How to avoid an awkward question: 8 strategies with examples

Answer a question with a question

Use your interlocutor's weapon and interrogate him with passion. For example, ask why he is asking and what will change your answer.

If you maintain friendly intonations, the degree of rudeness in this method is almost zero. At the same time, you squeeze the questioner out of your territory back to neutral. If you're lucky, the person will understand that the question is tactless.

— Are you going to buy an apartment at all, or will you continue to live in a rented apartment until you get old?

- Will my answer affect anything? Or why are you interested?

Pour water

Answer verbosely not to the question asked, but to one very close to it, keeping the main subject of the conversation unchanged. The method does not provide a 100% guarantee, since the interlocutor may not be so easily confused, but it works. At least among politicians.

If nothing comes to mind, start answering the question from afar. By the time you get to the point, the topic will fade away by itself.

- Why haven’t you been promoted yet? You've been working at this place for a very long time. “As a child, I always looked at the adults who were returning from work in the evening, and thought that one day this would happen to me too. Then it seemed to me that this was great, because at work you don’t have to sleep and eat semolina porridge. What a fatal mistake!..


Warning: there is a lot of information

1. what kind of chocolate do you like?

More than anything else, I love ordinary milk chocolate. I'm a classicist by nature, so I don't really like additives. but at the same time I like tiles with some kind of nougat or nuts. dark chocolate, like white chocolate, were not invented for me.

2. how many close friends have you had in your life?

they can be counted on one hand. from primary school to today there have been nine of them. I lost contact with one girl back in the third grade, as well as with a boy from the third grade. we were never able to communicate. Another friend and I didn’t get along with each other. At the moment, my best friends are six amazing girlfriends, and I hope that this composition will never change. We have a friendship that has stood the test of time.

3. favorite food?

This is a difficult question, because the things I don’t like can be counted on one hand. let it be pasta. in any country in the world, in any sauce (except fish, of course. I hate fish) I can eat them all the time. they don't even get boring. I can cook new pots every day

4. do you often wear skirts/dresses or do you prefer something else?

Unfortunately, I almost always only wear jeans. Moreover, they are not necessarily classic - light blue and dark blue. For example, I wear black ones to school. For summer weather there are white ones. and there are only two skirts in the closet. but summer is a time of change, so I actively put my trousers back and look for either breeches, or shorts, or wear a skirt. As for dresses, I love them, but I wear them just as rarely. and again, I’ll fix everything in the summer.

5. how many children do you want to have?

I only dream about one child. ideally it should be a girl. If a boy is born, then my husband and I will be planning a second child and hoping for a girl.

6. Tell us about the ideal relationship in your opinion.

An ideal relationship is when your relationship does not turn into some kind of nightmare, which girls constantly write about in their diaries after breaking up.

7. do you love nature?

adore. It’s a pleasure to look at different photographs of amazing places, and if you are also on vacation in one of these wonderful places, then this is paradise, guys)

8. What city would you like to live in?

in London. Great Britain has always amazed me. but I love my city and don’t want to move. only if in the center of Moscow

9. what kind of toilet paper do you use? xD

hahaha should I go to the toilet to look? xD zewa

10. three favorite actors and actresses.

Johnny Depp, Ian Somerhalder, Josh Duhamel Leighton Meester, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman

11. tea or coffee?

exclusively tea. I don’t drink anything other than it - neither coffee nor cocoa. coffee doesn't invigorate me, and cocoa tastes too sweet. so tea, and also exclusively black)

12. What do you value most in people?

What I value most in human nature is the soul. He who has a soul knows firsthand what kindness is. and who has no soul... I hope you understand me.

13. What can’t you stand in them?

I am a fairly patient person; I simply close my eyes to some of people’s shortcomings and accept them as a fact. but my patience automatically disappears when I encounter whining. but here, too, it is necessary to clarify that it is one thing when they complain about some serious or important problem for them. It’s another thing when there’s snot about how poor and miserable I am and how crap life is. I also don’t warm to the posturing, envy of our classmates, who are all so cool, drink and smoke, and so on.

14. Is a person’s beauty or inner peace important to you?

inner world. I try not to judge a person by his cover. besides, there are no ugly people. There are those who simply don’t know how to highlight their strengths. makeup will fix everything, friends :D

15. do you like sunbathing?

