What is the fear of women called, and how to get rid of the phobia?

Fear of women (gynecophobia, gynophobia) is one of the common phobias of modern man. Most often, panic fear of female representatives occurs in men, but a similar disorder is also observed in some women. This fear is persistent and often has a destructive impact on the life of not only the gynecophobe himself, but also the people around him. Without appropriate treatment, severe depression can occur, which can ultimately lead to suicide. For this reason, it is highly not recommended to ignore such a serious condition.

What kind of phobia is this?

From the point of view of social adaptation, fear of the opposite sex is one of many types of phobias. Inappropriate reactions manifest themselves in different ways. The intensity of the course of the disease is influenced by the potentially dangerous behavior of the object of fear, an unsuccessful sexual relationship, or other disorders based on disgust and disrespect for the opposite sex.

Gynophobes are not able to control their own emotions, since feelings at the moment of fear are based on deep reasons of a subconscious nature. It is easy to control the psycho-emotional manifestations of a child, orienting him towards increased responsibility to his mother. This leads to the development of phobias in boys (and even girls) from dysfunctional families. The absence of a father in single-parent families, the despotism of the mother, and sexual problems are the main causes of gynophobia. Moreover, a decisive role in the onset of fear can be played by both excessive guardianship and the irresponsible and weak behavior of the father.


A term whose meaning is synonymous with Eurotophobia is colpophobia, however, its scope can sometimes be wider, allowing it to include all genitals. Although Eurotophobia has no cross-linguistic classical connection, colpophobia has a Greek etymological corollary with the prefix colpo meaning fold, which usually refers to the vulva. Eurotophobia is a hyponym of genitophobia. On the other hand, the term vaginaphobia is used to refer to the fear of female genitalia in the context of sexual orientation. In men, a disorder similar to this condition is called phallophobia.

Main causes of fear

The name of the fear of girls is indicated above. It occurs for various reasons. Hidden psychological traumas are frequent prerequisites for the emergence of fear of the weaker sex. An effective way to overcome unconscious fear is hypnotherapy. Psychologist-hypnologist Nikita Valerievich Baturin returned many people to normal life in this way, as evidenced by the responses of users from different parts of the country.

Thanks to immersion in trance, the client explores his own inner world, memories become clearer and clearer. Hypnosis helps to find the root cause of fear and understand the problems objectively. During the session, the human psyche opens, the nervous system calms down, and fears, including gynophobia, disappear.

Maternal oppressive severity is the most recognizable and common cause of fear of women. At an early age, the child could be subjected to harsh parenting methods, personality suppression, and the like. It is important not what the phobia is called “fear of women”, but that the root causes must be sought in the relationship between parents. This is often due to the man’s lack of proper authority in the family. If the father is gentle and loyal in everything, he takes little part in punishing his offspring. It happens that representatives of the stronger sex take on most of the female roles. Constantly showing love and tenderness to a child forms subconscious mental elements. The consequences of such actions appear several years later, in adulthood. Ignoring them leads to prolonged depression and significantly affects the quality of everyday life.

Mothers often lecture their spouses, are solely responsible for making important decisions, and punish their children. Such behavior is contrary to nature, and therefore destructive images are created associated with all representatives of the fair half of humanity. To get rid of the fear of girls, you need to focus on the example of an authoritative dad, whom everyone respects.

Another cause of gynophobia is ambiguous intimate relationships. A man can be interested in ladies and feel interested in them, but a bad sexual experience becomes a kind of barrier. Stressful situations associated with the female gender are often remembered. Further, inferiority complexes and related problems develop.

Fear of women manifests itself more productively in pregnant women. This is due to the fact that a man considers building a relationship with the expectant mother to be unnatural factors. The problem is manifested by rejection and disgust, as well as manic actions.

