Faster, higher, smarter: how to become more erudite in 2021?

To move a mountain, you need to start with a small stone. This also applies to erudition, which grows only with daily work on oneself. I tell you how, with the help of simple rules and life hacks, you can become smarter in order to go to study at the best universities, work in the largest companies and collaborate with famous brands.

- Okay, Google, how to become more erudite?

- Let's start with the article!

And with two pieces of news. First: the magic pill does exist. And not alone! Second: a lot will have to be done for this. Aren't you scared? Then read the article further! For convenience, I divided it into blocks: “Every day”, “Once a week”, “Once a month”, “Once every six months” and “Once a year”. Each section contains several ways to become more erudite. This order is optional - it's up to you

How to become smart in 5 minutes

It is impossible to become smarter in a second. But if you devote 5 minutes every day to developing your intelligence, you can see the result in a couple of months. To do this you need:

  • Increase your vocabulary. If you hear a new word, don’t be lazy to look up its meaning in a dictionary.
  • Study independently the area in which you have the least knowledge. A truly smart person is a first-class specialist not only in the professional field, but also in related ones.
  • Become a polyglot. It is not necessary to take on several languages ​​at once. First, learn one, but to perfection.
  • Read more. We are talking about educational or classic literature, and not about meaningless novels. By reading, you also increase your vocabulary, which means you make your speech more beautiful and rich. When you see an unfamiliar word, clarify what it means and re-read the passage again, now understanding the entire text.
  • Watch serious educational or documentary television programs instead of entertainment shows (Dom-2, Comedy Club, etc.). Viewing them every day only clogs the brain with empty information.

Why do I need this?

The brain is still an organ that has not been fully studied. Some scientists claim that we use only 10% of the entire brain, others increase this figure, but one thing is clear - the main organ has unlimited work capabilities.

It is generally accepted that the brain is the laziest organ. If it is not developed, it will degrade. If you constantly load him with work, new neural connections will appear, and the person will become more flexible and adaptive in life.

These neural connections tend to disappear as quickly as they appear. Therefore, it is important to consolidate them. Developing intelligence does just that—it strengthens educated connections. With the help of this consolidation, memory, attention, thinking and other processes of our psyche develop.

How to become smart in 1 day, overnight

If we assess the situation realistically, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to sharply become wiser in 1 day or night. However, in your social circle you can be considered an intellectual if you follow these tricky recommendations:

  • According to statistics, 99% of people consider themselves smart. If you remain silent and agree with what they say, on a subconscious level, others will decide that you are not lagging behind them in mental development.
  • Seek advice from intelligent people or those who consider themselves intelligent. It won't seem ignorant. On the contrary, they will think that you are smart for taking their opinion into account.
  • Communicate with erudite people. Seeing them in their company, you will also be labeled as a smart guy. Plus, you can learn something new from them.
  • Communicate with those who are intellectually less developed than you. You will stand out noticeably against their background. But you need to be careful with this. Being in the company of fools for a long time can stop you from developing intellectually.
  • Repeat the thoughts and statements of smart people. But be careful with this too. If a dispute and discussion arises, and you do not know the premises of what was said, you will find yourself in an awkward situation. Therefore, before you say anything, understand the words.
  • Observe intellectuals, imitate their behavior. People who have life experience, common sense, and act wisely are often called smart. Maybe you also have these qualities, you just don’t know how to use them.
  • Before you do something, think about what the action will lead to. How will everyone around you regard it, and will you then ruin your relationship with them?

Once a year

Why it’s useful: You will use your analytical thinking, assess the situation and set priorities correctly.

Perhaps this is the most important point. Stop, analyze and move on. Perhaps you are already almost a genius in music, but are far behind in mathematics? Then now is the time to direct your energies into the world of numbers. Fill yourself from all sides. Be multifaceted and versatile. Be better than yesterday!

What should you do:

  • Write down what you did in 2021
  • Draw conclusions
  • Make plans for 2021

The wise Chinese said: “He who moved a mountain began with a small pebble.” My advice is the small stones. Master them - rise to the top of your capabilities. The main thing is consistency. Good luck!

