8 men's fears in relationships with women. What are men afraid of?

Men's fear of loss of freedom

The most common fear among men is the fear of losing freedom. And we are talking about freedom as independence. Men, even if they are in long-term relationships, do not want to once again discuss issues of a joint family future with their chosen one.

From childhood, a woman is ready for the fact that one day she will get married, become a keeper of the hearth and a mother. She may have her own plans for the future, for example, she dreams of building a career first and then having a child.

A man perceives marriage, first of all, as an obligation and a burden. For him, family is associated with the need to be responsible not only for himself, but also for his wife, and subsequently his children. Now he will be forced to be guided not only by his own desires, but also to take into account the desires of his life partner.

In addition, he is afraid that his life, under the yoke of family worries, will turn into a gray, flawed routine. That is why men are in no hurry to bind themselves by marriage and take this step only in case of a firmly made decision and great love.

Confess feelings6

In romantic films, a guy with a bouquet of flowers always looks beautiful, looking straight into the girl’s eyes and talking about love. In life, not every guy decides to be the first to confess his innermost feelings. A girl may regard this as a manifestation of excessive sensitivity or become proud and respond condescendingly to emotional impulses. This is what men are afraid of. The most correct option from a man’s point of view is to receive hints from a girl that she has sincere sympathy for him.

And the best option at any age is not to get attached to statuses and recognition, but to simply spend time together. Extra words only complicate everything and oblige the partner to reciprocate or end the relationship. Why ruin everything yourself?

Fear of betrayal

Despite all their determination and masculinity, representatives of the stronger sex, just like their chosen ones, are afraid of being disappointed in their loved one and their love. They often make it clear to their lovers that they are not so dependent on them, and if they have a negative relationship experience, then if they talk about this topic, they begin to talk about how they survived the betrayal of their former lover without any problems.

A man who is afraid of failure in love never speeds up the development of a romantic relationship with a woman he likes. He will look closely at her for a long time, create various situations to see her reaction. He will transfer friendly communication with her to the love stage only when he is firmly convinced of reciprocity and seriousness towards himself.

Women's tears

Undoubtedly, tears are one of the most powerful tools for influencing the male psyche . But any man, seeing a girl in tears in front of him, sooner or later realizes that he is being manipulated and forced to make concessions.

Especially if the young lady cries regularly and for any reason. Who likes manipulation? It's definitely scary.

Women's tears

Fear of financial instability

For most men, self-sufficiency and success equate to financial solvency. The richer a man is, the more confident he is. Let him be ugly and weak, but if he has a platinum card, then the level of “maleness” in his behavior will simply go off scale.

On the other hand, wealthy men see every woman as a potential predator, and in order to convince him of the absence of self-interest on the part of the fair sex, a lot of effort will have to be made.


The main psychological symptom of a phobia is a panicky irrational fear when approaching the object of the phobia or when expecting contact with it. Moreover, panic occurs in response to a fictitious development of events. Everything happens exclusively in the androphobe’s head. There is no real danger.

The situations in which panic begins depend on the stage of development of the phobia. Some panic when communicating, some when shaking hands, some when hugging, and some when receiving romantic gestures from men.

Physical signs are nonspecific:

  • tremor,
  • shiver,
  • chills,
  • cardiopalmus,
  • pressure fluctuations,
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • weakness,
  • breathing problems.

Girls who suffer from a phobia experience anxiety before meeting a man. In advanced stages, it turns into panic attacks.

Fear of strong women

Confident and successful women scare off many men. It is very difficult to conquer a woman who can “stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut.”

To attract the attention of a strong but beautiful lady, you will have to make a lot of effort, to be at the same time a gallant knight, capable of defeating a dragon, and a socialite who knows how to behave in high society. In addition, he must have an extraordinary mind, be able to conduct conversations on a variety of topics and be able to solve any problem, and not just everyday ones.

Such men practically do not exist, but successful women do not lose hope that such a man will still be found. You can admire and admire a strong lady from a distance, but a man will most likely choose a woman who is sweet and in need of his care as his life partner.

Age fears11

All people on earth are afraid of old age. There is no person who will be happy with aging and not only physical changes in the quality of the body, but also in external attractiveness. There will be no more sculpted body, and luxurious hair will be replaced by an unattractive bald spot. The biggest fear is becoming impotent. This is such a scary topic that you need to talk about it in a low whisper. The pharmaceutical industry has long ago solved all similar problems, but men are afraid of this too.

It's unmanly to take pills instead of the usual excitement from the thought of a beautiful woman. With old age comes a decrepit body and dementia. Fear of never again being a swashbuckling young man who brilliantly solves all problems. It's stupid to be afraid of the inevitable. You need to approach this thoughtfully, philosophically and not strive to take everything possible from your youth, dynamically killing your body. Physical activity and a healthy diet will prolong your quality of life.

No matter how strong and brutal men may seem outwardly, deep down in each of them hides the same timid boy who is dependent on opinion and is very afraid of losing those closest to him. Support and understanding in the family and from your loved one will help you establish a life in harmony with your demons. Love and care can restore confidence and feel safe, at least within the walls of your own home.

Fear of too beautiful women

Here the essence of the problem is almost the same as with successful ladies. It is difficult to match an overly beautiful lover. She constantly attracts the attention of both other men and women. They discuss her, they envy her, they want her and they hate her.

Her companion will be examined almost under a microscope. Spiteful critics and envious people will puzzle over why you are together, how you were able to attract her attention, and how suitable you are for her. There is no escape from this, you will have to accept it and not pay attention.

