12 Signs of Magnetic Attraction Between a Man and a Woman

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When you look at the object of your attention, you probably wonder if the feeling is mutual. It would be much easier for you to approach a person knowing that he is also attracted to you.

Psychologists say that there are obvious and almost imperceptible signs of silent attraction that are important not to miss.

In a 2021 study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin

, found that people behave in certain ways when they like someone a lot.

We begin to mirror the other person's behavior, try to start a conversation, want to be physically closer. There are also non-verbal signals: a long gaze into the eyes, subtle touches, as well as a desire to make you laugh.

There are other signs that indicate mutual sympathy or something more.

Tries to be closer to you

While you are not together, he will try to be near you as often as possible, because a platonic relationship is not enough for someone who is burning with passion.

So a man in love is trying to snatch a moment in which he can look at you, touch you, breathe the same air with you. Watch him when you are in the same company - if he is often nearby, his face is always turned in your direction, he does not miss the chance to touch you - he has sympathy for you. If you agree with this turn of events, do not deny yourself the pleasure of starting flirting.

The man looks away

4. Looks and looks away

A man may attract your attention with a mysterious long look, but immediately looks away as soon as he meets your eyes. If you look at him, he perceives it as an invitation, if not, he may consider it a refusal. If your chosen one is shy, he will look away simply because he is nervous.

Sometimes a guy will deliberately look away to make it seem like he's not interested, when in fact, he's protecting his ego. If he keeps looking away during a conversation, it could mean he's embarrassed or avoiding a certain topic. Also remember that avoiding eye contact is one way to ignore a conversation.

5. Deliberately avoiding eye contact

If a man is in front of you, and when you look at him, he avoids looking at you at all costs, he may want to be left alone.

Yes, he knows you're looking at him, but he holds back from meeting your eyes. Simply put, if a man doesn't try to look at you, there's a good chance he's not interested in you. This is his nonverbal way of refusing.

6. Unintentional avoidance of gaze

This is a situation where a man simply has no idea about your existence. He hasn't noticed you and isn't looking for eye contact. Maybe he's busy talking to someone else and you haven't caught his attention in any way.

Sacrifices his time for you

Time is very valuable now. If a guy, despite his busy schedule, is ready to rush to you for any request, this indicates his special attitude towards you

Check it out right now: call or contact in person and ask for any request to be fulfilled. If you don’t communicate in any way yet, this will be a good reason to get acquainted. True, if you are just consumed by curiosity, leave this idea - there is no point in playing with a person’s feelings.
But if you yourself are seriously attracted to a man, support his game of seduction.

Everyone knows that eyes are a reflection of the soul. A person's gaze always reveals his true feelings and intentions. It’s not for nothing that there is a widespread belief that the eyes can’t lie. The male and female gaze are very different from each other. If a woman’s gaze speaks of her direct intentions, then a man’s eyes can look any way and it is not a fact that this is a hint of actions or deeds. How can you tell from a man’s eyes what he really wants? What is actually hidden in his gaze and how commensurate is the gaze with the actions of the man at the moment? First, you should consider the signs by which you can easily guess what a man will do.

Psychology of the stronger sex: how to determine that a man is in love

How nice it is to know that a man you really like is crazy about you ! It’s just a pity that until he admits it himself, we can only guess from indirect signs about his intentions towards you. How to determine that a man is in love?

If the feelings appeared very recently, in your presence he will change very much, which cannot go unnoticed by an outside observer. If his love lasts for more than one month or even a year, it will be difficult to determine it.

Ability to read eyes

Looking eye to eye, but there is a feeling that the gaze seems to be running. This suggests that the man does not trust his interlocutor or is afraid of her. Fleeting eye contact indicates a man’s complete disinterest in this particular person, or he is still a little worried. Any lack of visual contact indicates indifference to the woman.

When talking, a man looks up, which means the woman annoys him or he has condescending feelings towards her. It’s interesting that if a man looks at the upper right corner, then his memory tries to get some image out of its bins, but if he looks at the upper left corner, then the man tries to imagine something that may not even relate to the subject conversation. Does the man look down and look to the right? This means that he is thinking about everything that his interlocutor just said. And if he looks to the left, then most likely the man is going through something.

