Signs of a karmic connection between a man and a woman

  • November 12, 2019
  • Psychology of relationships
  • Yanika Ivanova

Every year we have more and more acquaintances. We find them on the street, at work, in new companies or on the Internet. With some we develop warm friendships, with others we develop ordinary friendships, and with others we even develop love. Connections between people come in different forms, and they all often refer to interpersonal relationships.

What is karma

The term “karma” came to us from the East. This is a natural process that works independently of us and knowledge about it. This process affects us throughout all our incarnations. With our life, thoughts, behavior and actions we build our karma. If there is a lot of negativity in our life, then our karma accordingly worsens, and if there is a large amount of positive life, it improves, this means that our previous sins are also corrected, and the improvement of karma also affects our future life.

A few final words

An increasing number of studies are proving that the mental connection, which until now has been commonly talked about as something mythical, is in fact an absolutely real phenomenon. And regardless of how exactly it is presented - in the form of threads connecting us with someone, or in the form of synchronously working neurons in the brain - it helps us maintain informal relationships.

As has already been said, the main thing here is to feel a person’s sincere and emotional desire for their development and strengthening. Don’t be afraid to give, then in return you will receive just as much pleasant and beautiful things, and everything in our lives is built on this.

Is it possible to see such a connection?

Very often you can hear the opinion that two people have the same thoughts. This is not a joke expression at all. Scientists have long established that if there is a so-called telepathic connection between two individuals, then even when examining the functioning of the cerebral cortex, identical centers are activated.

This connection can be discerned between someone who is simply listening and someone who is actively engaged in conversation. Experts have noticed that when the listener is very interested, the activity of neural cells in the brain exceeds that of the narrator.

Telepathy and Science

Scientists have not yet been able to establish the mechanisms of the magical and magical phenomenon of telepathic communication. Research has been conducted in different countries to determine the channels through which energy is transferred from one person to another.

Contrary to the assertion that a mental connection is characteristic only of lovers, situations have been observed when an inexplicable contact arose even in the absence of any feelings.

It is believed that representatives of the fair sex are more prone to telepathy than men and are more easily tuned into an intuitive connection with their partner. This ability gives them many tools for guessing male feelings and controlling the stronger sex.

As a result of numerous studies, it was possible to establish the main signs of telepathy between a man and a woman:

  1. There is an inexplicable understanding of what a loved one is doing or experiencing, even if he is in another city.
  2. Immediately after you remember your chosen one, you receive a phone call or message from him.
  3. When communicating with a partner, situations often arise when you simultaneously utter some phrase or literally rip off the tongue the thought that the interlocutor wanted to convey.
  4. Understanding the thoughts and desires of your friend/lover/child without unnecessary words or explanations.

Many scientists consider telepathy to be an invention of charlatans, akin to astrology and other pseudosciences. They explain the so-called magical flows by the fact that we know our loved ones well, so we can predict their thoughts and desires.

Karmic connection between people

Such a connection appears between two souls for certain reasons, for example, they are connected by some negative actions committed in past lives. Until the karmic debt is fully paid and the karmic knot is untied, the situation will repeat itself until it is finally resolved. There is another type of karmic connection, this is when two souls vibrate on the same wavelength, harmoniously coexist with each other in love and harmony. Such souls are called kindred souls.

Energy connection between the sexes

Feeling sympathy for a partner, a person receives pleasure. Those who have extrasensory abilities can see the flows of energies that circulate between people. Similar streams come in a variety of colors.

A couple can unite using seven chakras:

  • Muladhara. The root chakra is red. Shows related contacts.
  • Svadhisthana. The sexual chakra is orange. Brings together friends, lovers or married couples for a short-term pastime.
  • Manipura. The navel chakra is yellow. Through it, contact is formed between those with whom it is necessary to compete. Most often these are colleagues or business partners.
  • Anahata. The heart chakra is green. Connects a couple for life, but it is very important that the heart channels clearly resonate with each other.
  • Vishuddha. The throat chakra is blue. Capable of uniting like-minded people.
  • Ajna. The frontal chakra is indigo color. Usually contact is formed subconsciously and is expressed through imitation of some idol or leader.
  • Sahasrara. The wedding chakra is purple. Such contact is possible only between a mother and her child, as well as among those who truly love each other.