How to become the smartest person in the world

If you have set yourself this difficult goal, the following recommendations will help you achieve it:

  • Start moving in small but confident steps. The long and difficult path can be divided into several stages. In case of failure, you will always know at what stage it overtook you, and you will be able to correct the situation without analyzing the entire step-by-step process.
  • Focus your attention only on important things. Some people read hundreds of books and get nothing out of them. While you can get much more useful information from just one small publication. It is impossible to learn everything at once; you need to choose what is most important to you.
  • Develop the necessary skills regularly. The less time passes between classes, the better your brain will absorb information, and you can become the smartest person on the planet.
  • Try different ways to achieve your goal. This will help you determine which tools are best for you to get what you want. If there is no progress in development or regression is observed, choose another method and continue to move towards the task.
  • Work on mistakes. Often people perceive their mistakes as an accident and do not try to figure out why this happened. Because of this, mistakes are repeated and interfere with achieving the goal. Don’t be shy to admit mistakes and consult with more experienced people, this will help you get the desired result faster.

Online services for the development of intelligence

Finally, I want to share with you my favorite sites and applications with simulators for developing intelligence. I hope you find a use for them.


The Vikium service includes more than 40 brain development simulators. All of them are quite simple, so you can easily fit training into your daily schedule. An individual program is compiled based on the results of testing, which each user undergoes before starting training.

Wikium is suitable for all ages. It will help your child prepare for school and improve his attentiveness. With the help of it, teenagers and adults will be able to increase their productivity, reduce the number of mistakes during work and study, and keep their brain in good shape. For older people, training will be an excellent prevention of age-related changes in the brain.

The service also has very interesting courses. For example, the Sherlock Thinking course, where you will be taught how to draw logical conclusions, recognize deception and think critically. Or the Brain Detoxification course, where you can clear your mind of destructive thoughts and attitudes.


4Brain is a resource that contains training courses in a variety of areas: from financial literacy to acting. As part of our work on developing intelligence, you and I will be interested in several courses.


  • Emotional intellect
  • Critical thinking
  • Making decisions


  • Quick Read
  • Mnemonics
  • Cognitive science


On Bitreynik you can train your intellect separately, or you can choose a program to develop several functions at once: perception, memory, thinking, attention. The simulators and games are based on the achievements of cognitive psychology. Daily exercise will help you form new neural connections in your brain.

The developers promise the first results within 20 days, provided that you exercise for 10–20 minutes a day.


On the BrainApps service you will find as many as 52 simulators. There are also a bunch of interesting tests, including ones to determine IQ. The tasks deserve special attention. Among them are logical, mathematical, geometric, chess, erudition problems, puzzles... Most of them are available for free.

If you decide to opt for this service, I advise you to try the following simulators:

  • Fruit mathematics
  • Letters and numbers
  • Visual geometry
  • Anagrams
  • Geometric switching

Here, just like on Vikium, in addition to simulators, there are ready-made courses in various areas: from memory development to learning English. I recommend the Emotional Intelligence course to you - it is interesting, rich and original.

How to become smarter in school, in school, in the classroom

You need to be attentive in class. This will allow you to catch information that others miss.

There are many different exercises to develop mindfulness. For example:

  • Walk along your usual route, paying attention to objects that you previously saw in passing.
  • Take a good look at the flower beds and trees.
  • Remember as many little things as possible: how many hatches there were along the road, how many people were walking towards you, etc.

Another effective super workout to quickly become the smartest boy or girl in school or class:

  • Ask someone to write a set of letters on paper and “hide” words in them.
  • Select what is encrypted, spending a minimum amount of time.
  • Such tasks also appear in crossword puzzle magazines.

If something is unclear in your studies, there is no need to be afraid or embarrassed to ask the teacher again. This is not a sign of stupidity.

If you seem to be smarter than your peers, there is no need to put yourself above the rest.

All people are equal. No one wants to communicate with arrogant, argumentative people. Therefore, be more modest, do not try to show and prove to everyone that you are the smartest.

Secrets of Wisdom

A property of the mind of a human individual, characterized by the level of assimilation of knowledge and mastery of subconscious experience, expressed in the ability to use it appropriately in society in a specific situation, is wisdom.

