What is charisma - how to become a charismatic leader?

Charisma (from the ancient Greek χάρισμα - gift (from God) - “anointing”) is a special giftedness in a person, the exclusivity of a person in an intellectual, spiritual, or some other sense, capable of appealing to hearts (definition from the modern dictionary of L.P. . Rat). N. G. Komlev’s dictionary also says: high talent, personal attractiveness.

Basically, the word charisma means a set of emotional and mental skills of a person, with the help of which he is assessed as gifted with special qualities, while, in most cases, he does not have any special external data.

What is charisma in a person?

Defining this term is difficult. Leaders with such qualities are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. There, a charismatic person is someone gifted by God with special grace. In Ancient Greek mythology, this word is used in relation to people who are able to attract attention to themselves. And the Harites were the goddesses of grace, grace and beauty. In the modern world, charismatic can be called a charming, persuasive person endowed with the qualities of a communicator.

Those who have any supernatural abilities also fall under this definition. Be that as it may, we can say with confidence that a charismatic personality is a non-trivial personality with a pronounced individuality and attractiveness, which is compared to magnetism. People are drawn to individuals with such qualities and leadership potential and bask with pleasure in the rays of their glory.

Charisma - psychology

A personality is recognized as having qualities and properties that lead people, make them bow to it, trust and believe in unlimited possibilities. Charisma is, in psychology, recognition by the general public assigned to a person. This is how he acts, thinks, speaks. Charisma as a personality quality manifests itself at a natural level. The person does not make any special efforts for this, but his confidence, sociability, energy and other traits attract people, they closely follow such a leader and feel an irresistible desire to be close.

Charismatic Leadership

The charismatic leadership style is based on the leader's charm and persuasiveness. Charismatic leaders are driven by their beliefs and commitment to their work.

Charismatic leaders often try to improve the status quo, while transformational leaders focus on transforming organizations into the leader's vision.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a charismatic leader who used powerful oratory, an engaging personality, and an unwavering commitment to making positive changes in the lives of millions of people.

What is charisma?

This personality trait has nothing to do with the type of activity and moral and ethical character. Both a saint and a criminal can have a charismatic nature with equal success. This term refers to emotional and mental abilities and especially empathy, and this opens up opportunities for effective leadership and influencing people. This is what charisma is and it manifests itself from childhood, gaining a foothold in the early stages of life, becoming an instinctive quality of the individual. Such a person can look like anything, work as anyone, but he will never go unnoticed.

How does female charisma differ from male charisma?

It is clear that this personality quality does not depend on gender, but manifests itself differently in accordance with gender differences. The concept of charisma is inextricably linked with leadership abilities and the ability to influence people, but men are like that by nature and always strive to be the first in everything. It is natural for them to dominate, control and manipulate. It's a different matter for women. Those who ask what charisma is and how it manifests itself in them can be answered that this is far from the habits of a leader. This “general in a skirt” is unlikely to be able to lead people with him. There's something different here.

What kind of person is this?

What kind of person is charismatic? Handsome, fashionable, tall, stylish, educated or something else? There is no specific, specific set of characteristics, external signs and personality traits that make up charisma. Of course, it is precisely this nuance that makes the independent development of this quality difficult.

A charismatic person is not always someone educated. For example, Johnny Depp didn’t even graduate from high school, but isn’t he an example of this personal trait?

And people with this quality cannot always boast of intelligence; to verify this, just visit Donald Trump’s personal Twitter page. But at the same time, the US President is very charismatic.

However, education, like powerful intelligence, may well be available. For example, most Russian politicians, including our president, are very well educated and erudite people.

So what kind of person has charisma? Bright, standing out from the crowd, capable of captivating other people, becoming an example, an idol for them, or leading them along. Such a person has pronounced leadership qualities and is interesting to other people.

Female charisma

Such representatives of the fair sex are referred to as “manky”. They are not necessarily beautiful and attractive in appearance, but their self-confidence, some kind of inner glow and charm do not leave anyone indifferent, in a word - charismatic. They have a kind word and advice for everyone. Those who are interested in what charisma is in a woman should answer that it is a sense of self-esteem combined with genuine respect and interest in others. Such a person is open and natural, cheerful, easy-going and always positive, although he is not necessarily a leader.

Male charisma

There is always a crowd around him - friends, fans, colleagues. The bosses trust such subordinates with the most important projects, and colleagues recognize the leader and go to his office to gossip and simply recharge their batteries. A charismatic man is always on horseback. He knows how to express his thoughts correctly, is self-confident, has enthusiasm, is ready to be a leader and take risks. With a charismatic man it is warm, good and comfortable. The aura emanating from him makes you admire and rejoice again and again that there is a person with such qualities in your close circle.

Benefits of being charismatic

Such a person, as a rule, is successful in all areas of his life.

For example, a charismatic man is always a leader at work and at home. He has many friends, he is the life of the party. Women love him despite the fact that he may have a completely ordinary appearance.

Charismatics forgive many mistakes.

It has been noticed that the achievements of such people are fully appreciated by society. But those around them tend to “not notice” their mistakes or write them off “to the weather, circumstances or someone else.”

A charismatic person gets more than he deserves.

The environment that provides him with maximum trust and sympathy often endows the charismatic with qualities that he does not possess, which plays into the latter’s hands.

