Women's wisdom in relationships with a beloved man: the secrets of a successful romance

No matter how strong the love between a man and a woman is, it will not last long enough without skillful interaction between partners. You can overnight destroy everything that has been built for a long time if you behave incorrectly. The success of the novel largely depends on the girl’s behavior, since the fair sex is better at avoiding sharp corners in conflict situations. What exactly is female wisdom in relationships with a man and how to use it correctly?

Relationships between men and women

Most of the problems between different sexes are that people simply do not understand each other and are unwilling to make the slightest effort to gain mutual understanding. When building relationships, we must never forget that each person is a separate world, with its own laws, rules, borders, laws. However, we are all somewhat similar. Important common features unite the psychology of all men. The most important of these features is to focus on extremely important things. The focus of male consciousness is focused on solving specific issues; they are not able to think about several situations at the same time and solve several problems at the same time. There should be only one goal. This feature of thinking largely determines the behavior of men, their priorities, values, and entertainment.


Features of the female character are endless patience and dedication. In youth, a woman is more likely to sacrifice herself, adapting to the needs and desires of her partner. Having fallen in love, she is ready to devote her entire life to her beloved, to sacrifice everything for the sake of her children and family. She puts all the burdens of family life and the difficulties of family relationships on her shoulders. She is too sacrificial at the beginning of a relationship and is not able to immediately outline the boundaries of permissible dedication. For her, family comes first. She is ready to help everyone at any time. This is often taken for granted by husbands and children. A mistake made by many representatives of the fairer sex is to completely dissolve themselves in the role of mother and wife.

But when you first give, sooner or later you begin to feel unhappy and dissatisfied with your family relationships. Resentment arises. Most women humble themselves and endure for the sake of people close to them.

Psychology of male love

As a rule, men tend to hide the sensual component of their lives. But being in love can make serious adjustments to the behavior of a representative of the stronger sex. This is manifested both in external changes - a man begins to take better care of himself, tries to look attractive, and in behavior. Gestures, facial expressions, and speech also change. Numerous studies of the state of male love allow us to name the most accurate probable signs that another man was struck by the mark of Cupid’s arrow:

  • Increased interest in the object of love. A man in love strives not to let his beloved out of his sight for a moment. In any situation, he tries to be as close to her as possible;
  • Striving to become better. A man in love tries to make a positive impression on his chosen one, so he begins to behave in a way that is usually unusual for him. For example, he watches his speech, gives compliments, becomes attentive, gallant, interesting, cheerful, fearless, etc. This allows a man to stand out from other representatives of the stronger sex and capture the attention of the person he is interested in.
  • Demonstration of trust. If a man shares personal experiences and open secrets with you, then he is most likely in love;
  • Expression of admiration. In the object of his love, a man tends to notice exclusively positive qualities and openly admire them;
  • Jealousy. A state of continuous rivalry remains between men. Therefore, jealousy can be considered one of the signs of falling in love, since it is nothing more than the desire to protect what one wants to possess, as well as the fear that someone else will receive this adored object.

How to interest a man?

An old song once said that in our world, according to statistics, for every 10 girls there are 9 boys. Today, this ratio has changed even more, not in favor of the fair sex. In other words, there is fierce competition among women. And for worthy men, in general, serious battles often break out. In the struggle for personal happiness, we must not forget the main feature of male psychology: all men are hunters, so easy prey is of no interest to them. At the same time, overly complex schemes for winning male attention may also be considered a waste of time. Research shows that men are interested in quite simple and understandable components:

  • Sexuality and manifestations of femininity. The eyes are the most important organ of male perception. Therefore, a woman who wants to attract the attention of a man should constantly please their gaze. At the same time, it is important not to cross the fine line between sexuality and vulgarity.
  • Smile and good mood. We all, on a subconscious level, strive for those people who smile and are in a good mood. And men are no exception to this rule.
  • Women's secrets. Every man has the role of head of the family. And he must experience all the delights and hardships of this burden. The role of a woman is to ensure that her husband is truly the main one in the relationship. Only female cunning and wisdom help in solving this problem.
  • Delight. Men love compliments. Therefore, each of them will probably pay attention to a woman who notices his every success and constantly praises him for his achievements.
  • Sex. Of course, the physical manifestation of attraction interests men no less than the appearance of the chosen one, her temperament and attitude towards him. Therefore, every woman should learn to understand, first of all, her own body in order to receive pleasure herself and give it to a man.

