What to do if everything goes wrong in life: three methods of dealing with a bad streak

Morning. A bleak picture. She seems like this, even if it’s sunny, a fluffy cat is curled up in a cozy ball at your feet, and there’s a fresh and pungent smell of coffee coming from the kitchen... And all because life is going wrong, and this bad feeling devalues ​​wonderful things. The reasons may be serious. But more often, a feeling of hopelessness signals: change is needed . In any case, waking up in the morning is a happiness that did not happen today for many people. You need to realize this and accept it with gratitude, despite the fact that everything in life seems to be going awry.

Have you noticed?

That your partner, acquaintances or parents sometimes behave like capricious, eccentric children? They throw tantrums, seemingly out of the blue. They take offense at harmless jokes and words. They close and remain silent, as if they had taken water into their mouth. Have you noticed this in yourself?

How often, having caught yourself in such behavior, have you been surprised by it and told yourself that you will not react like that again. But, when a similar situation happens that unsettles you from your normal state, you again automatically break down and get irritated. Either you withdraw into yourself, puffing out your cheeks and lips, or you are afraid of something, it is not clear what. You torture yourself with internal doubts and anxiety. You are driven into your own fears.

A powerful emotional reaction drives you crazy and drives you into a negative state for a long time. And from such a state it is not possible to radiate happiness and interact harmoniously with your loved ones. And the whole world in this state seems hostile. It’s as if everyone has deliberately conspired and are deliberately touching where it hurts the most and infuriating you even more.

If everything in your life goes wrong: The first signs of damage and the evil eye

When a bad streak in life continues for too long and misfortunes and problems become constant companions of a person, different thoughts come to mind. It seems that life will never get better and luck will never return. Sometimes, in such a situation, a person begins to understand that it is quite possible that the cause is magic.

Black influences are something that can negatively affect a person. It is not difficult to identify such influences: signs of damage and the evil eye, special rituals for men and women, the first symptoms - it will not be difficult to find out that an enemy has used black magic.

Early stage

The evil eye and damage are characterized by the first symptoms that appear at an early stage, immediately after the magical ritual begins to take effect. By paying attention to them, you will identify the problem at the very beginning.

Signs of black exposure, characteristic at an early stage for men and women:


If you feel unwell for several days and cannot explain the reason, then it’s time to think about dark magic. Naturally, this does not apply to health problems that can be explained by analyzing a person’s life. health problems.

Health problems

If, out of the blue, a person has some kind of health problem, and diagnosing and treating it is a difficult task for a doctor, then we can talk about dark forces that influence health at the behest of an enemy.

Sleep disturbance

As a rule, at the earliest stage a person experiences sleep disturbances. This could be insomnia, nightmares, bad dreams, and so on. One thing is important - if they are repeated, then you should pay attention to it.

Auditory and olfactory hallucinations

A person may feel that the smell around him is not very pleasant, even when everyone around him does not agree with him. As for auditory hallucinations, they are expressed in incomprehensible sounds from nowhere or in the repetition of the name of the “damaged”.

Anxiety, bad feelings

If such sensations do not leave a person for a long period of time, then you should pay attention to other details, since bad premonitions may be a harbinger of a negative impact that will fully manifest itself in the future.

Equipment breakdowns

As a rule, electrical appliances are very sensitive to various types of influences. Men and women who suffer from damage or the evil eye are distinguished by problems with their equipment: it breaks down, does not carry out given commands, freezes, and turns off.

Specific behavior of animals

Our pets can be the very first to feel black influences on a person. If the pet begins to behave strangely: it either basks near its owner, or runs away with a hiss or growl - signs of either damage or the evil eye.

Losing your luck

Even if magic is done in a specific area, say, health, luck disappears in all areas. And this is especially noticeable for people who usually lived well and everything worked out for them. Luck has disappeared from your personal life, work, finances - something is wrong.


