What is the danger of boredom and what to do if life becomes boring

Date of publication: 04/17/16

Every person has a moment in life when it becomes boring... Everyday life and everyday life are settled, all important matters are resolved. Everything goes smoothly, life becomes consistently good. But suddenly, out of nowhere, green sadness comes, or, in other words, boredom. And the question is, why? After all, everything is so good, live for yourself and be glad that you have a job, a loved one, a roof over your head, children. But not everything is so simple, boredom is so overwhelming that the darling becomes “unlovable”. What was pleasing yesterday does not attract attention at all today.

How dangerous is the state of apathy and boredom?

Boredom as a condition can be very dangerous . It is boredom that forces a person to look for some new stimuli that are outside the environment in which a person lives. For example, some extreme sports can become such irritants.

In some cases, a person may begin to engage in something that directly or indirectly poses a danger to life and health.

Some people start drinking alcohol, some look for casual acquaintances and begin to be promiscuous, and some commit immoral acts . And almost no one does anything useful out of boredom.

And such destructive searches can lead to boredom returning, and at the same time the person will acquire some health problems . For example, alcoholism or hepatitis.

That is why it is important to think about it, and then determine for yourself what you should do when boredom appears in life, and how to get rid of it.

It is important to understand that even a simple person who does not have any superpowers .

Remember that boredom can have devastating consequences such as:

  • stress, nervous tension;
  • alcohol and sometimes drug addiction;
  • depression;
  • constant brain activity, as a result, a complete lack of rest and severe overexertion;
  • irritability and severe aggression;
  • due to increased fatigue, it is impossible to concentrate;
  • there is a desire to work without any rest.

As you can see, boredom can have very unpleasant consequences. How to deal with it?

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No other half

I have a hobby, the computer doesn’t let me get bored, but I don’t have a girlfriend. The world is black and white, but should be in color. Use dating sites. Even studying them is a very exciting activity. If you are a guy, you can feel like a padishah who, with an important air, chooses his concubine. Girls will like increased attention to their person from guys.

If there is a problem with finding new acquaintances, you should mention it no matter who you talk to. There will be some friend of yours or a friend of your mother who has a sister/brother, girlfriend/friend, also without a couple. Try to meet and go to a cafe. Even if you get bored with your prospective partner, it doesn’t matter, even if you drank delicious coffee.

How to get rid of despondency?

Advice from psychologists

  1. Pay attention to your condition at work . You may be experiencing burnout. In this case, it’s absolutely worth changing something.
  2. Try to do new things in your life, find a hobby . You can find a new activity to your liking anywhere. For example, just listening to music on social networks. One of the girls listened to music like this and came across a new group, after which she began helping this group organize events. You can also become a volunteer in any area of ​​public activity, walk dogs in shelters, help children in orphanages adapt to life.
  3. In general, there are a lot of activities and everyone can find something to their liking.

  4. Look around you, pay attention to your social circle . How do these people live? Are they interesting? Maybe it's worth finding new acquaintances?

What to do if you're bored? The psychologist will tell you:

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Practical recommendations

I'm bored with life: what should I do? Recommendations:

  1. Pay attention to your condition. If everything in life has become boring and there is no energy for any new things, this state may be a signal of such bad things as depression or overwork.
    If this condition occurs against the backdrop of a lot of work and little rest, it is recommended to give up some work, or even go on vacation altogether. If rest does not help or there is no hard work, then it is likely that this is the beginning of depression.

    Depression is a serious psychiatric condition. In this case, it is important to consult a psychiatrist.

    The doctor will not do anything wrong, he will help with all available means.

  2. During this period, it is also recommended to abstain from drinking alcohol. Alcoholism is very difficult to treat, and in a state of boredom it is quite possible to become dependent on alcohol.
  3. It is also recommended to be more careful about money. Boredom can make you make thoughtless purchases.
  4. If boredom occurs in a young mother , then it is necessary to leave the child with relatives and change the situation a little. Go to the bathhouse with friends, to the pool, or otherwise relax. And the father can look after the child at this time.

We should also talk about the help of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist .

If you feel like you are starting to feel depressed, you don’t feel joy, you feel increasingly bored, you don’t have the energy to do new things, you should talk to your doctor.

Many people believe that a psychiatrist is a terrible doctor who ties every patient to a couch with a straitjacket and immediately injects him with massive doses of sedatives. And that only very sick people go .

In fact, this is not true . A doctor helps people only with their consent, except in cases where the patient cannot control his actions and poses a threat to himself or others.

If the patient is not socially dangerous, all doctor’s manipulations are carried out with the patient’s consent. In addition, the doctor can see the beginning of depression and treat it.

And at the initial stage, the disease is treated much faster and easier. Thus, there is nothing wrong .

Lack of time

It may seem strange, but some people may find life boring because they believe that they do not have enough free time. Firstly, as stated above, they can try to enjoy what they spend most of their time doing.

You can try to arrange a day for yourself without the Internet and TV. This will help you notice how much time is actually wasted. But they could be devoted to something actually interesting: learning a new language, a hobby, communicating with loved ones.

Longing in family life

There are many reasons for boredom in family life.