I really like to sunbathe, but not in the yard on a chair under the trees in shorts and a T-shirt rolled up, but among the palm trees at some resort. I will soon be choosing my own spf sunscreen and oil for it.

16. what perfume are you using now?

Mini Glamor, this series is filled with unobtrusive feminine scents. Of course, they won’t suit our mothers, but they suit us, teenage schoolchildren, perfectly. I also like to select associations for them. my perfume is associated with Sashulka. I also have Mini Fashion from the same series, it is less sweet than Glamor

17. How many cosmetic accessories do you have?

Makeup brushes are considered cosmetic accessories. I have 9 of them. I use 8 of them constantly for makeup. one is lying idle, because I can’t handle it, it’s very inconvenient to tint my eyebrows and make arrows. All brushes are synthetic, except for the inactive one.

18. Do you have any allergies to anything?

Yes, I am allergic to German essence cosmetics. namely, in the shadows. my eyes itched, watered and turned red. refused to wake up with the body. it was the tragedy of my cosmetic history. Now I use the Polish line for the eyes and the New York line for the face.

19. How do you spend your free time most often?

I surf the Internet, of course. which is very, very bad. sometimes I watch TV, clean the house and cook for dinner. Nowadays, most of my time is spent visiting friends and shopping.

20. are you afraid of the dark?

I used to be afraid, but I outgrew this age.

21. were you really in love?

I think no. I love friends only as friends, even if they are boys. Somehow there hasn’t been a guy for me yet. don't you think this is strange? We are all beautiful, smart and decent girls, but there are no boys.

22. How many photos do you have on your computer?

I don’t keep photos on my computer so as not to reload the computer with information. My system crashed several times, so all the photos are contained on an external hard drive. and there are 38 GB of them

23. why do you always delete everything?

I'm a terrible self-critic. maybe even an idealist. I need everything to be perfect, perfect. and if it doesn’t work out, I don’t refuse to start everything from scratch.

24. Do you and Olya quarrel more often or do you still live peacefully?

more often peacefully than as enemies who hate each other. It can’t be done without quarrels either)

25. do you want to drive a car? if yes, which one?

I love using public transport and walking. but having a license and driving a car is much more convenient - I won’t carry a large number of bags from the store myself, so yes, I plan to drive an Audi Q5.

26. When you get married, would you like to move in with your husband or stay in your house with him?

depending on what kind of house he will have. The fact is that I have grandiose plans to expand the house of my beloved grandparents. I am registered there and have every right to live and build. Ideally, you need to carry out major renovations inside and out, as well as add two more rooms. I also like the idea with the second floor, the walls of which are sloping, like in many “vanilla” interiors

27. Favorite movie? Why?

hard to choose. let it be "I'm leaving, don't cry" from 2010. Favorite actress, love story and scenes. very psychological. makes me think.

28. when will you finish watching TVD?

Don't know. I don’t want to sit for 40 minutes and play the record player. maybe I can record it on disk and watch it at the same time in the kitchen with tea

29. would you like to have a separate room?

Of course I would!:) after all, personal space, the opportunity to arrange it only the way I want. but I want a lot of white light (no yellow light bulbs!) and a mirror opposite the table so that I can put on my makeup right away, and not get dressed and run to the bathroom, where the lighting is not pleasant. lots of cabinets and drawers. but let’s wait, maybe soon I’ll even live alone in my grandparents’ house!))

30. What trait of your character do you consider the most unpleasant?

intolerance towards certain character traits of my friends. yes, intolerance.

31. Are you afraid of insects?

I was never afraid of them. As a child, on the contrary, I loved to catch them and examine them. Lately it has become disgusting to see all these little things. a reflex appeared to scream at the spiders. I think it's just age and it will pass.

32. What is your main fear?

June's main fear is failing exams. The main fear in life is the loss of loved ones.

33. would you like to meet Yura? Yeah, that would be nice. He is a very sweet, modest 21-year-old “boy” unspoiled by modern vices.

34. do you discuss people behind their backs?

I'm discussing. and everyone is talking about each other. it's not a vice. This is fine.

35. Did you kiss frogs as a child so that they would turn into princes? xD

I never met frogs as a child. never. not the right area for frogs. and if I had met her, I wouldn’t have tried it.

