What to do if you don’t see the meaning in life: searching for vitality

The word “depression” is on everyone’s lips today. It has become fashionable to call “depression” any bad state - melancholy, boredom, irritation with people, aggression. However, these conditions are not depression.

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“How to treat depression in men?!” - a cry for help from women facing male depression. How difficult it is to be close to a loved one who suffers from something unknown, but does not share what he feels. A man’s social role is the breadwinner, the protector of the family, the strong half. He must “keep his mark” - he will never say what is going on in his soul. Or he simply doesn’t see the point in talking... A blank look, complete apathy and loss of interest in life.

Why does a person need meaning in life?

A person is not only bones, skin, meat and several liters of liquid, but also a large clot of a mental computer. And this computer requires a lot of knowledge and information, and also wants to get an answer to the question about the meaning of life. Just living and reproducing doesn’t suit him.

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But to be honest, all questions related to the meaning of life are rooted in looking at other people, or rather out of envy. Let's say you lived, somehow developed and stopped for a second, looked around and realized that you had lived for many years and achieved nothing. But my classmates have already had children, some drive a Mercedes, and some have become a deputy. Some even went overseas and are doing well. And you, what have you achieved? And there is no answer to the question.

Let's get ahead of ourselves, in fact, perhaps you have achieved much more than a deputy or a classmate who married a rich oligarch; people simply devalue themselves. More precisely, they were raised this way and laid down a program that others are better than you. The so-called son of my mother's friend.

In short, most likely you have not lost the meaning of life, but primarily depression or apathy, and a little envy. In fact, such questions are not asked when a person is in a good mood.

Delve into reading books.

Another good option to search if there is no point in further existence. Millions of stories and destinies written by authors all over the world can sometimes inspire intelligent thoughts in even the most dull person. Or, perhaps, someone will get so carried away by reading that they themselves sit down with pen and paper.

In any case, books have never harmed anyone. Moreover, their choice is almost limitless, and each can bring special benefits. Popular science literature will give you new knowledge, and works of art will help you look at the world from a different perspective.

Answer 42

If you don’t know where the answer 42 to “the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything” comes from, read the super-duper novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. Very humorous, completely absurd and most importantly inspiring.

But here a little is not about that, but about the fact that the meaning of life can be divided into physical and spiritual. For the physical meaning of life, concepts such as financial development, procreation, raising healthy offspring that will compete with other human individuals, building a house, planting a tree, etc. are suitable.

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For the spiritual meaning of life, of course, the following are suitable: spiritual development, elimination of all negative emotions, love for one’s neighbor, development of kindness and love. Here I will explain, it happens that a person lives in complete doom, is angry in himself or is touchy, and even worse there are people stuck in feelings of guilt or self-pity. And they live in constant stress, although they could abandon the negative model of behavior in favor of a positive one. After all, you would like to abandon the negative in favor of the positive, right?

It is clear that you want something, but you don’t know how, that’s why you need to work with the subconscious in order to eliminate all negative scenarios in life, in order to obtain happiness and peace in life. Read about it here.

Advantages of developing spirituality:

  • Kindness to the world and everyone around you
  • Spiritual development
  • Love for yourself and your neighbor
  • The people around you love you
  • Elimination of diseases
  • Clearing your karma
  • Become rich and successful
  • Ideal relationship
  • Materialization of thoughts
  • Ideal figure

Everything that I described above is related to spirituality, most likely you will not agree with this, but I assure you that a person who is spiritually upgraded can afford everything from the list above.

Pharmacology and special drugs: how to bring yourself back to life and get out of depression?

Pharmacology plays a special role in the fight against sadness and depression. This is a way to instantly adjust the level of hormones and neurotransmitters, after which the mood will become elevated, the person will be cheerful and efficient.

New generation antidepressants have virtually no contraindications and are prescribed even to adolescents. How to bring yourself back to life after your husband’s betrayal, the death of loved ones or other loss? You should contact a psychiatrist and describe your condition in the smallest detail. Based on the clinical picture, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medications. Most often, SSRI antidepressants are prescribed, and for sleep problems, tranquilizers. Treatment should take place under the supervision of a doctor. Psychotropic drugs have an impressive list of side effects. When self-medicating, a person can only further worsen his psychological state.

Do you know that the lack of meaning in life is simply the fear of not realizing oneself?

I am looking for 5 people with a great feeling of lack of meaning in life, who want to remove the negative state and finally realize themselves 100%...

You are very afraid that your life has been lived in vain and you will remain a nobody, which means you will lose the respect of other people...

Are you tired of living without goals, as if life is empty...

Do you envy other people who are doing well...

If you recognize yourself, sign up for a diagnostic consultation with a psychologist

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