So how do you become wise? First of all, a wise person ignores everything unnecessary and controls only what he can. Each individual has probably tried at least a hundred times to take control of events or things beyond his control, not noticing that all attempts are pointless. Therefore, when any problem or anxiety arises that keeps you in constant tension, it is necessary to understand whether there is an objective opportunity to correct the situation or whether it does not exist. If such a chance is present, then you should take steps to implement it; if not, then there is no point in worrying.

It is stupid and useless to endlessly eat yourself from the inside, depleting the psyche, undermining self-esteem. There are many things in life that are more pleasant to the body and soul.

To become wise, you need to accept that much in life does not depend on the human subject. There are things that just happen, which is quite normal for life. Acceptance of this postulate will allow you to get rid of heavy oppression. After all, people often put too much on their own shoulders.

You need to allow yourself to float serenely in the endlessly changing flow of life events, accept them without being clouded by the inability to control them. The best thing will happen when a person learns to pacify control. Therefore, we must learn to accept and stop denying.

The secret of how to become wise and calm lies in realizing a simple truth - the human individual is responsible for his own existence, his actions independently. You should not shift the blame for a failed life onto anyone.

Often, adult children tend to blame their own parents for their failures, scold the state, oligarchs, colleagues and just passers-by.

The habit of looking back at the past and lamenting what happened does not bring anything positive to people. This is only an excuse for human passivity, so that, when faced with difficulties, it is possible to evade.

However, an adult individual always has the opportunity to deviate from the direction set by his parents and choose his own path, since it is he who is responsible for his own existence.

Constant control, constant denial and constant blaming of others bring nothing but misery into human existence.

Books to become smarter

List of books to increase your intelligence level:

  • Fiction - you can gain life experience from the characters. Using their example, they show what to do in a given situation, what consequences the mistakes made may entail.
  • Science fiction is food for reason and imagination.
  • Humorous publications help to take your mind off problems and look at life more easily. They also develop a sense of humor in their reader.
  • Physics helps to understand the laws of nature: from simple little things to global and large-scale phenomena.
  • Mathematics, at a minimum, prevents you from being shortchanged in the store, not to mention more important things. It’s not for nothing that they say that she is the “queen of sciences.”
  • Chemistry - it is impossible to imagine our life without it. It is used everywhere: in everyday life, medicine, production, agriculture, etc.
  • Biology - everything that is on our planet is connected with this subject. This science touches all aspects of human existence.
  • History - without knowledge of the past one cannot consider oneself an intellectual.

In general, all books on subjects taught in schools and universities are necessary for intelligence. They are included in the training program for a reason. It is also useful to read publications on psychology, self-development, etc. A well-read person can be identified immediately by their conversation.

Exercises to increase intelligence

Below I will outline several exercises to increase IQ so that you can develop your intelligence throughout the day in any activity.

  1. Try to write more with your hand rather than typing letters on the keyboard.
  2. Walk around familiar places with your eyes closed.
  3. Go to work and school in different ways.
  4. Practice mental arithmetic.
  5. Read aloud sometimes, this is how different analyzers work.
  6. Buy yourself crossword puzzles occasionally.
  7. Learn to answer trivial questions in an original way.

How to become a smart and interesting girl

Scientists have proven that the human brain spends 20% of the energy produced. Therefore, lifestyle plays an important role in the development of intelligence:

  • Sleep 6-8 hours a day. At this time, the brain assimilates the information received during the day.
  • Be outdoors more often. Walking saturates the thinking organ with oxygen, preventing hypoxia.
  • Include foods that have a beneficial effect on intelligence in your diet.
  • Quit smoking. Cigarette smoke causes vasoconstriction, causing the brain to lack nutrients.

To develop intelligence, a girl needs the following elements:

  • iodine, Omega-3 vitamin B12 (found in fish, in large quantities in salmon);
  • lutein (in green plants: spinach, arugula);
  • zinc (pumpkin seeds, seaweed);
  • flavonoids (dark chocolate);
  • catechins, caffeine (green tea, coffee);
  • antioxidants (apples);
  • vitamin B4 (eggs).

