How to cheer yourself up. Improve brain function. How to produce dopamine (the hormone of happiness)

A lot depends on our mood, namely how our day will go and how it will end, how we will communicate with family, friends and colleagues. When a person arrives in a good mood, his day goes well, everything goes well at work, and at home too. But when a person is in a bad mood, then everything all day can go absolutely horribly and this can make the person’s mood even worse.

But what to do when your good mood is constantly overshadowed by external factors: failures at work, bad weather or a quarrel with loved ones? How to always stay in a good spirit? After all, a poor perception of the world adversely affects your health. will give you some useful tips that will help you always stay in a good mood and not pay attention to the little things that spoil it for you.

About the importance of positivity

Being in a good mood, we emit positive energy, and it returns to us through successful transactions, new useful acquaintances, and the fullness of existence.

It is wrong to believe that such a state is a consequence of positive events or an easy life. As a rule, this is the result of serious work on oneself and one’s perception of the surrounding reality.

How often can you hear and read sayings that human happiness should not depend on external factors, and that thought is a material substance that programs the present and future of its owner. However, a full understanding of the essence of this information comes only with experience.

Think before you answer

If things don't go as planned, take time to calm down before sending an angry email or confronting your co-workers. Take a deep breath and decide what to do next, staying calm will help keep your workplace positive.

Try to be as peaceful as possible when collaborating with colleagues, clients or customers. Especially in a fast-growing team, this can be difficult to achieve. Do your best and don't be discouraged when you fail.


About depression and the dangers of negativity

According to statistics, about 120-150 million people experience depression every year. It is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world.

The essence of the problem is that only a small number of “carriers” of this disease have good reasons for it, such as heredity, loss of a loved one, illness. For most, the root cause is instability to stress factors, which for a certain period of time determines a state known in everyday life as “out of mood.”

Systematic dissatisfaction with life destabilizes the personality and its perception of the surrounding reality, attracts negativity, and leads to the development of depression. In this chain of events, it is important to reassess your values ​​in time and protect your life’s fire from dying out.

Play and have fun!

Man is essentially a social being. How can he survive self-isolation? Could he develop some kind of claustrophobia?

Bukhanovskaya : Of course, self-isolation can affect your mental state. Especially if the person is lonely. But I wouldn’t talk about claustrophobia - after all, at any moment a person can leave the house and breathe some air.

Another thing is a state of boredom, psychological discomfort, and an exacerbation of feelings of loneliness. The coexistence of a whole group of people in small areas can be irritating. These are problems of a psychological nature, and they can be easily dealt with.

Nowadays there are many games and flash mobs on social networks. I even took part in this myself. You look for paintings, exchange photographs, memories, just kind words. It's interesting, often fun, and evokes positive emotions and laughter. This is also a kind of communication, and we didn’t come to this today or even yesterday - let’s remember the situation when friends get together and immediately turn to their phones, the communication continues. But on a completely different level. It’s good, I’ll tell you that we were all ready for this.

How to live in a tight space and maintain family warmth? How to behave correctly with children and protect them from stress? They, too, have been knocked out of their normal lives.

Bukhanovskaya : Communicate, play, spend time with family, but remember that everyone has personal boundaries. Everyone has the right to be alone, with their thoughts and feelings.

Of course, it is more difficult with children who demand attention all the time. You need to discuss with them how to spend time, what they want, but warn that the adult has his own interests and affairs. No one should be offended by this. We need to talk and discuss, share our feelings. Think and search, use your brain.

How can we help the elderly?

Bukhanovskaya : Provide more positive information. To help. Now relatives are not allowed into boarding schools, but old people are lifted to the windowsills - and they exchange smiles with their relatives.

If your old people are alone in their apartments, arrange a show under the windows, bring a beautiful llama, hire animators. You can sing a serenade under the windows, release balloons into the sky - think! The main thing is to show your involvement in this person, call him more often and smile in a video chat.

My mother turned 75 on April 3. We had to postpone the anniversary and celebrated it in a close circle. But we love to go out on a grand scale. And then social networks helped. I took it and posted it, how good my mother is, please her. And you should have seen how many people responded. I read out all the congratulations to my mother, she was very pleased. This is also about how you can please yourself in this very isolation. Think!

Ways to keep yourself “positive”

Some world minds claim that people who have experienced depression are characterized by an increase in their overall resistance to stress, cheerfulness and realism. It’s easy to explain: having felt the influence of one’s own mental instability on one’s health and performance, the individual develops defense mechanisms against the changing factors of reality.