It is much more difficult to catch a man lying by looking at him. But you can try. For example, he begins to enthusiastically tell how long he worked and how busy his boss is, how rarely transport runs at this time and how difficult it is to get from work to home, you should listen calmly and ask any question that is not related to the topic. If a man raises his eyes upward and looks to the right corner, then he should be trusted.

#How to hint to a guy about a wedding#

How can you tell from a man that he is very much in love?

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If such a question arises, it means not much.

Why are all the aunts looking for people like that, so that they just lose their heads? are they easier to manipulate and sit on the neck after the birth of a child? that's where you women are wretched, you should love men, then it will make sense

maybe by actions. by reactions. Pussy hits your forehead, it means you're in love. Quite young or what? :))

Pussy hits your forehead, it means you're in love. hahaha)))))))) and no one beat me, that means no one loved me?))))))))))))

You will immediately notice if this is the case. His eyes are burning, he looks constantly, his gaze changes.

Why are all the aunts looking for people like that, so that they just lose their heads? are they easier to manipulate and sit on the neck after the birth of a child? that's where you women are wretched, you should love men, then it will make sense

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tries to spend all his free time with you, anticipates your desires and strives to please them with their fulfillment, introduces you to friends, asks the following question: “Masha, how do you feel about marriage?”

You will immediately notice if this is the case. His eyes are burning, he looks constantly, his gaze changes.

So I noticed this in one man at work. He knows that I have a husband and children, but he still doesn’t take his eyes off me. I constantly feel his gaze on me. I'm 30, by the way.

Read the book “Why men love but don’t marry.” Much will become clearer for you. I advise everyone ! Link below https://flibusta.net/b/328719

maybe by actions. by reactions. Pussy hits your forehead, it means you're in love. Quite young or what? :))

Stupid question. It is always clear when a man is deeply in love.

So I noticed this in one man at work. He knows that I have a husband and children, but he still doesn’t take his eyes off me. I constantly feel his gaze on me. I'm 30, by the way.

Such people usually do this. Well, for example, when they see the object of their adoration, they fold their arms like a dog and their head lies on their hands a little to the side and drool and have such a disgustingly satisfied face. This is terribly annoying and unnerving. And such men do nothing else. And their favorite cartoon is about star.vyayak.

What does love have to do with it? If you are beautiful and sexy, then a man looks at you because... likes you visually, wants you. But most likely it doesn’t smell like love on the part of a man. Looking/wanting and loving are completely different things.

when a bump stands up at the sight of you))))

when a bump stands up at the sight of you))))

So I noticed this in one man at work. He knows that I have a husband and children, but he still doesn’t take his eyes off me. I constantly feel his gaze on me. I'm 30, by the way.

so, he just wants to fuck you

There are a lot of people who want to fuck me and I can see it perfectly well, but it seems to me that he has some kind of different attitude towards me)

It is necessary to be baptized when it seems. And if a man is in love, he will say so, and if he doesn’t say so, then it’s all your imagination

When I was in love, I didn’t take my eyes off MCH, I admired him, I couldn’t get enough of it)) And I’m sure it’s the same with men))

I constantly see the looks of men, but I understand that it is more likely just visual liking or sexual interest. And this man just doesn’t take his eyes off him and his gaze is kind of foggy, I was just wondering, has he fallen in love? After all, he knows about her husband and children. For me personally, married people have always been a taboo, no matter how interesting the man was, I immediately lost interest.

when a bump stands up at the sight of you))))

When I was in love, I didn’t take my eyes off MCH, I admired him, I couldn’t get enough of it)) And I’m sure it’s the same with men))

Yeah, they pee just like you while sitting and treat stress with shopping)

