What kind of men do women love: by character, appearance and other characteristics

The saying “don’t drink water off your face” is perhaps losing its relevance every year. More and more girls pay attention to a guy's appearance. What kind of guys do girls like based on their appearance? Some like beefy athletes, others like guys with angelic looks, others like bearded men who look like lumberjacks, and others like slender young men with the appearance of a thirteen-year-old.

How girls choose guys: female psychology

To understand the basic criteria for why a girl might like a guy, it’s worth looking into female psychology. Experts note that most of the points are laid down at the subconscious and instinctive level, as well as among men themselves. Most girls choose partners who can give birth to healthy offspring, ensure family well-being, and most importantly, will be a reliable support system.

So, female psychology names several main criteria by which a life partner is selected:

  1. Appearance. The first thing you need to understand is what kind of appearance girls like. Most girls look first of all at a man’s cleanliness, neatness, his haircut, skin condition, and choice of clothing. It’s clear that you’ll like a toned, sculpted figure more than a beer belly and wide hips. Some girls look at a man’s hands, others like gray hair, others like tall stature and strong muscles.
  2. Health status. This criterion is laid down at the instinctive level; only with a healthy man will a woman produce equally healthy offspring. Therefore, she will evaluate a man by his appearance, the condition of his skin, hair, nails, teeth, psycho-emotional background, etc.
  3. No bad habits. And if many girls are lenient towards the problem of smoking, then no healthy adequate person will tolerate the tendency to drunkenness and binge drinking. Well, there’s no need to talk about drug addiction at all, it’s a no brainer. Many girls are disgusted by addiction to computer games, a modern bad habit of millions of men.
  4. Inner rod. If a girl sees in a man a solid moral foundation, a clear understanding of goals in life, confidence in herself and her point of view, with such a man she will feel as if behind a stone wall.
  5. Similarity to the girl's father. It is the father who acts as the first standard of a man, then after growing up she will look for a similar man to start a family. In addition, people who are similar in appearance are better suited to each other genetically.
  6. Social status. If a man is promising and successful, he behaves competently in society, has good connections, and accordingly, he will command respect in the eyes of a woman. But most importantly, he will become a reliable breadwinner for the family, and with such a man you can afford a large family.
  7. Smell. Many men are worried about how to start getting girls to like them, but at the same time they have a repulsive body odor and suffer fiasco one after another. Experts say that many girls instinctively identify someone who has excellent quality immunity genes by smell.
  8. Optimism. A woman needs a companion who will maintain an emotional connection with her, for this she needs to be a positive and cheerful person. If a man regards the future as a test and tragedy, he will never give a woman confidence in the future.
  9. Adequate self-esteem. Women are annoyed by the boasting and posing of men; they like modesty in tandem with self-confidence.
  10. Non-standard. The highlight in every man is his talent, each one is different. It could be a great sense of humor, creative inclinations, an analytical mind, or something else.

Expert opinion
Elena Druzhnikova

Sexologist. Family relations expert. Family psychologist.

Statistics confirm that most women first look at a man’s outer shell, then evaluate his internal qualities and character, and after that they pay attention to the remaining selection criteria.


Girls love accessories! Yes, yes, this is absolutely true. For any style, you can choose a beautiful element that will only help you look better.

Watches are in first place among the objects that girls pay attention to. On the 2nd there is a bag or backpack. These things can tell girls a lot, and we understand this very well. In third place are jewelry: rings, chains.

Often accessories can tell more about a man than things. This point should be considered carefully.

What kind of men do girls like?

The two most important questions, which guys girls like based on their appearance, and which guys girls like based on their character, determine a woman’s choice. It is character and appearance that first of all form the impression of a person, but if men initially look at appearance, and only then at the character of their companion, then for women everything is in the opposite order.

What kind of guys do girls like based on their character?

If young girls, due to inexperience, are led to the outer shell, then for mature ladies, including women over 40, the character of a man and his inner qualities are important. Even with an unprepossessing appearance, but with a set of main masculine qualities, you can be in demand among women more than a handsome man with an ideal body, but without inner filling.

Most of all, girls like the following set of character qualities and type of men:

  • generous - gifts and surprises show attention to the girl and desire for a relationship;
  • responsible - you can rely on such a partner in matters of family and relationships;
  • self-sufficient - a versatile person with his own views and interests;
  • faithful - not a single lady will tolerate a traitor and traitor next to her;
  • kind - only a kind person has inner beauty and wealth;
  • intellectually developed - an intelligent and educated guy will be interesting, successful and useful to society;
  • Well-mannered - girls value gallantry and knowledge of the rules of etiquette.

Thus, in order to be successful with girls, guys need to cultivate this list of qualities and character traits. In addition, you must always maintain composure in different situations, demonstrating self-confidence and calmness.

What kind of guys do girls like in appearance?

The stereotype that beautiful girls choose handsome guys only works for young girls. Otherwise, girls are picky about their appearance, but within reason. Statistics say that only 28% of girls look at the outer shell when choosing a partner. So, there are several criteria for what kind of appearance girls like:

  • face – in a girl’s face she looks for traits of high intelligence and strong character;
  • hands - according to them, a girl looks for strength, reliability, efficiency in a man; as a rule, they are determined by long fingers and wide palms;
  • height - it’s difficult to say exactly how tall men girls like, but more often girls are attracted to guys who are taller than themselves (for example, tall girls will not be suitable for a short partner);
  • body - the figure should demonstrate the strength of a man, which means it should be fit and muscular.

In fact, these criteria do not always fully fit into the image of an ideal man, and girls choose a completely different type of husband. This proves that inner beauty is much more important to the fair sex.

