Who are yuppies and what are the goals of this subculture?

History of origin

Now young people do not strive for freedom from society, a chaotic life and a lack of rules. The new ideology of the younger generation is financial success, reaching the pinnacle of one’s career while still young. “Yuppie” is a subculture, in English – “yuppie”. Stands for young urban professional - young urban professional.

The Yuppie youth subculture arose in the early 80s of the last century in the USA. In Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space, it reached its apogee by the late 90s - early 2000s. Even then, in the 80s, all leading US publications were full of notes about the emerging new youth movement. Their ideology radically contradicted the ideology of their predecessors – the hippies.

This subculture marked drastic changes in the life of the country, both in the United States in the distant 80s and in the post-Soviet space in the 2000s. “Yuppies” are a subculture that most likely arises under the influence of events that turn the lives of young people 180 degrees. Thus, using the example of Russia and the CIS countries, it can be said with certainty that the reason for the emergence of such a movement was the transition from the old Soviet foundations and the gangster 90s to a new life in which young people, having trained as workers and engineers, did not find a place for themselves in their specialty .

The sharp rise of the market economy required the presence of salespeople and managers, but neither graduates nor society itself were ready for such a turn. Young rebels are emerging who do not want to occupy the niche of unemployment and poverty. They learn, master a new life and new requirements.

“Yuppies” are a subculture whose history today spans 35 years. Now, 15-25 years later, we see these people in high management positions in large companies or as owners of their own businesses.

Prominent representatives

In Russia, a prominent representative of this subculture is Maxim Yuryevich Nogotkov. The president of Svyaznoy was already considered a dollar millionaire at the age of 20. The talented singer Adele is considered one of the richest performers in England. At such a young age, her net worth is approximately $80 million.

In films you can also see images of successful self-made businessmen. For example, the famous film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Jordan Belfort, thanks to his intelligence, cunning and ability to sell anything to anyone, has amassed a huge fortune. Only playing for big money requires an appropriate fee.

Danila Kozlovsky starred in an interesting film based on the novel by Sergei Minaev “Dukhless”. He played the role of a young guy who occupied a high position. Over time, the pathetic life ceased to satisfy him, which is why he went in search of a new meaning in life.

Nicolas Cage perfectly showed the agony of choosing between family and career in the film “The Family Man.” Having been in each role, he reconsidered his values ​​and realized what he really needed.


“Yuppies” are a subculture that differs in its attributes from any other trend. Having achieved everything in this life, a self-respecting “yuppie” wears a strict three-piece suit made of expensive fabrics. For him, clothes are a confirmation of his status in life and his “face” to his partners. The concept of “most expensive” surrounds him everywhere. The best smartphone, modern new IT technologies.

It is necessary to have an expensive, fast car, a representative of the elite class. Even if the “yuppie” himself does not drive a car, he has a hired driver. They live in prestigious areas in luxury apartments and mansions. The presence of maintenance personnel is required. Often they do not start a family, since work and the desire for success always come first.


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Then: Massive, bulky, looked good with flesh-colored nylon tights.

Now: Sporty, low, worn with ankle-length trousers or a calf-length skirt and jacket. We plan to follow the trend for comfortable shoes for as long as possible and now it's time to wear less bulky models, such as classic Keds or Adidas.

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"Yuppie" ideas and worldview

Few "yuppies" recognize and respect the institution of family. The presence of both premarital and sexual relations within marriage is not taboo for them and, as a rule, is not classified information. Such people consider polygamy in a relationship to be something of the same status as expensive cars. The “yuppie” personality is characterized by extreme narcissism, and therefore among them there are rarely those who have one marriage and monogamous relationships behind them.

External manifestations of “yuppie” behavior are cynicism, pragmatism and contempt for individuals who have not achieved heights in life. They take an apolitical position.

It is not customary in such circles to discuss failures or health problems - this is a manifestation of weakness. The only thing a “yuppie” can complain about is lack of time. They don't brag about their victories or complain about failures. This is not accepted. There is no concept of “deserved”, there is only one reason for respect by others - this is “earned it yourself”. And the main motto is “he who stood up first gets the slippers.”

