44 of the most interesting sites for when you're bored, which I spent 4 months searching for

If a person is bored, there are reasons for that. In some cases, boredom overcomes a person due to the fact that everything is boring, and sometimes there is simply no opportunity to diversify your life. It happens that the appearance of apathy is associated with a bad mood, and in other cases it is boring because there is no goal. In this article we will try to pay attention to all types of boredom, ranging from trivial problems to issues that require some effort. So what to do when you're bored?

I'm not interesting - why do I feel this way?

“I'm not an interesting conversationalist. Uninteresting guy to girls. Not interesting to other people. No one is interested in me as a person.”

This self-awareness of oneself as an uninteresting, boring, flawed person - where does it come from?

Let's trace the components of this phenomenon

Own self-esteem

If we try to dig deeper into your soul, we will see a little person there, a child. Who really lacks a sense of self-worth.

But adequate, healthy self-esteem will always be the basis for any communication with other people.

Non-recognition, disapproval by society

Every person has a very important need - recognition and approval. This need is not only socially conditioned. It is even biologically important. Because, you see, for a person to simply survive in society, he needs the society in which he is located to approve of him.

And this desire for approval by society dates back to ancient times, when people still lived in autonomous tribes. If you are not approved by your tribe, if you behave in some way incorrectly, then the pack will expel you. And then you are doomed to death.

Lack of family recognition and approval

Plus, the need for approval and recognition from the person (mother, most often) on whom your survival depends in early childhood.

All three of the above ingredients for feeling bored and uninteresting are interconnected. How?

Here's how: there is one very interesting phenomenon. It's called the "mirror effect". The people around us unconsciously read our own self-esteem and return to us exactly the attitude that will be equal to our deep inner sense of self.

And, it turns out. Deep down, we consider ourselves a boring, uninteresting person with whom there is nothing to talk about. We ourselves recognize ourselves as flawed, bad, unimportant. And, at the same time, we urgently need people, especially close ones, to approve of us.

An internal conflict arises. The knot is tightened.


Many people envy those who can afford to ask others the question: “I’m bored, what should I do?” They themselves do not have the opportunity to allocate time for themselves, family and loved ones. Elementary watching of TV and favorite films in the family circle will brighten up your leisure time, bring people closer together, and learn a lot of useful and interesting things about each other. The main thing is the opportunity and desire to devote free time to those you like.

It’s more difficult for those people who say to their loved ones: “I’m bored, what should I do?” This confirms the fact that human life has no colors. Everyday life has eaten it up, and leisure needs to be organized outside the home environment. Friends, comrades, neighbors, classmates - among them there will always be several people with similar interests. The more often people meet and communicate, the more vital interests appear. As a result, a person who has been tormented by idleness will definitely find something to do with himself.

I'm boring - 8 signs that make me feel uninteresting

What are the signs that you are boring and people are not interested in you?

1. In society, the team, they don’t seem to notice me. When everyone is talking, discussing something, I usually stand on the sidelines. If I leave, no one will really notice. It’s like I’m an invisible man – that’s how I feel. This is very unpleasant, painful and offensive.

2. They may show interest in me only at first. But it quickly turns out that they just needed to discuss some current work or educational moment. After this, communication stops.

3.Nobody listens to me. If I try to tell something about myself, my interlocutors end the conversation. My feelings, emotions, my inner world are of no interest to anyone.

4. They don’t invite me anywhere, they don’t call me. People don't show initiative towards me. If I close my doors and sit at home, no one will even notice, it seems to me.

5.I try to correct the situation from time to time. I read books, learn jokes and interesting stories. Sometimes you even manage to share something you’ve learned in society and make someone laugh. But, in general, the feeling that there is no interest in me is chronic, this feeling.

6. If after not a very long time I meet by chance a former classmate (colleague), then I notice that he does not remember either my name or any special details about me. At the same time, of course, it is quite possible to smile and say hello.


7. You are extremely focused on this problem and, in general, on the impression you make on others. This already seems to you to be the norm of life and you seem to have grown together with this feeling.

However, imagine for a moment that this cry from the heart “I’m boring! I'm not interested! I'm not an interesting person! - no longer. There will be no focus on “what do others think of me?” Introduced? You see, your reality may be different.