36. what is your favorite game?

“Airport-2 Evolution” is an interesting piece about working at an airport. It's great to play together by connecting laptops with wires. It's logical, but it's terribly relaxing if you're not playing on a mission.

37. do you sleep with soft toys? or did you ever sleep?

I sleep only cuddled with a blanket. As a child, I once tried to sleep cuddling with my favorite Dalmatian dog, but she got in my way and I put her behind the pillow. does this count?)

38. can you cross stitch?

no, just knit with a stitch. and half-column. with and without crochet. I studied a lot of techniques last summer or the summer before.

39. are you nasty? are you doing anything to improve? xD

Yes, I'm harmful. I stand firmly by my tastes in clothing. Therefore, my mother and I often have a mini-war using a sharp weapon - the tongue. But I don’t intend to change my taste so that it matches my mother’s taste.

40. would you like to study with us??

I would like YOU to study with me. I have an amazing school and a simply masterpiece classroom. the level of education is also high) move to Lyubertsy, my beloved! xD

41. Who is your ideal of beauty? and the mind?

ideal of beauty - Leighton Meester. Lid, I think you’ll understand me, she’s so cute! I don’t have an ideal mind. I compile it myself based on my own knowledge. next year it is necessary to improve the exact sciences. as soon as I correct 3 by 4, then I will become the ideal of myself!)

42. Which country would you like to visit most now?

Australia. I am captivated by the photographs of Melbourne from my parents’ camera.

43. What kind of photo shoot would you like to have?

hmm, interesting question. I have a lot of ideas. The plans include “vanilla” photographs and photo sessions in different looks and makeup. On June 19, the girls and I decided that we would try out my new equipment in an abandoned burnt store, where the ideal atmosphere for a horror-gothic photo shoot

44. why do you want to gain weight so much? (we ordinary people don't understand this)

you just haven’t seen my body in a swimsuit, gentlemen! a terrible sight. I'm like a complete anorexic. All that's missing is loose skin and wild ribs. in general, the reason is not so much self-criticism, sometimes even excessive, but the difficulty of choosing clothes. It's simple for us. Well, I recently bought a dress in size XXS. although I actually have 100% XS. it should be S!

45. could you become a vegetarian?

I could. Sometimes there come times in my life when I don’t want meat at all. salads and pasta or potatoes are enough for me.

46. ​​Which person would you arrange a meeting with if you had the opportunity to choose anyone?

hard to choose. I love you all girls <33

47. What magazines do you like to read?

magazines for teenage girls: clothes, fashion, cosmetics. these are magazines like Elle Girl, OOPS! and Cosmo

48. Favorite sweet dish?


49. Do you often want to be alone? or don't you get tired of companies?

I don't like to sit alone for too long. ideal when I'm alone in the room, but not alone in the house. The silence weighs on me. I don’t get tired of companies, I get tired of people. agree, when you live at home with a friend for 5 days in a row 24 hours a day, this is a bit of overkill :)

50. show me the dress you would like to get married in!

let it be

51. What would you like to do in life?

I dream of taking my place in our “dynasty” of dentists. In our history of medicine, dad and grandfather are dentists. Dad's cousin is also involved in medicine. The dentist-therapist will never disappear in our society. Doctors are always needed.

52. what books do you like?

historical romance novels. I enjoy love stories that take place during the 19th century, piracy, noble men and sophisticated ladies...

53. What song is on your ringtone?

Leighton Meester - Summer Girl. a light country song about almost nothing)

54. favorite time of year, why?

summer. summer - freedom, sun, new horizons...

55. What is your ideal day?

wake up at 9 am, do a bunch of things and enjoy chatting on the Internet. and then spontaneously get together somewhere with your best friend with a camera)

56. Do you watch any reality shows?

yes, Shopaholic and ANTM.

57. What can you do for hours?

surf the Internet, of course! xD and also knitting, cooking and reading. A particular passion of mine is watching YouTube.

58. Do you collect any things?

I have a very small collection of owls on my shelf. this is my personal symbol. I have a chocolate figurine in the shape of an owl, a figurine with Swarovski crystals, a pendant on my neck that I never part with, earrings, and I recently got a cute brooch.