The more intensely the partners show interest, the stronger their connection. After ten years of marriage, one can observe contact between partners through all seven channels. This is how a connection is formed between a man and a woman at a distance. This is especially pronounced in mother and child, even when a lot of time has passed since the last meeting.

Energy connection between people during sexual contact

If there was a close relationship between people, the channels do not collapse for a long time after separation. This is especially pronounced during sexual contacts.

When we enter into sexual relations with a new partner, a new channel is formed along the sexual chakra. Such channels remain active for a very long time (for years, and sometimes they remain active even throughout life).

In this case, it does not play a significant role whether the sexual partners managed to get to know each other sufficiently, or whether their connection was fleeting (at a party, at a graduation, etc.), the energy channel along the sexual chakra will still be formed and will be active for a very long time.

And if there is a channel, energy continues to circulate through it. Whether it will be positive or negative, you can only find out if you know both partners well.

An interesting feature is that people living together typically adjust their energy shells relative to each other. For harmonious intimate relationships, synchronization of biofields is necessary. That is why lovers often, when they live together, over time acquire similarities with each other (often even physical).

When a person does not want to contact anyone, he closes the circuit of his energy body, as a result of which all energy flows emanating from others are reflected. Then other people feel like they are not being heard.

By what signs are karmic relationships between a man and a woman determined?

Karmic relationships can be recognized by the following signs:

  • the feeling that you have known this person for a long time, although you saw him for the first time only a couple of days ago;
  • lack of common interests;
  • strong attraction;
  • the rapidity of development of relations;
  • change of place of residence;
  • the presence of illnesses and other difficult trials;
  • absence of children;
  • constant struggle;
  • the emergence of dependence on your partner;
  • constantly appearing signs;
  • the emergence of a love triangle;
  • obsessive dreams.

Known each other for 100 years

If, when meeting a person, it seemed to you that you had known him for at least 100 years, this is the first sign of a karmic relationship. In your last incarnation, you and this person experienced something strong, and you met again in order to correct the past situation.

Lack of common interests

The relationship began in a strange way. There is no logic in them, because there is nothing in common between you, there are no common interests, no identical character traits, and there is also a huge age difference between you.

Strong attraction

You and your karmic partner experience a powerful sexual attraction to each other, which drives both of you crazy. As a result, a stormy and passionate sexual act occurs, after which both partners are completely squeezed out energetically.

High speed of relationship development

Your relationship is developing so quickly that, before you know it, you are tying the knot literally a month after meeting, and when awakening comes, you are disappointed in each other, but you will not be able to separate until the situation is resolved.

Changing of the living place

If, upon entering into a relationship, your partner changes his place of residence, work, friends and environment, and breaks off all contact with relatives, then a karmic marriage also takes place.

Diseases and trials

At first, spouses can live in perfect harmony for several years, but sometimes it happens that one of the partners becomes seriously ill or becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, and the other is forced to care for him until the end of his days, completely forgetting about himself.

How to recognize them

A meeting with a karmic partner always causes unreasonably strong emotional outbursts. In his presence, you are unable to control your feelings, you react too hotly or, on the contrary, fall into a stupor.

Upon closer acquaintance, you understand that the relationship does not work out, disputes and conflicts arise on any occasion, no one wants to give in, it is almost impossible to reach a compromise, but neither of the two dares to break off the connection. If you imagine energy connections in the form of threads connecting a couple, then it will be entangled in them from head to toe. It is impossible to stop communication.

Love at first sight? Not at all, love from the past. When a karmic partner is nearby, something inexplicable happens. Your moral principles did not allow you to date a married man, acquiring the status of a mistress?

And so, after the first informal conversation, you don’t let go of the phone, forget to eat while waiting for a call, cancel important things for the sake of a date with him. No amount of willpower can help you get rid of an obsession.

