Types of men: what are their personalities, psychology of behavior in relationships with women

The character of each person is formed under the influence of many factors: upbringing, living conditions, social circle, specifics of the profession, and others. At the same time, psychology identifies various types of behavior in men, which are determined by genetic data. You will learn more about them in our article.
From this article you will learn:
  • What are the psychological characteristics and types of behavior of men?
  • What are the types of men depending on their behavior in society?
  • What are the types of behavior of men in relationships with women?
  • What are the different types of behavior of men in family and relationships depending on the zodiac sign?

Male psychotypes in interaction with women

Types are divided into groups: by character, temperament, in relation to the lady, by perception of marriage, by behavior in the family.

Types relative to character

The division is considered conditional, since the types are rare in their pure form. However, the classification should help the girl decide how to behave with her companion and what to expect from the relationship.

  • "Warrior". This is a determined gentleman who was born to conquer the peaks. His life is a battlefield, where even in moments of truce there is minimal space for relationships and family.
  • “The owner” is a caring father and a faithful husband, a decent family man. He enjoys managing the house and tries to participate in all everyday problems. His career fades into the background, but if he finds a business that coincides with his life priorities (he will grow something, breed livestock), he can become successful.
  • "Holiday". This is a “take it out and throw it away” guy - it’s always fun to be with him everywhere, he is the life of the party and the unconditional leader, a sociable person. However, when the time comes to pay or you need help, he disappears in English. Over time, the young temperament will subside slightly, and the gentleman can become a good companion.
  • A “creator” is a person immersed in his hobby, who throughout his life hopes that it will bring him untold riches. This happens extremely rarely, but over time the family begins to irritate him with reproaches about inaction and distract him from the main occupation of their lives.

Types of men and boys by character and behavior in relationships

Every girl dreams of an ideal companion who will care, love and accept her for who she is. Unfortunately, the first opinion can turn out to be deceptive, and a fragile, vulnerable person falls under the influence of a person from whom it was worth running away without looking back. These include several categories of men:

  • The psychopathic type is asocial elements of society who do not recognize general rules and do not intend to adapt to others, considering themselves the smartest. Representatives of this group lack sensitivity and compassion.
  • The hysterical type is based on sexuality, around which consciousness revolves. Such individuals express themselves through sex and often act contrary to their fears.
  • The schizoid type does not hear his interlocutors, boldly violates the personal space of others, but is outraged when they enter his territory. Often provokes others to understand how significant he is, whether they are ready to hear him or give in to his desires.

A girl usually knows and understands what kind of man is in front of her and whether his temperament and worldview coincide with her wishes. However, she still tries to change him, naively believing that her love will break the foundations that have been formed over the years.


Even in ancient times, there was a stereotype that a man is a breadwinner. He earns money and builds a career while his woman raises children, cooks food and keeps the house clean. But in modern life there are often men who believe that they were born in order to live beautifully and not strain themselves. It is not difficult to fall in love with such a partner. Alphonse is a man who always looks beautiful, dresses stylishly, and smells delicious. He always looks after you beautifully, often even giving expensive gifts in the early stages of dating.

They often choose older women as partners, trying to charm her and tie her to themselves. Usually gigolos pretend to be completely different people. The main condition for them is that the woman must be rich and successful. Psychologists recommend conducting a test for real men to identify a gigolo. It is enough to come up with a story about your sudden ruin and see how your partner behaves in this situation.

Special types

To determine the types of people in a relationship, it is worth looking at them like a product in a store. Before purchasing, be sure to read the ingredients, pay attention to quality, price and other parameters. After all, if you save money and buy a defective or fake product, you will soon need to throw away the product and go exploring the shopping aisles in search of a new assortment.

Why understand psychological types?

Don’t think that after reading a ton of literature you will be able to manage guys. You can understand the types of representatives of the stronger sex around you by signing up for my consultation.

Who do girls prefer more?

Women like guys who can impress. Often the choice falls on those who are cheerful, good-natured and open-minded. Closed people are unsociable and fanatics of their work remain on the sidelines. The fact is that girls need attention, not a dry understanding of the prospects for building relationships. Women want to feel attention and understand that they are interesting. Those who like to give compliments and give gifts are valued. Oddly enough, the favorites often turn out to be typical Don Juans and bachelors, since they are the most charming.

In order for a girl to build a harmonious relationship, she needs to learn to understand the types of men. To do this, it is useful to analyze your own expectations and understand your true aspirations. Otherwise, there is a high risk of disappointment and accumulation of negative experience.

What types of men are there by character: detailed analysis in psychology

The formation of a set of principles and habits is influenced by living conditions, company, genes, upbringing and other factors. To make it easier for a woman to navigate what to expect from her partner, I have combined the types into the following subgroups.