In yuppie communities, external manifestations such as envy and hatred are taboo. They are tensely polite and friendly. More often, the manifestation of aggression consists of pointing out to the interlocutor the low “status” of their accessories - electronics, a suit, a car, housing, a woman.

As a rule, "yuppies" do not create a circle of close friends. Their environment consists of useful contacts and service personnel. Representatives of this movement rarely have a range of interests other than their work. Firstly, this is a waste of time. Secondly, the main passion of their life is work.



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very strange article... doesn’t reach me - who wrote it? What's in a person's head?

Sexual revolution: from hippies to yuppies and back

The word was coined by a journalist. It’s not something that I came up with, I just dug up a well-forgotten old thing. The 40's hipster is an independent person, well aware of everything, the 50's is a young man interested in jazz and all sorts of mind-blowing things. The slang word hip in the 50s referred to a sophisticated, independent, wise and brave person who was always on the alert, but hippy was considered to be someone who unsuccessfully tried to be like the cool hip guys. In the 60s, the destructive name in the mouths of the “squares” - “hippies” became the proud name of a whole generation of those who disobeyed the Old Reality. Immediately, now creating a new, fresh, shocking reality of straigts - “decent”, “correct”, in short, ordinary people. Perhaps the hippies were the first and last absolutely happy generation that changed the world arbitrarily, being completely confident in their rightness. It’s not surprising - after all, it was about LOVE. Love for God, for the world, love for each other. Sublime and carnal. If you believe the cunning calculations of mystics and theosophists, then the sixties of the 20th century open in a person the chakra responsible for sexual relations. According to legend, it glows orange, while the symbol of the hip era is a red nasturtium (a good coincidence, isn't it?). If the aesthetics of the fifties is a stern, untouchable single man, black leather, glasses, under them - a steely gaze, a firearm in the pocket, a chase, surveillance, mistrust, a stingy kiss in the car (with lips compressed into a string), then the aesthetics of the sixties: helpless, casually dressed youths, more reminiscent of foolish maidens than masculine men, mannequins a la Marlon Brando. In fashion are low, hoarse (oh, so sexy) female voices, girls capable of long treks and hitchhiking on abandoned dusty highways, broad-shouldered girls on the backs of motorcycles with a heavy backpack on their shoulders. Men's falsetto singing, dressing up and extravagant makeup are trendy (see early videos of David Bowie and Peter Gabriel). High costume - a “cool costume” becomes as natural for hippies as “changing gender for an hour.” Historical camisoles, feathers, crinolines, Indian skirts, cowboy trousers - everything suits young slackers. There is a phrase: “There are things that only very smart women and homosexuals understand.” This balance between masculine and feminine was cultivated during the hippie era. An attempt to combine two worldviews is not debauchery, but a new approach to the world. Through the freedom of your own body, through the fulfillment of momentary desires, through sex as a dance, through SENSATIONS. Do you remember: “Lie still and think of England”? The hippie girl wanted to think only about herself, only about him (or about her), about love, finally. There is a beautiful moment in one of the films of the 60s: lovers spend a long time feeling each other’s faces. Palms, blindly. It turned out that the world can be experienced through the skin. The legendary Jim Morrison wrote in his diaries: “Ask anyone which feeling he cherished above all others. Most will answer: vision - agreeing to lose a million eyes all over the body for the sake of two in the skull. By going blind, we could live and perhaps discover wisdom. Without the sense of touch, we would turn into blocks of wood.” Realizing the body as a giant eye, the subtlest instrument for communicating with the world, the hippie fell in love with his material shell. I began to groom, cherish and develop her. And not at all by the methods of bodybuilding and aerobics, which give a purely external result of muscle elasticity, but by secret ways of expanding consciousness, awakening the third eye. The key concept in improving the body was LSD ACID, with the help of which travel (“trips”) was made to parallel worlds of the sub- and superconscious. As one “acid” practitioner said: “LSD allows you to directly touch everything around you. Once you take LSD, reality begins to softly enter you.” It is precisely this lightness and unburdensomeness of acid that to this day makes it attractive to lovers of trips in time and space. One has only to mention that there is almost no real acid in the CIS, there are cruel fakes of it wandering around, from which it will not take long to “throw your slippers” for your own enormous money (to put it simply, 50 dollars - and death is in your pocket). As a result of being in nature with friends (with a little help from LSD), the consciousness of the hippie expanded indescribably. Each of them became better and better, stranger and more wonderful... The unspoken hippie code said: “The more you become yourself, the more beautiful you are. Each person is the most interesting person in the