59. how to pass the time on the road? the best way for me is to keep your eyes on the road! and if you also have a camera by your side and can take pictures/shoot videos, that’s brilliant. You can also read, but it’s not very convenient, correspond with someone on the phone, listen to music and talk with your fellow travelers.

60. show your certificate!


61. favorite direction in music

I love power metal. these are bands like Kamelot and Avantasia. I only listen to them, which is very strange. I also like country music.

62. what languages ​​do you know? which ones do you like?

I only know English. I would like to learn French and German)

63. Favorite flowers?

spray roses: 3 of the cutest flowers for me. on the one hand, these are roses, on the other, they are so charming! Almost no one gives them to each other, they are not in trend. that's why they don't get boring.

64. Why is it worth staying up all night?

for the sake of emotions, for the sake of photographs, for the sake of happiness

65. What type of transport do you like and why?

I love traveling long distances by car. it’s so family-like and so cool... watching out the window how the landscapes around you change, and now you’re escaping from our polluted, jam-packed Moscow, and passing through such views... *_* I also love groove buses. cute and leisurely, they are very convenient for getting home.

66. life in a metropolis or in the suburbs?

suburb. If you work in the center, it is very important to break away from the bustle of the city.

67. What time do you wake up in the morning?

at my beloved 9 am. This summer I want to train myself to wake up at 6. I don’t like to sleep a lot. By the way, this is harmful :)

68. Do you like to listen to different stories?

oh, I love it) I can come to someone’s birthday or for a meeting, and sit with my mouth open, not taking any part in the discussion, and listen, listen, listen

69. shoe size.

35-36. Cinderella, right? xD

70. do you like making videos?

yes, yes, yes!)) as soon as the camera appears, my work as a cameraman will appear on the Internet.

71. How long does it take you to get ready?

depends on the situation - I can get dressed and run out into the street in 5 minutes, and sometimes an hour is not enough to get myself in order. but on average 20 minutes, yes.

72. What, in your opinion, is the most brilliant thing that humanity has come up with and what is the most stupid?

Ihmo, the most brilliant thing is the Internet. Could we have imagined 100 years ago that we wouldn’t have to keep encyclopedias at home? that you can go online and find out everything? the stupidest thing... hmm... condoms for ultrasound?

73. will you keep any blog besides this diary?

I have a page on livejournal. I will update with sets of photos, maybe, if absolutely necessary, on blogspot.

74. do you like watching Russian cartoons?

There is nothing better than our Soviet cartoons) I adore them since childhood, and I will also raise my children on them. and then I’ll open The Simpsons for them.

75. do you wear jewelry?

Yes. I have earrings in my ears that my grandmother gave to my mother for our birthday - triangles and three stones, symbolizing my mother and me. I also always have an owl on my neck, strewn with pseudo-stones.

76. The perfect birthday gift?

this is a gift from people dear to you) and it doesn’t matter what it is, whether it was bought for 100 rubles or 1000)

77. favorite varnish company.

Bell. This company has an amazing line of colors and different systems. of the recently appeared ones - permanent varnish for 5 days. I adore the fashion line, there are noble colors. production, by the way, Poland

78. do you follow fashion?

Sometimes. but I'm just watching. You can never follow fashion and be in trend - fashion can be such that not everyone dares to follow it. for example, the spring 2011 trend is to shave your eyebrows and wear creepy straight orange silhouettes! This is not for me.

79. favorite hairstyle.

a variety of buns in different styles and in general when the hair is beautifully styled and pulled away from the face.

80. do you like soft toys?

Yes, I really love. I have two bear cubs and a moose from Letual. Once upon a time I wanted to open a collection of bears at home. It’s very nice when a guy gives you some lovely toy. and everything can be stuffed on shelves and decorated with a bed.

81. What weekend would be ideal for you?

with friends, a camera and plenty of sun)

82. How long could you last on a diet?

Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly on a diet!:D I eat very little, so I could easily tolerate the restrictions. so I think I completed the full course of the diet)

83. What food did you not like before, but do you like now?

tomatoes. Previously, I couldn’t stand them; I ate them according to my parents’ instructions and grinned. Now, not a single salad exists for me without tomatoes! Moreover, they help resist sunburn)

84. How do you feel about criticism?

absolutely adequate. criticize, friends. only in the face, not behind the back. It's great when someone points out your shortcomings and helps you become a different person.