How to determine? Judging by his gaze, full of excitement, anxiety, his hesitant actions, his trembling lips, he doesn’t know what to say, what to talk about at all, he’s a little confused, and so he gathers his strength, comes up in the hope of hearing “yes,” and confusedly tells you about his feelings, he’s so worried, he’s shaking and... oh horror - “no”, because - “he’s boring, not self-confident, not witty, etc.. And so he, having lost sleep and appetite, goes to a night club to quench his mental pain. He chooses a pretty girl who is absolutely indifferent to him, because there are many of them, and without any compulsion he begins to “stick” her. Indifference makes him self-confident, he is witty, easy-going, speaks well, in a word - attractive. And here is the girl in his bed. everything has already happened, so you look at her and think, but surely someone loved her too, “loved her so much that he was afraid to kiss her” - as in Simonov’s poem., and here she is, all so sniffling, not close, accessible, in her stomach her champagne is bubbling. dirt, dirt, how can it replace Her, would go away quickly. I apologize for the price tag, but this is how it most often happens: we reject love and use a surrogate. Sad.

I’m going to cry right now, well, it’s really well written(, however, as a rule, people are afraid to approach you with such feelings ((but in vain! It’s better to do it than to regret later that you didn’t do it, because the object of your adoration may suddenly disappear forever (

Feelings in the gaze

How can you tell from a man's eyes what he feels?

So, if a man slightly raises his eyebrows during a conversation, it means that he experiences sufficient sympathy or interest in the interlocutor. If your eyebrows are slightly frowned, then, unfortunately, this battle can be considered lost - you didn’t like the girl at all. Another sign of strong sympathy can be considered a man’s gaze sliding over the body. This look cannot be confused with anything - it seems to be studying the body, touching every millimeter of it.

But how can you tell by the eyes whether a man loves you or not? If a man is in love, he will no longer look at the woman closely. His gaze will be meek, and he will look as if by chance. But if he still dares to look into the eyes of his beloved, it will be a look full of tenderness, care and warmth.

A tempting smile and a slight squint in the eyes are a direct invitation to flirt and women should not hope for more. Only when you see that a man doesn’t take his eyes off you can you be sure that he wants to get to know you better.

What does a man's gaze tell you?

You can tell a lot about a man's intentions by looking into his eyes.

Are they alive or lifeless, cold or warm? Do wrinkles appear around the eyes when he smiles and laughs?

If you think about it, every man you date says everything he needs to say with a look, without saying a word.

And while it's almost impossible to know exactly what's going on in another person's head, you can read a lot from their body language. What does a man's gaze mean?

Women's tricks

Despite the huge arsenal of female tricks, the fair half of humanity loves to remain mysterious. The feeling that any desire can be fulfilled just by looking at a man gives any woman great self-confidence. It is the gaze that is the most powerful and alluring weapon of women, showing how attractive a man is. But you need to shoot with your gaze in moderation.

So how to build eyes correctly?

It is traditionally believed that the following tactic works well to attract men - at the very beginning, a sideways glance (seemingly distrustful), then a glance expressing interest and, naturally, a glance that reciprocates. A sideways glance is cast, as if by chance, at the very beginning of flirting, letting a man know about his attractiveness. A glance over your shoulder will be even more tempting. A direct gaze while flirting will speak of a woman’s courage and straightforwardness. Eyes down, then to the side and finally onto the object - a win-win pattern for eye play. You need to stay at each “point” for no more than a second.

Modern psychology claims that it takes at least 2 seconds, but no more than 7 seconds, to establish contact between a man and a woman. If a woman cannot stand it for two seconds, then the man will believe that his candidacy has been rejected, or that the lady is a rather modest person. To refute this opinion, a woman only needs to look again and hold her gaze on the man a little longer. When casting interested glances at a man, do not forget that he must also have some zest, a special shine. This is done to ensure that the target is defeated 100%. After all, in fact, when meeting any man, he sees in a woman only an object of desire, so it’s worth playing along with him a little. To get a sexy look that excites a man and encourages him to get acquainted, you need to try to say a couple of sexually oriented phrases in your thoughts. For example, “I want you.” “I want to make love to you,” etc. In any case, such thoughts will be reflected in the woman’s gaze and give the green light to the man.

