What does charisma mean and how to become a charismatic person

January 16, 2021

Hello, dear readers of the KtoNaNovenkogo.ru blog. Surely you have come across people who have some kind of magical appeal.

And we are not talking about sexual attractiveness, but rather about charm.

Such a person wins all your attention, it is interesting to interact with him, it is interesting to listen to him, you want to trust and follow him to the ends of the earth. They say about such people - a charismatic person.

What is charisma? Let's figure it out.

Oratory skills of charismatic people

Undoubtedly, a common feature of many charismatic people is perfect mastery of the art of words.
Simply put, all charismatic people are great speakers. A leader, like advertising, is the engine of progress and any process. He must be able to speak in front of an audience. The public can be very diverse: a class, a university audience, colleagues, social strata of the population, if we talk about a larger scale, this is a whole people. To reach people, to cause a change in their emotional mood, to open people’s minds to provide the information they need.

You can be a great speaker without having charisma. And there are many such examples: heads of departments at enterprises, teachers, managers in commercial organizations. The words of such people have a meaning that you understand, and they are 100% right, but they do not light the fire of your consciousness and do not provoke people to “go and do it.”

A child with pronounced charisma will be drawn to mastering the art of oratory on a subconscious level. He will need time to replenish his vocabulary and read intellectual books. This will subsequently become the foundation of ideas and ideological principles.

Charismatic people know how to use public speaking skills in practice as a tool to achieve their goals and implement ideas. Charisma is an individual feature of a person’s talent. You should not cherish the illusion that after reading a couple of abstruse books you will become a super-charismatic person. Many may think that if you just watch the actions and speeches of famous and influential people, you can learn charisma, but that won’t work here either. But almost anyone can hone their oratorical skills to the level of perfection.

Basic Concepts

Charisma is a tool that allows some people to influence others, to inspire trust, to look in the eyes of a certain group of people as the embodiment of wisdom, success, talent, beauty (it’s not for nothing that the word “charisma” comes from the Greek “grace”, “divine gift”) . Charisma is inherent in most public people: artists, businessmen, film actors, politicians.

Signs of charisma can be innate and appear in early childhood. Remember how the roles were distributed in yard games: someone was the commander of the squad, and someone “brought the cartridges.”

Or they can be formed by a conscious, fairly mature person who develops and improves his internal resource, which allows him to realize his goals in business, politics or personal life through influencing others.

Interest in the concept of “charisma” first arose at the beginning of the twentieth century in connection with the study of ways to influence mass consciousness. Modern sociology and psychology often emphasize the need to study it as a tool for the formation of a successful personality.

Stories and Stories - Master Level

Mastery of the art of telling stories, stories, parables, the ability to convey well-known facts, interesting cases from personal experience and illustrate all this with arguments is another facet of oratory.
With this you can convince and win over a huge number of human minds to your side. Those with charisma successfully use such stories to educate and convince masses of people. Storytelling is a very functional thing. Simplicity and accessibility are exactly the format that is useful for correctly presenting information to the consciousness of the mass of people.

In most cases, the main object of stories of a charismatic personality is the person himself, his experience and personal views and beliefs. Most often, this is based on facts from biography and personal experience and supplemented with examples from your immediate environment.

Public speaking

Speaking in public, a charismatic personality literally pours out his own emotions.
All his judgments, as a rule, are based on the subjectivity of the narrator himself. The enthusiasm with which the charismatic speaker talks can be the envy of almost every living person. The speaker conveys all statements, statements and calls for active action in the color of his personal relationships to everything. Most often, the format of such speeches is preaching. Demonstration of thought leadership - in the tempo of the voice and demeanor during the speech. Usually speech is conducted quietly and rather slowly, movements are slowed down or minimized.

All this is done with one goal - to attract the audience’s attention to one’s own figure. Long pauses are also relevant.

Do we need to take other people into account?

Charisma has nothing to do with selfishness. A woman with charisma is, as a rule, attentive to other people, as well as to everything that happens around her.

