitting in a chair or standing in front of an icon. Each Christian chooses his own way;
  • mentally let go of the sorrows or failures that happened during the day, discard grievances and irritation, remember good and joyful events;
  • distract yourself from the bustle of the world, thoughts about daily affairs and focus on communicating with the Lord;
  • try to instill in the soul a feeling of humility, repentance and reverence;
  • while listening, pronounce the words of prayers, feel their message - then the phrases heard will turn into your own appeal to the saints and the Lord;
  • standing in front of the icon, you can make the sign of the cross;
  • do not reproach yourself and do not hold back tears of purification when the prayer responds in your heart;
  • at the end of the prayer, thank the Creator for patronage, protection, love and all earthly and spiritual blessings.

It is advised not to listen to prayers on a full stomach. If you don’t have time to be alone, listening to files while commuting to work is suitable.

Audio prayer that heals in one breath - Our Father 40 times

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How to heal your soul?

Everyone has the power to heal their personal inner world. You can always achieve harmony if you understand well the nature of your soul, which has a feminine principle. To maintain internal energy, desire alone is not enough. Positive emotions, creativity and some imagination are required. The development of these properties allows, first of all, to heal the female soul.

You should definitely strengthen your connection with the forces of the magical world. The perception of spirituality can always be revised regardless of religion. You should always find an opportunity to devote time to subjects and activities that bring joy and pleasure. You need to have several different ways in stock that evoke pleasant feelings. You need to heal the soul in a relaxed state using meditation.

We restore the integrity of the soul. Several methods:

You can contact a highly qualified psychologist, or better yet, a hypnotherapist , since the work will take place at a deep level. Before contacting, I recommend that you look at the reviews, get acquainted with his “calling card” : page on social networks, website, etc.

Listen to yourself, whether you like him or not , because you need to trust your intuition. It’s good if you find it through a recommendation from a friend or through word of mouth.

Try my free meditation “Harmonization of consciousness with Reiki energy”>>> Thus, today you will take your first conscious step towards internal harmonization, the harmonization of your soul. Reiki sessions, which you can sign up for on this page>>>

You can sign up for a past life immersion session, this is the most important tool for restoring the integrity of the soul, since by looking through lives (past or current life), realizing traumas, we heal these fragments and return them to their place. You can sign up for a consultation here >>>

You can become a member of the Club of Conscious People on the “Radiance of the Spirit” project. Most of the meditations and practices that I conduct at club meetings are aimed at restoring the integrity of the soul, harmonizing all areas of life, and spiritual development. You can also ask your burning questions to your Spiritual Guides and Higher Selves! To get acquainted, go to the page of the Club of Conscious People.

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PS: Was the article useful to you? Share in the comments, how do you restore the integrity of your soul?

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Work on yourself

Every wrong action and excessive emotions are reflected in a person’s karma and cause negative consequences. By clearing karma, people give themselves permission to change. Changes often lead to a restructuring of the very foundations of life, carrying out its reconstruction. The teachings of karma say that everyone paves the way to their own future, so we need to work on our thoughts and behavior. Healing the soul should become a daily effort on yourself. A few tips will help you take your first steps in the right direction:

  • Modern media contain virtually nothing useful, so it is advisable to use them as little as possible.
  • You should not speak badly about yourself and others. If there is a desire to express negativity, it is better to close your eyes and imagine a bowl of water in which negative emotions are drowning.
  • You always need to have a cool head, since lack of control over your thoughts often leads to rash actions that you later regret.
  • Healing the soul can be done using various methods of meditation.


In alternative medicine, it is generally accepted that a person has useful energy that must be in continuous motion. However, obstacles often appear on people's paths that slow down the energy flow. By regularly practicing meditation, you can overcome all difficulties and make the movement of the flow uniform, and therefore optimal. This will allow you to free yourself from the problems that weigh on your soul and normalize the functioning of the entire body.