Features of communication

A distinctive feature of a woman is her high sociability. Why? Her speech centers are located in both hemispheres of the brain, which allows her to have excellent command of the speaking process. Nature has entrusted it with educational and educational functions. Who would we be if it were not for communication, first of all, with our mother during the first three years of life? Fairytale Mowgli? It is unlikely that the end of the fairy tale would be so happy.

Having special speech centers, the female brain is free to perform other tasks. That’s why she can listen and speak at the same time, argue with her husband, cook dinner and follow the plot of a TV movie out of the corner of her eye. She keeps all the events around her in her field of vision, controls and... speaks. Nature seems to have put into her the need to waste a certain number of words (20,000), which she simply needs to speak in a day.

Communication is of utmost importance for women. Unlike men, it is more important for them to share their feelings and experiences than to achieve success and results. They realize themselves in communication with others.

Since the information flow between the right and left hemispheres of the female brain is more powerful than that of men, her speech is multifaceted. During a conversation, she is able to support and lead simultaneously on several topics of discussion, which leads men to misunderstanding. He loses the thread of the conversation. “Hey, stop! I didn't understand! Who or what are you talking about now?” She easily switches from one task to another, and from one topic of conversation to another.

A woman never interrupts her interlocutor, and this means showing attention and participation to him, striving to understand his problems. In general, from the point of view of men, a woman talks too much. All she needs to do is speak out, and he needs to learn to listen to her. She needs conversations with her husband like air in order to feel his closeness, attention, love and support.

The main reasons for male infidelity

Turning to statistical data, we can draw a disappointing conclusion that betrayal in the family is not uncommon. For 40% of husbands, fidelity does not matter at all; they regularly “have sex.” Many of these men explain their behavior by ancient instincts that push them to search for new and new partners. After all, a man is a male, his task is to fertilize as many females as possible. Therefore, monogamy on the part of a man is contrary to the natural order of things. But in the modern world, such an explanation does not seem very convincing. Most often, the reasons for cheating lie not in a man’s instincts, but in banal problems in relationships. Often, after several years of marriage, a woman stops taking care of herself, the spouses get tired of each other, scandals, reproaches, and quarrels begin. There are often situations when a man simply does not have enough sex with his wife. Of course, it also happens that infidelity happens in almost ideal families. But all men are different, so it is simply impossible to name a narrow range of specific reasons for such a phenomenon as betrayal.

Organizational skills

The ability to organize life around herself was given to her by nature; for centuries she was responsible for life within the family circle, raised and raised children, and took care of her husband. This predetermines their employment in teaching activities. The vast majority of teachers at the school are women. Her desire to improve everything around her is in her blood. It is very important for her that her children are well-groomed, that her husband looks good, that her home is comfortable and beautiful. Hence her irrepressible desire to reorganize the environment, as well as unsolicited advice to her husband on improving something in him, given at the wrong time.

Domestic violence: main causes

Assault is a terrible phenomenon that many women suffer from. The consequences of such behavior are always dire. They irrevocably leave a negative imprint on the relationship, ruin the destinies of both parties to the conflict, and also negatively affect the development and mental state of children, who are often witnesses to domestic violence. Often victims of beatings do not tell anyone about their difficult situation, thereby only worsening the situation. Each of these situations is purely individual and requires personal work with psychologists, but the main most common causes of domestic violence can still be named:

  • Alcohol consumption. As a rule, a husband beats his wife while under the influence of large doses of alcohol. In this state, a person ceases to control himself, and all his dark thoughts and desires break out.
  • Cheating on the part of the wife. Betrayal, without a doubt, is a strong blow for any person. But even this cannot be a valid reason for assault. However, some men who do not know any other way to express negative emotions and resentment beat women for having an affair with another.
  • Jealousy. Jealousy can bring a person to a state of complete loss of control over himself. Suspicion, torment, resentment - all this often results in domestic violence.
  • Low self-esteem. Physical superiority is one of the ways of self-exaltation. Therefore, women often become victims of domestic violence from men suffering from low self-esteem.