However, not a single person with this property will allow himself to be manipulated or taken advantage of. This means not only stopping attempts to sit on your neck, but also prioritizing your daily activities.

Paradoxical as it may seem, mere trifles and everyday fuss most strongly influence the way of thinking and type of behavior of women. For example, after waking up on the weekend, having done some exercise, a housewife must make a choice - cook breakfast for the family or enjoy a cup of coffee. As a rule, no one thinks about this, but simply does it. Usually women either combine both activities, or prepare breakfast and only then drink their coffee. Those who want to develop charismatic qualities in themselves should do differently. First, coffee for yourself, then breakfast for others.

Famous charismatic personalities: examples

  • Such iconic personalities as Brezhnev or Stalin were extremely restrained and balanced in their speeches.
  • In order for the nation to better perceive the leader and the essence of the speeches to be firmly deposited in the mind, Fidel Castro’s speeches were theatricalized. He, too, always spoke measuredly, but skillfully used the modulation of his own voice, using the boom of his voice. Everything described above is a shining example of an ideal performance.

But there were and are charismatic personalities who use a diametrically opposite model:

  • These include Hitler and Zhirinovsky with confidence. The first literally spit saliva during his performances, shouted a lot and gesticulated with enormous power. Zhirinovsky uses fussiness, emancipation and energy. It even became his.
  • The ideological inspirer of one of the leading companies, Apple, Steve Jobs, rehearsed a lot and persistently before his speeches. At first glance, all his speeches seemed relaxed and relaxed, but all this was the result of many days of rehearsals. This actually required him an enormous amount of effort and rehearsal.
  • Churchill and Hitler preferred to rehearse in front of a mirror. And we always devoted many hours to this activity.

A charismatic personality is always a teacher

No one can teach the truth like a charismatic person.
A charismatic person is always a teacher, mentor or simply a deeply knowledgeable person. He always has knowledge and is confident that he is the one who knows how to live, what ideological principles to bring into his life, and how to act in various situations. For a charismatic person, there is no concept of biological age. With the ability to convince a large number of people of the seriousness of his personality, knowledge and experience, he is able to interest any age category. He may be 2 times younger than his listeners, but no one would think of even a hint of reproaching him. The speeches and speeches of people with pronounced charisma never look like boring and ordinary speeches. There is only one format - communication with the public, understanding when it is worth getting a backlash - and on an intuitive level he will feel the mood of the audience.

Live speech is the main tool of a charismatic speaker. For him, the most important thing is to focus on his person. In the most extreme cases, he resorts to using pre-written speeches and words.

And the use of presentations and slides is more reminiscent of a well-staged set for his speech. These are forced measures, which are resorted to only when there is a need to dilute the speech. But this is not the basis for reporting the facts.

The presence of directed actions in the performances of a charismatic person is important. In every speech of a charismatic speaker there is a direction of actions and the speech itself. This may seem so to every person who closely peers and listens to the speech.

Here you need to understand that any public speech has a lot of subtleties and nuances. Each performance has its own structural division into an introduction, building up intrigue and general tension, a climax and a finale. In general, it resembles a well-directed theatrical action. After all, in essence, this is a well-rehearsed production.

Test: “Congenital or acquired”

Many people wonder how to become charismatic. After all, people of this type succeed in everything. They easily sign contracts, make new acquaintances and arouse adoration in the eyes of their interlocutor. There is an opinion that you need to be born with this quality. Of course, there is an innate charisma. But this does not mean that you cannot develop certain qualities in yourself so that people will be drawn to you.

The first step is to determine whether you have the necessary innate skills. To do this, you need to take a short test and answer questions. The test consists of 8 statements. Enter a number from one to nine. One point – the statement is not about you. Nine is your behavior pattern.

  1. When I listen to my favorite music, I involuntarily move to the beat.
  2. I laugh very loudly.
  3. During a telephone conversation, I speak loudly and openly demonstrate my feelings.
  4. Everyone notices my acting skills.
  5. I'm good at solving charades.
  6. At parties I prefer to be in the thick of things.
  7. When communicating with loved ones, I often touch them.
  8. Friends always come to me for advice.