The main thing that is required during meditation is to direct energy to the problem area. This triggers the self-healing mechanism of the soul and body. To do this, you need to take a comfortable position and relax. The main task is to feel how energy penetrates every cell of the body and especially where there is the greatest tension. You need to meditate until you begin to feel lightness throughout your body. This is considered a sign of the onset of internal harmony.

The importance of being in the present moment

Even in current life, not everyone can boast of being in the present moment. Quite often a person is in his past in his current life, remembering

how someone offended him, caused him some kind of physical or mental pain.
We can scroll through the same scene an infinite number of times, simulating it .
In such situations, we feed with our energy not the present moment, but our past or future. The result is loss of energy, weakness, physical ailments, lack of self-confidence, in life, etc.

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Mantra for healing

With the help of the power of words, a person has both positive and negative influence. The word is endowed with such great power that it can cure many diseases. Its effectiveness is equally high for both physical and mental illnesses. For example, ancient prayers are endowed with great healing power, and a person will definitely feel its influence.

The mantra for healing the soul and body creates certain frequency vibrations that can be detected by the auditory organ. Such vibration can work real miracles: it normalizes the body’s functioning and strengthens the immune system. If a person has suffered mental trauma, then with the help of vibration healing and renewal of internal energy occurs.

When the goal is to cure an illness, reading a prayer for healing the soul and body begins during the period of the waning moon. Its duration is 21 days. If a course of healing is carried out, its optimal period will be the waxing Moon, and the duration will be the same. The mantra is pronounced the next morning or evening. Reading should be done in a relaxed state, the head should be cleared of extraneous thoughts.

Healing the soul in Orthodoxy

The Orthodox faith teaches that the soul is primary in man, and the body is secondary. To maintain this harmony, you need not to overload yourself with thoughts and carefully monitor your actions. Bright faith in God gives forgiveness and healing. Church attendance and confession should be made a norm of life.

The ringing of bells has a very soulful effect on people. It literally fills the body with positive energy. Listening to the ringing of bells, you can get rid of fears and anxieties. It has been noticed that the sounds of a church bell improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels and normalize metabolism. Of course, bell ringing should only be heard live.

Each prayer contains in its text a request for cleansing from sins and deliverance from temptations. If the prayer is aimed at healing from an illness, then at the moment of reading it it is important to focus your consciousness on positive emotions and faith in God’s help. You can turn to the Mother of God, as well as to the icons of saints. A prayer for the healing of the soul for children is said in front of the Tikhvin Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A prayer read in front of the icon of the holy great martyr and healer Panteleimon helps against physical and spiritual illnesses.

Song of the Virgin Mary

There is information that the prayer of the Mother of God is part of the 9th biblical canto and is distinguished by its extraordinary history. For the first time it came from the lips of the Virgin Mary during a meeting with her relative Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist). After many years of futile attempts to become pregnant, the mercy of the Lord descended on Mary. Having learned the news from the Archangel Gabriel that the Savior carried the Holy Spirit under her heart, the woman hurried to Nazareth to share her joy with Elizabeth.

As the Virgin Mary approached the house of a relative, the baby John began to beat in his mother’s womb, which was interpreted as a harbinger of the approach of the Infant of God. The Mother of God’s response to Elizabeth’s words was included in the prayer “My soul magnifies the Lord.”

The Apostle Luke recorded the text from the words of the Most Pure Virgin Mary in his Gospel. From there it was taken and then received liturgical use from the Church. The song is performed by two choirs or by a clergyman. The words are difficult to remember, but insightful in meaning. There is no need to memorize the prayer. To experience its healing properties, you need to think about every line, phrase, and delve into the very essence.

Lyrics of the Mother of God song

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. The most honorable Cherub and the most glorious without comparison Seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to God the Word, the real Mother of God, we magnify You.

As if you have looked upon the humility of Your servant, behold, from now on all your generations will bless Me. The most honorable Cherub and the most glorious without comparison Seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to God the Word, the real Mother of God, we magnify You.

