52 questions for self-knowledge. Useful logging

Get to know yourself a little better! Take the free 52 Week Self Discovery Challenge and unlock your true potential.

Tell me, friends, how much do you really know yourself? Have you ever taken the time to just listen to what life is telling you about your true nature?

It's okay if you don't. Few of us have ever set aside dedicated time for self-discovery. We are so influenced by other people's opinions—what they think of us, how they perceive us, what they want or expect from us—that we completely forget to include the one voice that matters. Your voice!

Self-discovery: the easy way through a creative journal

To know yourself, you don’t have to drop everything and run into the forest to communicate with squirrels or ants. There is no need to eat roots and become a yogi. Just find a few free hours a week...

Don’t wait until a life crisis begins to explore your personality so deeply that it gets to the bottom of depression. If I had found this time for myself at 20-25 years old, I would have saved so much nerves, moved on and gotten rid of life’s precipitates much earlier. And much sooner I would have stopped whining and criticizing everything around me. I would just be happy all the time, and not later...

The easiest way to know yourself is to think about how you study other people. You just need to ask meaningful personal questions. Interview yourself.

Keep a Journal: Anyone else not doing this? On my Internet space, almost everyone has their own diary or bullet journal, and in extreme cases, a home planner or organizer. Therefore, I think that you already have it, since you are visiting my blog. But if you still haven't decided on a journaling system, take a few minutes to briefly explore Bullet Journaling and how it can change your life.

List of questions for yourself

This is one of the best ways, in my humble opinion, to increase your efficiency, qualitatively improve your life and the life of those around you, quickly achieve results and become what you want to become.
I want to emphasize that in order for this method to work, it is necessary not only to ask yourself questions, but to answer them honestly. So that there is a slight evolution in consciousness, so that after the answers you are left with either a satisfied aftertaste or a great desire to change something.

So, here is a list of 17 questions to ask yourself...

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Make time to write in your BuZho: make sure that the time is free from other planned activities. I look at my journal every day, I have all my plans, quirks, motivations, habits there - in general, everything that I don’t want to constantly keep in my head. So I set aside a little time each week to dig a little deeper.

For a couple of minutes I just sit quietly, trying to clear my ever-floating thoughts, jumping ideas, forming habits... I focus on a specific issue lying in front of my eyes.

Start self-knowledge from a new page of the bulletin every time: you must be ready to focus only on yourself 100%. No tasks, no reminders, no obligations to other people. This is your time to listen to yourself.

Choose one prompt each week: Write a page about it. If you feel like writing more, do it!

Questions for Bullet Magazine – “How to Know Yourself”

So, let's begin unlocking our potential and true desires.