8. It seems to you that you must simply find your calling in life. But, unfortunately, the years go by. And now, you are 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+ years old - and there was no calling and mission in your life - and there is no one. You are haunted by a feeling of being stuck in your life. At this time, you become convinced that you are completely worthless and definitely boring (boring), uninteresting, about nothing.

For extraordinary natures

In this section I have crammed advice for people who are intelligent, creative, refined, clean-spirited people, and everyone else who has trouble sitting on their butt. Here's what happened:

  • read a book
  • start drawing something
  • play a musical instrument
  • do embroidery
  • modeling
  • dance
  • think about something important to you
  • fantasize (dream)
  • make plans for the future
  • clean the house
  • read the news
  • watch scientific programs
  • tidy up the room
  • clean shoes
  • wash the dishes (in case there is anything)
  • tidy up your clothes
  • think about your life
  • read about other countries
  • get an encyclopedia (they always have something interesting for any age)
  • think about great things
  • reflect on the essence of existence
  • pray (what? And this has a place among believers)
  • start creating something
  • do some handicrafts
  • rehearse something
  • origami
  • start a spring cleaning
  • sing
  • rearrange the room

How to become an interesting conversationalist

1. While working as a practical psychologist, I noticed that people who consider themselves bad communicators are very focused on themselves.

This manifests itself in phrases such as:

  • no one listens to me
  • no one can hear me
  • no one supports me.

Here lies the answer to the question “how to become an interesting, good conversationalist.” Simply, learn to switch the focus of your attention from yourself to the person you are talking to.

Why? Because for your interlocutor there is nothing, absolutely nothing more interesting than himself. His feelings, his dreams, aspirations, fears, joys. His assessment of what is happening around him.

People are ready to talk about themselves for hours, days, without stopping. In modern life, everyone is yearning for listeners. About someone who will listen to you, will not interrupt you and give out his stupid assessments and advice.

That’s right: non-judgmental, non-advice listening and sincere interest in another is what is 100% guaranteed to make you an amazing conversationalist. Such an interlocutor and friend who is BEYOND competition.

2. The second point on how to become an interesting conversationalist is to learn to ask the right questions. That is, to be able to competently pull a person’s tongue. These are so-called open questions, for example:

  • Tell me how it was
  • How did you feel when...
  • What do you think about…
  • What do you like, what don’t like...
  • Why do you think...

And similar ones. These are all questions to which your interlocutor can answer not “yes” or “no,” but give a good, detailed answer.

3. The third point is ACCEPTING the right of others to their vision, their opinion. At the same time, you don’t have to think the same way as him. It is enough if you can simply recognize in your soul his right to see, think and feel as he considers necessary and important for himself.

4. The fourth point - DO NOT BE AFRAID of pauses in the conversation. If there is an “awkward pause”, you can remain silent.

After all, even the closest bosom friends do not chat among themselves continuously. Silence is normal. Relax and think about what else you would like to ask your interlocutor.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a very beneficial activity in our lives, especially if you work in a sedentary position. Start small: twist your hands, feet, torso, and also shake your head from side to side, forward and back.

With such actions you stimulate blood throughout the body, and with regular exercise, the muscles of the arms, legs, back and neck are strengthened.

How to become an interesting person and personality

To become and remain an interesting person and person is to forever get away from the self-perception “I’m boring, I’m boring.” For this:

Look at life until you fall in love with it.

If you want to become an interesting person, get interested!

How? Yes, anything from everything that surrounds you. Look, look around with interest.

Shift your focus from the problem “I am boring and I need the approval of others” to Life.

Once you start to take a closer look at everything that the world is filled with, it will seem to you that even nine lives are not enough to study everything. There are so many interesting and fascinating things in the world.

Remember when you were a little child. How amazing the world around me seemed. Simple puddles were a different story - deep in the summer, frozen in the mornings in the fall. Each subject was studied, looked at from all sides, and seemed to be something special.

And, now that you have grown up, you are surrounded by more complex and more interesting things.

History, politics, music, literature, art in general, new knowledge and skills.

