I love loneliness - we destroy the stereotypes of modern psychology

Sometimes a person likes being alone. That same silent solitude and thoughtful state when you fly away into your thoughts. No one distracts, tugs, or interferes. I like to be alone, away from the noisy world, from people with their primitive conversations and whims.

Realizing that a significant part of society, as usual, complains about loneliness, you ask yourself: if you like loneliness, is that normal?

People actually experience loneliness differently. For some it is a problem, mortal melancholy, for others it is a time of pleasure and pleasure. And still others “chatter” from a desire to hide in solitude to a craving for non-stop communication. Using the knowledge of system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, you can get answers to any questions about loneliness - who likes it and why.

Loners and introverts

To begin with, I would like to finally dot the I’s and say that introverts are not absolute loners. Psychologists say that introverts, just like their opposite personalities, extroverts, enjoy communicating with other people. The only difference is their reaction to external stimuli and their attitude towards this communication, but this will be discussed a little later. In that case, what are people called who love solitude? Misanthropes? Misanthropes could also be classified as people who love solitude, but if you read the wording, misanthropes are people who are alienated from the people around them and hate them.

Little is said about the love of loneliness. In that case, what are people called who love solitude? In Japan, there is a special type of people... They are called hikikomori, and their peculiarity is that they completely refuse social life, preferring isolation. Most often, such people do not have their own housing or work with a constant source of income, so they live dependent on relatives. Yes, this is more like those who can truly be called people who love solitude. But so far the term “hikikimori” officially exists and is most common in only one country. This means that in Russia people who love solitude can only be called loners. And this option will really be correct. And if you want to understand whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, we recommend reading the article: https://psychbook.ru/416662a-ekstravert-tyi-ili-introvert-opisanie-osobennosti-i-harakteristiki.

Loneliness is wonderful

A pronounced feeling of loneliness, the desire for a state of loneliness is characteristic only of the owner of the sound vector.

He likes to be in silence, darkness, solitude. Particularly active hours of vigor occur in the evening and at night. Sleep comes closer to morning. System-vector psychology explains the roots of this feature.

A person is given certain properties from birth and, thanks to them, as he grows up, character traits, attitude, and attitude towards people and himself are formed. The sound vector is abstract thinking, selective contact, keen hearing, a craving for philosophy, an interest in religions.

He has little interest in the material values ​​of this world - give him the meaning of life. He seeks this meaning in his reflections, focusing on his own thoughts. And so that no one and nothing interferes with this process, he tries to retire, to be alone with himself. That’s why loneliness is so desirable for him, he likes it.

Singles. What makes them special?

Psychologists have conducted a study to see if it is possible to identify a group of people who feel happier when they are alone. Professionals were based directly on the presence of romantic connections, which are the highest point of intimacy in human relationships. For some time, the “experimental subjects” (if they can really be called that) took a test that revealed the degree of their happiness. The test indicated that some of the people actually felt more comfortable when they were not in such close relationships. This was due to these people's reactions to the negative aspects of romantic intimacy with a partner. Of course, a lot can be said about the importance of supporting the closest person in difficult times and remembering couples who always understand each other perfectly... But we should not forget that a significant part of the history of communication with a person is occupied by quarrels and disagreements. Those who are too tired of such “confrontations” with a loved one can later find out that they are much more comfortable at a time when they are not burdened with such close ties.

You are very sensitive

The Angels of the Earth came to this world with a great purpose, but saving the planet costs a lot. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed, as if all the problems in the world have suddenly fallen upon them. They often feel tired and frustrated; they cannot bear to be with large crowds of noisy people, because their conflicting energy drains and frightens the angels.

They are also sensitive to violence, hatred and all the negative news that is displayed in the media. Typically, Earth angels hide in their room to protect themselves from the troubled world.

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Who are introverts?

Even Wikipedia will tell you that an introvert is, first of all, not a person who loves solitude, but one who is more focused on his inner world. Introverts love interacting with people. Moreover, the people who are most in the spotlight and often speak in front of large audiences (and without even having any obvious problems with this) can often be introverts! Based on all this, we can say that introverts are unlikely to be people who love solitude.

Solitude: time for the mind to work

The natural ability to think abstractly should not be wasted, in vain - this entails great, sometimes serious suffering.

You won't be able to enjoy being alone for long. It will draw you into silence and solitude - but will lead to pain and strong feelings. What to do if you like loneliness, but you already feel the harbingers of the listed symptoms of unpleasant consequences?

Understanding the characteristics of your psyche, you can direct all your potential to intelligent, intense work of the mind. It will be better to fill your loneliness with knowledge of yourself and your place in the world. It is this kind of work of focusing not on one’s own person, but on the world around us, that will bring voluminous pleasure. Loneliness will become less painful.

Loneliness will not go away, but knowing yourself and studying humanity as a whole brings inner fulfillment. Loneliness will continue to be enjoyable.

