10 ways to get out of apathy: what to do if you’re tired of everything

Modern society suffers from irritability and aggression, all this is routine life in a hurry and without respite. Quite a large number of people live in a state of aggression, irritability, depression and don’t even know what to do about it if they’re tired of everything. Any episodes of manifestation of these states can be attributed to the world around us; after all, it may be a matter of the person’s lifestyle itself. Sometimes even small trifles irritate and enrage, nothing brings joy, people and everything around irritate. People in a state where everything infuriates them and they are fed up, incur huge psychological problems, which often only a psychotherapist can help them cope with.

Method 1: Disconnect from the Internet

Especially from the news. How to deal with apathy when you receive streams of negative information from all sides. I am amazed by famous, influential people writing and speaking about the “chaos of hate” fueled by the media in recent years.

I am amazed not at the endless and uncontrollable flow of information dirt (this is natural for the current stage of human development), but at the fact that these famous, smart people, pointing fingers at others and condemning them for negativity, themselves constantly add oil to this poisonous cocktail of pessimism.

I urged and continue to urge you not to support the destructive “egregor” of fear, mutual slander and despair. I hope you have already tested for yourself the belief that Boris Pozdnyakov and I repeatedly discussed at Conversations with a Billionaire, that “attention is the only thing we can control.”

Pianist Alice Hertz-Sommer, a Holocaust survivor, said: “I look where it is good.” This seems trivial - in order for us to feel “good”, so that we have creative desires and the energy to realize them, we need to direct attention to the “good”. For some, this may seem like a utopia. In fact, this is the salvation of our individual and general consciousness from information viruses generated by the media and social networks.

So, the obvious answer to the question “How to get rid of apathy?” will be “Abstract from unnecessary negativity.” In life, sometimes unpleasant situations arise. Why look for them also in the news? Although the cause-and-effect relationship between attention and quality of life is obvious to many, in practice it may turn out that managing attention is not so simple. The brain, accustomed to daily negative news and the meaningless stream of social networks, is also addicted to them, like a drug addict to his daily fix.

Therefore, for starters, during the week, start your day not with social media. networks or news sites, but from reading spiritual literature, self-development blogs, TED talks and everything that can set you up for constructive thinking and fruitful implementation. All these materials will help you fight not only apathy, but also laziness.

Try to allow only creative ideas into yourself for at least the first hour of every day. You will see how your quality of life will change dramatically.

The question “What to do when you’re tired of everything?” will disappear by itself, because you will have enough energy for achievements. It's even better if you implement a "tuning hour" in the first hour of your daily wakefulness. My morning “tuning hour” looks like this:

  • I woke up and, while still half asleep, listened to a 6-minute audio meditation setting me up for the day;
  • cold and hot shower;
  • some procedures for tone;
  • 15-30 minutes of movement (one or a little of everything: walking, trampolining, dancing, yoga);
  • breathing practice;
  • meditation in silence.

After such an “hour of attunement,” I face the day consciously and with anticipation of creative work.


It is expressed by a release of an emotional state, which sooner or later happens to everyone. The only difference is that some people calmly cope with this condition, while others have a hard time bearing it.

One category of people becomes violent and harsh. Emotions are clearly manifested, they cannot contain them, everything pours out.

The second category is people who are more educated and moral, better adapted to society. They have a harder time going through this period. They try to suppress their state of apathy. However, there is no need to keep it to yourself; an outburst of emotions at this moment is necessary.

A person is tired of everything and nothing in life makes him happy. This does not mean that he is tired of his family, his life position, friends and work. Usually, this kind of apathy is a reflection of internal conflicts that have accumulated in a person’s soul.

Even when it seems that the situation has already happened and ended. The person could not accept it in his head, did not realize its completion. In this regard, in the future, he may expect fatigue, blues and apathy. When we constantly think about and speak out our thoughts that worry us, we create a conflict within ourselves. If this condition is not overcome, then over time, the accumulated negativity will spill out. An obsessive thought will appear in your head that life is terrible. Although, all its complexities were invented exclusively in the head of the person himself.

Method 2: Upgrade yourself

The second effective method that you should use when you are tired of everything is to change. The most obvious and simplest is an external change: get a new hairstyle, update your wardrobe, go to the gym, lose weight. But how can you overcome apathy if neither a new hairstyle nor a new dress can save you?

Change your system of values ​​and thinking by introducing into life principles that will promote, rather than hinder, success and fulfillment. This is, however, much more difficult to do.

A great exercise for this purpose is to write down an improved version of yourself - who you could be if you maximized your talents and developed your abilities. And then ask yourself the question: how does such a person think and act? Write down these thoughts and build your actions in accordance with them.

Light the candles


Candles are a great way to relax when you're feeling stressed. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, light some candles, take a warm bubble bath, throw in your favorite bath bomb, and relax. Of course, it won't solve your problems, but the soft candlelight will definitely lift your spirits. Plus the smell is amazing.

Method 3. Dismantle the rubble and do a thorough cleaning of the house

Another effective method that is worth listing when answering the question “How to overcome laziness and apathy?” – do a thorough cleaning. From time to time, trash and debris accumulate in our space, which over time interferes with the free flow of energy. If you have the means, someone can do the deep cleaning for you.

But even if you can afford a housekeeper, cleaning yourself may be more effective as the ignition system for your internal engine. Here are some additional ideas for clearing your space:

  • Sort out old papers and throw away everything unnecessary;
  • Give away clothes and shoes that you have not worn in the last 2 years;
  • Wash the windows;
  • Polish kitchen utensils;
  • Disassemble the bathroom and throw out all the jars where there is still something left “at the bottom” and which has long been replaced with a new one.