The appearance of obsessions, as a rule, is the main sign that someone wants to manipulate a person. However, recognizing the line that separates determination and obsession is very difficult due to the bias of the person to whom the black influence could be directed.

Damage and the evil eye are characterized by standard signs that appear in both women and men. Having analyzed the first symptoms, you can get rid of the negative impact before it causes severe harm to the person. This is why it is important to identify black forces at an early stage.

Also remember that it is very difficult for the person on whom black magic lies to identify it. The “corrupted” person can deny with all his might that he has been negatively affected. Therefore, in identifying damage and the evil eye, much may depend on loved ones and relatives, who should provide support to such a person and help him cope with dark forces.

If everything in your life is going awry, your luck has run out, and your misfortunes are endless, then we may be talking about black magic. Damage and the evil eye are characterized by both the first symptoms, which make it possible to determine the impact at an early stage, and typical signs, which are the same at any stage.

For women and men, these signs and symptoms will be almost the same. It is very important to get rid of the negative impact as early as possible, before black magic causes irreparable damage to the human body


Is this familiar to you?

After a while, the situation seems to improve and you begin to rejoice that you have finally let go and feel better. However, this is not so stable. Waves of grievances, disappointments, mutual claims and insults roll in again. All with greater strength and speed.

Are you familiar with this and are you tired of it? Do you want to improve your life and have harmonious relationships with people, with the world around you? Do you want your eyes to shine with light and joy, so that everyone and everyone feels comfortable just being around you? Do you want to feel good and comfortable with yourself?

If you answered Yes, and you are asking yourself why everything in life goes wrong, then this audio course Three simple steps to accepting Yourself and discovering Your Uniqueness will help you. To create harmonious relationships, you need to establish a harmonious relationship with yourself first. Simple practices will help you restore your resource state and better understand yourself.

I drove myself into it, I’ll pull myself out: what should I do?

Usually there is a main reason around which the rest of the troubles are wound in a ball. Trouble does not come alone because a person allows it to happen. Dejection about a negative situation is an energy wave that attracts similar things. And the brain diligently seeks confirmation of the “everything is wrong” mood.

Toxic attitudes prevail, reality adjusts. This has been proven. How our thoughts shape reality, read here . So why not make the reverse move - by the power of thought, pull yourself out of hopelessness. What to do when everything goes wrong?

  1. Identify the source , ask yourself: why do I suffer? When exactly did everything go wrong, why did it happen. Psychologists advise writing down the answers you receive on paper, since this simple action already relieves your head and puts things in order. A reboot begins: the brain switches to constructive thinking; it cannot think bad and good thoughts at the same time.
  2. Make a plan to get out of “everything goes wrong.” Detailed, described in short stages. Major changes in this state are sabotaged: there is neither the strength nor the mood to make them. And taking small steps one after another is accessible and instills confidence. How to set goals correctly in order to always achieve them, read here.
  3. Incorporate cleaning into your routine. Perhaps the first point. A proven recipe: the mind becomes clearer, the soul brightens. Moreover, in a state of decline, hands usually do not reach cleanliness. And dirty windows and a full basket of unwashed laundry add to the feeling of neglect. We need to fight back. Find out what 5 things you should throw out of your home first when decluttering.
  4. Change the picture. Head to the park with a thermos and a sandwich. Admire the beauty of the day along the way. Or visit a bookstore. You don’t have to buy anything, just immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Although... it is from this wonderful place that a breakthrough often begins: the eye “accidentally” snatches from the rows of books the one that will teach you what to do. Self-knowledge is an endless process. It will captivate you so much that you will be unstoppable!
  5. Find your own inspiring pleasures. Even lying on the couch. Just not with the thought of “turning to the wall and not seeing anyone,” but “how good it is that I have such a cozy home.” But it’s better to do something that gives you pleasure. Action awakens you to life, joyful emotions work like a magnet.
  6. Try meditation and positive attitudes. It is extremely effective if you choose or create it “for yourself.” A sea of ​​literature to help. Don’t be afraid that it’s boring, difficult and generally stupid. The attempt is not torture, but, if desired, the most wonderful experience in life. A simple practice to increase your happiness levels , here.
  7. Do not force things, expecting immediate relief . If it’s difficult, there is an interesting “One Day” technique. In the morning, say to yourself: “Today I will live a wonderful day: I will smile more often, not be upset over trifles, notice pleasant little things, keep all my promises. Only today. Tomorrow, if I can’t stand it, I’ll quit.” The strong-willed message is enough until the evening. Then you won’t want to quit.