The complexity of the human “I” does not allow one to immediately attribute a person to a certain variety, or one can discern in him a tendency towards several classifications at once. But long-term research has allowed us to identify the following categories.


He has everything in its place, family members are shod, dressed and fed. Work fades into the background, but the financial condition does not suffer.


Checkered shirts, thick sweaters over them, pressed trousers and awkward glasses characterize this type. These are sweet and funny personalities, a little boring, who love to talk about global topics.


A strong and decisive fighter makes his own decisions and is completely immersed in his life’s work. The family is needed for status, but he does not have much time to participate in everyday and domestic problems.


This is a worker who is not late for work, does not take vacations or days off, and stays at the workplace until late. He considers his task to be material support for the family, and not moral support, care and attention.

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All his life he has been looking for an unusual girl, he hides his emotions well, which constantly misleads the fairer sex. He is in love with himself, takes care of his appearance, and often flirts without much subtext or desire for a serious relationship.


Lack of independence, unable to express his opinion, helpful. He expects that the chosen one will take care of him and will shoulder all the worries about the family on her fragile shoulders.

Sole of company

A cheerful fellow with whom there is never a dull moment. His personality radiates positivity. Such guys often lack romance, but it is simply impossible to have a row or not find a common language with such a young man.

Male psychotypes in relationships with the fair sex

The types of mature men and inexperienced guys in relationships with women, according to theoretical psychology, depend on the concept of creating a family and are divided into several groups.

Family man

These are gentlemen who do not forget about important dates, dream of children, and protect their spouse from any work. It is believed that the main task of the second half is to store the hearth.

Equal Partner

Such a person does not divide problems into his own and those of others, he tries to perceive the relationship equally, participating in any household affairs equally with his wife. He does not consider it shameful to teach his daughter or son lessons, take them to dances, or do gardening or kitchen work.


Getting along with a despot is not so easy. A wife with such a husband does not have her own opinion, cannot go away and plan her affairs, fully being under close attention. He criticizes her upbringing methods, does not allow her to communicate with relatives and friends, and does not understand her work and colleagues.


Brutal guys captivate with charisma. Ladies in love cling to them like honey. This is a well-dressed, pleasantly smelling and well-spoken young man who will not promise you fidelity, calmness, or stability.


Be prepared that it is more important for the chosen one to meet with friends and drink a can of beer, play computer games than to solve family problems or spend time with the children.


Here, the other half is always to blame. Guys are not free with the actions of their beloved, they believe that they are not valued, and always try to act as a victim, arousing the pity of others.

What types of guys are there?

Having different appearances, the male sex can be divided into several conditional groups:

  • tough, despotic and brutal;
  • careless, multi-layered with slight carelessness;
  • correct, pedantic with clearly defined, neat body features;
  • fashionistas who are always on trend.

Who do girls prefer in a relationship?

Whatever type the young man belongs to, a woman wants to see next to her a worthy chosen one who meets a number of requirements: attentive, caring, affectionate, kind.

Types of men: 90% of girls repeat their choice

Charming representatives of the fair half are looking for support in their companion who will never let them down. The main requirement, along with the above, is that he provides for himself. However, in practice, everything is not always smooth. Girls look for guys who satisfy their inner ideals, not realizing that everyone is different. Their subconscious works in such a way that each time it attracts similar and absolutely similar men into their lives.

Personality type in relationships: Othello

Such guys, despite their excessive caring, are usually selfish. They love not the girl, but their feelings for her. They feel significance and weight in another person’s life, which gives them confidence and strength. They need companions who can provide comfort, coziness and a carefree life. At any hint of anything more, such guys disappear without a twinge of conscience.

Drug addict or alcoholic

Sitting in front of the TV on a weekend with a bottle of beer and enjoying watching an action movie or football is a normal occurrence for a man. But everything should be in moderation. If a person suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction, this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. At the same time, the man himself is usually sure that everything is fine. He makes excuses for himself, says that this is how he drowns out stress or fatigue after hard work, and invents insignificant holidays or reasons for fun.

At first, this problem seems minor. The woman is sure that if she helps anyone, he will change. But then the man will begin to put his bad habits first, and everything else - his wife, children, work and moral values ​​- second. If conversations and beliefs do not work, then you should contact a clinic for addicted people so that the work is carried out by qualified specialists. But even in this case, it is necessary that the man himself wants to get rid of the bad habit.