Let's consider the reasons for the appearance of a phobia

Fear of having a relationship with a beautiful woman can be caused by fear of:

  1. Refusal. As a rule, such a man immediately sets himself up for failure, and when a beautiful girl appears, he simply ignores her.
  2. Unnecessary attention. This scares them away. Reluctance is in plain sight. And a tandem with a bright woman suggests that unnecessary attention will be transferred to him.
  3. Loss of individuality. Fear of being in the shadow of her spectacular appearance and success.
  4. Sexual incompatibility. Often, gynophobes are convinced that beauties are good in bed because of the large number of lovers. And he, in turn, against their background, will have a worthless sexual experience and will not be able to amaze and surprise his chosen one.
  5. Inconsistencies. Many gynophobes believe that only wealthy, self-confident men deserve such women.
  6. To be ridiculed by society. How, in his person, will the average peasant go out with the queen?

There are other fears. For example, gynophobes are deeply convinced that beautiful women are accustomed to a luxurious life. And this requires a lot of money. And simply, they consider them frivolous, not created for a serious relationship.

Symptoms of fear in women

Gynophobe is characterized by the following manifestations:

  • groundless anxiety at the sight of women;
  • difficulty in starting a conversation with a lady, even if she makes the first move;
  • panic manifestations at the sight of pregnant women.

Physical symptoms include pallor, rapid heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and fainting. With severe panic attacks, involuntary ejaculation or urination occurs. The manifestation of one or more symptoms depends on how strong the fear of beautiful women is.

Manifestations of gynophobia

In the first stages, manifestations of gynophobia can be selective and insignificant. Girls' fear of boys manifests itself in extreme anxiety and sometimes panic attacks when trying to meet them. A gynophobe will diligently avoid companies where there are women and even a specific girl that he likes. To push a woman away from him, a man can communicate in a rude manner, trying to end the conversation as soon as possible. And also panic arises at the mere thought of an intimate relationship with a woman.

Gradually, the fear of women becomes painful for a man. Sometimes gynophobia is considered as one of the manifestations of anchoretism - hermitism. Still, anchoretism exists in society, but only for reasonable reasons, which do not include fear. Detachment from the outside world, the desire to be in deserted places will not simplify the situation and can lead to long-term depression, which can provoke a person to act rashly.

Panic attacks trigger many somatic reactions:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • shortness of breath;
  • excessive sweating;
  • nausea;
  • urge to vomit;
  • involuntary ejaculation or urination;
  • loss of consciousness.

The severity of manifestations depends on the stage of neglect of gynophobia. Fear of beautiful women often provokes the development of depression, nervous breakdowns, drug and alcohol addiction. Another serious extreme may be transvestism or homosexuality. A man may be terrified of sexual intercourse. Due to fear of failure or inferiority, intimacy stops for a long time, and as a result, the representative of the stronger sex simply runs away. This type of disorder can provoke the development of impotence.

Fear of beautiful girls can lead to aggressive actions by a man, especially if, in addition to gynophobia, there are other deep personality disorders. There is a psychiatric study showing that, by all indications, about 50% of maniacs suffered from gynophobia. It was found that despite all the murders committed, the maniacs never ceased to feel fear of women.

When describing a gynophobe, experts imagined him as quiet, blushing or turning pale at the sight of a female representative. More often than not, such men are quite smart, intellectually developed, avoid conflict situations and are unable to defend their own point of view. Most of these people have neither families nor relationships, they live either alone or with their mother.

In society, gynophobes appear as thin, shy and taciturn men who are unable to even defend themselves. Such men are not popular with women, and often the women themselves make the situation worse. Men's fears of women develop due to ridicule or jokes about a man, often regarding sexual relations.

Signs of fear of dating girls

The main distinguishing signs of a potential gynophobe:

  1. As children, boys are calm and obedient. They experience excessive care from parents (especially the father) and relatives. At the same time, they are often afraid of their own mother.
  2. Guys avoid conflicts, don’t get involved in fights, and make friends with girls at an early age.
  3. In the class, children do not stand out from the crowd, feel insecure when they see beautiful girls, and “fill with paint” when communicating with them. Asking a teacher to give his full name in front of the whole class often causes difficulty.
  4. Typically, young people with a phobia of fear of women try to spend most of their time alone, read books, enjoy computer games, and do not like noisy companies.
  5. Boys from single-parent families often lack an example in the form of an authoritative father. They develop suspiciousness and behavior characteristic of women. This list includes neatness, a passion for shopping and cooking.
  6. In adolescence and older, young people consider themselves unworthy of female attention and avoid contact with female representatives.