Mistake 5: Leaving too many options for yourself

Every day consists of hundreds of small decisions. In the morning we always choose what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, whether to play sports, what to do in the free 10 minutes. Every time we make a choice, we spend energy, and it goes on completely unnecessary things.

Ideally, in the morning, clothes and a bag prepared in advance should be on the nightstand. In the evening, always decide on your outfit and choose breakfast foods. After you wake up, all you have to do is follow your pre-made plan. This way you can save energy for more important decisions.

Don't let technology control you

We must dominate technology, not become its slaves. ~ Dalai Lama

Did you know that the Dalai Lama has over eight million followers on Twitter? While he admires the achievements of social media in helping us communicate, he nevertheless warns against “abusing” it.

They can control you - just look at the people in restaurants with their heads buried in their smartphones.

Who's in charge? You or technology?

This is a poor substitute for true friendship and kills real communication.

Receive compassion and give it to yourself

Compassion is not always a skill that is given by birth, sometimes it is a skill that is learned. However, there are some areas in life that no person can truly and fully understand unless they go through it themselves. In most cases, this can be an understanding of any traumatic experience.

Sadness and sadness are healthy human emotions that are experienced by everyone. It is always better to seek help from loved ones, especially those with whom you have a special connection.

By taking some time to show compassion for other people and their sadness, you can feel more connected to that particular person, even if you haven't experienced the event that makes them sad. In turn, compassion also always comes back.

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It seems that life is over. I feel like my life is over, I don’t know what to do next.

Hello, I will describe my situation. I am 40 years old, I work as a chief accountant, since 2007 in a foreign company, in 2013 I got married and moved to Europe. I'm pregnant now and due in December. The last few years have felt like I was already dead or sitting in a swamp from which I couldn’t get out. In Moscow, a lot of time was spent on traveling to work, a large team, and communication. Son at home, household chores, etc. Plus a sports club and an English school. This rhythm of life is quite intense. After the move, the job stayed with me, as before, I am the chief accountant, the company itself is in the Moscow region, and I work via the Internet. All these years I flew once a month to Moscow, for work and to visit my parents. The last time I visited my parents was in September. During these 3 years I became withdrawn, it became difficult for me to leave the house, no matter where. Here we live in a small village, but there were and are many opportunities to go out, there is a stadium and a swimming pool, courses and classes. It's easy to get to the city. There are acquaintances and friends with whom you can communicate. The people around me are wonderful. That is, it’s not that I’m not in a big city and I have no one to communicate with, please! But I do not want. I can't even bring myself to go for a walk in the forest. And when I came to Moscow, I also didn’t stick my nose out of the house, at the dacha I didn’t even leave the site. This behavior of mine and my reluctance (or fear?) to leave the house scare me and drive me crazy, I really want to change my behavior. Because I’m sitting at home, I feel like I’m mired in a swamp and my life is over, the days drag on slowly, like rubber. Sometimes I try to force myself to go out somewhere, but it doesn’t work. The other day I was supposed to go to yoga for pregnant women, I agreed and canceled, I found an excuse that I was tired and didn’t have suitable sweatpants. I came up with excuses. Maybe I'm afraid of strangers and communication? I feel calm only if I go somewhere with my husband or someone from the family. I really hope for help, I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

Don't argue or fight, but come to an agreement

Nonviolence means dialogue, the use of language. Dialogue means compromise, respect for each other's rights, finding a solution to conflicts and disagreements in the spirit of reconciliation. There is no one hundred percent winner or loser here - only half and half. This is practical, and therefore the only true way. ~ Dalai Lama

Whether we're talking about an international crisis or an argument you have with your friend or boss, the key to a peaceful outcome is dialogue. Learn the art of negotiation. The Dalai Lama recommends never dwelling on the past, but focusing on what is causing the problem now.