85. What is your favorite nail polish color?

perfect nude. my nails are now transparent, floor treatment sally hansen

86. are you late or on time?

I arrive early, often even 10 minutes before the meeting. In winter we arrived on Arbat in two hours! :D

87. do you drink alcohol?

only on holidays. and so - never.

88. are you going to smoke?

no, and that’s it! it's not even discussed. my men are smokers, and I constantly see how they suffer because of a habit that they cannot give up. a smoking girl is so disgusting...

89. do you have a piggy bank? do you keep coins in it?

We have a piggy bank exclusively with coins, where the whole family throws money) I have my own Raphael box, I put it there so as not to waste it. but this fund has already been spent)

90. Do you sunbathe well in summer?

good enough, but I still want to buy suntan oil this summer)

91. do you mark anything on the calendar? dates, holidays?

only personal information. I try to remember birthdays and important dates.

92. Do you like historical excursions?

oh, it’s very interesting to touch the history of another country! thank you for reminding me - I need to see what excursions are offered by different countries of the world that we could fly to in the summer of 2011))

93. do you dance often?

every day. with your favorite music on headphones from your phone

94. Are you enjoying the first snowfall?

of course. the first snow is - ah. this winter I saw snow and told my teacher about it. so I raised her eyebrows, she told all the students that it was snowing now! that's it))

95. how much do you weigh?

36 kg. well, maybe this says something about my desire to gain weight, hmm?

96. how tall are you?

161, I think. maybe already 162-163.

97. What do you get sick with most often?

orvi. I began to get sick very rarely) usually just minor ones - the throat and nose.

98. Are you afraid of the sight of blood?

I’m not afraid of the sight of blood, I’m a little disgusted to look at the needle entering the body.

99. What do you use for facial care?

cream F99 is semi-oily, anti-flaking and nivea baby universal, also for dry skin. Sometimes I wash my face with a kora anti-greasy cleanser and wipe my face with a tonic.

100. Do you think June started well?

in my mind, June did not begin) exams, exams, brain restructuring)) summer will begin in July in my mind. that's when we'll go to the sea!)

if you made it to the end...

you are hero! :D

Ask for advice

If you need to distract your interlocutor, give him the opportunity to talk about what he (in his opinion) understands. Ask for advice and listen carefully to the answer.

Just under no circumstances ask questions related to the main topic of the conversation. If you ask, for example, how to find a spouse, in response to the question why you are not married, then you run the risk of reporting at each meeting how the search is progressing. So switch your interlocutor to the most abstract topic possible.

— Are you going to look for a normal job or will you continue to freelance? “For now, I’m preoccupied with the repairs.” By the way, you recently re-floored the rooms. Now is it really possible to cover the floor with a board or does it cost like a cast iron bridge? What did you choose? And why?

Best Friend Quiz

Want to test your friendship? Create your own quiz about yourself and see how well your friends know you:

Best Friend Quiz

50 questions, how well do you know me?

  1. Who has had the greatest influence on my life?
  2. What's my favorite drink?
  3. What 3 things would I like to have on a desert island?
  4. How many children do I want?
  5. What's my favorite movie?
  6. Did I have a favorite restaurant growing up?
  7. What's the longest book I've ever read?
  8. How much is my most expensive item of clothing worth?
  9. Have I ever been to summer camp?
  10. Who do I talk to most often on the phone?
  11. What was the best day of my life?
  12. Do I like to get up early or go to bed late?
  13. What does my morning routine look like?
  14. When did I/did I learn to ride a bike?
  15. Would I ever adopt a child?
  16. What was the last concert I went to?
  17. What languages ​​do I speak?
  18. What should I be grateful for?
  19. What's my favorite series?
  20. When did I start swimming?
  21. Have I ever tried drugs?
  22. What do I love most about myself?
  23. What did I like to do as a child?
  24. Am I for Android or iPhone?
  25. Do I have an addiction?
  26. What's my favorite TV genre?
  27. What do I really hate?
  28. Did I have pets when I was growing up?
  29. What's my favorite food?
  30. What was my worst breakup?
  31. Do I enjoy meeting new people?
  32. Do I have nieces or nephews?
  33. What is my deepest fear?
  34. What does my name mean?
  35. I would like to be a famous musician or actor?
  36. What do my parents do for a living?
  37. What is my zodiac sign?
  38. What's my favorite book?
  39. Where do my parents live?
  40. What do I think about drugs?
  41. What do I think about equality?
  42. What would I name my first child?
  43. If I received a Nobel Prize, what would it be for?
  44. What would my ideal day look like?
  45. What is my full name?
  46. Where am I from?
  47. Will I ever join the army?
  48. What's my favorite sweet?
  49. What color are my eyes?
  50. Where I live?