It is worth noting that most of these men have a high level of intelligence, are well-read, and strive for self-education. Despite low self-esteem, they study well in educational institutions.

Tips for communicating with women

To be successful with women, men are advised to adhere to certain rules. The following recommendations should be taken into account:

  1. A woman should always be given a hand and helped to get out of the car - this is compliance with basic ethical standards.
  2. Vulgar expressions should be avoided.
  3. There is no need to honk or whistle after the lady.
  4. Female representatives love to be given flowers.
  5. Women prefer smart men, so it is worth constantly developing intellectually.
  6. It is important to constantly take care of yourself, dress neatly and remember to clean your shoes.

Please also note that women love smart and interesting interlocutors. They prefer men who read literature, play sports, and travel. You also need to constantly remind the lady of her beauty, show affection and care towards her.

If you follow these rules, you can avoid the occurrence of gynophobia. If fear has roots in childhood, then you should definitely consult a psychologist or psychotherapist who is well acquainted with this topic. A gynophobe cannot feel like a full-fledged member of society; he constantly avoids contact with people, withdraws into himself, in his inner world. He is haunted by depression, gambling, alcohol, and drugs.

You should not start a phobia, as it can lead to a serious mental disorder, which can cause serious illness. There is no need to isolate yourself, it is better to constantly look for common topics with a woman, strive to understand her and believe that everything will definitely work out.

Other manifestations of fear of meeting a girl

Women also suffer from gynophobia and have a negative attitude towards other representatives of their sex and the wives of other people's husbands. The first reason is homosexuality or fear of the mother.

Guys often feel afraid of approaching girls. The disorder is accompanied by severe anxiety, even a panic attack. The young man cannot even start a conversation with the lady. The main thing is not to give up, try to overcome fear by making repeated attempts. Homosexuals also often experience symptoms of gynophobia.

You need to know how to overcome the fear of meeting girls, otherwise the phobia develops into a chronic disease, which causes physical and moral harm to the body. A person withdraws into himself, is protected from the outside world, and becomes an inferior member of society. Additionally, frequent depression and anchoretism occur.

What kind of person is he who is susceptible to phobia?

If an individual suffers from any phobic disorder, he will consciously avoid a situation that can lead to stress. Fears interfere with living a normal life. Constant anxiety and irritability contribute to decreased performance, deterioration of memory and attentiveness.

The tendency to escape from stressful, frightening situations generally reduces the quality of life. A person is unable to self-realize. To avoid a panic attack and fear, a person will avoid communicating with people, making new acquaintances, and depriving himself of entertainment. It is the object of the phobia that reduces the quality of certain aspects of life.

Types of fear of girls

Gynophobia occurs individually in each subject. The most common forms:

  • fear of female representatives in general;
  • fear of pregnant women;
  • phobias of a sexual nature.

Fear of women is not classified as a complex neurosis; it is quite easy to get rid of it. Psychologist-hypnologist Baturin Nikita Valerievich solves this problem with the help of hypnotherapy, and very successfully, as evidenced by reviews from grateful clients. The specialist finds the root cause of fear, smoothly guides the person to its understanding, awareness and adequate reaction. For example, fear of ladies in an “interesting position” can manifest itself in adolescence if the teenager does not fully understand the physiology of a woman or is overly active in this direction.

Phobias of a sexual nature indicate that a man is afraid to have intimate intimacy with a woman. He avoids touching, kissing, and talking about similar topics. As a result, the disorder leads to impotence, an inferiority complex, and low self-esteem.


Increased heart rate and panic are one of the symptoms of gynecophobic men in female company

Symptoms of fear of women can manifest themselves in a number of situations when a gynecophobe develops pathological fear, anxiety, and panic. In this case, the following changes of a psychological and physiological nature are possible:

  • increased heart rate;
  • feeling drowsy;
  • arrhythmia due to intermittent, rapid breathing;
  • dry mouth;
  • increase or decrease in blood pressure;
  • excessive sweating.

Additional symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, numbness in the limbs, chest pain, shortness of breath, tinnitus and tremors in the knees. The patient complains that everything inside him seems to be shrinking. Some men experience sexual dysfunction and frequent urge to urinate.