Sometimes there is an irrational craving for a complete stranger that is difficult to logic. They met eyes in the subway, exchanged a few words on vacation, exchanged posts on social networks, and both cannot stop thinking about the stranger, they are attracted by an unknown force. As you get to know each other better, you never cease to be amazed; every word, habit, and gesture falls on your soul like family.

Karmic connection between a man and a woman, main signs:

  • uncontrollable physical attraction;
  • inexplicable trust in a stranger;
  • rapid development of relations;
  • crazy intensity of emotions - jealousy, passion, endless showdown;
  • powerful emotional attachments, a love triangle gives rise to a strong feeling of guilt;
  • a marriage in which one of the spouses is an alcoholic, drug addict, or not completely healthy mentally or physically;
  • a large age difference, a multiple of 5 years;
  • absence of children in marriage.

Mental connection - how to establish?

Mental connection - how to develop? Attuning to a loved one more often occurs spontaneously, but if you set a goal, the mental-telepathic connection can be strengthened; for this, there are various energy and esoteric practices, but here it is important to feel the line, crossing which, there is already interference in a person’s personal space and this can feel like psychological pressure.

Mental connection - exercises

A connection with a person on a mental level can be developed using the following exercises alone or with a partner (you can ask a loved one to participate), they must be performed systematically:

  1. Reception and transmission
    . Blindfold your eyes and walk around the room in different directions, while it is important to say something. At this time, the partner also tries to move silently around the room. At some point you need to say “Stop!”, stop, and your partner stops and stands quietly, trying not to breathe. The task at this stage is to feel the vibrations of your partner and indicate with a gesture the direction where he is supposedly standing, to describe this place. Then the partner leaves the room and you need to compare the sensations of his presence and absence.
  2. Visualization of a call from a loved one
    . Sit down, relax, imagine an internal white screen on which you need to project the face of a loved one and ask him to mentally call in the near future, concentrating as much as possible on the desire and imagining in great detail how he calls and what emotions arise. Strong faith and clear thought patterns are important in this exercise.
  3. Performing an action
    . Sit comfortably, relax, close your eyes, imagine a white screen with your inner vision and project the face of a loved one onto it. Mentally ask him to perform a simple action: brew and bring tea, open or close a window, turn on or off the light, radio, TV. Concentrate on the joyful emotions that the action has been completed, then send a clear thought form to a loved one, without showing through your behavior that you are expecting something from him.

Alternatively, this exercise can be used in public transport; you can mentally try to send thought forms to the selected person, for example, so that he turns around, gets up from his seat, smiles, looks out the window. It is important to remember that you cannot manipulate people, so thought forms should be simple and not harmful to a person.

Suggestion techniques

  1. Before starting work, relax, clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and information . Sit comfortably, try to evoke in your head the image of the person to whom you want to convey your thoughts. Place his photograph in front of you and carefully look at the image for five minutes. All this time, revive the image, imagine how he talks, how he smiles or laughs.
  2. Give your full attention to the other person. If at some point you feel the presence of someone else in the room, it means that your actions are correct and you have established a telepathic connection with the desired object. Now begin to mentally reproduce the thoughts that you want to convey to him. Clearly imagine how the thought flows through the energy channel and penetrates his brain.
  3. Imagine that he hears this thought and is immersed in it. The person to whom you are transmitting thoughts will hear a certain voice in his head and it will seem to him that new thoughts were born in his brain on their own. Repeat the exercise every day for thirty minutes.

It is best to repeat the process about five times a day, then the expected effect will be much stronger.

Holding technique - practice:

Difficult relationship situation

One of the most common options is a partner who is an alcoholic or drug addict. Sometimes it may be a partner's health problems, such as living with someone who is bedridden or disabled. In some cases, the early death of a partner. One way or another, such relationships can be safely called “punishment.”

Usually a person arranges this “punishment” for himself, unconsciously choosing a psychologically or physically disadvantaged person. This choice occurs due to feelings of guilt for bad deeds done towards him in a past life. In the previous incarnation, the roles of the “bad” and “good” partners were opposite, but in this one justice is restored.