The most important thing in the practice of “shooting” with your eyes is not to overdo it, but to learn to regulate the power of the influence of your gaze on the behavior and actions of men. You should not show your desires too directly and unambiguously. The woman is a mystery. Therefore, she should stay under any circumstances.

The look of a man in love

It is known that the eyes of the person who likes you sparkle in your presence. If he feels more attracted to you, his eyes will become moist and reflect more light, making them appear shinier.

According to experts in body language and facial expressions, a person raises his eyebrows when he sees someone or something he likes. The moment a man notices an interesting woman, his eyebrows rise so he can get the big picture. This micro expression occurs almost imperceptibly, but can tell a lot about a man’s feelings.

A man looks longer into the eyes of the woman he is attracted to. We usually look into someone's eyes for a while and then shift our gaze for a few seconds. However, a man who cares about you will look at you longer than usual.

4. Uneven gaze distribution

If a man feels desire for you, he will try to sneak glances at you. If you are surrounded by other girls, he will give you the lion's share of looks and will look less at others.

The man hopes for reciprocity by capturing your attention. When we look into a person’s eyes for a long time, our body automatically produces hormones that are responsible for attraction.

5. Looks at you after making a joke.

If you notice a man looking at you after making a witty remark or joke, it means he likes you. He wants you to laugh and he expects you to approve of his jokes.

If a man loves you or has a strong liking for you, his pupils will become wider in your presence. Dilated pupils are one of the surest signs that he likes you.

Nature in the eye

The character of a person, and in particular a male representative, can be recognized by his actions, behavior, and conversation. But besides this, his eyes will help you understand your interlocutor even better.

To recognize a guy by his eyes, what he is like in life, at work, when communicating with people, their color will help.

Black eyes speak of an energetically strong man with great resistance to life’s troubles, initiative, but also a rather violent character. The owner of this eye color is very loving and there are no barriers for him to achieve his goal.

Brown eyes belong to witty, sensual and attractive men. They are quite temperamental and quick-tempered, but they also forget quarrels easily. But the man with light brown eyes is shy, dreamy and loves. He diligently does his job and loves independence in absolutely everything.

Blue eyes will tell about the romance, emotionality and sensuality of male nature. Unpredictability is the credo of a man with this eye color. He can fall in love recklessly, but arrogance and arrogance can ruin everything. The owner of blue eyes does not forget insults for a long time and is very sentimental. His sudden mood swings and monotony in communication can greatly interfere with building relationships.

The guy with dark blue eyes is persistent, but at the same time sentimental, rather capricious (which can cause problems).

Gray eyes speak of a man’s determination and sharp mind. He will quickly solve those problems in which he is competent, but where he is powerless, nothing will help.

A man with gray-green eyes has enormous willpower, which allows him to move any mountains in his way. Strangely enough, his intractability with people helps him achieve his goals. Only the obstinate guy has green eyes. Possessing gentle and sweet character traits, he, if necessary, can show remarkable toughness. The love of green-eyed men is always sincere and faithful. In addition, they are excellent leaders.

A man's languid gaze

This is the look of a man who is in love with you. You will know that a man loves you when he stares at you with a dreamy smile, as if he is under the influence of some substance.

This is the look he might give you after his first kiss or after he makes love to you for the first time. Unfortunately, this view is short-lived. As a rule, it disappears after you get used to each other enough, although in rare cases it may return during your joint anniversaries.

This is the hopeless look of a man who is simply crazy about you. He can be pushy, as a man will do anything to keep you around, which makes him seem desperate. But be careful, this often signals obsession and dramatic relationships.

Understand with just one glance

Sometimes it seems that he looks with such a loving gaze that something is about to happen. But nothing happens, the man does not start acquaintance, does not continue communication. What's the matter? How to understand a guy by his eyes?

It is worth remembering that male and female psychology are very different from each other. A woman is more constant in her choice, but a man is essentially a hunter. If he gave the lady an interested look, it is not a fact that he will continue the acquaintance. The only thing is that if a guy looks at a girl with enviable frequency, then we can assume that he likes her (although a man can show his sympathy to several women at once).

