Women's wisdom in relationships is not cunning and manipulation at all: psychologists explain

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What do we need to become a truly happy person? So that our life will be many times better, richer and more fruitful. So that you don’t regret later the mistakes you have made out of stupidity, distorting not only your own destiny, but also the destiny of other people. We all lack wisdom. Only by becoming a wise person will our lives change for the better, and we will be able to feel a sweet feeling of joy and happiness inside. But how can you become a wise person? Are there practical techniques that bring us closer to wisdom, or do we only become wiser as we age? Today you will find out everything.

Smart or wise

In fact, the information from this article is very important both for understanding how to find happiness and become wise, and for understanding life itself, how to live correctly. Unfortunately, there is little such information today, both in books and on the Internet. Therefore, please read the article slowly, carefully thinking about the meaning of what you read.

Smart people have always understood that life without wisdom is stupid, empty, and lacks meaning. Therefore, life must be lived wisely, seeking this wisdom, and knowing how to achieve it. But what is the difference between a wise person and an intelligent person? What should you strive for, intelligence or wisdom? Many have asked themselves this question, but few have truly been able to answer it.

Basically everyone strives to become smart. Mind is good. It will help in education, career, business, and in achieving some goals. What about wisdom? Wisdom will wait, maybe over the years we will someday become wise.

But in fact, just being smart is not something that is not enough, it is defective, inferior from the point of view of the development of human consciousness.

Trying to be too smart, reading a lot of books, completing more than one higher education, improving our professionalism in some area and at the same time forgetting about wisdom, we will only degrade. This will be a one-sided development, leading to all sorts of problems in life. Yes, yes, are you surprised? But it is so. By developing our mind too much, forgetting about wisdom, we will never become happy. To understand this you need to know how the human mind actually works.

Don’t create illusions and be honest with yourself. Advice from a psychologist.

To become wise, a woman must be honest with herself. Don't delve into the past, don't bite yourself for your shortcomings. Just rate yourself out of ten. What rating would you give yourself? Only honestly. It is imperative to value yourself. Do we evaluate our own self correctly? Self-esteem can be overestimated or underestimated. The woman who correctly assesses her own importance will become wise.

Write the advantages and disadvantages in two columns. The picture below will help, which shows the qualities to be assessed. Give pluses to each character trait. Give a minus to a quality that you do not possess.

Calculate how many advantages and disadvantages you have. If you don’t want to have children, then you can ignore the qualities associated with children. For a happy life, you need to choose a companion with a similar position. If you want to build a career, and your husband is raving about having a child, then nothing good will come of it. Choose your priorities and follow them. Don't think that you can change your spouse and his outlook on life.

If you don't like to cook, then choose a man for whom the kitchen is not important. When your culinary skills are at the level of a Michelin star, and your husband is delighted only with dumplings, then this ability will not help you in your relationship.

True Understanding

It turns out that a person perceives reality and comes to understand things with the help of two instruments of consciousness. With the help of the mind when it thinks and with the help of intuition, insight or true inner understanding coming from the core of our consciousness. The second tool really decides everything. It is more important, true and much more important than thinking. And it arises when, on the contrary, we stop thinking. Everyone has heard what intuition is. But few people understand what it is and how it really works.

When we think, we go through a chain of some knowledge, associations from our memory, looking for an answer to the question posed. When performing mental work, we act according to a certain algorithm, program. All computing technology and computers operate on this principle. But in reality this is not enough. Real understanding is not built on this.

Do you know why robots will never become alive and will never come close to truly thinking and understanding like humans. They do not have real awareness, that core of our being, which is often called the human soul. This is where intuition, insight, instant understanding and knowledge of all things reside. It is with this awareness that a person, first of all, interacts with the world around him, understands it, feels it. Yes, you can tell this is a sensory interaction with some kind of inner feeling. But it will be an unmistakable, correct, true understanding of reality. And for this you don’t need the mind.

When the mind turns off and intuition turns on, we understand better and make fewer mistakes. Knowledge seems to come from within. We feel confident that we are right and act without a shadow of a doubt. In difficult, stressful situations, intuition is the only thing that saves us. At such moments there is simply no time to think. If we think, we simply won’t make it in time, we’ll die, we’ll make mistakes. Understanding bypasses the mind; the mind does not work in such cases. “Don’t think, act,” said the ancient sages. In the east, during training in martial techniques, the teacher forced one to turn off the mind so that the body could act on its own based on internal knowledge.

All great discoveries were actually made through intuition, when the mind was no longer working on the question at hand. Remember how Mendeleev dreamed about the table of elements. Yes, you yourself can remember how the solution to a problem or some task usually came after you were distracted, doing something else, without thinking about it.

Any creativity, art, writing music, paintings is based not on the mind, but on higher manifestations of consciousness. Love, compassion, and understanding of a person without words live there. Any love impulse is done bypassing the mind.

All these facts indicate that, in addition to the mind, a person has a better, more important tool for understanding reality, which decides everything in our lives. Without it, a person turns into a soulless robot, looking at the world inadequately.

Indeed, someone who begins to develop his mind very strongly, forgetting about intuition and wisdom, literally becomes an inadequate person. A highly inflated mind intimidates intuition, leading to inadequacy. This is easy to see in any human activity, in any professional field.