Psychology of male owners

Owners can be not only men, but also women. But in men, this feeling often becomes key and develops into mania. For such men, it is important not only to have undivided possession of a woman, but it is also equally important that other men want this woman and suffer because she belongs to another. It is important for a man-owner that his chosen one evokes rave reviews, amazes everyone with her beauty, and is the best in absolutely everything. But often, when such a man lacks self-confidence, he thinks that his chosen one may leave him, prefer someone else to him. And such a thought completely changes a person, turning him into the embodiment of jealousy, suspicion, and cruelty. In such relationships, a woman is required to have utmost tenderness, full attention and absolute devotion. Being in a relationship with a male owner can be very difficult. Psychologists name several signs that help determine a man’s possessive tendencies:

  • Often, men whose mothers often showed emotionality become owners. And also men who grew up in single-parent families are prone to similar behavior;
  • Suspicion and resentment towards women often appear in men after negative experiences in relationships in which he was deceived, disrespected and cheated on;
  • Often people become owners after a serious irreparable loss.

Wise advice

Women's wisdom in relationships with men is based on certain postulates. Any girl will understand, having learned them, what is the secret of healthy love between representatives of the weaker and stronger sex. What tips can help a woman become the most desirable for her man?

  1. Let's take control of our emotions. The play of hormones and excessive emotionality often cause girls to overreact to everyday problems. The wisdom of any woman in a relationship with a man is manifested in the ability to squeeze herself in a vice and not throw tantrums out of nowhere. Before you raise your voice and make complaints, think about the situation several times. Maybe she's not worth a damn?
  2. Away with inflated demands. You can’t jump above your head, and every man has his own limit of capabilities. Do not demand from your partner something that he is clearly not able to fulfill at the moment. Motivate him gently and carefully, then he will achieve more.
  3. Spend time together more often. Don’t think that constant separation and rare meetings will make your partner bored. Yes, if this happens infrequently, it does bring strong emotions when the couple reunites. But deliberately avoiding communication in the hope that your partner will get bored is stupid. Rather, the man will go looking for a replacement with a more accommodating lady.
  4. Joy and a smile on your face are the key to happiness. Even in a store it’s nice when the seller smiles at us. What to say about relationships? Show your sincere feelings more often, and your partner will always beam with happiness when he meets you.
  5. The first step is not humiliation. If you had a fight with a man and cannot wait for his cherished apology, there is no shame in starting the conversation first. Perhaps you also said too much in the heat of the moment. After all, in a conflict, both participants are almost always to blame. Show nobility and invite your partner to negotiate. It is sometimes so difficult for men to meet halfway, even if they feel guilty.

An ideal woman should apply these tips in everyday life. Men value a comfortable state next to a girl much more than legs from the ears and breasts of the third size.

What is the cause of male jealousy?

Jealousy is a feeling familiar to everyone. At least in the weakest form, everyone had to be jealous. But the degree of this feeling, its severity, painfulness depend on the temperament and characteristics of each individual, as well as on upbringing. In men, the desire to undividedly possess is inherent on an instinctive level. And jealousy is most often the product of such phenomena as a lack of self-confidence, uncontrolled drinking of alcohol, peculiarities of upbringing that infringe on the rights of women, an overdeveloped imagination, and too violent an expression of one’s own emotions and feelings. Most often, women encounter jealousy in the form of mistrust, suspicion, and persecution. But it often takes rude forms - insults, beatings.

Nuances of male psychology

The basis of the differences in female and male behavior is that women give in to feelings, and men give in to actions. Men often remain silent because they prefer to see rather than hear. Hints, allegories, riddles - all this for men remains, in fact, an empty phrase, since their brain is tailored to specifics, specific tasks, clear and simple goals. And also all details and insignificant elements pass by male attention, since he is focused exclusively on the essence of a particular issue or situation.