In fact, the look is just the beginning. Everyone has their own tricks, their own ways and methods to capture the attention of the opposite sex. Sly, devilish female eyes. A stern and intent male gaze. Sometimes it’s enough to look into a person’s eyes once to understand that you are made for each other or, on the contrary, to reject a person without giving him a single chance.

Tune in to the right signals during a date in a restaurant or cafe, and you will learn more about her than you expected. Heather Remoff, Ph.D., says that a woman always leaves important clues for her potential partner, especially when it comes to eating dessert. So how do you know if she's interested in you?

Genius (Theodore Dreiser), 8 quotes



Loving a woman means thinking not about what you get from her, but about what you give to her.

Andre Maurois (100+)

No matter how strong a woman is, she waits for a man stronger than herself, and not so that he limits her freedom, but so that he gives her the right to be weak.

Angelina Jolie (50+)

- Take a glass. - I took it! - Now make him fall and see what happens to him. - Well, he crashed, so what? - Now ask for forgiveness and see if he becomes whole again..?

Unknown author (1000+)

A woman is an emotional being. She will always be with someone who puts her in a good mood, puts a smile on her face and gives her a feeling of happiness.

Unknown author (1000+)

A man does not forgive, he forgets, but a woman forgives everything, but never forgets.

A book for people like me (Max Frei) (30+)

He realized that she was not only close to him, but that he now did not know where she ended and he began.

Anna Karenina (Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy) (100+)

Those who like to cite Bill Gates as an example as a successful person who dropped out of school should remember that he dropped out of Harvard, not a vocational school.

Unknown author (1000+)

A husband must love his wife < > and devote his life to her. She is not born beautiful. He makes her beautiful. There is grace in a marriage like this.

To the miracle (5)

When you are disappointed in a person, it doesn’t matter where he is, who he is with, and what he thinks or doesn’t think about you.

Unknown author (1000+)

You say: “She’s not worth the candle, a game of fate. Her gossip is dark." But there are no unnecessary meetings, And coincidences are not accidental.

Boris Akunin (50+)


She doesn't take her eyes off you

During a date in a restaurant, she definitely needs to place her gaze somewhere. Perhaps she does not take her eyes off the wall opposite, or looks at the objects that are on your table. But what did she find there? Most likely she's just bored. But if a girl does not take her eyes off your face or openly looks into your eyes, then she is showing some interest. Women are also much more skilled at interpreting body language. They often send nonverbal signals to potential dates. For example, in a conversation, they casually show a man an open palm or, in thought, run their finger over a glass.

A man's gaze

Staring can be conscious or unconscious. At the same time, the man looks at you without interruption for about 5 seconds. If you don't like him, you may find this behavior strange or intrusive.

If the opposite is true, prolonged eye contact is a clear sign of attraction. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that someone is interested in you. This is how men often seduce women.

8. Stare and smile

A man who seduces with his eyes will look at you for a long time, maintain eye-to-eye contact and then smile. He will continue to stare and smile. Such signals indicate that he wants you.

Such intentions are read very clearly, so even a blind person can understand them. This is a rather cheeky look that can be accompanied by a wink. If you are not interested, just ignore him, but if you like the man, you can smile at him. The seducer, as a rule, makes the first move if he sees that he has been given the green light.

The girl tries your dish

Invite her to taste your dish, and you will immediately understand everything. If she picks up her fork and just puts the piece on her plate, you can hit the brakes. Better do the following. The moment you invite her to taste your dish, take a piece and slowly bring the fork with the treat to her mouth. In any case, this should not cause awkwardness, since she will have time to refuse if she is not ready to accept the offering. But if sympathy has already settled in her head, she will definitely take a bite of the offered piece. In her research, Heather Remoff found that women would never sleep with a man who refused to accept food. In this case, the height of bliss will be for you a return offer to try a piece from her dish.