By reconsidering your lifestyle, you will notice that your thought process has accelerated. However, eating right and giving up bad habits is not enough. To get smarter, you need to follow the instructions:

  • play intellectual games (chess, puzzles, Sudoku, etc.);
  • solve logical and abstract problems, riddles;
  • read educational literature;
  • expand your vocabulary by communicating with educated people, watching good programs and films, and studying an explanatory dictionary;
  • learn or improve knowledge of foreign languages;
  • keep a blog, diary (in other words, record your thoughts in writing);
  • memorize poems and songs.

There is no need to take on everything at once if you have little free time. Choose one item that you think needs training.

Useful literature

Reading books in itself develops the brain. And if these are books about intelligence, then the effect will be simply “Wow!” If our recommendations and exercises weren’t enough for you and you’re thinking about how to further develop yourself intellectually, here’s a list of good books:

  • “Brain Plasticity” Norman Doidge
  • “Six Thinking Hats” Edward de Bono
  • “Brain rules. What you and your children should know about the brain" John Medina
  • “Japanese system for the development of intelligence and memory” Ryuta Kawashima
  • “Where Intelligence Is Born” John Duncan

Find a more complete selection in our article “Books on the development of intelligence.”

Fitness for the brain

Many people believe that athletes are not the smartest people. However, studies have proven that physical activity promotes the thinking process.

For example, a 1975 experiment among older adults confirmed that tennis and badminton players performed significantly better on intelligence tests than their non-athlete peers. After this, many more studies were carried out and they all proved that physical activity improves not only fitness and health, but also mental activity.

Gymnastics, swimming, fitness and other sports are good for the brain at any age, whether at 60 years old or at 10 or 21 years old.

How to learn to speak beautifully

There are special exercises that allow you to learn to speak beautifully:

  1. Listen and analyze various online lectures.
  2. Develop vocabulary. The richer it is, the brighter the speech.
  3. Write five-minute stories. We take a few random words and try to create an interesting story based on them. This wonderfully develops logical thinking and imagination.

You need to get rid of filler words and improve your diction.

Communication between people is very important

TOP 30 ways to become smarter

Top 30 most effective methods:

  1. Use your brains. Be more curious, try to learn something. This will make the brain flexible.
  2. Read. This will expand your vocabulary and horizons, and help develop your imagination. While reading, we are immersed in another world, we find ourselves in the place of the characters.
  3. Develop emotional intelligence. It helps control feelings. Generally, people try to develop a rational mind that controls systematic thinking. This is not entirely correct. It is emotional intelligence that helps you feel comfortable, adapt to various life situations, and solve problems. Never hold back your emotions, always say what you feel.
  4. Make changes in your life. It is not necessary to change it radically. For example, you can choose a different route on the road, sometimes speak a foreign language, etc. In these cases, the brain is forced to decide how, taking into account the changes, to obtain the same result.
  5. Stop using a calculator, an Internet search engine, or a unit converter. Let your brain do the math itself. It is useful if you look for the necessary information in books and dictionaries, rather than finding a ready-made answer on the Internet. This will force the brain to think.
  6. Find time for mind games. They are developed by psychologists and neurologists to improve the thinking process. Some games develop memory, others develop attentiveness, others help you better navigate in space, and others improve concentration.
  7. Have conversations with yourself. Some believe this is a sign of schizophrenia. However, talking to your inner self has been shown to improve brain function. This helps to simplify and systematize the information received, which means solving the problem faster. Of course, you don’t need to talk to yourself in public so that you won’t be mistaken for a mental patient. But in your own apartment this is quite acceptable.
  8. Read aloud, say tongue twisters, learn poems and songs. If you are trying to remember something, say it clearly, as if you were explaining it to a child. This will make it easier for you to understand and assimilate the information.
  9. Learn to formulate your thoughts briefly. Twitter will help with this. You can leave a maximum of 280 characters there. Register for it and try to practice. If you don’t want to use social media, you can draw a circle on paper and write down your thoughts without going beyond it.
  10. Learn languages. You can sign up for special courses or find online resources and applications for training. Ideally, you will communicate with the carrier live or via the Internet. It has been scientifically proven that people who know several languages ​​think much faster than those who speak one.
  11. Surround yourself with knowledgeable people. Social circle greatly affects human development. Therefore, try to find acquaintances or friends who can teach you something.
  12. Find time to be creative. For example, take up modeling and drawing. Creative people always think outside the box and in an interesting way.
  13. Write poems and stories. This is a great way to express yourself. Coming up with different stories, personalities, and appearances for characters keeps the brain busy. Thanks to this, vocabulary develops.
  14. Speak in simple words. An intelligent person will be able to explain complex things in such a way that even a small child can understand them. If you are often misunderstood, then the reason, most likely, is not the stupidity of others, but your inability to competently present information.
  15. Learn to listen to opinions. You don't have to agree with him, but you need to respect other people's point of view. Perhaps after the conversation you will change your views or convince your interlocutor.
  16. Don't be shy to ask questions when talking about topics you don't understand well. This is not a sign that you are stupid, but an indicator of an intelligent person who wants to develop.
  17. Show loyalty to others, do noble deeds.
  18. Take time to educate yourself. We are not talking about the program that is given in schools and institutes. You should always be interested in the world around you and try to understand it.
  19. Increase your vocabulary. Look through the dictionary every day and learn new words. This will take several months, but it will be time well spent.
  20. Be interested in what is happening in the world: watch the news, follow the latest inventions, etc.
  21. Choose educational channels when watching TV: Discovery, BBC and others. Entertainment programs, on the contrary, will be harmful. Their task is to keep you at the screen for as long as possible, to force you to watch commercials, and not to teach you something.
  22. Put your knowledge into practice. Think about where in real life they might be useful.
  23. Set a goal and work hard towards it. Reward yourself for every success.
  24. Use your time profitably, learn to always plan everything.
  25. Travel more. Travel not only within your own country, but also fly abroad, to the sea. It broadens your horizons. You will learn to better understand the culture of other peoples.
  26. Always be ready for new knowledge, do not stop there. Develop in various areas, not just professional ones.
  27. To become successful, never give up. If something doesn't work out for you, try to find the reason for it and eliminate it.
  28. Don't try too hard to become smarter. Take breaks periodically, your brain needs rest too.
  29. Eat “brain” foods (spinach, fish, etc.).
  30. Spend more time outdoors. Thanks to this, the brain will begin to think faster.