It often happens that a young couple is still full of enthusiasm and enjoys life together.

But several years have passed and the husband is already playing tanks after work, and the wife does not want to return home from her friend’s place.

This state can happen if all the goals of family life have been achieved, the apartment has a mortgage, there are flowers on the window and there is nowhere else to move. The family turns into a quiet backwater .

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What does it lead to?

What problems might couples face if they are bored living together?

Psychologists consider boredom to be one of the factors that leads to relationship breakdown.

Boredom goes hand in hand with quarrels between spouses . Although people get divorced from boredom much more often than from scandals.

In addition, in some cases, spouses try to find sex on the side, which is designed to bring some variety to the couple’s life.

However, such diversity may not occur .

But it is quite possible to get an infection from an untested partner, much more real than diversity.

And even if the betrayal is discovered, it will lead to scandals . Thus, boredom in a relationship cannot lead to anything good.

What else can you do?

There are opportunities to bring interest into your life every day. For example, set yourself a goal every day to do something differently than usual. It could be a small thing: for example, instead of taking the bus to work, ride a bike or walk. The changes don't have to be rational: it may be faster and more convenient to travel by bus. But you can drink coffee on foot along the way. Everyone decides for himself what exactly new he will do: put on a different shirt, smile at a colleague, or put a flower in a pot on his desk.

Being may not determine consciousness in everything, but it certainly influences it. This means you need to change something in your home. Rearranging the furniture or re-pasting the wallpaper can also help you learn something new. An important step is to throw away everything old, something that no one has used for the last couple of years, but is lying around just in case. Our attitude towards life is greatly influenced by the things we have.

There is a simple psychological trick: if you want to put things in order in your head, put things in order in your closet. Following this analogy, you can get the conclusion: if you want changes to happen in your head, change something in the closet and in the house, throw away the old, dull, broken and give it to someone you don’t need.

Another way to avoid boredom is to agree to help someone more often. This is an opportunity to get joy from what was useful, make new friends and learn something new. There is no need to dive headlong into altruism, allowing people to sit on your neck. But you shouldn’t be too upset because of someone’s ingratitude either: we do good first of all for ourselves.

The impact of characteristic changes on personal life

A woman’s heart is created for love, affection, passionate relationships; for the sake of their loved one, girls are able to change, adapt, become better in all their manifestations in order to please their precious chosen one. There are not isolated cases when a girl at an appointment with a psychologist shares something unpleasant: “The other day I was on a date, everything seemed to be going well, but at the end of the evening the guy said that I was boring, and it’s unlikely that anything serious would work out between us.” " Agree, it really affects self-esteem and makes you think about your own behavior. Females, by their strategic nature, are able to think through topics for conversation, seemingly relaxed gestures, and an attractive image before going to meet a man. But this is not enough to win the proper attention of a man; it is quite possible to confuse the tactics of behavior with a specific chosen one, because you do not know what exactly this handsome man wants. So that at the end of a promising evening you don’t sit with a questioning look: “Am I boring?” It is necessary throughout the entire period of conscious age to develop in all directions, to learn sciences that are not familiar to you, but interesting in their significance, to touch upon “male” topics: cars, fishing, sports, weapons, hunting. All-round development, even in small quantities, is useful for communicating with the opposite sex; interest only in female beauty and sex appeal is unlikely to last for a long time.

Personal care

Looking well-groomed is a duty to others who are forced to look at us. Taking care of yourself is a sign of respect for others. There are few lucky people who always look attractive. This is usually painstaking work every day.

The cosmetics industry offers such a wide range that purchasing such products is a matter of choice, not search. Properly applied makeup can make a girl with any natural characteristics attractive.

On the shelves of cosmetics and perfumery stores you can see almost equal amounts of products intended for women and men. This must be taken into account when purchasing.

Men have rougher skin, so the ingredients in creams intended for them are in a more concentrated form.

Now imagine how you stand thoughtfully in front of a product that can transform you, and mentally try it on for yourself. Are you bored now?

Don't forget to visit the hairdresser regularly.

Lack of desire to support someone else's enthusiasm

Boredom is usually thought of as repressed aggression. In reality, this is true: in a boring job, the boss, daily responsibilities and colleagues begin to irritate. In this state, there is no desire to grow up the career ladder, work in a team and improve your skills.

In a boring company of friends it’s the same; conversations about things that seem completely uninteresting to you can start to irritate you. There are times when your loved ones share new hobbies, and instead of being happy for them, you feel sad or furious.


Every person at least once thought about whether everything suits him. Many of us are accustomed to living by inertia, which can subsequently lead to frustration. This mental state is characterized by such manifestations as frustration of plans, deception, futile expectation and negative thinking. In order to avoid the feeling that you are living someone else's life, you need to find the source of the problem and solve it. Below are signs of why you feel like you're not living your life.