50 funny questions, how well do you know me?

  1. What's my opinion on pineapple on pizza?
  2. Would I eat a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips in one sitting?
  3. What's the most embarrassing moment of my life?
  4. Who would I be: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
  5. What was the most illegal thing I've ever done?
  6. What movie or television character reminds me of you?
  7. Would I ever go on a blind date?
  8. What kind of Disney character am I?
  9. What always distracts me while studying?
  10. What's my favorite gummy flavor?
  11. How often do I use social networks?
  12. What am I doing that makes me look really stupid?
  13. What always makes me smile?
  14. How much money do I spend each week?
  15. What word do I say too often?
  16. If my life was a movie, which actor/actress would play me?
  17. What's my least favorite genre of music?
  18. If I could have any thing, what would it be?
  19. Do I play any instruments?
  20. What do I hate?
  21. My dream travel destination?
  22. What kind of superhero would I be?
  23. What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?
  24. What kind of animal would I be?
  25. What food can I eat every day?
  26. What's my favorite computer game?
  27. Did I have an imaginary friend as a child?
  28. Which alcoholic drink best describes my personality and why?
  29. When and how did I find out that Santa Claus is not real?
  30. What would my polar opposite be?
  31. What era would I like to live in if I could?
  32. What is my opinion about hairy legs?
  33. What is the stupidest situation in which I almost died?
  34. Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  35. How long will I survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
  36. When was the last time I peed/peeed my pants?
  37. What's my favorite board game?
  38. If I could live in a fictional universe, where would it be?
  39. What song would I choose if I had to sing karaoke?
  40. Do I prefer swimming or running?
  41. Have I ever had a crush on an animated character?
  42. Worst situation in which I laughed/laughed?
  43. Have I kissed anyone in the last five days?
  44. What do you think I was doing an hour ago?
  45. What strange habit did I have as a child?
  46. What do I love most?
  47. Which fictional character would I like to marry/who would I like to marry?
  48. Would I date someone who is stupid or ugly?
  49. What's my most annoying habit?
  50. What baby item do I still love?

Laugh it off

Unless you're a sparkling stand-up comedian, it's best to prepare in advance. The irritating questions are usually the same, so you can come up with a witty answer to each and deliver it every time someone steps onto the slippery ground of tactlessness.

- Why don’t you have children? - You know, I ask myself all the time, why don’t I have children. But in the end I can’t come to an agreement with myself, I quarrel and even stop talking to myself. Apparently, we will have to wait a little longer, otherwise we will have to part with ourselves on this basis.

Why is it so important to be able to ask the right questions?

The fact is that we are surrounded by such a huge amount of information that if we do not learn to sort and accept only the important, an unforgivably large amount of time and money will be spent searching for what we need.

This is especially important for business, because time is money. And by asking your partners the right questions, you can obtain the necessary information and build a further strategy in connection with it. Moreover, asking questions means showing interest in people, showing that you are willing to give them time.

But inappropriate and annoying questions can scare a person away, make him “close down” and even refuse to cooperate.

Immanuel Kant was sure that only smart and insightful people are capable of asking competent questions: “A meaningless question requires a meaningless answer... In addition to shame for the questioner, it sometimes also has the disadvantage that it encourages the imprudent listener to absurd answers and creates a funny spectacle: one (by in the expression of the ancients) milks a goat, and another holds a sieve under it"

Ignore the question

This option will require some acting skills on your part. Continue the conversation as if you didn’t hear the question. When the interlocutor repeats it, continue to pursue your line. Sooner or later he will get bored.

If you feel like you can’t handle it, avoid the question in the literal sense of the word. Say you need to go away for a minute. Come back with a prepared topic for conversation.

- When will you finally marry Masha? - Sorry, just a second.

—Have you seen Tarantino's latest film?