world. Every". When a number of such wonderful personalities gathered together and they could no longer separate due to universal spiritual affection and mutual understanding, they seized an abandoned house or set up a tent camp to settle there for the next year or two. Such settlements were called communes or reservations. A textbook example is Haight-Ashbury, a former working-class district of San Francisco (Frisco in hippie slang). At the end of the 50s, the Haight was flooded with beatniks, followed by ordinary homosexuals, and in 1966 people who called themselves the “new community” settled here. It was then that journalist Herb Kahen dubbed these picturesque slackers hippies. The second (after LSD) main concept of hippie existence was joint action: be-in (just a party, a meeting) and love-in (a party with a sexual connotation). Also, the favorite way to spend time together were rock concerts in the open air, in green meadows, where someone listened attentively to music and words, someone smoked a joint, someone made love, someone fed a child, someone sunbathed naked, someone read a book, someone chatted with friends or dreamed about their own. At that time, psychedelic music was in vogue (from the word “psychedelia,” meaning drug experience and everything connected with it). The concerts were accompanied by light-shows - light performances, or, as we used to say, light music. Its simplified, vulgarized version is now used on all self-respecting platforms. With the light hand of hippies, rock music penetrated the theater and took over it. Soon the children came into the light of day - the rock operas “Hair”, “Tommy”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In order to make Jesus easier to understand, intensely devout hippies made him a dude, a good guy from a neighboring commune. The fashion for hairstyles a la Jesus Crites, white (dirty) clothes, freely flowing to the heels, as well as the edifying, teacher’s tone in which the hippies conducted soul-saving conversations with the unenlightened, non-hippies, were not long in coming. The religious preferences of the longhairs were not limited to Christianity. The East seemed unusually attractive to them, so calm, so slow, immersed in contemplation. Incense and precious oils, garlands of flowers and secluded huts of hermit monks attracted hippies like a candle to midges. Part of the flock became fascinated by Hare Krishna, part delved into impenetrable Tibet, forever lost in high-mountain monasteries, while the vast majority preferred to study the basics of Zen Buddhism without lifting their torso from their home bed. From many adopted religions, hippies inherited vegetarian cuisine, the principle of “thou shalt not kill the least brother” (i.e. rabbit, lamb, etc.), denial of wars and all kinds of violence, hatred of money and ways of earning it, a tendency to change places, as well as mystical sectarianism and astral sex, that is, TANTRA. The East, a subtle matter, teaches: a woman is a good person. Light, not at all dangerous for a man. "Rajas" (the feminine in a woman) corresponds to the sun, while the masculine "bindu" corresponds to the moon's wavering light. This opinion is completely hostile to European morality, which sees in the female individual: a) an immaculate ideal - without desires, menstruation, scandals, with sterile conception from the Holy Spirit, strangely similar to the legal father; b) a hetaera who can do everything and always wants you; c) the “iron lady”, a work mate, a sexless, smoking and swearing creature; d) rubbish, three stations. The eastern wisdom of tantra implied the merging in ecstasy of two subjects of different sexes through an energy ring. From the outside it looked something like this: a stream of energy falls from space straight onto a man’s sinful head, flows through the body and, in a processed, personality-colored form, bursts out as a fiery ray from his sex chakra, falling (what did you think?) exactly into the corresponding female center of the eternal life. Then the flow goes up, also saturated with the feminine essence, flows like a fountain from the top of the head, returns the expended energy to the man, and so on ad infinitum. According to some sources, the flow passes in the opposite direction, the successor of the cosmic jets is a girl, but does it matter who starts, the main thing is that the system works and everyone has fun. Yes, tantra is not just sex, but a deeply mystical pastime. It's a shame that in the hippie tradition this innovative method was often replaced by explicit pictures of the Kama Sutra. All over America in the late 60s, an incredible number of courses, sects, circles sprang up, where newly minted gurus taught recruits to devote themselves to science. Shtetl tantra was a wonderful fusion of Chinese and Tibetan mysticism, psychoanalytic research, theosophy, spiritualism and quantum mechanics. Graduates of such courses thought up a little of their own, opened a business, trained young people - a chain reaction. In connection with tantric copulations, another forgotten character has surfaced - Gurdjieff, our disgraced compatriot, favored by the West. The black teacher, who was also a manipulator of consciousness, fell in love with the hippies for his supposedly therapeutic naked dancing techniques. The hippies’ penchant for “carts” (lengthy discussions on philosophical and life topics) determined the popularity of Gurdjieff’s lectures, helpfully recorded by his students. Another notorious guru of the 60s, Timothy Leary, promoted LSD in Breaking