Any profession, if you immerse yourself heavily in it and become a professional in your field, leads to a distortion of consciousness. For example, doctors, teachers or representatives of other professions have a certain way of looking at things. Bosses, for example, begin to look down on people. If a person is deeply immersed in science, he is usually a layman in everyday affairs. A military man does not understand things that an artist understands. A programmer, when dealing with programs, forces his mind to work in a similar way, completely intimidating his intuition, which is often reflected in everyday inadequacy. Of course, I'm not talking about everyone. But it is precisely the one who forgets about intuition, about wisdom, who falls into the power of the mind and comes to this state of affairs.

The whole point is that the mind cannot really and adequately reflect reality, no matter how strange it may sound. Reality is actually a very complex thing and to truly understand it, the mind alone is not enough. Something else is needed. The mind will only help, making its important contribution to this matter. Life is complex and illogical. The mind works only with logic.

Reality consists of a billion components, and it is impossible to grasp such a large volume with our minds at once, even if we look at a selected part of reality. Even the most powerful computer in the world will spend a long time going through all these options, trying to build some kind of picture from them. Our mind also works. It isolates some elements, following the commands of some program embedded in us. He goes through them, building his own small world out of the big reality. And people live in their own little world.

Intuition works differently. Articles about quantum physics said that there were two worlds. Dense decohered and thin recohered world. So the mind works with the decohered world. And intuition refers to subtle manifestations of consciousness.

When intuition turns on, it cognizes reality in its entirety at once. This is not a sequential sorting through of chains of information, as during thinking. This is volumetric, instantaneous cognition. It is unmistakable because it reflects reality or a part of reality with which we are now interacting in its entirety at once. And such knowledge is possible only through the highest recohered manifestations of consciousness. In a recohered world, an object, firstly, can be in several places at the same time. And secondly, there is a connection in which objects merge into one whole. During intuition, our consciousness simply merges with the object of reality that we are aware of. With such interaction, real cognition occurs, a correct, adequate view of things, bypassing thinking with the mind.

Comprehension with the mind alone leads to a one-sided, fragmented vision of the world. Our mind is contradictory, seeing only one side of the coin, rejecting the other, leading to duality. Submitting to the mind alone, one cannot behave wisely.

True common sense does not rest on the mind alone. Analytically, you can prove any absurdity, justify any atrocity, but all this will not reflect the true reality. That is why, being in the power of the mind, we make mistakes in life, changing our destiny for the worse. To be simply smart means to be a soulless robot, obeying only the programs programmed in your head.

Being wise does not mean just being smart.

The formula for determining the level of intelligence (IQ) in our case will take the following form

IQ = I x B

where I = I(1-9) = I1, I2, I3, I4, I5, I6, I7, I8, I9 – coefficients of the level of intellectual abilities in the above categories;

B = B (6-90) = B6, B8, B10, B12, B14, B16, B18, B20, B30, B40, B50, B60, B70, B80, B 90 – age coefficients, from 6 to 90 years.

Each of the nine proposed points - criteria for assessing intellectual abilities - is assessed at 100% (I = 1). Therefore, if, for example, in item No. 4 out of 16 questions the answer is positive 9, I4 = 56%, (0.56).

Determining Attention IQ for 12-year-olds will require substituting the values ​​of the coefficients I and B, that is, I1 and B12. Let's assume I1 = 0.8; B12 = 12 years.

Attention IQ = 0.8 x 12 = 9.6.

Determining a high-level IQ for 18 years old will require substituting the values ​​of coefficients I9 and B18. Suppose I9 = 0.5, B18 = 18 years. Then high-level IQ for 18 years of age = 0.5 x 18 = 9.

The total IQ coefficient of all nine categories of intelligence level is equal to the wisdom coefficient (WQ) for the corresponding age category.

What kind of person is this wise?

That's why real wisdom begins when we stop obeying our mind. When we reveal the highest manifestations of consciousness within ourselves. When we discover intuition, a true understanding of things, real common sense.

And indeed, it is believed that a wise person should have such qualities as tolerance, peacefulness, and modesty. Be able to listen and understand other people. Think soberly, clearly defend your views, but at the same time understand the other point of view of your interlocutor. Have flexible thinking.

Don't push yourself forward, but don't hide from danger either. Be able to love others and the world. Be calm in any difficult situation, managing your emotions. Be mentally relaxed. Don't be afraid of life's difficulties. Accept all manifestations of life, any turn of your fate. Be happy with what you have. Be able to enjoy life, be happy no matter what.

In fact, there are a lot of qualities, but they all speak, first of all, about the spiritual maturity of a person. They become possible only when a person goes beyond the mind and discovers higher manifestations of consciousness within himself. When it awakens intuition within itself. When it puts under control the manifestations of the mind and psyche that give rise to a sense of self-importance, all kinds of fears, and a dual, one-sided view of things.

But you need to understand that wisdom is not throwing away the mind, it is also one-sidedness. The mind is also needed; it adequately performs its function of analyzing information. Only the combination of true understanding through intuition and the use of analytical thinking leads to adequacy and common sense.

Who has wisdom

Wisdom is a tool that allows any person to take correct and rational actions. In this way, we can better understand and realize the world in which we live, and also understand ourselves more deeply.

As a rule, wisdom is a product of the maturity of the human mind, but it is worth understanding that each person has his own unique individuality, which in different situations makes it possible to be at different levels of wisdom development at a certain age. Simply put, there are people who, at 35 years old, have the wisdom of an old man, just as adults have the understanding of a child.

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