Every day

Why it’s useful: You will improve your memory, concentration, and learn to make decisions quickly. And in general, your mental activity will always be in tension, which means it will not be overgrown with moss. Which, of course, is good!

Calculating on a calculator is convenient, and useful in your head. This is a kind of fitness for your brain. The more often you strain it with digital dumbbells, the stronger it becomes. George Parker Bidder is called the human calculator. He calculated the most complex problems in his mind. For example, I could easily calculate the square root of a 12-digit number. Not weak, right? It is clear that he clearly had the makings of a genius, but the point is that George Parker was constantly developing his abilities. Thanks to this, he became a businessman, a sought-after engineer and an innovator in the field of bridge and railway construction.

If you are aiming to be a little like him, then use a well-known method that will help you quickly count in your head. It's called "reliance on ten." The point is to bring the first term to 10, and subtract the number that was added from the second. It will be clearer with an example. Let's say you need to add 7 and 6. The first addend to the number 10 is not enough 3. The second addend consists of two triplets (3+3=6). We already have 10, to this we add the remaining 3. The answer is 13.

What should you do?

  • Count in your head
  • Solve logic problems
  • Play chess
  • Make friends with board games
  • Sign up for mental arithmetic courses

How is it useful? During exercise, branches of your nerve cells begin to grow, like the leaves of a tree. Along with this, your intellectual capabilities also grow.

For example, tennis teaches you to predict your opponent’s actions, team sports teaches you to react quickly, and golf teaches you to think strategically. Many famous people loved sports. I'm sure he helped them in many ways. Thus, Bill Gates was an avid golfer, and the writer Arthur Conan Doyle is described by many as a “giant with a torso” - he was fond of various sports. True, I couldn’t find a photograph of a naked and strong Doyle. Oh, if only we had the Internet and phones with a good camera at that time...

What should you do?

  • Hike
  • Run in the morning or evening
  • To engage in the gym
  • Go to a team sport
  • Take up a single sport
  • Sign up for the pool

How is it useful? Reading is your guide to the world of words. It helps increase vocabulary, intelligence and literacy. Scientists from the University of Liverpool claim that people who read are much less likely to suffer from depression. It turns out that reading makes people happier.