Knowing your personality

Understanding your individuality is, in fact, an interesting activity, since self-knowledge can lead you into the secluded corners of your heart and amaze you with the unpredictability of the results. The idea that you are a boring girl will leave you completely as you explore your capabilities, talents and preferences. Try to create a list of what you have tried in life, for example, what places you have visited, what cuisine you have tasted, whether you have made rash acts, important decisions that once changed your life. If you are not a ten-year-old child, then the list will be impressive; it is important to simply remember even the little things that are not clearly expressed. Highlight the points that are a priority among the rest, clap your hands for the work done, conclusions about yourself should come naturally, first of all, that you are not hopeless.

Tangled paths

Some people tend to make complex plans and follow a confusing path to achieve their goals. If, when you want to move to another city or change your job, you already in your thoughts begin to draw up a complex and multi-stage plan leading to achieving your goal, this is a sure sign that you are not living your life.

There is a simple explanation for this: people who do not live the life they would like have a psychological taboo on achieving their goals. Therefore, as a rule, their path becomes confusing and long.

Learn to let go

When a situation has already happened, you have only one correct path - accept it and forget. If an event is unpleasant for you, but you continue to concentrate on it for a long time, in this way you are dragging yourself down. This is the same as being in a restroom with an unpleasant odor. You inhale it, suffer from it and complain that you are suffering and cannot breathe fresh air, but at the same time you do not leave there. Don't forget that only you decide what to feel, where to be and how to approach life.

Change your diet

If you are used to starting your morning with oatmeal, cook yourself fried potatoes with brisket. Once is possible.

Prepare food you haven't tried before. There are many different culinary recipes on the Internet. Visit these sites. Try cuisine from different countries. Compare them. Any knowledge makes us stronger.

Watch films that are not from the area you are used to. Replace romance novels and detective stories with popular science literature and vice versa.

Buy groceries not at the nearest store, as usual, but at the other end of the city.

Invite friends you haven't seen for years.

Happiness is within us

Happiness is an emotional state that depends on the harmony of a person’s inner world. There is no need to associate it with a specific person or situation, since it depends directly on our perception of reality, and not on any factors. To be happy, you need to realize that you are the creator of your own life.

Down with the past

When our thoughts and attention are focused on the past or future, we are not living. By going over past moments and events in our heads, we do not allow ourselves to live in the present tense. Try to accept what happened - it was the result of your actions and it was the most optimal decision at that moment, which cannot be changed. Understand: you shouldn't waste your energy on the past when it can be used to create your wonderful future. Never lose hope for a new life, and you can only change it by being in the present moment.

Desire to criticize

If your loved ones and acquaintances irritate you with their successes and small victories, then you can already sound the alarm. Frequent criticism of other people indicates that this person has feelings of internal confusion and his own unfulfillment. You can often hear the opinions of armchair critics: “She’s so young, she should have gone to study, but she jumped out to get married.” Or vice versa: “She’s already in her fourth decade, but she’s still making a career, she should start a family.”

Such thoughts do not at all mean that this person wants exactly such a life scenario. It is likely that the problem is different - it seems that these people know exactly how to realize themselves in life and enjoy it, but he does not. When a person feels empty in life, other people's successes begin to irritate him. And criticism acts as self-defense.

It's time to turn your inner world upside down

It is commendable when a person wants to change completely and completely, give up bad habits, change his style, create a certain creative image, even if not understandable to everyone, and at the same time attract immediate interest in his individuality, stop being boring and tedious. Extravagance is welcomed in such cases when you fundamentally want to change your life, change your type of activity, change your manner of communication, or show shocking expressions of feelings. The most important aspect is self-confidence, self-confidence, decisiveness in actions. Don’t be afraid to show dissatisfaction or, on the contrary, admiration; they will hear you, therefore, they will notice and will be obliged to listen in the future if you do not slow down your persistence in certain circumstances. The banal phrase “everything is in your hands” has a direct place in the life of any person, even the most inconspicuous and quiet one, who is also capable of turning the world upside down.

Basic specialist help

Before radically changing your lifestyle, psychologists advise performing an internal introspection, sorting out your desires and preferences, and understanding for yourself what kind of person you are. Subconsciously ask the question: “Why am I boring? Why can’t I be happy with myself in everyday life?” Another misconception is that girls believe that the root of evil lies in their lack of interest, which can manifest itself in awkward, incorrect opinions in communication with others. Self-criticism is useful, but in limited quantities; you shouldn’t flirt with it; tormenting the body with negative thoughts is fraught with long-term illnesses, both psychological and physical. Take yourself apart, not literally, of course, open up your possibilities. Remember that your “boringness” lies precisely in your hidden character; you are afraid to express yourself, to speak out, in order to avoid human condemnation. It is important to understand that you will not be crippled for your opinion and that your opinion has a well-deserved place in this world.

Accept yourself for who you are

Sometimes we are in pursuit of other people's standards and rules. But to feel like you are living your own life, you just need to be yourself. There is no need to compare yourself with others, much less compete with anyone. Being in a constant search for ideal people, work, partners, we thereby drive our lives into the framework of stereotypes, beliefs and attitudes. In this state, a person loses his individuality and forgets about his values ​​and dreams. In such a state, life loses its meaning and does not bring satisfaction and pleasure. Therefore, learn to listen to yourself and be yourself under any circumstances. Only when you find your individuality will you determine your path in life, which will be easy and pleasant to follow.

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