  1. What is your favorite physical feature (face or body)? Describe how proud you are of this property.
  2. What physical feature do you hate most about yourself? How could you reconcile with them?
  3. What is your greatest strength? Think back to a time when this power served you well.
  4. What is your biggest weakness? Describe a time when this weakness greatly failed you.
  5. Think back to a time when you felt especially valued and loved.
  6. Finish this sentence: “I can’t stand it when other people...” Examine these character flaws. Do you have them? Be honest.
  7. Today is your first day at your dream job. You are so excited that you can hardly contain yourself. You arrive at work, look around and appreciate the moment. You can't believe you actually got the job. Where are you? Why do you value this work so much?
  8. Name a book that describes or reflects your thoughts. Why?
  9. If you wrote a song, what would it be about?
  10. An animal you admire, are you like it?
  11. What do you love most about your hobby? What role does it play in your life?
  12. Describe the most pleasant day of your life. What made this day so good?
  13. When you think about your future, what do you fear most?
  14. When you think about your future, what do you hope for most?
  15. Describe a situation when you treated someone badly. How do you evaluate your behavior, and what would you say to that person now?
  16. Write about an opportunity you missed. What will you do differently next time?
  17. What should a close friend be like? Do you have these traits?
  18. Describe a situation where a friend went out of his way to help you. How do you help people?
  19. Are you a spiritual person? Describe your beliefs and/or doubts. How do these beliefs affect your life?
  20. How does your environment affect your feelings, what do you feel next to them? How do you feel after communicating with them? How will you communicate with them in the future?
  21. Yes or no: “I know how to protect myself.” Explain your answer.
  22. You've moved into your dream home. Look out the window. What do you see?
  23. The neighbors are having a party. You only know one person invited, will you go there?
  24. You spend the whole day alone. Are you bored?
  25. You meet a stranger in a place you frequent. He or she tells you details about his or her life. Are you listening carefully? Or are you waiting for a break to talk about yourself? Describe how this meeting made you feel.
  26. You spent the day at the beach. How are you feeling? Tired? No forces? What if you spent a day in the mountains? What does it feel like?
  27. You are in an elevator, a stranger compliments you and flirts with you, will you give him your phone number? Why?
  28. Will you use words, actions, or another method to show your love for someone?
  29. You just started working at a new job. One colleague doesn't like you and openly shows it. How are you coping with the situation?
  30. You find yourself in a white room with white furniture. Feeling clean and sterile or dirty? Now imagine a room with colorful walls and colorful furniture. How will this change how you feel?
  31. Someone assigns you a difficult task, you don't know how to do it. Will you make a plan? Ask someone for help? Researching how others have done similar projects in the past? Read a book on this topic. What does it say about your learning style?
  32. Do you shy away from problems or solve them? Tell me about a situation when you weren't sure you could solve a problem. How did you feel then?
  33. Someone trusts you with a secret and asks you not to tell anyone about it. Mystery is a bomb! Will you tell anyone?
  34. A colleague takes credit for your work or merit and is rewarded for it. How does this situation affect your perception of your own worth? How will you even react?
  35. You are walking along the road and come across a triple fork. One path leads to the mountain. The other one goes into the forest. The third is to the ocean. Where will you go? What do you think this choice says about you?
  36. Yes or no: “I am more likely to try or do something if it pleases others.”
  37. If you have a problem, will you go to your relatives, your best friend, or a stranger? Why?
  38. You are in a room with a group of people who have the same opinion on a certain topic. Will you go with the flow or against it?
  39. Two teams play in a big game. One is much stronger and more likely to win. Which team will you support?
  40. Your to-do list this week is huge. Do you ask for help or refuse sleep?
  41. A group of people are talking about a topic you know nothing about. One of them asks for your opinion. Will you admit ignorance or will you bluff?
  42. You are on a team with the people creating an iconic building. What kind of work do you want to help with: project management, building design, building safety or final design. Why?
  43. You have the opportunity to take the job you love for a meager salary, or choose a job that you hate for a lot of money. What will you choose? Why?
  44. Your partner doesn't give you what you need. Will you tell him about it or will you suffer in silence? Why?
  45. Yes or no: “In love and war, all means are fair.” Explain your answer in the context of your life.
  46. You have an important task. Will you do it now or put it off? Why?
  47. You accidentally heard strange information/advice from a stranger that you think is wrong. Will you correct the person or not interfere?
  48. You are depressed. How do you encourage yourself?
  49. Describe a time when you were happy. What was the most valuable thing at that moment?
  50. Who you are? City mouse or country mouse - watch this cartoon.
  51. If you were involved in charity, what direction would you choose? Why?
  52. You have great news. Who will you tell about it first? To your best friend, to the first person you meet, or write about her on social networks?


  1. What's going on in the world?
  2. What events are happening within my country?
  3. What films/actors/musicians are popular now?
  4. Do I know the people who work/study/live with me?
  5. Do I have enough communication?

At first glance, these questions do not seem to concern the internal state, but they clearly show whether a person interacts with the world. You can also use these questions to determine your interests and degree of sociability.

Take the test: introvert or extrovert?


  1. Why isn't what I planned done?
  2. Why am I worried and nervous?
  3. How often do I feel afraid?
  4. Why am I single (without a partner), does this scare me?
  5. Do I think about my death and what exactly?

To start thinking constructively, you need to identify what causes discomfort. Often a person exaggerates his problems and escalates them. And all because he thinks about them too much. These questions will help determine whether the enemy is “real” or is only in your head.


  1. I like my job, what would I change about it?
  2. Am I satisfied with the salary?
  3. Life is short. Do I want to work at my job for the rest of my life and what happens if I lose it?
  4. Why can't I open my own business?
  5. What's stopping me from changing jobs?

Work is an important part of life; if a person is not satisfied with much in it, this will leave a negative imprint on other areas. The answers to these questions will help you understand how fulfilled a person is as a specialist, and whether he or she has potential for professional development.

Negative emotions.

  1. Why do I quarrel with my loved ones/friends/colleagues/those around me?
  2. Why do my emotions get the better of me?
  3. What emotions predominate in my life?
  4. How often do I have a bad mood and what are the reasons for it?
  5. Am I ready to reach a consensus in an argument or do I argue to vent my emotions?

Sometimes emotions get the better of a person, he splashes them out on others. The reason for this is internal imbalance. A happy and balanced person will not swear in line or be rude to his family. It is important to determine what is throwing you out of balance.

What was the best ordinary day of your life?

Think back to a typical day (not a wedding, birthday, or holiday) that was the most eventful for you, and describe in detail how you spent it. Spend at least five to 10 minutes writing it down. Be as detailed as possible.

When my clients do this exercise, they often choke or cry. Reconnecting with an experience that was incredibly moving but completely ordinary can give them insight into their values ​​and passions. Maybe this is a memory of him reading a book at home alone on a rainy day? Or the first full day after recovering from a breakup when you were able to recognize your own strength and resilience? Or was it the day you stopped to give a homeless man money and then decided to eat and chat together to learn more about his past? Take the time to go deep into the memory and show why it is important to you.

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