Warren Buffett believed that books were his secret to success. At the beginning of his career, he read 600-1000 pages a day.

Famous engineer Elon Musk has also always loved books. Once even to the question “How did you learn to build rockets?” he replied: “I read books.”

You too can join the list of book lovers. Read a few pages every day.

Personally, I use the division method. Its essence looks like this: I divide the total number of pages of the book by the number of days in which I want to read them. For example, the book consists of 336 pages. I plan to read it in 7 days. This means that every day I have to read 48 pages. This doesn't sound as scary as over 300, right?

You can read faster. You just need to master speed reading. For example, Maxim Gorky used this method constantly. He read diagonally. His friends described it this way: “Gorky did not read, but seemed to simply glance across the pages, from top to bottom, vertically.” Try it too!

What should you do?

  • Make a list of books for the year
  • Read at least one per month
  • Learn speed reading
  • In addition to books, read various articles, biographies of famous people, letters
  • Rewarding yourself for every book you read is an additional incentive.

Spells and potions to become smart

The use of magical rituals to improve intellectual abilities is a peculiar and controversial way. From a scientific point of view, it is unlikely to give results, but you can try, it won’t make it worse.

Spells must be cast on the waning moon, and you must sincerely believe in every word. This can be done by a woman or a man. Say the following over a glass of spring water: “The water is clear and clean! Fast streams brought you! Penetrate inside (...), saturate with new knowledge! Let your thoughts (husband, daughter, son...) become clear, your mind quick. Let everything be easy for him! Let him start to deal with everything quickly!”

Give the liquid to someone who needs magical help to drink.

If a teenager or adult has the ability to learn, but does not want to learn or is lazy, the following spell can be cast over a burning candle: “Burn, flame, flare up! Sway from my breath! So that the servant of God also burns for knowledge (...). Amen!"

After reading, the candle flame must be blown out.

To add wisdom and intelligence to yourself, you need to say the following words: “Great Lord! Send me the grace of Your Holy Spirit, giving us a bright mind and thoughts! So that, by listening to the science taught to us, we may be admonished for the glory of the Creator, for the joy of our loved ones, for the benefit of the church and the Fatherland! May your will be done in this! May Your Name be glorified! Amen!"

Whether to resort to potions and spells or not, everyone decides for himself. However, the time you spend on magic is better used for self-development (reading, brain exercises, etc.). These methods are proven and will definitely bring results.

Tips for women

Many beautiful women would dream of being born with a ready-made life experience, but this is impossible, so they have to move along the road of existence, studying its lessons and making mistakes on a pile of mistakes.

After all, the life values ​​of maturity cannot be compared with the ideals of serene youth.

Below are tips on how to become a wise woman:

– learn to accept changes;

– live in the present moment;

– put aside laziness;

– do not impose your help on others, engage in solving your own problems;

– develop intuition;

– spend a sufficient amount of time in the “embraces of Morpheus”;

– understand that what is important in friends is not their quantity, but quality;

– ignore inappropriate people;

– give up envy by increasing self-esteem;

– gain an understanding that only by loving one’s own person can one realize the significance of mutual love;

– forget about the events of the past, there is only today;

– not to be afraid of adequate risk;

– constantly develop and engage in self-education;

– understand that the morning is still wiser than the evening;

- everything passes.

It is very important for a woman to gain wisdom, because the climate of family relationships with her beloved and the weather in the house depend on the daughters of Eve. After all, a woman in one person needs to be a reasonable adviser, a strict but gentle mentor, a faithful comrade, a gentle wife, a good housewife, a seductive heterosexual and a passionate lover to her husband.

That is why it is important for every young beauty to know how to become wise in relationships. First of all, it is necessary to understand and accept that ideals do not exist, but at the same time, each person has only his own “set” of qualities, his own advantages, advantageous features, and disadvantages. You need to learn to appreciate your loved one for the totality of his positive qualities and despite his shortcomings.

A wise woman does not live for the approval of others; she loves, respects and values ​​her own personality, and therefore does not build relationships only on emotional outbursts. There is no need to waste your own time on marginalized people, abusers, married men. Living with an alcoholic or drug addict is not the duty of a good Samaritan, it is not supporting your beloved spouse, it is disrespect and dislike for yourself.