How to develop charisma?

Special abilities that are not available to other people are given from birth, but there is an opinion that if desired, you can develop them in yourself, the main thing is to understand how it works. Those who want to know how to become a charismatic person need to develop the following qualities:

  1. Independence. Always and in everything rely only on yourself, take responsibility for your life.
  2. Memorable appearance. It is not at all necessary to get a tattoo on your entire back or dye your hair green for charisma to appear, but some special “zest” should always be present.
  3. Optimism. You need to see only the good in everything and believe in the best.
  4. Calmness and endurance, self-confidence. Personalities with charisma are like that.
  5. You must be able to control your emotions and actions.
  6. Respect for yourself and others, which is inherent in charismatic individuals.
  7. Kindness, interest in others.
  8. Oratory is another strong point of leaders with charisma.
  9. The ability to listen and negotiate is one of the main personality qualities.

This is the secret of charisma. It must be remembered that, according to Olivia Fox Cabane, who is an expert in this field and even wrote a book about it, it is necessary to sincerely express warmth and interest in the interlocutor. If you want to know how to become charismatic, you need to have a strong desire and inner benevolence, and the main obstacle to the goal will be dissatisfaction, self-criticism, uncertainty, physical and mental discomfort. The new ability will help both in work and personal life.

Who is charismatic?

It's not far from love, isn't it? When someone is in love with you, they see you as the most wonderful person in the world. This is an extremely strong feeling. If you can do the same for people you don't even like, you have charisma.

Charismatic is emotion-oriented. And that's why. We humans, from generation to generation, have learned to read each other's emotions quickly and unconsciously - regarding any issues, such as whether the person in front of us is safe or dangerous, friend or enemy. Should we fight or flee? When we see an “average” person with a mixed “emotional temperature”, we receive a signal to pass by and move on, because we did not find anything interesting in him.

On the other hand, when someone walks into a room with purposeful excitement—passion, energy, anger, or joy—we immediately sense it and pay attention to it. Emotions attract us, first unconsciously and then consciously as we try to figure out what's going on.

Charisma isn't always what you think it is. It cannot be said that it either exists or it does not. Rather, it is something you can learn, discover within yourself, that you can turn on or off at will once you understand how it works.

Charisma development - exercises

  1. You can build a new ideal image if you draw a full-length picture of a person with your eyes closed, thinking through his facial expressions, gestures and gaze, voice intonation and other qualities that attract, fascinate and arouse sympathy. Every little thing matters, every detail of the image of a person with charisma. Having opened your eyes, you can notice that the fictitious image pops up in the imagination involuntarily, but the purpose of this exercise is a detailed analysis, which involves identifying the 10 most significant qualities of the created individual.
  2. The development of charisma involves setting a program for luck and success. You need to relax, close your eyes and start thinking about your goal, how to achieve it and how your quality of life will change after that. You can enhance the effectiveness of this exercise if you imagine all the people for whom this achievement of the goal will also benefit.

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How to become a charismatic leader?

Max Weber, a famous German sociologist, first spoke about a leader with such character traits at the beginning of the 20th century. He cited prominent leaders from different countries as examples. At his suggestion, government officials are often called charismatic, because they stand out significantly from the background of the general mass of people. The charisma of a business leader often determines their success, and not their knowledge and professional skills. For a wide smile, convincing speeches and positive personality traits, people are ready to forgive everything and follow their protege.

To become a charismatic leader, you must have an idea and believe in it with all your heart. This is the only way to convey the plan to all people and charge them with your steadfastness. A charismatic leader knows how to find a common language with his interlocutor and communicate with the public. He always subtly senses the situation and the mood of those around him; he is, as they say, “on the same wavelength” with them. In public speaking and acting lessons, you can learn the brightness and expressiveness of speech and gestures inherent in individuals with charisma. It is also very important to be able to manage your own emotions.

Who always has charisma?

This question is very relevant not only for those who are trying to understand what “charismatic” is, what personality traits this character quality consists of, and how exactly it manifests itself. By observing people who are endowed with a similar trait, it is much easier to develop it in yourself, for example, by imitating them.

Who has this trait? An example of charisma can be absolutely any successful and popular politician or a famous and sought-after actor or singer, whose name on the poster guarantees full houses and high box office receipts, regardless of the content of the film or the novelty of the songs performed.

It is the presence or absence of charisma that explains why one person achieves success in a public profession, while another, despite obvious talent, talent or a good political program, remains not particularly in demand or even languishes in obscurity.

Charisma in Orthodoxy

In early Christian traditions, prophets and miracle workers possessed such a gift. This was their charisma, what does this term mean today, we can say that grace is sent down to all people during spiritual communication with the Holy Spirit, that is, during prayer. The latter descended on the apostles of Christ on the day of Pentecost in the Upper Room of Zion and endowed them with 9 special gifts - charisma, which allowed them to preach the Gospel throughout the world and convert people to Christianity.

The first three gifts include wisdom, knowledge and the ability to see spirits. The second three include faith, miracles and the ability to heal, and the remaining three include prophecy, the gift of tongues and their interpretation. Charisma in Christianity descends on everyone who keeps the commandments of God, visits the temple, prays, and participates in rituals. It is bestowed upon such individuals in the form of gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is especially true among Pentecostals.

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