How to gain the power of a magnetic gaze - eye gymnastics to improve vision

Since ancient times, people have noticed that the human gaze carries a mysterious power that can fall in love, charm, convince, attract, jinx (harm), instill fear and even kill.

And in our time, research by scientists from different parts of the world has confirmed this. They showed that the human gaze emits very high-frequency short-wave radiation, which can affect the central nervous system, the brain, and the functioning of the entire body.

Perhaps you have met a person who has such a heavy and determined look that it is difficult to bear. It is this kind of view that is commonly called “magnetic” . It is also called “central” , since it is directed to the very center of the face. Where the eyebrows meet and the nose begins. In this place, people have a sensitive nerve center that is capable of perceiving thought waves. This place is also called the “third eye” .

Additionally, the physical power of gaze is demonstrated by how many people feel when someone is looking at them. To find out whether a person is really capable of feeling someone else's gaze, American scientists from Queen's University conducted an experiment in which more than a hundred people took part. Its essence was as follows. The subject sat on a chair in the center of the room, blindfolded, and behind him at a distance there was another person who at a certain time looked intently at the subject. The first was to determine the moment when the gaze was directed at him. The result was amazing. In 95% of cases, the subjects were able to feel someone else's gaze.

What does a look consist of?

A person’s gaze refers to the characteristics of the location of the eyes and some parts of the face located nearby. These include the forehead, skin, eyebrows, eyelids, and in some cases the nose and lips.

Are the eyes the mirror of the soul?

The view may be different, but each of its options has one common feature - it is a reflection of a person’s inner world, his character and mood. For the most part, it is the latter that determines the type of look.

All positive or negative internal experiences of a person are expressed in her gaze. For this reason, if you need to give it a certain meaning, you should not try to do it with “technical” techniques, it is better to concentrate on your inner mood and the desired expression in the eyes will appear by itself.

The interlocutor will not be able to consciously understand the whole essence of your gaze and explain its meaning for himself, but on a subconscious level the person perceives a certain message from your eyes and he will have a corresponding reaction to your emotional state projected through your gaze.

Who is William Walker Atkinson

Before that, we touch on some very intriguing and exciting topics. I would like to introduce you to Atkinson himself, in case you are not yet familiar with him.

William Walker Atkinson: writer, lawyer, translator and occultist.

A person who is sensitive and knows the law of attraction. Understanding the power of thought and human abilities as a creator.

Gave the world his works:

  • "The power of thought in business and life"
  • "The power of con
  • “The power of thought or the magnetism of personality”
  • "Practice of mental influence"

In the world of literature he is known under the pseudonyms: Theron Dumont, Yogi Ramacharaka.

An incredible man, in this article I want to share with you tips and exercises from his book “The Power of Thought or Personal Magnetism.”

Be sure to check out other works of the brilliant Atkinson if you want to become a completely omnipotent person influencing other people.

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Well, then, all the fun!

How to influence your interlocutor with your gaze

From the above, the conclusion follows: you can develop for yourself a certain scheme of psychological influence on your interlocutor using your gaze.

  1. Determine the goal you want to achieve during the conversation.
  2. Set yourself in a certain mood to evoke the state that will be projected in your gaze.
  3. Look your interlocutor closely in the eyes.
  4. As a result, you will see his response.

Your counterpart’s subconscious will work instantly and he will only have to choose options for action on your emotional message.

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Predator's look

Let's take the gaze of a predator as an example.

To develop it, you first need to imagine your favorite treat and yourself in a hungry state. Next, you mentally begin to eat this dish. Now make an association between food and your interlocutor and gradually begin to “absorb” him with your gaze, like your favorite food.

This scheme can work in different situations. In this case, in order to give the look the desired meaning, it is important to initially determine your role in the conversation and the place of your counterpart in it, and only then adjust your internal state to the desired “wave”.

"Basic" view

Before you start studying different types of views, you should know two main points of work in this direction:

  1. Acceleration of the psyche
  2. "Basic" view

Do you remember what the eyes of a sleepy person are like? That's right. They are indifferent. The gazes of non-overclocked people convey much less information than those of overclocked people. But it’s worth dwelling on the “basic” view in more detail. It got its name because it is the basis from which all kinds of branches come.