Bad and even created the “League of Spiritual Discovery” to achieve the legalization of acid as a ritual substance, following the example of the Native American Church, which was allowed to use peyote (a hallucinogenic extract from a Mexican cactus ) in religious ceremonies. The authorities did not tolerate the originality of Leary’s thinking, rewarding the genius with a bouquet of prison sentences of varying lengths on various charges. Having laboriously rewinded several years, diluting the prison boredom with an escape to Algeria, Leary finally won his case and shouted with renewed vigor: “Turn on! Tune in! Drop out! (which in Russian roughly means: “Throw in! Get into it! Drive off!”). In general, the desire to teach has become as much a sign of the sex revolution as long hairstyles and nudist beaches. Tantra taught young people to move normally, not to be ashamed of their bodies, gurus of various sizes twisted their brains, rock music ennobled their experiences. As the years passed, the hippies matured, grew wiser, and turned gray (bald). Some people did something they liked, earned some money, but did not send it, like in the good old days, to the starving children of Mozambique. He didn’t fold the money into a boat, didn’t use it in the toilet, but (it’s scary to say!) put it in the bank at interest. At that moment, rock and roll died, the hippies “threw away their slippers,” and a new class emerged into the light of day - the YUPPI. Young Professionals. Young professionals. At first - only the technical elite. People who do something with the meaning of this very thing and get a good result, expressed in monetary terms. The same people who five years ago galloped across green meadows voluntarily imprisoned themselves in concrete boxes, where, under electric lighting, surrounded by computers, secretaries and hamburgers, they produced some highly professional product. It’s very simple: it’s impossible to live idlely, it’s impossible to accumulate intellectual baggage, have ideas, and not do ANYTHING. This eternal holiday began to resemble a prison. You get tired of life in a commune (“everything around is folk” - you only like it in early youth), you get tired of people, of communication, of the fact that someone is constantly taking your favorite things. How long can you be a tumbleweed? I want to have a family, I want to see my wife breastfeeding her child in an easy chair - not on the side of a country road. The musicians, the flagships of free love, also quietly went into dark studios. The previously reckless, “dirty” live music of open-air rock sessions was replaced by electronic noise and synthesizers. The state of belonging (“We are together!”) faded away, the art of video clips and a new pleasure arose - watching and listening quietly, alone. Dream up. What did the yuppies do with sex? Nothing bad. Leaving behind his former liberation (watch cheap American films), professionals took him away from rock concerts and city squares into apartments, bedrooms, and, at worst, into offices (with the doors locked). After all, it’s a sacrament. From the hippie madness, the yuppies inherited this “monster of perestroika” - FEMINISM. In one of the Western women's magazines of the late 60s, a girl in red is depicted on the cover. Tiredly leaning against the wall, she closed her eyes. Under the photo are the words: “I took pills, I hiked my skirt up to my hips, I pulled my skirt down to my ankles, I rebelled at the university, I swore at the American embassy, ​​I lived with two men, I married one, I earned my bread, I saved my personality, but frankly speaking, I got lost.” It's all true. Women's rebellion against the society of men is hopeless and irritates the so-called “progressive public”, which is entirely made up of men. However, the woman emerged from the hippie era stronger. The yuppies busily shoved her into the office (mainly as a servant), but she did not die, continuing to create a sex furor (see the film “Basic Instinct, etc.). Feminist organizations are still “throwing bras in the air.” All that remains is to feel sorry for those men who started this whole emancipatory mess. For that fought for it and ran. The circle is closed. Fidgety young men with feminine hairstyles were replaced by super-rude punk girls, and just a few years later romantics ascended to the crest of fashion. Boys in pirate shirts with piles of lace. They were followed by human robots with their angular break dances, and so on ad infinitum... Love, in the process of these changes, became colder and more alienated, reaching extremely low temperatures in our techno times. Today's youngsters: hippies, punks, acid rockers, bikers, rockabillies, yuppies (all in one harness) are in no hurry to strangle in the arms of the first person they come across who looks attractive. Along with tolerance for the lifestyle and way of thinking of others, a certain cynicism has come into fashion. If you don’t want it, don’t, if you don’t love it, well, I’ll go to others or (what’s more popular) I’ll be left alone. The 90s are ideal for loners at the computer, at the desk, in the library and at the disco. They exchanged clan principles for their own right to choose, and they prefer to decide for themselves what to borrow from the hippie-yuppies. The zone of feelings, opening its doors to its fullest, again slightly closed the curtains. And if the person behind them turned out to be a little more natural, a little freer, it means that some of the sex revolution was not in vain. source - www.hippy.ru/sexrev.html