List of ways to always be in a good mood:

  1. Physical activity.
  2. Balanced diet.
  3. Accepting your health as your highest value.
  4. Regular and proper rest.
  5. Agreement with yourself.
  6. Great looks.

By working on yourself, you can achieve significant success.

Tip #2

Gratitude for all the good events in life. In addition to good events, you must be able to notice and appreciate all the good things that exist. You need to be grateful for the weather, for your family, for your health, for your home and much more. Also, if someone opens the door or gives up their seat, you need to say “thank you.” Psychologists also recommend doing the gratitude technique every day. In the evenings, it is recommended to take a notebook or piece of paper and write down all the positive events that happened during the day. As a result, you can see that there are more good events than bad ones. And therefore there is no reason to be sad. Regarding negative aspects, you need to be able to not notice bad events, but enjoy every good little thing.

Active lifestyle

It has been scientifically proven that sports and sex have a positive effect on health. Sports activities strengthen muscles and joints, increase endurance, and improve appearance. At the same time, adrenaline and endorphin are produced during physical activity. Adrenaline in the right amount energizes, endorphin improves mood and causes satisfaction. At the end of any workout, there is a significant increase in the overall tone of the body, a change in worldview, and a change in mood in a positive direction.

Sex is also a powerful mechanism for launching the most important hormones: the same endorphin, oxytocin and dopamine. Endorphin increases satisfaction and feelings of joy. Oxytocin stimulates pleasure, calmness, tenderness, devotion, and maternal instinct in women. Dopamine increases mood, self-satisfaction, and determination.

Regular high-quality sex has a positive effect on the health of the reproductive, cardiovascular and nervous systems, energizes and increases the level of “happiness”.


It is produced in the brain, causes a feeling of pleasure from the process, and also affects the motivation to do something. For example, you like some hobby and you are crazy about it, and the process produces the hormone of happiness. That’s why people really like their hobbies, I even envy them who are so immersed in the process.

If at the moment you are feeling despondent, do not rush to bad conclusions; perhaps your body has simply switched to conserving resources or is simply recovering from nervous shocks.

Unfortunately, for our psyche it is impossible to constantly be in a positive mood, where there is a +, there must be a minus, this is how we protect ourselves from overexertion and our body, like someone else, understands what the point is.

To improve your mood, you just need to slightly increase your dopamine level, there are 3 simple ways to do this:

#1 Chocolate bar

Chocolate is the fastest way to increase the amount of dopamine and thereby lift your mood. Be sure to choose real chocolate by reading the ingredients on the wrapper. A long-lasting effect is guaranteed by eating chocolate gradually, rather than eating the entire bar at once in one sitting.

By the way, dark chocolate contains the most cocoa and will produce the most hormones, even taking into account the fact that it is very bitter. If you are afraid that sweets will make you fat, then, on the contrary, good chocolate will not make you fat unless it is diluted with sugar.

Read more: How not to be afraid of anything?

Goes well with hot green tea.

#2 Coffee

If you constantly drink coffee, then this method will not work, since the area of ​​your brain that produces dopamine is constantly stimulated. On the contrary, I recommend giving up coffee, since, most likely, a bad mood from constant drinking of coffee and the body is devastated.

If you rarely drink coffee, then this method is perfect for quickly lifting your mood, just a couple of sips and the caffeine will immediately do its job, everything that can lift your mood will flow through your blood vessels.

But again, the method is not permanent, after you have lifted your mood, you do not need to constantly stimulate yourself with coffee and caffeine, and especially with all sorts of energy drinks. Read the article about the dangers of coffee and energy drinks.

#3 Ice cream

Although ice cream is an ordinary sweet, it is ice cream that gives positive memories from childhood, anticipation, delight and happiness. I remember how my mother took my sisters and I to the zoo, and then to Gorky Park, we ate ice cream in cups, took pictures on ponies and rode on carousels.

Now, if I eat a delicious glass, positive emotions and memories immediately come over me and I glow with happiness. I’m sure every person has such memories, find your red button to trigger a positive mood.

The main thing is not to overeat, otherwise it is fraught with a set of excess fats on the sides, and this no longer gives a positive mood and, on the contrary, will lead to depression and anxiety.

Balanced diet

Being stressed, “out of mood,” and decreased vital activity lead to an increase in the amount of food consumed and a simultaneous decrease in its quality. At the same time, there is a feedback: systematic uncontrolled consumption of high-calorie and unhealthy foods develops apathy, laziness, and internal negativity.