Doing is not redoing, reading is not re-reading.

If until now you have been sitting, bored and telling yourself “I am boring (boring) and uninteresting,” then the time has come to become an interesting person and personality. If you want to be interesting, kindle your interest in life and its manifestations.

Don’t be afraid to leave your usual swamp – your comfort zone. Even if you are scared and reluctant, get up and go. Yes, at first it will be unusual and uncomfortable. But then you will be grateful to yourself for being able to raise yourself and go into the New.

Exploring the world with new webcams

Interesting sites when you have nothing to do are definitely about world webcams located around the globe. After all, what could be more interesting than visiting (even virtually!) in a mysterious, exotic and mysterious country? Or maybe you will like to watch cute animals? Here you will find entertainment to suit your taste. (Headings are active links)

The iPet Companion website has taken a very creative approach to solving the problems of homeless animals, with the help of which you can not only watch the games of various fluffy balls, but also play with your pets yourself right now

using special interactive functions.

The camera will help everyone who wants to create their own excursion around the world (moreover, on this resource not only attractions are available, but also quiet beaches, noisy cities and ordinary streets).

The resource provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the eruptions of one of the largest geysers in Yellowstone Park (the geyser has a name that translates as “Old Faithful”).

With the help of cameras, any Internet user can endlessly watch adorable colorful fish and clumsy penguins

, cute sea otters, loud-voiced
beluga whales
And if you want to tickle your nerves, be sure to look at the sharks
- this spectacle will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Now all users can look into the wedding chapel in Las Vegas and see the most interesting moments from the major entertainment center. After all, where else can you do such crazy things as marry the first person you meet?! Of course, in Las Vegas.

With the help of the Niagara Falls camera, you can enjoy the truly enchanting sounds and views of falling water at any convenient moment, thereby getting a boost of calm for the whole day! The site also provides information about weather conditions near Niagara Falls for the near future, if you suddenly become so inspired by the spectacle that you decide to visit this wonderful place in person.

How to be interesting to a man

How to become an interesting girl for a guy, husband, beloved man?

My grandmother also said: “Don’t show your dog everything to your husband.” I'm sorry, that's the saying.

This is about the fact that a man remains a man. He is a hunter and a conqueror - and this is his nature. It is very important for girls and women to take this into account if they want to be interesting to their beloved husband, boyfriend, or man.

In practice it looks something like this.

Understatement in your feelings is important

There is no need to dump on a man your declarations of love and the fact that you miss him terribly. This can be done very rarely, and on especially special occasions.

Because if your man understands that “you are in his pocket and all his guts,” then he loses interest in you. After all, his instinct as a conqueror and hunter is satisfied. And why should he be interested in you anymore?

General lack of information about you

This also applies to the fact that a man is by nature a warrior, a hunter.

The hunter is not interested in knowing which snag the bunny is quietly waiting for him all day. He wants to think, to fantasize. Even, it will suffer a little from the unknown.

This promotes the release of testosterone. You should not tell your husband or boyfriend about all your movements.

Be a good conversationalist for a man or guy

Plus, for girls who want to be interesting to their man, the above-mentioned methods “How to be a good conversationalist” work - these methods are universal.

Ask your loved one questions, pull his tongue. Give him the opportunity to talk about himself.

Especially: it is important for a man to talk about his achievements, about what he is proud of. He wants you to appreciate, admire, praise! Accordingly, he will be very grateful to you. And, you will be the most interesting girl for him.

Get carried away!

That’s right: find an activity for yourself that will make you passionate, happy, and self-sufficient. An activity that will allow you not to think about a man at all, to simply forget about him. In which you can plunge headlong.

Scan his values ​​and share them if you like them

And, if this is possible and acceptable for you, become very valuable to him, share his values ​​with him. And, let him understand thereby your value to him.

Why do I say “if it is possible and acceptable for you”? Because if his values ​​are unacceptable to you, you don’t have to break yourself and reshape yourself to please him. Never! Because this will only worsen the situation in the long run.

But, if you like his values ​​(for real!), then go ahead. Develop this in yourself and let him understand. What's on your way with him?

For example, if he is interested in a healthy lifestyle, and you yourself would like to join. Then, the time has come to join in. And, become truly interesting for a man.