The Lost Cult of the Yuppie

“Yuppies” are a subculture, photos of which confirm that today it has lost its romantic existence. An entire era of a “materialistic” attitude to life has ended. Today, professionals who are no longer obsessed with work alone are winning. Their new priorities are the interweaving of professionalism and the availability of free time to improve their personal lives and pursue their favorite hobbies.

Today's young and successful person does not give up on the little joys of life and does not plunge headlong into the abyss of work. Now the priority is to reach the top of your career in order to be able to organize your working hours as you wish, leaving room for the realization of your ideas and plans outside the profession.

Now they have political views and convictions, and actively take part in the political life of the state.

No. 1. "CAT HEELS"

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Then: Practical shoes with tacky chunky heels and round or square toes that your grandma would approve of.

Now: With pointed toes and minimalist designs, they're sleeker and, if I may say so, sexier. While classic sandals are leading the trend, we especially love these shoes.

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Yuppie followers

“Yuppies” are a subculture whose representatives saw a goal and, in order to achieve it, could move mountains and step over anything, even their personal desires and needs. But over time, the understanding comes that work cannot bring satisfaction without the personal fulfillment of the individual.

And today there are followers of this movement, but the range of their interests has expanded significantly. They achieve success not only in their profession, but also in establishing a family and realizing their desires not related to their profession. Career and money are no longer the final goal, but only the path to the possibility of self-realization and gaining wealth.


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Then: Pale colors were sickly sweet and usually paired with a polo shirt or turtleneck. And all this, of course, was complemented by a sweater tied around the shoulders.

Now: Traditional, discreet shades have received a fashionable upgrade. These could be aquamarine leather jackets, lavender distressed jeans and smoky pink Dr. boots. Martens (or anything of that color). You'll get an added style bonus if you pair pastel colors with bright ones, like persimmon orange.

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Photo: Getty Images
Then: If you didn't look like a rugby player in your shoulder-padded blazer (and matching dress skirt), then you weren't dressing right.

Now: In 2021, wide shoulders slope more and follow the natural angle of your shoulders rather than turning you into a walking traffic sign.

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