Casual and 5 types of male appearance according to Roman Medny

Most guys perceive casual style as an opportunity to wear everything from their wardrobe. This is both good and bad. You don’t have to worry too much about the selection of elements and colors. However, some young people look attractive in this image, while others look like gray mice. When asked what is the secret of success, a logical answer will follow - clothes should clearly correspond to appearance (figure type, color type, texture and overall impression). The main rule is to learn to avoid those wardrobe items that frankly spoil your appearance. 5 types – Dramatic, Classic, Natural, Romantic, Gamin.

Features of this type of silhouette

There are general signs by which such a psychotype can be distinguished:

  • athlete's physique;
  • tall or above average height;
  • pronounced appearance (blue eyes, dark skin, black or blond coarse hair).

The first thing that comes to mind when you see such a person is rudeness, brutality, and wayward character.

How is this implemented in practice?

In fact, colors that are too light, textured or checkered greatly simplify this type. A man from a dude can turn into a plumber or a gigolo who has suffered a midlife crisis.

Distinctive features

This image has the following characteristics:

  • aristocratic, harmonious facial features;
  • not too prominent, but proportional physique;
  • predominance of soft shades of appearance.

Such individuals emphasize their advantages with appropriate clothing. Classic jeans combined with a plain shirt or T-shirt are the best solution.

Distinctive features

Carelessness is best suited for the casual style type. They look good combining several prints. It is better to choose natural, vintage or even military colors. Characteristic features:

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  • silhouette of a triangle or rectangle;
  • disproportionate limbs and face;
  • emphasis on hips with excess weight.

What makes him different is

Men stand out for their excessive attractiveness in youth, while losing it in adulthood. They have:

  • neat regular facial features;
  • soft hair, tendency to baldness;
  • slim physique;
  • average height.

A few more nuances

Such guys look younger than their age. They like to be fashionistas, as a rule, they combine everything and it suits them. However, classics are not their profile. They also have a pretty face, a sculpted physique and low to medium height.


Another category of men are owners. These include those individuals who do not allow his partner to communicate with other men, even in the most innocent way. They will be calmer if the chosen one, instead of working, sits at home and takes care of the children, since in this case her communication with representatives of the opposite sex will be limited.

Minor manifestations of jealousy are normal and should not be feared. Almost all men are owners at heart. This only means that the partner loves his significant other very much and is afraid of losing her. But if he exercises excessive control over his chosen one, then such behavior should be stopped. Pathologically jealous people can be dangerous. Such a partner will deprive you of friends and will control any of your social contacts. And if he suspects of treason, he can easily turn to assault.

The main types of male appearance

Guys' outfits must match their appearance. That is, a young man should select wardrobe elements, guided by general fashion trends and his own sense of style. The main thing is to understand what is not suitable and what frankly spoils the image.


He is the most defiant and brutal type, which is distinguished by an athletic, sculpted body, bright tones of skin, hair and eyes. Often such an image is revealed in adulthood, therefore, in addition to brightness, experience is also added to it.


One of the most common appearances, which is associated with negligence and a certain amount of carelessness. Characterized by attractiveness and sexuality. May have both proportional facial features, and vice versa, a tendency to be both thin and plump.


For every young man, sex life is of great importance. But some people are more interested in sex. They have their own male secrets, which may seem strange to their partner. Such individuals do not like long courtships and romance. Already on the first date, they will begin to closely examine the chosen one and hint at intimacy. In the future, even more strange behavior of a sexual nature may appear in the relationship.

Many girls like frivolous partners. But if his behavior is not to his liking, then it is better to immediately state his position.

With what kind of companion can a woman lose herself?

The same gentleman is capable of inspiring a companion and changing her for the better, but, on the contrary, oppressing and frustrating another. Typically, signs of positive or negative influence appear after just a few months of living together. There are 9 types of men by character, with whom, according to psychologist Daria Milai, girls unconditionally change for the worse:

  • Hidden alcoholic. This is a person who does not yet start drunken fights, does not plunge into long binges and does not take things out of the house to exchange them for booze. Like an athlete, he increases the dose every day, justifying himself with fatigue and family troubles. However, if a girl is not satisfied with this situation, she can either eradicate the addiction through constant reproaches and withdrawing her hand from the bottle, or, in the worst case, become addicted to alcoholic beverages together with her partner.
  • An egocentric person is completely fixated on his person, so soft, flexible girls fall under his influence. Compliant, they quickly become an extension of the egoist, losing their “I”, but at the same time thinking that it is quite right to fade in comparison with the chosen one.
  • A constantly dissatisfied man with his behavior has a detrimental effect on the psyche of his beloved. At first she resigns herself, but later she begins to show aggression and lash out at her loved ones and children.
  • A creative melancholic is a calm, flexible type who is not able to make quick and serious decisions. They complain of misunderstanding and cannot fully provide for their family with anything other than the fruits of their hobby, which usually does not generate significant income. In this case, the companion can take two roads, both of which will not bring her success. In the first case, she will turn into a bore, pushing the chosen one to take action, and in the second, she will take on all the obligations upon herself, accepting the parasite as part of her life.
  • The careerist is strict, cruel and indomitable. He will make decisions independently or consult with his other half if she occupies an impressive position in society or a promising highly paid position. If this is not the case, the beloved turns into a free servant, feels like a faceless, useless creature, and often begins to look for connections on the side.
  • Workaholics are divided into two types - one works for days and days to provide for their household, and at the same time they turn into spoiled individuals who demand more and more, not understanding the real value of finances, the second is a redneck who collects money. The wives of such representatives of the stronger sex are quiet and intimidated.
  • A dictator can beat his partner for no apparent reason. At the same time, if you close your eyes to this for the first time, then assault becomes a habit, and a woman’s life becomes hard labor, where she will be afraid to say too much or make an independent decision.
  • Lovelace can be seen long before marriage. But for some reason the girls are sure that their love can change the flighty young man and he will become a decent family man. Naturally, this does not happen. The husband continues to have affairs, and the wife turns into a suspicious hysterical woman, eavesdropping on conversations and rummaging through her pockets in search of evidence.
  • The obsequious sycophant is in a hurry to satisfy everyone except his family. Makes decisions that are beneficial to loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, but unacceptable to relatives. This is a person who can lend money to friends for a vacation, leaving an empty refrigerator at home. One should not be surprised when loved ones become furies who hate his friends and ask him to account for every penny.

Women who connect their lives with such partners are doomed to difficult relationships and nervous diseases.


Another dangerous type of male partner is the Casanova. You can fall in love with someone like this quickly and easily. He is handsome, smart, attractive, charming and loves to beautifully look after his soulmate. Most often, they delight their partners in their intimate life, which makes them even more charming. But the negative quality is that he quickly gets bored with his partner, he breaks off the relationship and goes in search of a new chosen one. It is impossible to build a family or a long-term relationship with him.

A rather unpleasant subspecies of Casanova is the male pickup artist. For him, a relationship or intimacy with a woman becomes just a tick in a numerous list of partners. Most likely, the relationship with him will end with one date, he will disappear as soon as he wins another victory. If a short but bright romance awaits you with a Casanova, then with a pick-up artist you will only be disappointed. Psychologists claim that such individuals suffer from an inferiority complex, which they try to compensate for at the expense of women.

Normal man

We should also talk about normal men, that is, those who look ideal in the eyes of a woman. First of all, the chosen one must be serious. For him, an affair with a woman is not just an affair, but a reason for building a long and lasting relationship. This is noticeable on the first date if a person shows maximum interest in the girl.

What do the eyes say etc?

Proponents of physiognomy (the science of reading faces) believe that different parts of our face reflect certain aspects of character and personality (and the interpretation of appearance is sometimes different for men and women):

  • Forehead: our way of thinking.
  • Eyes: show how open we are to the world.
  • Nose: work and our relationship with money.
  • Mouth: how expressive we are.
  • Lips: how sensual we are.
  • Chin: how confident we are in ourselves.
  • Ears: our interactions with other people.

Legs, arms are not for boredom

Oddly enough, his knee can say a lot about a person. Those with sharp knees are choleric, their actions are often not thought through and hasty. Men with square knees are calm, balanced, pedantic, efficient and proactive. If you know lazy people, pay attention - their knees are most often round. Legs in general have a huge impact on character. Short-legged people, especially women, are considered the most unpleasant - the bile flows. X-shaped legs indicate unreliability. But still, it is much more unpleasant for a man to have short arms than irregularly shaped legs.

Fight of opposites

The set of external signs and character of men and women, as we said, is different. You might be curious to know a couple more facts: the thinner a woman’s waist, the higher her resistance to life’s adversities, the higher her energy.

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But a man’s thin waist makes it easy for him to break his back in no time. In the energetic sense, of course. Such men are suspicious, susceptible to melancholy and other people's influence. Maybe this is why there are so many gay people among representatives of the ballet profession?

Greek nose

The Greek nose is characterized by a straight, long shape; as a rule, there are no humps on it. Owners of such noses are hardworking and ambitious men. Often, thanks to their strong nature, they achieve their goals, despite the thorny path.

Men with the so-called Greek profile are very intelligent and developed natures, guided primarily by their own logic. They are naturally very intelligent and therefore reliable. You can fully count on the fact that they will always provide a reliable shoulder and help you out in any difficult situation.