How well do you know me? Questions for friends

Whether you're chatting with an old friend or talking to a new acquaintance you just met, we all like to think that we know our loved ones well. The following questions concern personal dreams and hopes, childhood, family and loved ones. Grab your friends and take the opportunity to learn more about each other!

50 questions, how well do you know me? Questions for friends

  1. How many countries have I visited?
  2. Would I live in a big city or on a farm?
  3. What makes me nervous?
  4. Who was my crush five years ago?
  5. How old do I look?
  6. What was my first experience with alcohol?
  7. Do I like to dress up (for example, in suits)?
  8. What makes me feel most alive/alive?
  9. Have you ever suspected that I am gay?
  10. What is my dream job?
  11. Do I have any weaknesses?
  12. Who is my favorite celebrity right now?
  13. What does love mean to me?
  14. How do I spend a typical Saturday evening?
  15. How did I lose my virginity?
  16. What's my favorite song?
  17. What is my favorite winter activity?
  18. Who is the man/woman of my dreams?
  19. What is my greatest talent?
  20. The story of my first kiss?
  21. How different was my life a year ago?
  22. What was the last movie that made me cry?
  23. Would I kiss on the first date?
  24. What do I prefer to do on a hot summer day?
  25. Have I ever lost someone close to me?
  26. What was the name of my first pet?
  27. Who do I hate?
  28. How old was I when I started dating?
  29. Have I ever cheated on someone?
  30. Would I rather/would I rather spend the day with my parents or your parents?
  31. How long was my longest romantic relationship?
  32. Do I have brothers and sisters? What are their names?
  33. Have I ever had to repeat a year in school?
  34. What's my favorite item of clothing?
  35. Worst date I've ever been on?
  36. What do I think about politics?
  37. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  38. Have I ever dyed my hair?
  39. What is the length of my longest romantic relationship?
  40. Am I for dogs or cats?
  41. Which celebrity would I like to meet?
  42. Who was my first true love?
  43. Would I like to be taller or shorter?
  44. Am I right-handed or left-handed?
  45. Who was my first crush?
  46. What's my best solution?
  47. Where would I like to go?
  48. What's my favorite music?
  49. How did my last relationship end?
  50. Scariest moment of my life?

Mirror someone else's tactlessness

You, of course, are a well-mannered person and do not want to be rude in response to unsolicited questions. But some people do not give up in their manifestations of curiosity even after they have tried all the previous methods. In this case, a little aggression won't hurt.

True, it’s better not to look for the vulnerability of your interlocutor in order to hit him harder - why would you lower yourself to his level? He himself gives you a weapon - his question. Just return it in a wording that will bring the questioner to light.

- When will you get a normal haircut? - Do I understand correctly that you consider my haircut unsuccessful and believe that I should adapt to your taste, and not to mine?

How do you avoid tactless questions?

Basics and Concepts

There must be questions. Whether you like it or not. This is part of public speaking, so your job is to always plan your talk to allow time for questions.

What is an “awkward question”? Recently, during a discussion on Facebook, one reader interpreted this concept as “a question to which you don’t know the answer.”

Not certainly in that way. Here's an example of Quentin Tarantino's answer, which I mentioned in my book Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll:

— Quentin, don’t you think you’ve never made anything better than Pulp Fiction?

- Who took it?

As you can see, the situation here is not one of ignorance, but one of provocation.

The next important point is that when you are on stage, NEVER respond to provocation, become rude or start grumbling. Difficult? Yes very. But this is one of the key points. The provocateur is just waiting for you to answer him in a raised voice. Break it off and it will break off on its own.

Why are such questions asked? Yes, everything is simple to undermine your authority and “show off” your intelligence in front of the public. And only you can decide whether to allow this.

Remember, when you are asked an uncomfortable question, think not about the person who asked it, but about the rest of the audience. This whole “show” is created by the provocateur just for them. And here it is very important to understand the defining moment of the action - what matters is not what the person asking the question thinks of you, but how the audience will accept your reaction and answer.

If you start swinging a saber, you yourself will suffer from it. If you approach the moment with a cool head and a sober mind, you will come out with dignity.

Sometimes the “question and answer” is remembered better than your entire speech. And most often it is “questions and answers” ​​that are discussed on the sidelines, not reports.

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