Let's sum it up

  • Emotional and energetic connection is what keeps couples together. This is not love, but rather a common space - something that can no longer be imagined without a partner. You can call it an attachment or a habit.
  • In couples where the relationship is good, this connection only makes people closer. And if there are conflicts, the opposite is true. Communication prevents people from looking at each other objectively and makes quarrels more emotional and acute.
  • In this matter, it is important to maintain a golden mean - to have a common space in a couple and at the same time for each to have their own. Then the partners have time to take a break from each other and get bored, and they also have something to share.
  • To create a connection, you need to be as respectful and interested in each other’s hobbies as possible. Maintain good relationships with friends and relatives, ask about hobbies, involve each other in everyday life.
  • Sometimes there is a need to break the connection. In this case, you need to fill your life and, most importantly, your thoughts with something else. It is important that it is not alcohol and drugs, but interesting and useful things for self-development. A sport or a new hobby would be an ideal choice.

Psychological connection

Often this includes relationships about which one can say: “Husband and wife are one Satan.” But psychological connections between people may not apply to marriage unions. However, such people often copy each other's behavior because they live together.

For example, a young couple who have been living together for a couple of years begins to think alike and do things the same way. This is often due to habits that have been developed through living together. They can assemble the bed in the same way, use a special “technique” to fold dishes, or cook identical dishes.

How to calculate karmic number by date of birth

There are several ways to calculate the karmic number by date of birth: the karma number can be calculated in accordance with Tarot cards, it can be calculated using the last two digits of the year of birth.

Some experts suggest calculating the number of karma by the day a person was born, or by the number obtained by calculating the day and month of birth, and the number of the year.

There are many alternative algorithms for calculating the karmic number that numerology offers. However, the most complete and accurate, in our opinion, is the classical method, in which the numbers that make up a person’s full date of birth are summed up when calculating.

With this calculation, the number of karma by date of birth most fully reveals for what purpose a person is on earth, and what exactly will bring him satisfaction, success, and the elimination of bad karma. In addition, when using the classical method, you can obtain additional information - at what level the karmic number is located.

There are seven levels of karma number in total

Here it should be taken into account that previously they spoke only about six levels, since it was impossible to obtain a karma number less than “10” as a result of calculation. Currently, such a karmic number by date of birth has begun to be found among those people who were born at the beginning of the 21st century, which is why some experts began to allocate karma numbers less than the number 10 to a separate, “zero” level


Relationships in such a couple are often fatal in the most negative sense of the word. Typically this includes:

  • love triangles;
  • relationships in which either love or hatred reigns;
  • relationships that continue regardless of the wishes of the partners, due to the influence of certain external factors.

Karmic love in real life is usually filled with hardships and suffering. In fact, this connection is incompatible with normal human existence. A person simply has neither spiritual nor physical strength left for personal and professional growth. On the other hand, by doing the “right thing” in such a situation, a man or woman gets a chance to reach the highest level of his development, to rise above his shortcomings.

Signs of fate

A small photograph measuring 9 by 12 fell out of a family album. From the photograph, a pretty, serious girl of about 16 years old was looking somewhere into the distance. For a long time I held in my hands a black and white photograph with a touching simple inscription on the back: “For a long memory. Kate."

Katya is my school friend. We have long been scattered by life on different shores, and we do not keep in touch. How many years have passed since we saw her after graduating from school? Yes many. So many. I looked sadly at the old photograph and thought where Katya lives now, and how her fate turned out. We remembered our school years, our childhood dreams, naive plans for life. Vivid episodes of that past life, our childhood and youth, quickly flew before our eyes.

I remembered how during my school years Katya and I loved to take long walks in the city park, where we imagined and dreamed of what we would be like in adulthood. Katya has always been a very serious girl, unlike me, funny and spontaneous. Show me your finger, I'll laugh.

She read a lot and was very fond of history as a school subject. I dreamed of entering a pedagogical institute to learn and teach this subject at school to children. My friend wanted to successfully marry a reliable and intelligent man, give birth to at least three children, whom she would call by Russian names.