Men with a Greek nose are very practical and faithful to their loved ones - calm, faithful husbands, good friends and excellent colleagues. Literally the standard in everything! They are very responsible in their choice of everything: wife, job, friends.

Men with a “Greek” profile are open with their loved ones. But with strangers or unfamiliar people they are quite secretive. They like home and comfort. They don’t like parties, get-togethers and noisy companies. And these men don’t like to be the center of attention.

It is very difficult for such people to talk about their feelings, which is why they seem rather withdrawn.

Nubian nose

This nose is also very common and is most often found in men of African and East Asian descent. The Nubian nose is characterized by its short length, flat back and wide wings.

Men with Nubian noses tend to be creative, passionate, emotional, bright and very inquisitive. They are attractive and charismatic and have an open mind. They are excellent communicators and can easily cope with problems that arise. It's very easy to make friends with them.

A long nose

A long nose in physiognomy indicates a conservative person, often also contemptuously arrogant, capable of intellectual, artistic and/or technical achievements.

Those with long noses are skilled seducers. When surrounded by women, such men feel like a “fish in water” and know how to find an approach to any lady. Just a glance is enough, and a woman is already conquered by such a man. Long-nosed people have a cheerful character, know how to joke subtly and are very charming, know how to look after beautifully, are romantic and amorous.

Men with long noses are more prone to cheating than others. Women with them usually experience bitterness and resentment.

If a man has a long straight nose, then he was born to be a leader. He has an excellent sense of business activity, innate high ambitions, a keen instinct and a developed instinct to conquer heights. A man easily creates his own path to success.

According to Chinese research, the longer a person's nose, the more serious a person he is. Men with this type of nose are sophisticated, creative, responsible and hardworking. They are almost not interested in the material aspects of life, they are more attracted to spiritual values, which is why there are so many men with long noses among scientists and religious figures.

The biggest problems often occur with such men precisely because they are a strong and independent person.

The only industry that is alien to this person is the field of commerce and business. It is unlikely that the owner of a long nose will become an entrepreneur, and attempts to increase capital are doomed to failure.

Some conservatism of views will not allow such a person to violate moral and legal laws, so we can safely foretell a measured, correct way of life for him.

The owner of a long, thin nose is endowed with talents in various fields and is capable of artistic or technical achievements. Proud, touchy and does not always get along with people. Such a person has high spirituality and intelligence, which helps to find oneself in this life and achieve maximum self-realization.

If the tip of the nose is small and pointed, this speaks of sophistication and rejection of everything coarse. Its owner is a shrewd and ambitious person who has a strong desire for money.

The narrow, pointed shape of a man’s nose speaks of a sensitive, vulnerable soul. He is extremely touchy, vindictive, and often sarcastically retorts remarks addressed to him. Surprisingly, with such a complex character, having met his one and only, he will become her faithful and loving spouse for life, and in sex, an ideal lover for the one for whom he has a strong feeling.

If the wings of the nostrils of a long nose are wide enough, this indicates a certain stability and consistency of character, which ensures relative stability in life. Its owner is a calm person with a stable temperament.

A very long nose includes the characteristics of a long nose, but in addition indicates that the person is likely to have a spiritual nature. Men with very long noses can be unrealistic, capricious and speculative.

If the nose is long and wide, and even if it does not correspond much with other features, this is the sign of a person with a stable character, with a calm temperament, and who is destined to “live a good life.”

A fairly long nose, perfectly balanced with the eyes, mouth and chin, with two deep lines on either side of the mouth, is ideal. The combination of these elements indicates a person of great authority, good temperament and honesty. Such people are sexually active, proud and active.

Roman nose

An aquiline nose (high, hooked, with a curved tip like a beak) indicates the complex character of its owner. Such people are cunning, resourceful, decisive in their actions, always pursuing their own goals, shamelessly using those around them. Their slogan: “The end justifies the means.” The main thing for them is their career; they can achieve high positions, especially in politics and business.

But they also value family and strive for prosperity in every way. But they are completely intolerant of their enemies, vindictive and vindictive. They can be vain, arrogant, and unpredictably cunning. Often, but not to the detriment of the family, they make connections on the side.

An aquiline nose speaks of inconstancy and falsehood. The owner of such a nose always feels offended and longs for revenge.

If you meet a man with an aquiline nose, be on your guard: this is a true macho. He may not be considered a canonical handsome man, but he is so sexy and attractive that not a single lady can resist the charm of this Don Juan. They are persistent in their aspirations and achieve their goals. That's why they make the most persistent women fall in love with them.

He is extremely loving, and also selfish. You will never be the only one in his life, this man is too hot.

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