Proper, nutritious and regular nutrition has a different effect: it replenishes the body’s energy, vitamin and mineral reserves, improves the condition of organs and systems, stabilizes the production of the required amount of hormones, including the joy hormone – serotonin. This is facilitated by eating sea fish, cheeses, yoghurts, nuts, cereals, fruits and dried fruits, and chocolate. It is important to know moderation in everything and enjoy food.

How to fix a bad mood

Once you have understood the reason for your bad mood, it is the right time to get rid of it. There are a huge number of ways to do this. Probably every person has his own secrets. Here are a few that guarantee success.

1. First of all, try to “lock up” your emotions, don’t let yourself inflate problems - you know, fear has big eyes.

2. Mentally divide the problem into segments. Firstly, part of the problem does not look so scary, and secondly, it is easier to find a detailed solution to this segment of the problem. Continue to find solutions to the complexity that arises, piece by piece. Even if the situation cannot be corrected, do not be sad. Think about how you can improve it.

3. Treat problems with ease - not to be confused with frivolity. Don't take to heart what you can't change anyway.

4. Humor is a great medicine in difficult times. The ability to see the funny even in difficult periods of life makes it much easier.

5. Find a vest to cry on. Spilled-out emotions will have a healing effect on the psyche. By the way, when immersed in your troubles, remember: you are not alone in this world - do not forget to lend a helping hand to those who may need it more than you.

6. Remember Scarlett O'Hara's great remedy in Gone with the Wind: she always said, "I'll think about it tomorrow." If the brain is already seething from the difficulties and problems overwhelming it, allow it to “switch off” for a while, otherwise it’s not far from a breakdown.

7. Live in today's experiences. There is no need to constantly reflect on the topic “What would happen if I did this” or “What will happen if I don’t do this.” What you have done cannot be changed, and future actions cannot be predicted 100%. Why bother yourself in advance?

8. By the way, the aforementioned Scarlett O'Hara was distinguished by excellent sound sleep - and she was right. Good sleep is a great opportunity to rest your body. Overwork leads to weakened immunity and illness.

9. Any thought, and even more so a word, is material. Remember this and think only about the good. A positive perception of the world can change the reality around you.

I am the highest value

We must love ourselves. Only in this way can a person accept his health and his life as the greatest value. Having solved this problem, he is faced with a new one. Its essence is to know how to protect yourself from the endless bombardment of negativity from the outside, how to always be in a good mood. The psychology is quite simple. There are several ways.

  1. "Protective screen". Here you need to imagine yourself inside a transparent sphere, smiling and happy. All malevolent energy is repelled from its walls and cannot penetrate inside.
  2. Analysis and closure of the issue. It is necessary to fully understand the negative situation that has occurred, which can unsettle you: set aside time at the end of the working day alone with yourself, analyze, answer the questions:
  • What was I wrong about?
  • What exactly upset me?
  • How could it have been done differently?
  • What needs to be done to prevent the situation from repeating itself?

Upon completion of self-analysis, it is important not to return to the starting point, leave the problem “overboard” and continue to live happily.

Life is given only once, and we have no right to waste it on a bad mood, anger, or resentment. Every minute should be lived in pleasure, with maximum use of all its resources and full awareness of how to always be in a good mood.

Change the way you think about work

Psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California focused her research on how employees can improve morale in the workplace. One way to become happier is to think about the reasons why they do the work they do.

"Unhappy employees can improve their work lives by aligning their thinking with a 'calling orientation,'" says Lubmirski. This refers to connecting work with personal goals and aspirations.


Proper rest

Excessive fatigue is a significant stress for the body. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to rest. Vacations should not be a waste of free time. It must be carried out with benefit and maximum utilization.

Possible options for spending time: the company of close friends or just interesting people, films for a positive mood, music for the mood, reading, creativity, fishing, solitude in the lap of nature, beauty treatments or just taking a relaxing bath.

It is good to combine individual versions of such activities with meditation. For example, yoga classes and music for the mood.

Also, we must not forget about the beauty of nature. How often in the bustle of the city people have no time to raise their heads and appreciate at least the beauty of the sky. Meanwhile, the pleasure of contemplating the natural beauty of the world stimulates an improvement in vitality.

It is important to find time exclusively for yourself, even if it is a small amount. One hour spent for pleasure awakens new reserves of energy, opens horizons, clears thoughts, awakens interest in meeting people, communicating, new activities, and self-development. And in all of the above there is hidden a reserve of good mood for our loved ones. And this is not selfishness at all, but healthy methods of keeping your sensual soul in good shape.