After graduating from high school, Katya and I met two years later, when Katya invited me to her wedding. I remember my friend’s happy, beaming face, her glowing eyes. At the wedding, the young woman radiated the bright energy of joy...

Sighing, I carefully put my friend’s photo into the album, and everyday affairs and worries overshadowed the memories that were inspired by the photo that caught my eye.

How to resolve relationship problems stemming from a past life

How to get rid of karmic love? The ability to break off a difficult relationship is determined by its characteristics. If one partner plays the role of a “debtor” who behaved inappropriately in a past life, in this incarnation the situation is such that he must pay off his “debts”. As soon as they are paid for, the need for a love affair will disappear. The feelings will fade away on their own. This will be evidenced by ease in relationships, lack of feelings of guilt or fear towards your partner.

To achieve this, sometimes it is not enough to simply break off a love affair. A person suffering from the vicissitudes of karmic love needs to do a lot of work on himself. He should identify the negative qualities that are in his character and which are causing problems in his current relationship. For example, a man may love a woman who does not seek a serious relationship. If he is suffering because of this, he should work on his qualities of sanity, realism and even some pragmatism. Perhaps if he switches his attention to more pressing problems in his life, then the situation on the love front will change for the better. In this case, karmic love from a past life will fulfill its function, and the relationship will either become happy or fall apart on its own as unnecessary.

Is telepathic communication possible?

A keen interest in telepathy began in the mid-nineteenth century . Then magic salons began to open en masse, and magicians who appeared out of nowhere began their march across the country.

In the first half of the twentieth century, scientists first became interested in telepathy. The Rhine couple from America conducted an experiment that ultimately did not prove the existence of telepathy, but marked the beginning of serious research into this phenomenon.

During the last decade of the twentieth century, Edinburgh scientists concluded that the transmission or reception of thoughts at a distance is possible only during an altered mental state. A person is in such borderline states, for example, before going to bed or during a bright outburst of anger.

To date, world scientists have already conducted a large number of experiments, which have led to some conclusions.

It turned out that most often people who are in close emotional contact .

Russian academician Kobzarev Yu.B. explained the phenomenon of telepathy in his own way. He claims that during the appearance of thought, charged particles are launched into space, which are given the name “psychons.” Psychons accumulate in clumps that are captured by people with a family or emotional connection.

Technique for transmitting thoughts at a distance in this video:

Just a little about love

The mental connection between a man and a woman is not always the kind of love that is usually spoken of as true. But what is true love - passion between sexual partners or endless devotion to the object of love? No one can clearly formulate the answer to this question. But it is interesting that sometimes in partners who are intensely experiencing their relationship, this connection is very poorly developed, while calm and trusting relationships between them allow it to become very noticeable and manifest itself literally at every step.

You haven’t even had time to think about your beloved, and she’s already calling you. You feel anxious and have a strong desire to call your lover, and when you do this, it turns out that he is in trouble. Has this ever happened? Surely more than once! And this means that your relationship has moved to a new level, and the connection established between you will help maintain it for a long time.

Who forms the strongest bonds?

An astral connection between people at the subconscious level occurs only between very close people:

  • parents;
  • children;
  • lovers.

Similar relationships can be observed between friends, especially if they have a lot in common and have experienced a lot together. Often such relationships are called mental hugs. They are extremely important in people's lives. Therefore, today great attention is paid to research in this area.

Attention, TODAY only!

According to tantric teachings, when a man meets a woman, an exchange of energy begins between them.

It is natural for a man to be charged with energy from above (ideological), and for a woman - from below (energy of power). To bring an idea to life, a man needs to be “charged” with feminine power. And a woman, since she is a “bank” of energy, is not able to spend it for action, but only gives it away, because she receives the type of energy she needs only in the process of interaction with a man.

There is always an exchange of energies between the stronger and weaker sex. As soon as a boy is born, he already has a mother who inspires him, giving him her maternal love. Then he meets his first, second love, a pretty employee at work - in all representatives of the fair sex, a man strives to find that same source of energy, filled with strength from which he can successfully realize himself in life.