Differences between introverts and extroverts

The main difference between the former and the latter is how they react to stimuli. Anything can be an irritant, from an extra milliliter of coffee to external noise and everything else. Introverts perceive these irritants more acutely, which makes them get tired faster and need to rest in some quiet place. But this does not mean at all that they want to relax alone. In a quiet place, in addition to the introvert himself, there may also be another person with whom the first one will communicate and enjoy it (if, of course, the introvert really likes this person). This is because communication is one of the main needs of any person. Apart from this, a commonly observed fact is that introverts can be more effective communicators than extroverts. This is because the former immediately notice the interlocutor’s reaction to his words and to himself. The same cannot be said about the latter... Perhaps extroverts really get more positive emotions from communication, but this does not mean that everyone else gets the same positive emotions from communicating with them. We can say that introverts are more tactful and always know when to stop when communicating, because they themselves sometimes need rest and a pleasant environment.

Anxiety is also fear

Some kind of fear is present in everyone. You can call them whatever you want - increased fatigue or anxiety, even complete stupidity. It's actually a small feeling of fear.

“High speeds, huge information flows, traffic, deadlines, and competition place a great burden on the modern city dweller. Instead of trying to normalize the schedule, a person tries to compensate for these stresses with even more tasks. And in order to manage everything, he refuses a timely lunch, a normal time for sleep, pleasant communication, and basic self-care. It is not surprising that the same mental mechanisms that are triggered in situations of danger are triggered in the body. Run, fight or freeze,” says Denis Ivanov.

“A person in anxiety mode is like a spectator returning down a dark, empty street after a horror film. The anticipation alarm is triggered and every stimulus is automatically viewed as a threat. Thus, the general condition serves as an excellent springboard for the emergence of one or another phobia, and then a certain situation or a specific object begins to cause attacks of fear, accompanied by vivid vegetative reactions. Because of this, some are afraid to go down the subway, others are afraid to go up in the elevator, or feel panic after reading about a storm warning in the messenger,” the expert concluded.

Test for an introvert

Answer “yes” or “no” to each question. This introvert test will help you determine which personality type you are.

Group "A".

  1. In one day you can watch two films, a play, read a book and only attend one of five scheduled meetings?
  2. If you don't have a radio, TV or telephone in your house, you're a little upset.
  3. The number of your friends and acquaintances is constantly growing.
  4. It is much easier for you to remember faces, incidents, biographies than dates, formulas and other people's thoughts.
  5. You don't like to be alone and are drawn to noisy companies.
  6. You love to joke, discuss the latest gossip, and tell jokes. You are not conflicted.
  7. You love to be the center of attention and perform in front of an audience.
  8. You are always up to date with all the news.
  9. You quickly get along with strangers.
  10. Your decisions are very often hasty.

Group "B".

  1. A decision that is important to you can be changed if the situation requires it.
  2. You enjoy reminiscing.
  3. You don't have many friends and don't really like strangers.
  4. You have difficulty remembering details of anything.
  5. You don't like noise and loud music.
  6. You prefer to wear only those things that suit you.
  7. You enjoy taking photographs.
  8. You love to cook.
  9. You will prefer company where you can retire.
  10. It is difficult for you to quickly adapt to anything new.

Why is it so lonely among people

The sound engineer considers himself smarter than others. Relationships with people don't work out. And he doesn’t even care about those close to him anymore. Loneliness permeates through and through. He experiences a feeling of loneliness constantly.

Everywhere the sound artist feels like a stranger:

- In the city where he lives, he feels that loneliness also lives with him.

— In transport at rush hour, he feels that loneliness does not leave him. It’s as if he is fenced off from the people by an invisible screen.

— At work, among a significant number of colleagues, loneliness also does not go away.

“And across the planet, among billions of people, loneliness is always nearby.

When loneliness takes on painful contours, the sound artist’s contacts with people are reduced to almost zero. There are only books, the Internet, him and loneliness. Every day the loneliness is felt more and more acutely. It becomes very painful and consuming. An oppressive, constant nagging feeling. A complete state of despair sets in.

The sound guy tries to hide in his sleep, sleeping 12–14 hours a day. But this does not help get rid of the feeling of loneliness and melancholy. After some time, this state can be replaced by almost complete insomnia. Problems with sleep often accompany the sound player.

Key to the test

If more “yes” answers were in group “A”, you can consider yourself an extrovert. If you are in group “B”, then you are an introvert. If the number of positive answers is approximately the same in the two groups, then you are an ambivert, who is characterized by signs of both the first and second personality types.

And at this point our article ends. Now you know what kind of person loves loneliness and its psychology. And in the same way, you perfectly understand who introverts are and why they cannot be called those who love solitude. We wish you good luck!

You reject modern ideals

Most of the angels of Earth are unable to understand the world today. Why do we spend so much time doing jobs we hate? Why does it continue to pollute our home? Why do we consume so much and give so little? Why do we have wars and racism?

These and similar questions always bother Earth angels. They tend to reject modern society based on the answers they receive. Many people call such people hippies or belong to some other subculture, although this is not true.

The Angels of Earth realize that we can no longer live in isolation from each other. They hope that humanity will unite and every person will be able to enjoy the legal right to love, happiness and freedom.

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