Wear bright clothes


Bright clothes can keep you afloat during periods of emotional instability. So add some bright colors to your look and your mood and self-confidence will skyrocket. It might be time for that outfit that's been collecting dust in your closet.

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Method 4: Clean your computer

It will be very difficult for you to cope with apathy if you do not tidy up your computer. The computer, just like our space, does not like garbage. Not only will it hang due to an excessive number of files, but it will also simply interfere with productivity, constantly distracting you with unnecessary documents, photos, etc.

I recently accidentally erased all the photos on my MacBook that I had taken over the past 2 years (70 gigs!). At first I gasped and was wildly upset, but then I felt some kind of lightness and liberation from the past. Now in front of me is a white canvas (and an empty iPhone application) on which I am going to draw my new life.

Create a simple morning ritual that you can do every day.

Flickr: johnjeddore

Well, it's not difficult at all. Create a small morning ritual that you can do every day. For example, take a hot shower with aromatic floral gel every morning. Or make your bed in a special way. This way, you will feel like you have already completed a small task in the morning, and then you will be in a great mood for the coming day.


Another interesting solution to the morning ritual is short workouts. Gymnastics or yoga would be better.

Method 5: Go for a walk

Better yet, make walking a sort of daily ritual - walk (if the weather permits, in the fresh air) every day for 30-60 minutes. This may be perceived as yet another trivial recommendation.

But a simple walk gives a lot - a surge of energy for the body, improved blood circulation, and as a result - additional nutrition for brain cells and a surge of inspiration, thus activating the potential of our intentions. Daily walks will help you overcome laziness and apathy in yourself, and will also recharge you with energy.

Treat yourself to dessert

Kitchen Magpie / thekitchenmagpie.com

According to Susan Bowerman, associate director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, sweets can improve our mood when we are sad. And all because we associate goodies with happy moments. So head to a coffee shop and enjoy your favorite dessert. Just don't make it a habit.

Method 7: Prepare a gourmet dinner

For family, for friends or just for yourself. Boredom indicates that you have not experienced the bright tastes of life for a long time. Food is one of our most primitive instincts, and with the help of today's variety of foods and spices, you can fill your life with the aroma of not only the usual cabbage rolls, but also something exotic. You may ask, how can you get rid of apathy and laziness with the help of cooking?

For inspiration, I’ll tell you about Sasha Martin, the author of the Global Table Adventure blog. Sasha lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and several years ago she came up with this way of “virtual travel”: once a week, cook for her loved ones a new dish from different countries, in alphabetical order.

She started with Afghanistan and her first dish was sabse borani

- spinach and yogurt snack. Sasha finished with a recipe from Zimbabwe.

The entire project took 4 years, during which she took weekly steps towards her long-term goal. When Sasha came up with the idea for culinary adventures, her daughter was only 6 months old, so for the first 5 years of her life, the girl tried a dish from every country (how wonderful is that, agree?!).

Sasha's husband, despite the fact that American hamburger and potatoes were his favorite food, supported his wife's enthusiasm by contributing to the project as a photographer.

On Sasha’s website I found a promo for her first book with the wonderful title “Life from Scratch”. I never cease to be amazed at how a hobby can transform a person’s life, filling it with new meaning and drive. Well, are you already managing to cope with apathy? The question “What to do when you’re tired of everything” begins to recede a little. Is not it?

Take a digital detox

ABC Family

Many of us spend most of our day looking at computer or smartphone screens. Sure, technology has its benefits, but it's still a good idea to take a little break every once in a while. You may be able to use this time to do other activities, such as reading or drawing.

Method 9. Do something extremely unusual for yourself

Are you still tired of everything? If you are still seriously thinking about how to get out of apathy, then don’t just get out of your comfort zone, but do the exact opposite. Are you naturally shy? Challenge your principles and talk to a stranger.

For a modest girl, meeting a man on her own is a risky step. If you are usually proactive and outgoing, practice meditation and deep introspection. Find something that will turn you 180 degrees and show you one of the unknown or untapped facets of your own personality.

What to do if you're tired of your surroundings?

The environment can be your home, friends, environment.
Approaches to solving the current situation are individual. Get to the root of the problem. Tired of your friends, what to do in such a situation?

Change your environment.
I'm tired of calls, what should I do?
Stop communicating.

People develop. What was normal before becomes unacceptable now. It's not strange that friends are annoying, let them go.

Find new friends or girlfriends with common interests. Don’t seriously think about what to do if you’re tired of a person, feel free to move on! This does not apply to your family and friends. Read about it below.

Method 10. Draw

Let it be crooked, askew and at the level of a 5-year-old child. It is not the result that is important to us, but the process. Drawing activates the creative part of the brain. To break the cycle of boredom, you need to excite your creativity.

Having let go of the “goal”, to draw something “beautifully” and allowing ourselves to create simply for the sake of self-expression, we find ourselves in a parallel reality, where all that is required of us is to turn off the mind and not interfere with nature to be realized through us.

Here are my 10 recommendations, but these are only the main ones among many effective ways to start your inner motor and fill your life with new experiences.

Is it necessary to fight this condition?

If you are tired of everything and nothing makes you happy, then this condition cannot be left unattended. This situation can lead to a deterioration in the quality of life, family conflicts, quarrels and even divorce.

Often the feeling that “everything is bad” is the direct cause of many chronic diseases, which will also be difficult to overcome without medical help. In other words, the first signs of apathy and blues cannot be ignored under any circumstances, and measures must be taken as soon as possible.

Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you


In this fast-paced world and frantic pace of life, we often forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. We take their care and attitude for granted. For an instant mood boost, tell someone you care about how much you appreciate them. Such a simple phrase will not only bring a smile to your loved one’s face, but will also make you feel much better. A win-win!

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