Then, when a love relationship begins between a man and a woman, the woman gives herself (not only physically, but also taking care of her loved one, morally and intellectually), and the man, receiving feminine power, is able to create and take active actions in life.

Everything is clear with this, but this is only the initial stage, during which energy does not flow yet, because the exchange itself does not occur. Having been filled with the necessary feminine power that allows him to embody his ideas, a man should return energy to the woman (in the form of gifts, financial care, physical assistance), in such an amount as to inspire his lady to further return.

And this interaction is constant.

Types of relationships according to karma

The most common case of karmic relationships is associated with tyranny and jealousy in the family. The unhappy wife breaks ties with her husband, and he cannot stand such betrayal and kills himself. As a result, the girl is left with a feeling of guilt, and her burden passes on to the next life. In it, the same man (or rather, his soul) will experience a constant feeling of fear due to the possible loss of his beloved. He must learn to trust and forgive, and if the woman wants to leave again, accept it calmly.

Karmic connections are often transformed into unrequited sympathy from a monogamous person. There are also situations when people seem to want to be together, but cannot get along, as a result, they diverge and get back together for decades.

The karmic meeting of a man and a woman will not necessarily be due to love or simply positive experiences of past lives. It also happens that people strongly hated each other, plotted against each other, so now they need to work off their karmic debt.

In past reincarnations, current partners could be work colleagues, enemies, friends, lovers. In essence, the specific details of the past are not important; all that matters is the fact that the past life experience was shared and very memorable.

Depending on the nature of the relationships that arise, connections can be both healing and destructive.

  • Healing karmic relationships are given to people in a new life so that they become better people and live a happy life. This is a pleasant path to spiritual growth, because two soul mates meet who understand that they need to forgive their partner and support him in everything, without trying to change the person in his own way. In this case, communication brings pleasure and you don’t want to leave even for a moment, because you still have the feeling that there is still a lot left unsaid.
  • Destructive connections at the karmic level are also aimed at personal development, and such relationships should by no means be considered in vain. Communication also begins with mutual attraction, but gradually people begin to suffer, constant shouting, conflicts, hysterics, and reproaches arise between them. I want to destroy this wall of misunderstanding, but I lack determination and willpower, so for a long time there may be nothing new in such relationships. The task of a person in such a situation is to let go of his partner without reproaches and try to make the most of the benefits and the current circumstances in order to become wiser.

We can also say that karmic relationships between a man and a woman can be positive, aimed at accumulating the creative energy of life, and negative, which are in themselves a punishment, a cross for past mistakes. However, this characteristic of connections may not affect their content. In other words, creative relationships are a gift from fate for past virtues in early reincarnations.

In this case, a man and a woman who knew each other before are close again. This connection is reminiscent of the desire of magnets to be one whole. But people must establish themselves in the strength of their relationships, so there is no guarantee that the love line will be smooth, because positive energy must also be managed.

As for bad karmic connections, they occur dramatically due to your bad relationship with him in another life. You can create an ideal family with such a person this time, but there will definitely be some kind of test, a sacrifice on your part, so that you draw conclusions. Sometimes such relationships are called the basic “Debtor and Creditor” scenario.

But the mental connection between lovers sometimes does not break even after parting. Especially if one of the partners is not ready to break up. And this, you see, is a completely different feeling. It's hard to build a new life if you constantly imagine your ex, if you can't help but feel like he's somewhere nearby. What should I do?

The recipe is simple and banal - let it go yourself. Even if you are convinced otherwise, try to understand why you remember your relationship. Maybe they had something that you are sorely missing now? Be sincere with yourself. After all, even if you were the initiator of the breakup, it is possible that now, after a while, regret about what you have done awakens in you.

And if there is no way back to restoring the relationship, let your partner go. Talk to him mentally and ask him to leave your life and not remind him of himself. Imagine how that silvery thread that connected your hearts disappeared, broke, feel a slight pain from this break. But after it comes relief.

But I would like to repeat: all this will only work if there is a sincere (!) desire to break off the relationship.