Put yourself first

You need to put yourself first, especially in the most difficult times. Everyone is different, and there is no easy, simple solution to sadness.

If it helps, you can surround yourself with people, whether it's for distraction or to have someone to empathize with. For others, turning off the phone for half a day and disconnecting from the world may help. If someone prefers to be alone to release any pent-up emotions, or simply to be in complete silence and solitude, they need to allow themselves to do so.

Once a person comes to his senses and begins to put himself first, he will begin to appear again in other areas of life.

Change your perception

Consider a situation where a loved one dies. It is difficult to convey this despair and gradual immersion in the abyss of emotions from which it is difficult to return.

You need to understand right away that there is no end to this abyss, and a person must stop himself from falling into it, and find the willpower to get out of the abyss of despair.

Changing your perception changes the whole situation.

Here are examples of questions that will help switch your current perception of the situation to more positive thoughts and ideas:

– what can be learned from this situation, and why it happened now; – how you can help others with what someone is experiencing; – to be negative – whether it helps someone or the person himself.

It's worth keeping in mind that denial and sadness are two completely different emotions. Being sad is natural, and sometimes you have to experience these emotions; but denial sometimes stems from uncontrollable sadness.

There is a time for everything

Just like the seasons in nature, people also experience “seasons” in life. Some seasons can feel longer than others, especially when it comes to emotions such as sadness, sadness, longing and depression. But just like nature, they have a beginning and a change to another “season”.

It's worth taking a moment to reflect on the last five years. Chances are, everyone has had their ups and downs, and perhaps one particular year stood out more than others. At that particular moment, event, or even year, it may have been difficult to see the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

It is worth believing that even when everything seems to be going wrong, there are cycles in life. And these periods are also meant for the mental, physical and spiritual growth of a person.

Be kind and help each other

My religion is simple, it does not need temples and complex philosophy. Our own minds, our own hearts are the temples, and kindness is the only teaching. ~ Dalai Lama

Being kind and generous doesn't cost much, but the benefits you get from it are significant. Michael Norton and his colleagues from Harvard Business School came to this conclusion after conducting a study. It found that volunteers who donated a certain amount felt happier than those who spent the money on themselves.

Take a break and calm down

The advice sounds a little strange. The feeling that you are standing on the ashes of your own life, and you are asked to sit down and bake potatoes in these ashes. But in fact, this is the first and very important step in order to get out of the crisis.

You need to regain your sobriety. When everything in life goes wrong, we attack ourselves with a cocktail of adrenaline and cortisol. They make the heart beat faster, the blood drains from the brain and flows to the muscles so that we can escape from danger. But in modern conditions this does not work as nature intended. On the contrary, we should calm down and think.

Tatyana Khodzhaeva, social teacher, psychologist

A simple way to calm yourself is to breathe slowly. Sit back and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling, thinking only about them. Perhaps some of the problems will be eliminated already at this stage, since under stress and panic we tend to exaggerate the scale of difficulties.

Be merciful

The topic of compassion has nothing to do with religion. This is a universal matter, a single condition for the survival of the human race. ~ Dalai Lama

Research shows that when you empathize, you experience pleasure comparable to sex, good food, or being in nature. Compassion is good for your health: it reduces stress, normalizes your heart rate and improves your immunity.

You can show mercy by trying to understand the person's feelings and emotions. To do this you need to talk to him and listen to him. This requires more than just an act of kindness: compassion involves emotional involvement. You will need to ask what help the person needs and hear their answer.

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