The basic look always expresses strength. He is attentive, focused and calm. It will be very difficult for your interlocutor to bear it. It is best to combine this look with a smile created with the help of lips. Then you have every chance to suppress the will of your interlocutor.

When conducting leadership courses for managers of large enterprises, senior management of companies, psychiatrists and psychologists, they must study the method of influencing a person using the basic view.

How to dispel your opponent's aggression towards you?

An equally interesting technique for controlling your internal state and suppressing the first signs of aggression towards your person is the next stage of magnetic gaze training.

To implement it, having already completed the course of training described above, you need to concentrate your gaze for a short period of time on the bridge of your opponent’s nose, then slowly begin to look through the figure of our opponent, as if by chance this same figure of the opponent began to melt into the air, at the end we turn our gaze to the side horizon of the setting sun. From the outside it looks very unusual and creepy.

It is worth noting that such magnetic gaze training is more suitable for men than for women; for women there is a slightly different technique that makes their gaze not only strong, but also seductively beautiful. This difference in training is determined by the flow of internal energies and biorhythms of male and female individuals.

Exercises to develop the power of your gaze

There are special exercises for developing the power of gaze, developing the ability to look into the eyes correctly. They should be dealt with constantly. If you do this, you will notice over time that your pets will turn away when you look at them and will no longer be as active as before. The main gaze has a magical effect on your interlocutors. After I mastered it, I was no longer afraid of any street hooligans or gopniks.

Exercise 1

To begin, take a blank sheet of paper and draw a black circle in its center, the size of a little more than a five-ruble coin.

Next, shade it and place the drawing in front of you so that it is at eye level when you are in a sitting position.

Look at the black circle with determination and firmness. Do not blink under any circumstances for at least one minute, after which let your eyes rest and continue to perform the exercise for a total of at least five times.

Next, you should move the sheet with the black circle a meter to the left, and you should remain sitting where you were the first time. Look at the black circle, then at the empty space where it was previously, and finally look back at the image. Change the location of the sheet down, up, to the right and do the same manipulations.

Every day, increase the time you watch the black circle by a minute. Reach 15 minutes - stop.

Exercise 2

Stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes. The first day, do this for a minute, and then add one more every day. After such training, you will not be afraid of any glances from your interlocutors.

Exercise 3

Take your paper with the black circle, look at it and rotate your head left and right. Perform these movements for no more than two minutes. Next, take a break.

With this exercise you will be able to look at one point in any position of your head. It will also help you strengthen your eye nerves and muscles.

There are two ways to test your new skills:

  1. When you are riding in public transport, look into the eyes of the passengers. They should “run away” from your gaze by any means and feel a certain discomfort.
  2. If you keep your main gaze on pets, they will run away or, in extreme cases, turn away.

But do not confuse concentration and calmness in the eyes with pressure and arrogance. If in the first case you demonstrate your confidence and strength, then in the second you show an aggressive state bordering on fear.

Magnetic gaze training for women.

In addition to the described technique of concentrating your gaze on the tip of a needle and the flame of a candle, you need to look in nature at the flame of a fire or the shine of dying coals. In winter, you need to look at the clear starry sky with a long, unblinking gaze.

Such training methods will make a woman's look beautiful, gentle and seductive.

It is also worth paying special attention to the fact that during the training period it is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water during the day on an empty stomach. Clean water is needed so that intraocular pressure normalizes, and the look itself becomes clean and shiny.

Below in the text from the author of this article, as well as from the co-authorship of this same reserve captain, I would like to say that the described methods of training the magnetic gaze should be used only for the benefit of protecting you from the outgoing aggression of your enemies.

Other types of views

There are many types of views and they can all serve to achieve a variety of goals.

Dominant look

The main goal of such a look is to show the interlocutor that you are in control of the situation and in any case will solve it in your favor, and you expect strict execution of your commands and unquestioning obedience from the “victim”. To this end, calmly look your interlocutor in the eyes from top to bottom and mentally suppress his will.