Take breaks to have fun

Take some time to enjoy your work. Take a break to go for a walk or run. Ideally, take your work partner with you and build a relationship with them.

Playing games with colleagues brings joy and a competitive spirit that improves your mood. Take the department to a slumber party or movie. And, of course, don’t forget about our, where you will find a lot of interesting information.



Lying is bad. It's even worse when a person deceives himself. There are many such situations: living with unloved people under the same roof, unnecessary work, achieving someone else's goal. If doubt creeps into your soul, you need to analyze yourself and your world.

  1. Determine your own life goal.
  2. Correlate the functions performed and the type of activity in terms of consistency with it.
  3. Decide whether the people with whom you are building a relationship are truly loved.

When answering the questions posed, you need to be extremely honest. After all, the lack of agreement between implemented actions and desires is a serious reason for destabilizing the internal state. You cannot be afraid of changes if they happen for your own benefit; you must be afraid of imaginary stability that destroys the personality.

Don't let yourself go in quarantine

Difficulties in life raise the level of aggression. There are already cases of its inexplicable manifestations. What to do with such a person?

Bukhanovskaya: We need to find out where the legs grow from. Perhaps the person is tired or depressed. Or maybe he is initially hot-tempered, and when he is with people who are unpleasant to him, he feels discomfort.

Internal culture is also important: if a person has “dissolved” at home, then he can degrade very quickly.

But I have no information that there is an outbreak of aggression now. It is necessary to understand each case, look for the cause of aggression and anger and, if possible, eliminate this irritant.

What can be called the main irritant now?

Bukhanovskaya : The situation is being escalated primarily on the Internet. People can't figure out what's fake and what's true. This uncertainty, ignorance of accurate statistics, doubt about their veracity causes more tension and gives rise to negative emotions - excitement, anxiety, fear.

People don’t understand why, with a small number of cases of infection, hospitals are being so actively built and repurposed, and doctors are retrained. Panic should not be allowed to prevent emotions from getting out of control. Therefore, we need clear, clear and most importantly, truthful information; people will be calmer and better able to do what is required now.

And on the Internet it is important that positive information is posted, bright, colorful, beautiful. It’s spring, flowers are blooming, there is happiness to live. And we need to report more about the successes of a particular person’s struggle, his victories. Depression occurs when a person does not see and cannot find positive things in life. We need to help him with this.

They say that in such cases alcohol is especially harmful?

Bukhanovskaya: You can’t drink away fear. Alcohol doesn't solve the problem. It only creates the illusion of calm. After sobering up, anxiety and panic grow even stronger. Another thing is that you can have dinner in a pleasant atmosphere with a glass of wine.

Perfect beauty

They say she saves the world. Undoubtedly. Saves us from ourselves: unkempt, unkempt, unfashionable.

You need to look good not for members of the opposite sex, not for bosses or competitors. You always need to be beautiful and stylish, regardless of what is happening in life and the people present in it. When we like ourselves, the same hormone of joy is produced, which affects our mood. To do this, you need to watch your figure, exercise, and eat right. It is necessary to live your days fully and positively. From everything follows a close connection between an excellent psychological state and a beautiful appearance. Love yourself!

The human body is a vessel for his soul. What it is filled with is what pours out through relationships with others and health. In order to be happy and successful, it is important to know how to always be in a good mood, work on yourself and always strive for positivity.

What does it take to constantly be in a good mood?

Our psyche is like a sponge, since childhood it absorbs everything that is given to us. What your surroundings were like, you absorbed everything into yourself. What is the character of your parents? You will be like this in 99% of cases.

If it was customary in the family to beat children and humiliate them, then there may be a happy life, but it is very rare. That’s why there is psychotherapy, where we psychologists immerse ourselves in childhood or even earlier, look for the moment of the problem there and change it to a pleasant and good one, and after that life begins to transform. You begin to move through life without looking back with a pleasant expectation of what life will bring you.

To be honest, sometimes I envy people who have done well since childhood. They were raised with love, taught to make mistakes correctly, and in general throughout life they are self-confident, which means they have much more success.

But on the other hand, if a person began to develop early and understand the world order, then, on the contrary, he goes through his tests of life, passing them with pleasure. By the way, this is my experience, I have worked on a lot of things.

Therefore, start working with your psyche earlier, eliminating problems that stem from childhood, all these resentments, anger, anger and irritation. This is what distinguishes us from happy people to unhappy people.

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