For the Mighty One has done greatness to Me, and holy is His name, and His mercy throughout all generations of those who fear Him. The most honorable Cherub and the most glorious without comparison Seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to God the Word, the real Mother of God, we magnify You.

Create a power with Your arm: Spend on the proud thoughts of their hearts, The most honorable Cherub and the most glorious without comparison Seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to God the Word, the real Mother of God, We magnify You.

Destroy the mighty from their thrones and lift up the humble; Fill those who hunger with good things and those who are rich let go of their vanities. The most honorable Cherub and the most glorious without comparison Seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to God the Word, the real Mother of God, we magnify You.

Israel will receive His servant, remembering His mercies, as He spoke to our fathers, Abraham and his seed, even unto the ages. The most honorable Cherub and the most glorious without comparison Seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to God the Word, the real Mother of God, we magnify You.

The feeling of gratitude that settles in a person’s soul displaces the bad, sinful and destructive. With the ability to appreciate what the Lord has given comes joy, peace, and love. The wonderful song is filled with gratitude to the Creator for mercy, protection and miracles that happen on the earthly path. This is a hymn of praise, glorifying the Lord for his love for his children, protection from filth, vices and temptations of the evil one. For a helping hand on the path of trials, troubles and sorrows.

Song - prayer of the Mother of God:

Inner strength for self-healing

Each person’s body contains functions that trigger a self-healing mechanism if necessary. The body is endowed with a powerful defense system that prevents the penetration of external and internal pathogens. The daily process of the body creating new cells helps to increase energy and increase the duration of its life. All this is called self-regeneration. It is possible to stop this process only if you do not believe in the miraculous abilities of the body and do not give your own body what it needs without fail: rest, balanced nutrition, reasonable exercise.

How can mental pain be useful to a person?

Wait, what benefits are we talking about? After all, mental pain is a tragedy that destroys human life and prevents it from developing further. But it's not that simple. Suffering is indeed a mechanism, in a certain sense useful for the one who suffers.

It’s not for nothing that this condition is called pain, although it would seem that no internal or external organ hurts. In the human and animal bodies, pain is a signaling system provided by nature, which is designed to control behavior and prevent further destruction of the body. Painful sensations from touching a hot or sharp object mean that this object should not be touched; pain in the mouth or stomach after swallowing certain types of food indicates that it is poisoned food and is dangerous to eat. Pain when moving the injured limb indicates that this limb cannot be moved in order to avoid a permanent fracture and loss of the limb. Without this mechanism, the life of animals and humans would be fundamentally impossible. This is also mental pain: it signals that a person should change something in his life.

And first of all, you need to understand yourself, find the real cause of suffering. And often this reason turns out to be not an object in the surrounding world at all - for example, a loved one with whom you had to break up. After all, it is possible that this person also became a hostage to illusion; due to his youth, he was not pragmatic enough. Perhaps the real cause of your suffering is... you?

It is not difficult to notice that people who are faced with harsh reality from the very beginning rarely experience severe mental pain and are able to cope with them quickly enough. This does not mean that such people are completely insensitive, do not love anyone or anything and are not interested in anything; on the contrary, among them there are often real maniacs who devote themselves wholeheartedly to the object of their dreams. And they strive to achieve their goal at any cost. Knowledge of the laws of reality allows them to readily meet any obstacle and more or less successfully eliminate it. From childhood they are accustomed to the fact that they need to enter into an irreconcilable battle with the world around them, and not expect favors from it. And yes - more often than not, such people achieve great success in everything - be it love, work, career, a decent standard of living, and so on.

Only man himself can heal his soul

Indeed, no one else will do this like the person whose soul is needed to be healed. Of course, you can create a whole team of assistants who will offer their knowledge, experience and support. However, all these people will not be able to do the main thing - to heal. Only those who want to rid their soul of everything negative can heal it. Because it is a purely personal journey into your own world, in which no one else can experience your own emotions or understand how the mind works. Others can give the right hints, but all the wisdom of healing the soul belongs only to its owner.