A partner must be worthy, and a wise woman must value her own time. If the chosen one is immature, lazy, or rude, then you should not waste a second of time on him.

A wise woman is aware of her own “role” in a marriage relationship, so she will never try on male functions. She also trusts her partner and does not stoop to total control. Marriage does not mean deprivation of freedom and obtaining exclusive rights to own each other. Any mature person needs his own free space. There is no need for your loved one to “clip his wings.” He will repay trust and freedom threefold with love and care for his wise wife.

The essence of the concept

Intelligence and its components were first described by the German scientist Wilhelm Stern at the beginning of the 20th century. Then many scales and methods for diagnosing mental abilities appeared, including the famous IQ test.

Intelligence is defined as a stable set of human mental abilities that allow him to adapt to the environment, cognize and change it.

This concept cannot be equated with cognitive, mental abilities. They are only a working tool of the intellect.

The most comprehensive model for this term was proposed by the American psychologist Joy Paul Guilford. In his opinion, intelligence includes 120 factors.

All of them can be classified according to three indicators:

  1. content (human mental work);
  2. operations (method of information processing);
  3. result.

The development of intelligence is possible if you work on all these points. However, in ordinary life, a person may have many ideas that he analyzes in every possible way, but cannot put into practice. He just doesn't have the skill to do it. It is very important to know how to increase your intellectual level in all areas. But more on that later.

— What is IQ?


IQ is determined and quantified through tests and is a measure of a person's ability to think. Half of people show an average iq from 90 to 110, a quarter - over 110, and a score below 70 points indicates mental retardation.

The term came from England and implies the work of thought, mental alertness, and intellectual art. Tests have been developed to determine a person's iq. Age and gender are taken into account. The test does not show intellectual abilities. The purpose of the test is to determine the ability to solve problems related to a number of areas.

If we delve deeper into the process of researching the issue, since the 30s of the last century, scientists have been trying to find patterns in the development of mental abilities, correlating the weight and volume of the brain. They studied the reaction associated with nervous processes, determined the level of intelligence, connecting it with the level of social status, age or gender.

Today, scientists have found that the level of iq is influenced by heredity and can be increased through exercises and tests. The level of intelligence is not influenced by ability, but by persistence, patience, perseverance and motivation. These qualities are needed by doctors, archaeologists, and DJs. It has been proven that in critical and difficult life situations it is easier for a person with a high iq to cope with difficulties, but individual qualities remain decisive:

1) ambition; 2) determination; 3) temperament.

Gradually the tests became more complicated. If initially they consisted of lexical exercises, today there are tests for solving logical problems using geometric figures, memorization exercises, or manipulating letters in given words.

How to quickly develop intelligence? Very simple, read on.


Websites and applications for brain development

You can train your mind not only with books, but also with the help of modern technologies. The Internet gives access to data banks from all over the world. Conventionally, all useful resources can be divided into two parts:

  1. Educational projects. World-famous universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Oxford, Moscow State University, and the Higher School of Economics, make materials on their curricula publicly available. Anyone can study the lectures, answer questions from seminars, and write essays on the proposed topics.
  2. Websites that specialize in mind training, such as Vikium or braintraning. Such mailing list resources give people access to exercises for different areas of the brain. Based on statistics, the program itself determines what needs to be developed and which tasks are best suited. A person can customize the regularity of classes to suit himself.

The human mind is an instrument that requires constant training. It is useful for people of any age to know how to become smarter, how to increase their level of intelligence. If you approach the issue comprehensively, you will maintain the vigor of not only your body, but also your mind for many years and you will feel on the same wavelength with life.

Basic indicators of intelligence

Psychologists have identified four key characteristics of intelligence:

  1. Depth of mind is the ability to get to the bottom of phenomena and events.
  2. Inquisitiveness is curiosity, the desire to learn new things.
  3. Flexibility and mobility - the ability to act outside the box, bypass barriers, and overcome difficulties.
  4. Logicality is the ability to justify one’s point of view and correctly present the material.

Some authors also consider creativity to be part of intelligence. However, this is not an entirely correct approach, because it is part of the structure of creativity. A person can be very creative, but not intellectually gifted.

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