But we will not consider dubious esoteric ways to remove the connection. We will provide only real and effective advice:

  • The main thing is to limit communication with this person. As long as you spend time together, the connection will still be maintained, no matter how hard you try to break it.
  • The second stage is to find an alternative. To get over a breakup, you can replace the person with a new friend with whom you will enjoy communicating. The easiest way to avoid an emotional emptiness is to simply fill it.
  • Stop contact with that person completely. Gradually your connection will be broken and you will be able to throw off your shackles.

Conclusion: you can break contact gradually. It is better to replace the person with a new friend or acquaintance to make it easier for you to free yourself from the connection. When it becomes less noticeable, you can stop communicating completely.

If you have difficulties, it is recommended to contact a psychologist. The specialist will provide additional advice on how to break ties with other people as painlessly as possible.

  1. Tune in to a state of goodness and peace, the mind is calm, the body is relaxed. Light a candle.
  2. Mentally evoke the image of a man with whom you need to break the mental connection, put his image opposite yourself, thank him for being there.
  3. Imagine multi-colored threads that connect to your partner at the level of energy centers (chakras).
  4. Take a candle in your hands and begin to burn through these threads, moving the candle from bottom to top, cutting through the space, while it is important to burn through all the threads.
  5. Imagine how the image of a man is removed, letting go occurs. Practice is over. You can repeat it for several days.

If you look at a person metaphorically as a traveler, then everyone has their own path, during which they meet with different people, other travelers, some have to go with another person most of the way together, so the mental connection gets stronger, while some only go a short section of the path and then turns onto another path.


Relationships form very quickly - within one month after meeting, the couple begins dating. A person is not able to correctly perceive all the information and only after a year or more begins to realize what actually happened to him. Before this, he is in complete control of his emotional reactions, which he cannot explain. No matter how violent the passion may be, partners do not always want to see each other after “awakening”, not to mention maintaining friendly relations.

Emotional connection with a person

If you agree to maintain a relationship, despite the absence in it of even a hint of an emotional connection with a person and mutual understanding, you voluntarily agree to suffering and dissatisfaction with life. Because most likely, such a relationship will not end well.

Even if your partner finds it difficult or does not want to build an emotional connection with you, he will still want your involvement in the relationship. A person wants to see that he is loved and understood, even if he is not ready to lift a finger for this. Over time, most likely very quickly, you will feel that such a relationship is not capable of satisfying you. All communication and interaction in them is superficial, uninteresting and not worth the effort. It cannot make you feel understood and loved. You seem to be spending time with a person, talking about something, interacting somehow, but it’s as if they don’t see you. Your partner doesn’t care at all whether you are there or not.

It is very dangerous to agree to continue a relationship just because no one is perfect. If in a relationship the partner is not tuned in to you, does not resonate, then a contradiction appears. You stay in a relationship, become attached to a person and fall into the trap, because he didn’t care about you, and most likely will.

Are our illnesses related to thoughts?

Some psychologists believe that the emergence of all pathologies begins precisely at the mental level. They talk about the close connection between the physical world and the spiritual, the state of a person’s body and his thoughts.

Then it turns out that if you want to be healed of an illness, you must first establish the mental (mental) reason why it arose. Since the external symptoms of the disease are only a reflection of internal pathological processes. Accordingly, the patient must engage in self-analysis to identify and subsequently neutralize the spiritual cause of the disease.

It turns out that if a person independently creates a disease for himself, only he can eliminate it.

And the main mental provocateurs of pathologies include the following:

  • a person does not understand his life goals, does not know why he came into this world;
  • does not understand and/or does not comply with universal and natural laws;
  • he has aggressive, harmful feelings, thoughts or emotions in his subconscious.

Any disease, first of all, signals a disturbed harmony, balance in the Universe. It is a reflection of wrong human thoughts, intentions and behavior - that is, the entire worldview.

Literally, all diseases protect us from our own harmful thought patterns and actions. And those who have an incorrect, unhealthy understanding of the world can be considered sick. Then healing will only require a revision and change in your outlook on life. Unfortunately, modern man is little concerned with such deep questions.

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