What happens when the integrity of the soul returns

  • You have a more harmonious, positive perception of life;
  • You do not react sharply to the troubles that arise in life, they gradually appear less and less in your life;
  • The same applies to relationships - even if there is an unpleasant contact with someone, then these people quickly change their minds to the new you, or leave your life;
  • If there was disorder in the financial sector, then the situation here will stabilize and improve;
  • You no longer perceive force majeure and unpleasant situations as problems; now these are tasks for you that you can solve ;
  • Your energy field also has a healing effect on those around you. You will notice that gradually the lives of your loved ones begin to improve ;
  • When we regain our integrity, our channels of communication with the Higher Self, with Mentors from the spiritual world (Guardian Angels), and the universe are restored and expanded. You can feel this as heightened intuition, but it is also possible to discover new creative abilities, clairvoyance, clairvoyance, telepathic abilities , etc.

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Healing begins with the soul

The soul and body have different needs. But when both substances receive everything they need for health, harmony occurs. You cannot neglect anything, otherwise an imbalance will arise, and diseases will begin their onset. While the science of medicine deals with the treatment of diseases by influencing the body, healing given by Higher powers involves starting it from the soul. After all, the soul is the beginning of existence, and it breathes life into the body. When healing begins with her, everything else will catch up and join the process automatically. But the soul doesn’t need much: to live happily, have a purpose in life, grow and express your emotions with positive thoughts, words and deeds.

What is mental pain

Mental pain is a condition that is difficult to describe in words. It is characterized by a general loss of spirit, a depressed, sad mood, a reluctance to communicate with others - or, conversely, a desire to speak out and show self-pity. During times of mental pain, the world around us begins to seem gloomy and scary, and at the same time, the desire to somehow contact it disappears. In this state, life causes only suffering instead of pleasure.

Mental pain can be caused, for example, by parting with a loved one, the death of a beloved relative, friend or acquaintance, or the loss of a job. A sharp and unexpected turn occurs in human life, during which some important component of this life is lost, and then further existence loses its meaning. In particularly acute manifestations, mental pain can lead to thoughts of suicide.

Mental pain is scary because it is not a disease in itself; There is no cure for it, and even the immediate cause cannot be found. However, it can be a consequence of certain mental states or mental illnesses, and then it is possible to indirectly influence mental pain by curing the existing disease.

Love as healing of the soul

The energy of love has enormous healing power. Love and healing of the soul are inextricably linked. Sent to the point of the body where it is most needed, love heals it with the renewing influence of the power of the soul and mind. The power of thought causes a shift in attention from the problem found to the search for a solution to eliminate it. The soul can “see” pain and fill the sore spot with absolute love. This great feeling can only exist in the present, that is, where self-healing should occur.

Diseases of the soul

Diseases of the soul in church asceticism are called passions. Passion is excessive attachment to something that is not God. I'll try to explain. I know a person from a highly educated large family, where a sister and three brothers are candidates of science. Their mother became paralyzed (she was completely paralyzed, but was conscious and spoke), and they decided not to hire anyone, but to take turns taking time off and sitting with her. When it was time for his older brother, they had to give him a stamp on the train; he was a passionate collector. He knew that in the seventh carriage the conductor was bringing him this stamp. And he said: “Mom, I’ll come in an hour. I’ll meet the train and come.” But at the entrance to the platform the train broke down, we had to wait. He waited an hour, two, he understood that if he left, the stamp might be lost, the conductor would leave and that’s all. Three hours, instead of dropping everything and going to see my sick mother. A stamp - a simple piece of paper - was higher than love for a loved one. That's what passion is! What about the paralyzed mother? She saw the time: instead of an hour, it was three hours. What was she worried about, what was she thinking?! Here is a clear example of passion. This is attachment to everything that is not God.

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Proper concentration

Healing is closely related to the law of attraction in the world of thought. Returning the soul to analyze one’s own actions, relationships with friends, and the state of one’s health is considered the best way to properly concentrate one’s thoughts. It helps you become what you think about. And everything you think about definitely exists somewhere in the Universe.