You have dialed...

0–37 points. You are shy and like to be alone with yourself. The test showed that you lack innate charisma.

38–49 points. The test revealed that you lack natural charisma, but extensive experience in communication helps you to be successful in business.

50–60 points. If the test shows this result, you have innate charisma. You stand out from the crowd and are admired.

61–72 points. Your emotions are transmitted to every person who is near you. The test shows such results in only 5% of respondents. You have natural charisma.

The connection between energy and charisma

The key to success can be a healthy and strong spirit, psychological and physical health.
A charismatic personality must itself be a source of energy. The specifics are such that sometimes you will have to speak in public more than once a day, and all performances must be of the highest quality. With his mere presence, this personality must infect people’s consciousness and invest his ideas.

Well, I immediately felt that there was something between us. Well, some kind of attraction, connection... bluetooth! Or some kind of charisma. Cool guys. Kolyan

About the origin of the word

This word has Greek roots. The expression χάρισμα is translated into Russian as “gift, mercy.” Of course, we are talking about the grace granted to a person from above at birth, about the fact that he is naturally endowed with certain personal qualities.

Of course, the ancient Greeks believed that it was not nature that endowed a person with charisma, but the gods watching people from the top of Olympus. However, the inhabitants of Hellas gave this word exactly the same meaning as modern people. That is, this was the name for a certain trait of human nature.

Loyalty is not always a companion to charisma

A distinctive feature of charismatic people can almost always be called the absence of such a quality as loyalty.
For the most part, people with charisma rarely think about correctness, and more often they don’t think about it at all. They are cruel and rarely compromise. Charismatic individuals do not infuse their speeches with politeness, gratitude, and compassion.

A true leader can radically change a person's way of thinking with just one speech. He is able to turn a person’s head, fill a person with confidence and change the stereotype of thinking and judgment.

The topics that true leaders address most often put their audience in conflict with the outside world. Often, for a certain segment of the population, speeches can be offensive, provocative, or even scandalous.

What else is important for developing charisma?

Before you begin to develop this quality, you need to decide what a “charismatic woman” means in your own mind. Everyone has a stereotype of this concept. You don't need to break it, you just need to conform to it.

The way you live your life is also important. It is impossible to become attractive to others if you do not like yourself. That is, you should act and look exactly the way you want. If you want to run in the park in the morning in a pink suit with rhinestones, you need to do this, and not sigh, repeating to yourself that such activities and clothes are “not for your age,” or come up with other excuses.

Examples of the specific speech of a charismatic personality

The speech delivered by a true leader, a possessor of charisma, is mostly filled with special words, sayings, epithets, and specific catchphrases that are rarely used in everyday life by the majority of people.
Such “tricks” can be used as part of an ideology that is introduced to the masses by a person endowed with charisma. Or simply be explained by the peculiarities of his biography or special origin.

Particularly specific mastery of gestures is an important factor and aspect of the personality of a person with charisma. The gesture itself can be anything: restrained, graceful, overly mannered, or abrupt and awkward.

The most important thing is that these gestural techniques complement the harmony of the personality. Even speech impediments and accents can be used to create an individual image of a charismatic person.

True charisma is the ability to generate intense inspiration within oneself and demonstrate it outwardly. This ability makes a person an object of close attention and unconscious imitation on the part of others. Leah Greenfield

Is it possible to learn charisma?

How to become a charismatic woman and is it possible to do it? According to the traditional conservative view, shared by most sociologists, philosophers and psychologists, this quality cannot be learned; it is an innate talent, like the ability to paint or the timbre of the voice.

But not everyone shares this understanding of charisma. There is another understanding of the very nature of this property of the human personality. According to him, charisma is not a unique talent inherited from ancestors or bestowed from above, but simply the result of a certain type of nonverbal behavior.

Accordingly, by learning certain techniques and turning them into a reflex, a habit, it is quite possible to become a charismatic person.

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