Psychology of gaze: interesting facts

1. Women prefer open-eyed men

for long-term relationships. A half-open look is perceived as an attempt to have an affair, rather than a serious relationship.

2. Blinking frequently

is perceived as a sign of a person’s nervousness. Presidential candidates who blinked frequently were more likely to lose elections.

3. It used to be believed that a shifting gaze

betrays the deceiver. However, this opinion has been refuted, as it is believed that a person looks left and right when thinking about what to say. Moreover, one must suspect a person whose gaze never wavers. Professional liars are very good at pretending to look impartial. They try to make eye contact more often because they know we are looking for signs of deception.

She happily eats dessert

Girls can consume desserts in different ways. Some stoically consume the offered snacks, while others simply groan with pleasure, savoring the delicate and soft texture of the dessert. If at the same time she closed her eyes and enjoys the moment, this indicates that this is a sensual nature.

Don't take your eyes off DO NOT take your eyes off. KEEP YOUR EYES AWAY.

Express 1.
Do not sleep, do not fall asleep even for the shortest time.
- It's time for me to rest.
For the next day, I couldn’t take my eyes off it (Zagoskin. Yuri Miloslavsky).
- In the village, Sidor Amosych, there are drinking parties, fights, parties and kulak antics - so think about where you can sleep.
Other nights you won’t even take your eyes off (I. Akulov. Kasyan Ostudny).
Express Firstly, the French rest on feather, not down, mattresses and dress in flannel, which is very similar to pig bristles... Out of habit, we didn’t take our eyes off the whole night
(Fonvizin. Letters from the second trip abroad).
from whom, from what
Razg. Express 1.
Look very carefully, intently at someone or something.
- Doesn't he love you?
Have mercy! he doesn’t take his eyes off you, watching your every move; and finally, is it possible to hide love! (Turgenev. Rudin).
To watch someone or something very carefully.
You didn’t pay attention to him... You shouldn’t take your eyes off such a hubby
(Sholokhov. Quiet Don).

Phraseological dictionary of the Russian literary language. - M.: Astrel, AST. A. I. Fedorov. 2008.

See what “Keep your eyes on” in other dictionaries:

    keep your eyes open

    — See watch... Dictionary of synonyms

    keep your eyes open

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    KEEP YOUR EYES AWAY. KEEP YOUR EYES AWAY. Razg. Express 1. Do not sleep, do not fall asleep even for the shortest time. It's time for me to rest. For the next day, I couldn’t take my eyes off it (Zagoskin. Yuri Miloslavsky). In the village, Sidor Amosych, drinking parties, fights, partying and... ... Phraseological Dictionary of the Russian Literary Language

    Keep your eyes open

    - Ryaz. Don't sleep, don't fall asleep at night. DS, 111...


    - a (y), prev. about the eye, in the eye; pl. eyes, eyes, eyes; m. 1. A paired organ of vision for humans and animals, located in the eye sockets (face, muzzle) and covered by eyelids with eyelashes. Anatomy of the eye. Eye diseases. Left, right, Large, ... ... Encyclopedic Dictionary


    - Eye, gurgle(s), eyes. (Eyes: shameless, sunken, keen-sighted, sharp, blind, dull, droopy). Squint (squint, squint) eyes, squint, squint; blink, blink your eyes; pinch, close eyelid(s) (eyes). .. Wed ... Dictionary of synonyms


    — See clean, keep your eyes peeled... Dictionary of Russian synonyms and expressions similar in meaning. under. ed. N. Abramova, M.: Russian Dictionaries, 1999. reduce, reduce, reduce; bring together, move, relate; close (accounts); clean, translate,... ... Dictionary of synonyms

    I couldn't take my eyes off

    - I couldn’t look, I couldn’t stop looking, I couldn’t take my eyes off, I couldn’t look enough, I couldn’t look, I couldn’t admire, I couldn’t admire, I couldn’t stop looking Dictionary of Russian synonyms. couldn’t take my eyes off adj., number of synonyms: 8 admired... Dictionary of synonyms