A sharp change is also observed in the behavior of the gynecophobe. A person suffers from causeless anxiety and does not know what to do with his hands. Under severe stress, he may experience sleep disturbances.

In the most advanced cases, the stress suffered as a result of contact with the object of the phobia can cause a stroke or death of the person.

How to remove fear when meeting a girl?

Alcohol and “amateur psychics” will not save you from gynophobia. At most, this can bring temporary relief followed by relapse. This approach is fraught with illusory deception and internal discomfort.

The phobia without a wife or girlfriend also does not go away on its own. For help, you should contact a psychologist or hypnologist. It is better to face fear face to face, try to transgress through yourself, and start communicating with the female sex. This method is suitable for those whose disorder has not developed into an acute stage.

The psychologist-hypnologist will explain to the client not only how to overcome the fear of approaching girls, but will also help to find out the root cause of the fear, ridding the client of it forever. A person must realize for himself that his phobia is unreasonable and has no foundation.

How to raise a real man?

So, let's share some recommendations:

  1. A connection with the child is needed, both from mother and father. It is important to be a friend to your son, to hear, understand, help, treat him with respect, and actively participate in his life.
  2. Consult with your child and accept his decision. She is small, but a personality, with her own desires, experiences and ambitions. Don’t hold him back, let him do what he loves, go to hockey, football, boxing, and swimming.
  3. Don't laugh at your child. He is very vulnerable and takes everything seriously.
  4. You cannot change clothes in front of your son, this has a detrimental effect on his mental development.
  5. Never humiliate a child. Under no circumstances discuss it with your friends, especially in his presence. After all, he will begin to develop a negative attitude towards women. He may harbor a grudge against you in his soul, close himself off and never trust you again.
  6. Praise your son. For every little achievement. It is important.
  7. Do not compare him with more successful children, but only with his personal achievements.

These are some tips, the main thing is that the child grows up in a friendly atmosphere, in love. Only then will he become your friend, trust you, and together you will overcome all difficulties. So, now we know everything about the fear of women, what the phobia is called and how to get rid of it.

Treatment of fear of girls

A phobia accompanied by panic attacks requires immediate consultation with a specialist. It will help normalize your mental state and relieve obsessive fear. Psychotherapy is considered the most effective treatment technique for this disorder. This includes several techniques:

  1. When superficial fear manifests itself, when a man cannot understand its cause, hypnosis is used. Sessions allow you to penetrate a person’s subconscious, finding out the root cause of fear, activating forgotten facts from life.
  2. The fear of beautiful girls is sometimes eliminated in group courses. If people have similar symptoms and symptoms of the disorder, it is easier for them to cope with their fears together. They don’t feel lonely, relax emotionally faster, and give up their phobia. Read more about hypnotherapy methods here.
  3. Cognitive treatment. This includes the activation of cognitive processes in the brain. This allows you to see the object of fear as realistically as possible, restoring the process of natural relationships between representatives of the opposite sex.
  4. Drug treatment for gynophobia is ineffective and short-term. Tranquilizer drugs and antidepressants are used here.

You already know what fear of women is called, and you are also familiar with possible treatment methods. It is worth noting that gynophobia is classified as a psychological illness. Not all individuals compare their fears with a phobia. Often people turn to a specialist late, which leads to lengthy and difficult treatment. However, after several stages, even after the most severe form of gynophobia, it becomes much easier for men to build relationships with girls.

The psychotherapist will help you correctly structure all stages of treatment, with the greatest possible effect. At an early stage, the fear of approaching ladies can be treated quite easily and productively.


Although the average individual sometimes experiences an aversion to certain parts of the body, the hallmark of Eurotophobia is that it transcends the deficiencies exhibited by most people and can adversely affect both men and women. The condition associated with Eurotophobia affects a person's confidence in social and professional relationships. The condition can come from either direct antipathy or a woman's habitual perception of what others, such as a spouse, think of her vulva.

Symptoms include restlessness, inhibition, distractions, anaphrodisia, and inability to form romantic relationships. People with these tendencies may express an increased desire to replace vocal references to the vulva with euphemisms. The extent of the condition varies from person to person, with some feeling disgust only at the mention, others avoiding thinking about female genitalia or feeling deep fear. Eurotophobia is given attention to Planned Parenthood in the publications section.