People are structured in such a way that sooner or later they begin to bring closer to themselves what they actually do not need at all in life. To attract what you want, you need to radically change this incorrect process.

Your own psychologist or how to heal your “mental wounds”

It has long been no secret to anyone that each of us experiences various kinds of emotional upheavals in our lives. The most powerful of them become “psychological trauma” for some, and “a springboard to the stars” for others. Some easily let go of situations, while others, on the contrary, painfully hold on until the last... And sometimes, willy-nilly, questions like: “... how can I survive this?”, “... and what should I do now?”, “... can I continue to live with such a burden on your soul? etc.

What “problems” can be solved without the help of a specialist (psychologist, psychotherapist)

I really want to write that that’s it, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Yes, ideally, a person is able to solve his problems himself. However, in life, everything happens a little differently: we are not always able and do not always want to look at the situation from the outside, ask ourselves the “right” question, pay attention to certain aspects of our life, etc. And besides, we should not forget that a person is a social being, that is, requiring interaction and communication with other people. Often we simply need something that we cannot get from our usual environment or simply do not know how to do. This is why we need a specialist (a psychologist or psychotherapist) who can set an example, create a favorable atmosphere, explain in an environmentally friendly, safe and clear way how the situation looks from the outside, ask questions that we have never asked ourselves before, and much more. another thing... in the end, just listen, accepting the interlocutor as he is.

By turning to specialists, we may spend less time and effort resolving a particular problem. But there is not always such an opportunity, and there is not always such a need. For example, many everyday experiences (such as mental discomfort due to an unpleasant situation, an accidental quarrel, an argument with friends that hurt the soul, family conflict, etc.) can be sorted out using the principles set out in this article. Moreover, it is possible to heal, including old “spiritual scars” (of course, this will require more effort and time). And even if you fail to completely and completely resolve this or that “problem” and you still decide to turn to a specialist (or have already done so), then your independent study will still be a huge contribution to future changes.

How our inner world or a simplified model of the psyche works

Before we talk about what are called “psychological problems” or “mental trauma,” we need to understand (at least in general terms) how our psyche works.

In various psychological and psychotherapeutic schools, there are a number of different models of the “inner world” of a person; in this article I will describe the simplest and most generalized vision of what our psyche is.

Each of us, as we know, has many different needs, which in turn can be combined into a fairly small number of the most common and important. Sometimes these types of needs are also called meta-needs. There are different views on what needs are basic and general (this, like the idea of ​​the psyche, is due to differences in psychological schools and psychotherapeutic techniques). But, by and large, in all schools and directions, one of the main features of our meta-needs is that there is a huge (one might even say infinite) variety of ways to satisfy the same basic need! That is, frankly speaking, we ourselves choose how what we need is realized in our lives.

So, the task of our psyche is to satisfy needs (in any way)! That is, all our mental processes are aimed at satisfying the needs that are most important to us. At the same time, using a convenient and familiar way to satisfy them (often to the detriment of some areas of our life). The most commonly used ways to satisfy needs are also called: behavioral stereotypes, habitual reactions, basic life strategies, scripts, response patterns, etc.

However, let us return to the description of the model of our psyche, or rather to mental processes. In general, all mental processes can be divided into rational and irrational:

  • Rational processes are the topic of logical thinking, building connections and patterns, understanding and analysis;
  • Irrational processes are the topic of emotions, feelings, experiences and living.

By the way, these processes are well connected through bodily sensations. There is even a whole direction that works through the body with mental processes - this is body-oriented psychotherapy. In this article I will not delve into the basics of the body-oriented approach and the principles of the relationship between the psyche and the body, I just want to note that these relationships take place and the body is a very important component of our lives. This kind of understanding and attitude towards ourselves will help us when it comes to using the resources of the body in healing “spiritual wounds”. But first, it’s worth paying attention to how these “wounds” appear in our lives in the first place.