This works because we all love it when our values ​​and passions are shared by another person.

And now you are not boring at all, but the most interesting for him!

Work on your self-esteem

Correct, healthy self-esteem is not only when you believe in your uniqueness and exclusivity. Although, you have to believe in it, because it is so! You are unique, exceptional, inimitable. There is no one like you in the world anymore, and there never will be again.

It is also worth saying that good self-esteem presupposes knowing yourself, understanding yourself, the ability to hear, listen to yourself and your feelings and desires. Also, accept them, trust them.

All this together creates that cozy, relaxed aura around you that men like so much. And so do other people.

Work from home

What to do and Links to interesting and useful pages will come to the aid of everyone. Working from home is a salvation for those who are bored. How to make money and not leave your apartment? This is possible, and many people live on money earned in this way. You can get a job via the Internet quite quickly. It all depends on which direction is closer, what a person is willing to do and how much time to spend to obtain the first capital. Money will not fall from the sky, no one will give it to you, you will have to work. By devoting just a few hours a day, you can earn a living, pay off loans, save money to purchase a car or any other thing.

The most profitable activity is trading on stock exchanges, but this area is very complex, and not everyone can understand it

Before you take on a job, it is important to understand for yourself how interesting and realistic it is. Taking a high bar right away, without experience, is a desperate step that may not give the desired results.

Writing articles has become a common activity for many. The principle of operation is very simple: by registering on the employer’s website, you can immediately begin completing tasks

Depending on the quality of the written work, the artist’s rating will decrease or increase, which will attract the attention of customers. Funds earned on such sites can be withdrawn electronically directly to your bank card

What to do at home when the kids have nothing to do

It can be difficult for kids, and even older children, to find entertainment on their own. The older a person gets, the wider his horizons, and the more interests he has. The task of an adult is to guide the child, to give him not only a good upbringing, but also to protect him from bad influences. A bored kid may do something completely inappropriate for him, and a teenager may do something completely illegal.

How to entertain a child under three years old:

  • give your child a saucepan and several plastic containers, silicone baking dishes, wooden spatulas and disposable dishes are also suitable - these items are safe and interesting;
  • sit the child at the children's table, give him a bowl of water, a cloth and a mug - this will take a two-year-old for half an hour;
  • play with blocks with your child, show how to build houses;
  • read good and kind fairy tales to your child;
  • dance, jump on the bed, build a castle out of pillows;
  • Show your child a cartoon, but remember the quality of the visual product.

How to entertain preschoolers and younger schoolchildren:

  • watch a full-length film or cartoon and then discuss it;
  • build a puppet theater and perform a performance;
  • involve your child in feasible homework;
  • play board games with the whole family;
  • build a “castle” from chairs and pillows;
  • Invite your child's peers to visit.

Banal remedies for the blues

What can you do when you're bored at home? This question is asked by many people, but, oddly enough, many of them most often remain in a sad state, having done nothing to change their mood.

But this is not our case! Here are options that can be used by everyone and in most common cases:

  • to watch a movie
  • delicious food
  • Internet surfing in search of something interesting
  • get stuck on social media networks (today almost everyone can do this)
  • chat with an interesting person
  • make new acquaintances (you won’t get bored together)
  • admire the window (if you have any suitable view from it)
  • remember loved ones
  • collect your thoughts (there may be unfinished business)
  • make a to-do list (if you have them and you decide to get rid of them)
  • plan necessary purchases
  • admire the stars (preferably at night)
  • admire the sky (this can be done at any time of the day and in any weather)
  • go to sleep (in general, advice to all)
  • make yourself tea/coffee (it’s not a fact that it will relieve boredom, but it will distract you a little and, perhaps, lead to interesting thoughts over a cup of hot drink)
  • read your horoscope
  • listen to music
  • take a bath
  • play computer games (the thing, of course, is interesting and addictive, but not everyone will take it up/it’s not suitable for everyone)
  • sit by the fireplace (this is not heaven, and not everyone has one)
  • cook something tasty and unusual
  • go in for sports (for an amateur)
  • invite friends (which will be discussed later)
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