What is self-confidence and how to become more confident?

In the modern world, self-confidence is of great importance as a special characteristic of a person who wants to be successful. Despite the fact that this element of behavior can be developed, there are relatively few people who are confident in their abilities, knowledge and skills. Perhaps the reason for this is the enormous responsibility that is required of the individual.

Confidence is in everyone

What is self confidence

Confidence is a state of mind that expresses a lack of fear of mistakes, a desire for errorlessness in general. Confidence is freedom from doubt. Self-confidence is an adequate assessment of one’s skills and abilities, an objective self-assessment, in which success in overcoming obstacles and achieving goals becomes more likely.

Note! Overestimating oneself, one's capabilities and knowledge has the definition of self-confidence. Underestimation is lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence is an individual’s unfounded confidence that he has no shortcomings or negative character traits. Such a person is prone to risk and does not attach importance to real threats, in particular to his health. Self-doubt is the fear of making decisions, of acting in general, due to doubts about one’s own strengths, skills, and knowledge. The basis of such insecurity is that a person does not actually trust himself, so it must be overcome. These qualities are harmful to a person, so it is considered important to achieve a golden mean.

Signs of confidence and uncertainty

Self-confidence can be observed by the following signs:

  • Possessing a high level of responsibility;
  • Knowing the value of promises, not giving false hopes;
  • Striving for constant self-development;
  • Every decision has an argument;
  • Desire to help others and inspire;
  • Ability to ask for help;
  • Discussion about failure as an important lesson, experience, wisdom;
  • Harmonious physical, mental and spiritual development.

How to increase self-esteem for a child - what affects self-confidence

A confident person, be it a woman or a man, attracts success because she is not afraid of losses. At the same time, he understands the value of risks and will not allow major failures, even if others call it a defeat. The important thing is that such a good quality of character can be developed.

Uncertainty is determined by the following characteristics:

  • Fear of making a mistake;
  • Pessimistic expectations for tomorrow;
  • Suppressed emotions;
  • Weak social behavior skills, social phobia;
  • Slowness in decision making;
  • Dependence on other people's opinions;
  • Tendency to try to shift responsibility onto others.

Note! If there is someone responsible next to such people, then they live quite comfortably.

Insecure people have difficulty communicating with others

Self-esteem needs to be increased, the level of self-confidence increased, even if the individual assures that he does not need it. If you take responsibility, you don’t need to be confident in your loved one, because you no longer need to rely on others for everything.

Start smiling

You might be surprised how much of an impact even the smallest smile can make to defuse any situation and make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

Who would you turn to for help, a gloomy and stern person or a smiling person?

If you are concerned about the sincerity of your smile, it is enough just not to smile all over your face. An insincere smile will be noticed a mile away. Well, if you are truly truly happy, then those around you will simply feel it and appreciate it.

What does a confident person look like?

How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for men and women

Having understood what confidence is, it is worth paying attention to what a person with this quality looks like. Every little thing matters: speech, clothing, posture when speaking.

It is worth noting! A self-confident person, being quite strict and serious at first glance, stands out noticeably from others because he exudes a special energy.


The main components of the appearance of an individual striving for self-confidence are posture, facial expressions, and voice. There is an exercise on posture during which you need to stand against a wall for 15 minutes, touching it with 4 points of the body: the back of the head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels. If there are skirting boards in the room that are unacceptable for the exercise, it should be done at the door. A more modern method allows for the presence of a medical retainer, the wearing of which must be careful - the time spent in it increases gradually, starting from 5 minutes a day.

Teeth are an important element for facial expressions, so proper care is necessary for them, because a pleasant smile creates a friendly atmosphere. Be sure to combat bad breath. The intonation is clear, the voice is moderately loud. It is noteworthy that they can be trained.

Note! It is important to have well-groomed hands, which will symbolize a person’s health, as well as their financial condition.

Clothing will tell the interlocutor about such character traits as neatness, modesty or demonstrativeness, a predisposition to conservatism or radicalism. It’s not without reason that they say that “you meet people by their clothes,” so it’s important to prove yourself, at least at the first meetings.

Way of thinking

It is important to have good knowledge in order to be able to answer any question in a timely manner, what does it mean for people to be self-confident. Reading is a confident person's best friend. Regular familiarization with the “latest news” in the world in the field of technology and science, politics and the public will help predispose the interlocutor to communicate. Considering the direction in which an individual wants to express himself, he needs to collect information about it, analyze it, apply it in such a way as to really understand the essence.