How does a “problem” arise?

What is called a “psychological problem” is a conflict or conflicts that arise on an irrational level. Conflicts are rational - they are considered as unresolved or as unsolvable (that is, without a solution) problems. Every time we encounter a shock that leaves a “scar in our life,” we are talking about some kind of emotion associated with a particular situation. And even in the case of difficult situations that have arisen for very rational reasons: changes in the schedule, unforeseen expenses, unexpected meetings, new details of a business, delays, etc., how we will react, what decision we will make, and what imprint will remain on the soul greatly depends on the emotional background of the situation.

It is the emotional “plug” - unlived and unexpressed feelings that are the cause of what we are used to calling “mental wounds” or “psychological problems”.

How to resolve internal conflict

Based on all of the above, it is logical that in order to resolve an internal conflict, you need to express unlived emotions, see the needs behind all this and choose (or come up with) a way to satisfy these very needs. Perhaps one of the readers will say: “It sounds simple and quite understandable, but how is all this implemented in life?” - It’s a fair question, let’s take a closer look.

If we describe this idea in the form of a certain sequence of actions, we will get something like:

  1. What do I want to do (fantasies, thoughts, bodily movements);
  2. What emotion is behind this;
  3. Allow yourself this emotion;
  4. Live/express an emotion;
  5. What need is being satisfied?
  6. How else can I satisfy this need (the ability to make choices).

Now let's look at each point separately.

What I want to do (fantasies, thoughts, bodily movements). When you return to a problematic situation (you remember, think about it, or something from the outside world reminds you of it), pay attention to how you would like to act, what you expect from yourself and from others in this case... Don’t be stingy for your imagination, you can think about anything - imagine different scenarios of events. Don't be afraid, because this is, first of all, a game of your imagination. You may have a desire to say something, write it down or express it in a drawing - don’t stop yourself - talk, write it down, draw it, if you want to do something physically (clench your fists, scream, tear something to shreds, knock your feet etc.), then you shouldn’t restrain yourself - allow yourself these movements, allow yourself to do what you want. But do not forget about your safety and the safety of others. For example, if you want to hit something, then it is much safer (and perhaps even more effective) to deliver a series of blows to a pillow or punching bag, to a hard concrete wall, or to another person.

What emotion is behind this? Now you can ask yourself the question: “What do I feel here and now?”, or simply ask yourself what emotion strives to be lived. When answering this question, remember that there are no bad or good emotions, there are no right or wrong feelings... good and bad, right and wrong - this is just an assessment (and, often, this is not your assessment, but the assessment of others)... staying with yourself alone, you can be absolutely sincere and honest.

Allow yourself this emotion . This point seems both very simple and very complex at the same time. To allow is to allow to be. Allowing yourself an emotion (feeling, experience) means recognizing that this emotion is my emotion. Often, we do not recognize certain manifestations in ourselves, trying to convince ourselves of our “ideality”: we strive to be strong and forbid ourselves to feel grief, we strive to be independent and forbid ourselves love, we strive to be confident and forbid ourselves fear... Sometimes we We don’t even allow the thought that strength lies not in hiding from grief, but in surviving it and taking from there an even greater desire for life, that independence is not only the ability to take care of oneself, but also the desire to interact with others, increasing the joys of life, that confidence and courage consist precisely in recognizing your fears, seeing them and continuing to do your job, knowing for sure that it will be completed. We are afraid that learning something new about ourselves will make us worse. But this is not so - by recognizing something in ourselves that really exists, we remain ourselves, while becoming a little more aware, a little stronger, a little more confident and capable of change.

Live/express the emotion. After we have felt and allowed ourselves an emotion, it is logical to express it (allow it to be lived). Many people ask questions like: “How can I express this or that emotion?” or “How can I live through some feeling?”... Don’t worry, when you allow yourself this or that feeling, emotion or experience, then the question “How?” won't even arise. After all, you are not wondering how to express joy... I would also like to remind you about the resource of our body. The body is a very effective tool for experiencing emotions and expressing feelings. Remember how children cry or rejoice: if they cry, then sobbing bitterly (with their whole body), if they laugh, then until they colic. And in general, any emotion, in fact, is expressed in action: through writing, through drawing, through screaming or crying, through throwing stones, tearing paper, etc. many options...