What are men afraid of?

Men, like all people and living beings in general, are also characterized by fear. And it can be difficult for them to cope with it, because men need to continuously maintain the image of a fearless defender. The most common fears men have related to relationships are the fear of being rejected, the fear of becoming dependent on a woman or of being unwanted, humiliated, and the fear of not meeting the requirements. Among other common male fears, psychologists name:

  • Fear of failure. This applies not only to the financial component, but also to all others.
  • Fear of ruining your own reputation;
  • Fear of being deceived;
  • Fear of loneliness;
  • Fear of becoming a victim of manipulation.

Why do men become greedy?

Male greed is a common phenomenon. In some cases, it manifests itself as moderate stinginess aimed at reasonable savings. But in other situations it borders on total control over finances and real stinginess. The most common reason for this behavior is, of course, upbringing. If the family in which a man grew up experienced financial difficulties, and the child experienced the humiliation of this situation, the fear of poverty, a reverent attitude towards money and the desire to save it will remain with him for the rest of his life. And people who are unsure of the future often become stingy. Egoists do not like to share money. But all these reasons indicate that only the man himself can cope with this problem by turning to a psychologist or psychoanalyst. No amount of feminine tricks can turn a stingy person into a spendthrift.

Male narcissism: a psychological explanation

Narcissism is less common in men than in women. But recently, this psychological phenomenon has been observed among males much more often. Often a man admires himself secretly, to himself. Sometimes he does this openly, not embarrassed by his own behavior. Be that as it may, narcissism in a person cannot be defeated if he himself does not want it. Therefore, with such a situation, it is worth turning to a psychologist and working hard on yourself in order to achieve harmony between self-deprecation and narcissism. Signs of narcissism in men include:

  • Constant mention of one's own merits. Often these advantages seem obvious only to their owner;
  • Complete denial of one’s own shortcomings, negative reaction when others mention them;
  • Indifference towards loved ones;
  • Perfectionism. Over time, the desire for perfection leads to the fact that a person experiences continuous dissatisfaction with himself and others;
  • Idealization of one’s own life, the desire to prove one’s superiority in any area;
  • Demonstration of self-worth.

A woman will not share you with someone

When you're planning to build a lasting relationship, remember: you don't want to share your girl with another dick, and she also doesn't want to share you with passing whores.

That is, she plans to completely own your body, mind and wallet. As the main inspirer of Akloni, I maintain that relationships are built only on trust and honesty.

Do you want a problematic relationship where your wife will meet you with a frying pan? Then give her more reasons to doubt you.

How do men cope with breakups?

Ending a relationship is a difficult stage for both parties. Some women assume that breaking up is no big deal for men, but this is not true. His behavior is largely determined by the situation in which the breakup occurs:

  • The woman initiated the breakup. In such a situation, men often become depressed. Many people seek solace in alcohol or extreme entertainment. Men are three times more likely to experience depression after a breakup than women;
  • Break by common decision. For men, this option is the most painless, especially if the relationship ended calmly and without a quarrel. If the reason for the breakup was a scandal, then in the process of sorting out the relationship, the man will certainly take the opportunity to let off the steam that has accumulated during the existence of this union;
  • Separation by the man's decision. Many men who want to end a relationship feel guilty and ashamed. Therefore, they prefer to present the situation in such a light that the woman is to blame. They begin to behave aggressively and can insult and humiliate their partner. Typically, men behave this way if they already have a reliable replacement for the role of life partner.

We hope that knowledge of these nuances of male psychology will help you build more harmonious relationships with your loved ones!

High emotionality

Women are very emotional by nature. They perceive all events in life and relationships through the prism of emotions, which, under the influence of hormones, change dramatically over the course of a month. The same event can sadden and inspire, cause despair and become a stimulus to action. She may cry and then laugh a few minutes later. Men accuse women of inconstancy, since in her behavior she is more often guided by feelings than by logic. Indeed, because of her emotionality, it can be difficult for her to objectively assess a real event, since the degree of experience may be too high. They perceive rudeness from men especially painfully and acutely.

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