Such people know how to predispose to themselves


Self-confidence presupposes restraint and steadfastness. Such a person will not fiddle with a handkerchief, pen, or buttons in his hands; he will not shift from foot to foot, but will stand straight, but not tensely. The individual is both soft and stern in communication: he will listen, but is unlikely to waste time on empty conversations. Such people control themselves, their posture, they know body and gesture language and never neglect them.

Correct posture

What do you always notice at first glance? On a person's posture.

Your image will automatically become aristocratic if you always stand or sit straight with a straight back. It is posture that is a sign of a confident person who never caves in front of others. At the initial stage, this will be quite difficult to achieve, moreover, it can even be very difficult, because you need to train yourself to always keep your back straight. You should constantly perform exercises that will strengthen your shoulder blade and lower back muscles.

In general, get up from your computer right now

and straighten your back, pull your shoulders back and lower them. At the same time, the body should look forward, and the arms should be slightly laid back. Practice doing this exercise as often as possible and you will soon notice the results. Just don't stand like a fashion model on the catwalk. From the outside it will look extremely ridiculous.

Self Confidence Structure

Every person is self-confident, but the level of self-esteem is completely different. Thus, they distinguish between low self-esteem, normal and high self-esteem. If the level is low, a person needs additional motivation to achieve harmony with himself. If it is too high, the individual will have to be brought down “from heaven to earth.”

How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for a woman - psychology

Confidence presupposes the ability to plan the path to a goal, giving it a beginning (the first step), thinking through actions, thinking through obstacles and consequences in achieving it.

Note! If the consequences turned out to be irreversible, then a confident person breaks them down into their components: a step towards understanding them, justifying self-respect, and also deriving new opportunities from such a mistake in order to gain satisfaction from the experience gained.

Self-confidence consists of the ability to communicate and behave in society, using the right statements and compliments. Such people give without hesitation and receive with gratitude. They are often an example of motivation, a model of success, being the center of attention.

A confident person is not afraid to start moving towards a goal, during which he tries to take everything possible from the process: develop talents, gain new knowledge, work independently and in a team, being part of it or in a leadership role. A confident person is able to take on different roles, realizing more and more of himself.

Know how to relax

Always try to listen to your feelings

desires and feelings. Try to constantly find time to be alone with yourself. This is necessary to collect your thoughts, understand and hear yourself better.

Learn to take care of yourself, constantly ask yourself what exactly you would like today.

These may be small, but necessary things for you, for example, taking a walk down the street, buying something tasty, doing gymnastics, or watching your favorite TV series.

What to do to gain confidence

People who don't have much success in life wonder what it means to feel confident. Almost every day the question arises why some people get everything easily and simply, while others have to work hard and then at the risk of being left out. When there is no self-confidence, there is no confidence in the future, or in work, or in any other direction in life. Therefore, it is very important to start training this quality, for which, first of all, you need to respect and love yourself.

You don't need to appear better, but it's important to be yourself

Confidence is an attitude towards oneself, which is built from self-esteem, respect, and recognition of achievements. All these elements are associated with doubts that, it would seem, should be excluded. However, statistics show that doubts have a right to exist, unless you listen to yourself and understand that experience will overcome them.

It is important to observe those moments when a person’s confidence completely leaves him - these are his vulnerabilities, topics that need to be worked on. To do this, you should pay attention to your strengths, which will help in effectively combating uncertainty.

Note! One of the most important and difficult rules is to exclude from your life people who promote insecurity with words like “you won’t succeed.”

At critical moments, you need to imagine what an individual would do if he were confident. Then you can move in this direction, taking into account an interesting point: everything depends only on the person himself.

You shouldn’t seem better, because in a moment a person gets tired of it, then he shows his true self, which others are sincerely surprised by. However, you should be friendly and attentive.

Self-confidence is a psychological description of a person who is ready to take responsibility, take risks, and receive rewards for hard work. This quality manifests itself in everything: behavior, conversation, appearance. It is also important that confidence can be increased and trained. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise excessive self-confidence can be harmful.

Communicate more

You need to communicate more precisely when you experience real fear from it.

. Start visiting interest clubs, sign up for some courses, start accepting invitations to various parties.

If you are a guy, then approach girls and introduce yourself. They may want communication even more than you, but they do not dare to approach you first, since it is more difficult for them to take the initiative. If you suddenly get rejected, breathe easier, don’t take it as a huge disaster. Probably, today the girl is not in the mood or for a million other reasons that are known only to her, but have nothing to do with you personally.

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