In addition to other people's gossip, when building a relationship with a beauty, a man is afraid that one day his beloved will exchange him for another man, more successful and purposeful.

Why are men afraid of relationships?

AQUARIUS Fear #11: Losing freedom and independence
Aquarians are considered one of the worst husbands

, value their freedom and independence very much.
If Aquarius feels that they are putting limits on him in a relationship, that they are trying to control him too much, his exaggerated sense of freedom
simply destroys the relationship, even if there is love. No Aquarius can stand dependence, so they will do anything to get rid of it.

The fear of losing freedom is often accompanied by a rejection of the family altogether, because where there is a family, there is responsibility and a sense of duty. Aquarius would rather be lonely than loaded with such burdens

. Only a very understanding woman, and one who herself knows the taste of freedom, can understand such men and live calmly with their fears without interfering.

PISCES Fear No. 12: losing love, losing sympathy and mutual understanding in relationships, losing a reliable rear in the person of a woman
A man born under the sign of Pisces is afraid of quite a lot in relationships. But first of all, he is afraid of losing his feelings

. For him, being in love is very important, it is the basis of everything. Usually his feelings are deep and strong, and he demands the same from his other half. He is afraid that the other half will not take care of, pity and cherish him, and he will be deeply unhappy if a woman treats him without due attention.

Pisces men are often not strong representatives of their gender; their sensitivity and strong vulnerability makes them vulnerable to dangers

. This is the type of man in whose eyes you can see tears in moments of despair or failure. The Pisces man is afraid that a woman will not act as a reliable shoulder in those moments when he needs moral support.

Fear of loneliness

Surprisingly, many men who are afraid of losing their independence also experience a fear of loneliness. Years go by, all his friends and comrades have long since acquired families and children, but he is still lonely. The older a man gets, the more difficult it is for him to start a family.

Of course, an older man has a number of advantages, such as success and awareness of family values, but how can these qualities guarantee that he will find the one with whom he wants to grow old together? And you also need to have time to raise a child in order to see your continuation in him.

Adult men are more picky and cautious; they are not always able to fall headlong into passion and take a rather critical approach to finding a life partner.

Are men afraid?

CANCER Fear No. 4: being rejected and unwanted, being left alone
Cancer is a couple type

, without a relationship, these men cannot feel complete, so they usually always have families and rarely remain lonely bachelors.

The fear of being unwanted and rejected usually makes Cancers indecisive and timid, but a strong desire to have a family

is able to overcome any fears, so Cancer is most often ready to propose and lead his beloved down the aisle.

Possible consequences

The main consequence of androphobia is loneliness, absence of family and children. Fears prevent you from meeting a man; a woman risks being left alone. And some women cannot even build a career because they have difficulty communicating with their boss. In some cases, the phobia leads to isolation.

A woman suffers from disharmony within herself. Every person has feminine and masculine energy, feminine and masculine qualities. For full self-realization, the ability to combine masculine and feminine principles is important. If a woman is afraid of men, it means that she is afraid of a part of herself, she is giving up a part of herself.

Transformation of a phobia

Unlike other phobias, the fear of men is hidden behind masks, that is, it is transformed. Let's look at how androphobia manifests itself.

Children's and teen events

Antisocial behavior of parents and family disharmony turns into personal disharmony. Children and adolescents with androphobia are characterized by cruelty and aggressiveness. Those around them see them as selfish, but in reality such children do not accept and do not love themselves, since they associate themselves with their parents.

In adolescents, phobia has specific bodily manifestations:

  • increased sweating;
  • increased greasiness of skin and hair;
  • excess weight;
  • acne;
  • delay in the development of secondary sexual characteristics.


People are animals, albeit socialized ones. We smell other people, although we are not always aware of it. But on a subconscious level, likes and dislikes are largely related to smells. We are attracted to people who smell opposite to us.

Social background

A woman's lack of self-confidence and disgust for her appearance may be hidden behind a fear of men. In this case, the phobia is represented by a passion for plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, injections, etc. And also such women tend to compete with other girls.


Some androphobes, afraid of sex, hide behind morality. They regard sex as something primitive, low, and unworthy. Instead, they choose self-development, asexuality, loneliness, and dangerous entertainment.

Surrogate for intimacy

It is based on the mechanism of sublimation and compensation. For example, a woman can give birth to a child and give all her feelings to him, and not to a man. Someone gets a pet and devotes their life to caring for it. Some people become attached to their parents and live with them for the rest of their lives. Someone becomes attached to an idol and lives in dreams. Someone clings to past relationships in their memories.

Behavior of androphobes

Androphobes expect betrayal from men, impudent or insulting behavior. And they find confirmation of their beliefs. Such women compete with men and try to achieve financial and moral independence. Some women resort to artificial insemination from a donor and rationally approach the choice of the father of the child. Depending on the characteristics of the phobia, the woman completely avoids contact with men or communicates only with subordinates. Or uses men for sexual pleasure and other entertainment. Some women embrace feminism or become lesbians. Others avoid men and potential places where males gather.

Diagnostics and testing

Fear of men is one of the most complex phobias. It is complicated in that it has several varieties and a lot of possible causes. Therefore, it is better to entrust the diagnosis to a professional. The specialist will analyze the client’s life history and development, find the root cause of the phobia and determine the severity of the disease. The specialist will also determine whether there are other psychological disorders.

It is important! Only a psychotherapist will explain the psychology of a particular case and tell you how to overcome your fear of men. There is no special testing to identify a phobia, but a psychologist will select a set of tests to diagnose a person.

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