    - Pansy. Arch. Same as pansies (GLAZOK). AOC 9, 79. Without eyes. 1 Ryaz. In the absence of anyone DS, 110. 2. (walk). Jarg. corner. Don't have a passport. SRVS 1, 35. Keep an eye on anyone. Pribike. Oh, what to protect more than your eyes. SNFP, 40.... ... Large dictionary of Russian sayings


    - a (y), prev. about the eye, in the eye, plural. eyes, eye, am, m. 1. Organ of vision. Anatomy of the eye. Myopic eyes. Blue eyes. Close your eyes. Squint your eyes. Goggle your eyes. □ He had a slightly upturned nose, teeth that were dazzling white and brown... Small Academic Dictionary

Self-worth of an enviable bride

1. A woman can be a weed or a gorgeous orchid. It's not a shame to mow the grass. And the orchid takes a lot of care - it is a finicky and expensive plant. Such a woman treats herself with CARE and RESPECT, with tenderness and care. She pampers and cherishes herself. Loves and cares. And naturally gives men non-verbal signals about HOW to treat her.

If a woman treats herself like a weed or a simple daisy (which you can even forget to water), she will give such signals to men as to HOW they should treat her. It’s like chamomile – I love it if I want, I don’t like it and I’ll forget to water it...

CONCLUSION: With her attitude towards HERSELF, a woman programs a man HOW to treat her!

2. You are the best - and you know it. Why? Because you WRITTEN for yourself at least 100 of your best qualities. You praise yourself DAILY for them ( “Success Diary”

to help you). These “pluses” sit deep in your subcortex, and your gaze shines with confidence. Such a woman is charming and beautiful. Why? Yes, because she believes in it herself to the core!

CONCLUSION: If a woman improves her self-esteem every day, she RECOGNIZES what a diamond she is for men. And men treat such a woman as a SPECIAL and BEAUTIFUL lady.

3. You have no problems, you are not bothered by the troubles of the world around you. Yes, there are troubles - but you KNOW not to worry about them, and not to burden others with them, you are your own psychologist. You smile at yourself, your beauty, chic, elegance, well-being. (And Art Therapy techniques help you unload and become light and cheerful).

CONCLUSION: This is obvious: moths fly towards the light, and men fly towards the GLOWING woman. And to be able to glow is to be able to unload oneself from grievances and worries.

4. Your self-esteem is always positive, your eyes sparkle with happiness, and good luck accompanies you in all areas of life. Why? Because you KNOW how to program yourself for good luck (meditation “Wave of Luck”

to help you).

CONCLUSION: Such a woman thinks and speaks in terms of success, prosperity and generosity of this world. A man is charged by such a woman like a battery; he feels that he becomes RICHER next to her in every way. He understands that being ALWAYS close to her is BENEFITABLE. That's why he's drawn to her.

5. Think about all the alpha women in history. The greatest queens, wives and hetaeras. They all have one thing in common: they are incredibly smart and skilled at their craft. And men go to them for advice or reassurance.

* * *

If you are an “Enviable Bride”, you are beautiful in everything, because self-improvement is your way of life. You are a great mother, a good friend and an ideal soulmate. Your soul is pure, the world is open to you, and you are open to it. You are ready to give him joy, and he gives you happiness in return. Your appearance is already a holiday. Your very presence fills the world with light, love and beauty. And this makes you SPECIAL for men!

Behavior of a caring boss and teacher

The manager feels confident - he is in charge here. At first he smiles, looks intently, then he begins to speak outright compliments, and may delay him after the end of the working day on minor issues. Quite quickly he suggests having lunch together or meeting in an informal setting. Can issue bonuses and promotions.

The teacher behaves more modestly. The enchanting gaze of a man in love at the desired woman is used. He may frequently ask the student or make comments. When a girl answers at the blackboard, it is difficult for the teacher to sit still: she will adjust her clothes or twirl something in her hands. He communicates with the student with pleasure, smiles during the conversation, shows his palms, and says compliments. Invites you to communicate outside of school or university.

In love with a student

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