What need is being satisfied? Quite often, after emotional release, a problematic situation loses its relevance and, accordingly, ceases to be problematic. It also happens that running irrational processes without our conscious intervention (without unnecessary help) find different solutions (this is also called the work of the subconscious or unconscious mind). But sometimes, it is necessary to see what is hidden behind the screen of the “problem” - what needs are satisfied (or strive to be satisfied) in this way. Getting an answer to this question is not as difficult as it seems. To get an answer, you need to look at everything that is happening detachedly (from the outside) as if it were happening not to you, but to someone else... and ask yourself: “What is actually happening in this situation, and what am I getting or striving for from this?” get?" Don’t shy away from simple and honest answers—when asking a question, be prepared to hear the answer.

How else can I satisfy this need (freedom, choice and responsibility). This is perhaps the most pleasant, but also the most important part. When the emotional content of the “problem” has been lived through, the situation has been released and the meta-need has been identified, then the moment of choice comes. The very moment when we see that there are a huge variety of options to satisfy our needs. At this moment, people usually feel a sense of freedom, inner strength and confidence. It is in this state that we are able to make a conscious and responsible choice: abandon old ways of satisfying certain needs, change our views on something, go beyond stereotypes in relationships with loved ones, etc. After the decision is made, we experience a feeling of relief and bliss.

When dealing with solving your “problems” (healing “mental wounds”), remember that the above scheme is very general and conditional. As I already said, emotional expression is enough to resolve a problematic situation. It also happens that when answering the question: “What do I want?” We immediately see the whole picture of what is happening with all possible solutions. At the resolution stage, the “problem” also often ceases to be a problem, but magically turns into a task or even fades away against the background of other life processes. The same can be said about time - some “problems” are solved quickly, others take longer. Some things take years to complete, while others fall apart in moments. In any case, be prepared to give yourself and your psyche time. Each of us is unique in our own way: each has our own life and our own unique experience, our own strengths, our own springboards and our own obstacles.

Psychoprophylaxis or how not to step on the same rake

Speaking about the prevention of “mental trauma,” I would like to draw attention to one of the common illusions that you can learn to “live without difficulties.” Fortunately, this is impossible. You ask: “Why fortunately?” Well, everything is simple here, life is a process of continuous growth and change, and growth implies a constant exit from the comfort zone, that is, the continuous overcoming of certain difficulties and obstacles. And it is the solution of life’s problems, the ability to find a way out of difficult situations, ups, downs and new ups that fill our lives with bright and joyful moments.

But there is something that can help you navigate the flow of life more harmoniously and safely - this is your sensitivity and openness to yourself. Whenever you make a choice, be in touch with your feelings - this will help you make the right decision.

The sages say that any situation can be turned to your advantage. Perhaps they are right, although sometimes it is not easy to agree with it... There are times when we really find it difficult to overcome something... do not be afraid to admit to yourself your weaknesses, because admitting your weaknesses is the power that can change the situation.

Forgiveness is a close path to love

If the heart is filled with negative emotions - sadness, anxiety, hostility - it is useless to look for even a small place for kindness. And without this bright feeling it is difficult to be healthy spiritually and physically. Forgiveness releases the charge of negative emotions that fill unhealthy thoughts and eliminates stagnation in energy flows to ensure a stable connection with the soul. And this is a direct path to recovery. The connection between love and the soul is indisputable, and the healing of the female soul with the help of love is obvious.

Forgiveness, with the help of correctly selected impulses, extinguishes fear and an unhealthy attitude that suppresses all the positive emotions of the body. Forgiveness kickstarts the healing process. The protective functions of the immune system are strengthened and the susceptibility to diseases is reduced.

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