Rather than labeling it as an anomaly, a number of historical works point to cultures in which Europhobic behavior was prevalent, such as couples avoiding intimacy in lit areas to keep the vulva out of sight. Fear or embarrassment when discussing the vagina occurs in some women with health problems, which may hinder diagnosis or treatment.

Eurotophobia is a painful and irrational fear of female genitalia. It's not that other phobias aren't considered "serious," but Eurotophobia is actually a very complex disorder. This often prevents the sufferer from being close to a woman and especially from having sexual relations.

Obviously, no one just walks around with their genitals exposed, but most people experience it at some point in their lives. For those suffering from Eurotophobia, this exposure can cause extreme horror. Moreover, for those who are romantically interested in a woman, relationships with her are extremely difficult.


In order not to be afraid of women and to be successful with them, representatives of the stronger sex should adhere to several useful rules:

  1. Give the girl your hand when exiting the vehicle. This is basic ethics.
  2. You should not “season” your vocabulary in communication with vulgar words and expressions.
  3. “Signs of attention,” such as whistling and hooting, are also not the best way to attract a lady’s attention.
  4. Give women flowers, and not only on well-known dates.
  5. Develop intellectually, don't lose physical shape.
  6. Look after yourself, be careful and tactful.

Following these recommendations will allow you to avoid phrases and thoughts that you are afraid of women. If manifestations of fear and panic have been going on since childhood, contact a psychiatrist or other specialist in this field. This will help return the gynophobe to society, rid him of obsessions, and feel the joy of a fulfilling life. It is not so important what a girl's fear is called. The main thing is to understand your fears in time, solve the problem once and for all, using the services of specialized specialists. Otherwise, a person goes into imaginary recovery: drugs, gambling, alcoholism, depression. You don’t need to let the process take its course and get a full life in a short time.

Gynophobia is born at the subconscious level. This is not the flu or a virus. The disease often comes from a young age, occurring after experiencing tragedy or grief. Symptoms of the disease appear between the ages of 18 and 50 years. Treatment of the disease is not associated with particular difficulties. Much depends on the degree of qualification of the psychologist and the desires of the individual.

How to get rid of a phobia

Psychologists do not recommend treating a phobia on your own, or taking pickup courses or other training. These methods are aimed at eliminating the symptoms, not the causes of women's fear. And psychotherapy will help to find the cause and eliminate it.

Psychologist's advice

To treat phobias, a psychologist uses the following methods of psychotherapy (the choice depends on the specific case and diagnostic results):

  1. Hypnosis. Helps in the early stages of a phobia and in the event that a person is not aware of the cause and cannot assume what was the trigger.
  2. Group psychotherapy and psychodrama. In a circle of like-minded people, people share their experiences and play out frightening situations. Sometimes combined sessions are conducted for men who are afraid of women and women who are afraid of men.
  3. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. It involves individual consultations, during which the psychologist and the client analyze frightening situations and organize a gradual rapprochement with them.

If the phobia of fear of women is burdened by other disorders or panic attacks, then the psychotherapist prescribes medications: tranquilizers, sedatives.

Getting rid of gynecophobia on your own

You can overcome a mild phobia on your own if you change your general attitude towards life. To do this, you will need to be patient and willpower, to overcome fear.

Follow these rules:

  1. Do not avoid meeting the object of fear. Let it feel awkward, anxious or disgusted at first. Master relaxation techniques and develop rational thinking. Don't try to gain courage through alcohol or substances.
  2. Work on your body, mind and soul. We need to get rid of complexes and self-doubt. Make a list of the things you don't like about yourself. Break it down into two lists: what you can change (character, habits, weight, image, etc.), and what you cannot change (body constitution, height, nose size, eye color, abilities, etc. ). Change what you can and accept what you can't change.
  3. Combine relaxation and intimacy with the subject of fear. For example, sign up for a yoga class where the instructor is a woman or where many of the clients are women.

It is important! Alcohol abuse, drug use or going into virtual reality does not solve the problem. You need to learn to communicate with girls in your right mind and in real life.

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