In conclusion. You are enough

Self-development is a very useful component of every man’s life, but you should not be tied to the achievement of the desired result.

If you think you need to develop some important masculine qualities to get girls to like you, remind yourself: “You are already enough to be liked by girls.”

Firstly, personal development has no limits, so there is a possibility of ending up in a state of eternal waiting.

Secondly, the awareness of achieving intermediate goals is already time to start taking action.

Thirdly, once you reach the finish line, you may realize that even without all this acquired tinsel, “You were already enough then.”

What should an ideal man be like?

Some men are concerned about the question of which girls like modest guys, others do not understand why, with such high self-esteem, they remain unnoticed by the fair half of society. And only psychologists are ready to name the type of ideal man. So, the ideal man is:

  • an outwardly well-groomed and attractive person who takes care of his appearance;
  • a man with good taste and a sense of style (if a man does not know how to dress to please a girl, he has already lost on many fronts);
  • a man with an optimal set of character qualities, self-confident, strong and backbone, with a sense of humor, kind and positive;
  • promising regarding self-development and financial situation;
  • aimed at creating a family and having children;
  • passionate and ardent in intimate life;
  • capable of making compromises in relationships.

In addition, in modern society, a man must have communication skills and have clear goals for the near future and for the years ahead. A woman will always appreciate a man who knows how to resolve conflict situations, shows respect for her and the people around her, and is able to care and pay attention.

Do you consider yourself an ideal man?

Not really

Looking for an ideal

In search of personal happiness, people often ask themselves the question of what kind of person the person next to them should be. The prototype of the future chosen one is often formed on the basis of the daughter’s perception of her father. However, the relationship with her mother plays a significant role in shaping what a girl’s personal life will be like. It often happens that the unsuccessful example of a father forces a daughter to refuse to communicate with individuals similar to him. In this way she tries to protect herself from repeated suffering.

A contrary action occurs when the child does not accept the lifestyle of both parents and tries to avoid the mistakes they made along the way. If we do not take into account negative examples, then, according to statistics, in the future chosen one, a woman collects all the traits that she liked in her own father. She subconsciously looks for what she is used to. From here a list of what women like and don’t like in men is formed.

What kind of men do women like based on their zodiac sign?

Many young people pay special attention to horoscopes and predictions of astrologers. Therefore, when choosing a life partner, girls often turn to the stars for advice and recommendations. You can choose a match based on your zodiac sign as follows:

  • Aries woman is more suitable for daring and impetuous men with fire in their eyes and assertiveness;
  • A soft, loving and sensitive young man will suit a Taurus woman
  • For a Gemini woman, the stars advise an enterprising man, sociable and sociable;
  • the Cancer woman needs a modest and homely man with a gentle and sensitive attitude towards his chosen one;
  • the Leo woman needs a powerful, independent and proud partner with leadership abilities;
  • Virgo woman likes patriots, military men and hard-working men;
  • The Libra woman likes shocking and handsome guys, masters of flirtation and gallant suitors;
  • a Scorpio woman will suit a willful, courageous, punchy partner and an ideal lover;
  • the Sagittarius woman needs a man who is not limited to everyday life with large-scale idealistic plans;
  • For a Capricorn woman, a man who stands on his own two feet and has career prospects is suitable;
  • For the Aquarius woman, the stars advise versatile men with a wide circle of acquaintances;
  • The Pisces woman will need an emotional partner who will prove in practice her uniqueness.

All of the listed qualities are present in many men, and it will not be difficult to cultivate them in oneself if a man is aimed at conquering a certain girl. Astrology only suggests what specific criteria can be used to attract her attention with the prospect of a relationship.


The sign of flirtation and limitless communication is, of course, Gemini. They love people so much that they feel like a fish in water in society. What kind of men do Gemini women like? Almost supermen. And it is true. According to compatibility horoscopes, a man with entrepreneurial spirit and sociability will be suitable as a partner for Gemini. At the same time, a positive attitude is a priority trait of his character. More than anything else, Geminis hate routine. Therefore, cheerful, inventive, loving - these are the types of men Gemini women like.

What kind of men do women over 40 like?

As practice shows, many women over 40 like younger men. If you look at this from a psychological point of view, there are several explanations for this:

  • maternal instinct , if it is not wasted on children, a woman selects a young guy for herself in order to raise a successful man in him;
  • age crisis , next to a young guy a woman will look younger herself, feeling young and attractive again;
  • the desire to dominate when this is not possible with an equal partner, but with a young, morally fragile guy you can play teacher;
  • emotional recharge , when a lady tired of the realities of life is inspired by vital energy, positivity and spontaneity from a young partner.

Otherwise, mature women choose reliable, independent and accomplished men who are not chasing ambitions and a fun life, but are aimed at a quiet family nest.


Unencumbered by life and easy-going, girls always crave romance. Every girl wants to be pleased with something pleasant:

  1. Flowers.
  2. Sweets.
  3. Beautiful compliments.
  4. Gifts.
  5. A trip on a boat, etc.

Romance can be anything. Its main meaning is that the guy does something nice to the girl, evokes emotions in her, and at the same time shows his feelings. A romantic person always seems to be in love. And girls want to see that they are loved.

Even if the acquaintance has taken place and the couple has moved on to building a serious relationship, romance always remains relevant. If a guy can be romantic sometimes or have an occasional romance, then he will be more attractive than a non-romantic person. Sometimes girls prefer exclusively romantics. If you are not like that, then you should not force yourself to live only by emotions. There will always be girls who will be happy with periodic romantic evenings.

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