Through view

With this look, you can unravel many of the secrets of your interlocutor.

To do this, imagine that tentacles come out of your eyes and penetrate through similar holes into the brain of your interlocutor, and then rummage through it and transmit all the information found.

Power look

This gaze is intended to psychologically cause confusion, fear and depression in the interlocutor.

In this case, you need to imagine that something very dark and heavy is coming out of your chest. With the help of the eyes, it moves in the form of a black cloud to the “victim’s” head, covers it and begins to crush it. At the same time, look your interlocutor in the eyes, and let your face “dissolve”, turn into a homogeneous mass, only the eyes will remain, from which your counterpart cannot escape and a feeling of guilt will come upon him.

Affectionate look

This view is one of the most positive.

Let your mind see not a person, but a small, funny kitten that is pleasant to pet and play with. A man can imagine a beautiful naked woman whom he wants to gently caress. While mentally imagining all this, look your interlocutor in the eyes.

A sympathetic look

This look shows that you understand the person and share his point of view.

To do this, concentrate on his face and repeat to yourself: “I understand you.” Your eyes should be open a little wider than usual. During a conversation, you should nod irregularly. And try to empathize with the feelings of your interlocutor. To do this, look intently into his eyes, slightly extending your head in his direction.

How to overcome fear and negative thoughts

We all know that in order not to think about the unwanted, you just need to strain your willpower and simply refuse to think negative thoughts.

But this is unbearably difficult...

Changing mental habits through direct force of will is a difficult task, as most of us know, for we have all tried it. This is a method that the strongest succeed in, while the weak are exhausted from effort, and in addition experience despair and disappointment.

Indeed, this is aerobatics, giving up old habits of thinking, old attitudes. Just take it by force of will and decide to think differently. I would even say that few people succeed right away. Therefore, many become disappointed and give up this idea, returning to their usual way of thinking.

Atkinson offers a fail-safe technique: self-hypnosis.

It's a win-win. Self-hypnosis is similar to hypnosis. Only you do the good service of hypnosis to yourself and program yourself for this or that belief or event.

It's simple, you need to choose the opposite belief of fear or negative thoughts, and repeat the new idea tirelessly, constantly. So that the negativity has “nowhere to come.” Occupy your thoughts with a new, positive attitude.

At first you will notice how the mind resists, does not believe you. Later, the inspired idea will become familiar to you, it will become the truth for you.

It is when the new attitude becomes truly yours that you will be completely freed from the spell of fear and will be able to calmly enjoy life without worrying about anything.

I would like to supplement this article with a meditation that will turn you into a magnet for men. With its help, you will strengthen your feminine energy and become attractive and alluring.

The choice is yours

Now you know: your power of thought is powerful. Atkinson inspired many to train.

And I truly believe that many of you who read this article will be able to learn how to influence other people and completely change your life.

Please make the right choice to never give up.

Don’t look for excuses for yourself: quit practicing, thinking “it didn’t work out, I don’t see the result.”

Always make a firm decision: to learn what you have always wanted.

This article contains all the necessary tools. Practice, train and never leave your chosen path.

Atkinson won't give you bad advice!

Using a mirror

Place a mirror in front of you and peer into the reflection of your own eyes. Then you need to draw a small dot on the mirror, between the eyebrows, and look at it. You should proceed according to the principle of the first exercise, increasing the time of looking to 15 minutes per approach. This exercise will help you withstand the strong gaze of others and sharpen your own gaze.

Some facts

  • A long stare between men can be interpreted as aggression, so be careful.
  • If a man and a woman look intently at each other and the woman is the first to look away, then a position of subordination to this man is consolidated in her.
  • If a woman is not indifferent to a man, this can be determined by her dilated pupils. However, do not confuse this with a reaction to a lack of lighting.

Hello dear ladies! Do you want to gain the power of a magnetic gaze? Have you ever thought about this? Believe me, this is truly an extraordinary power of nonverbal communication.

These eyes are opposite...

The first contact, love or business, begins with a glance; it is the first impression that determines the further attitude and conversation of the interlocutors. A glance is the primary step towards bringing people closer together.

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