How to find happiness. 15 steps to the top of a prosperous life!

Happiness... What is it? Why does everyone want to have it? And how to find happiness if the concept of it is very vague? Great scientists argued about the concept of “happiness” even before our era. So, for example, Aristotle thought that happiness is the soul of a bright person who helps everyone at the first call.

Well, in the modern world, happiness is defined as a person’s 100% satisfaction with his life.

Let go and forget

The very first rule on the path to true happiness is the ability to let go of the past, all grievances and worries, situations, negative experiences, people who once offended you. Think about how much time you waste on empty worries when you could be enjoying what you have now. Also consider whether this problem will play any role in your life in 5, 10 or 20 years? Surely you will completely forget about her, so why ruin your current life with past disappointments?


Learn to draw some conclusions at the end of a certain period of time. For example, at the end of each day, spend literally 5 minutes remembering what good happened to you, what new things you learned, who you helped, whether you learned something new and useful, whether some time was wasted. Make it a daily, weekly and monthly habit. A little summing up will guide you towards achieving your goals, allow you to notice significant moments and refuse what is wasting your free minutes during the day.

How to find happiness in life

Are you always sad and full of discontent? Do you always find yourself the person “behind the scenes” or without a partner? Are you quiet and lonely rather than cheerful and cheerful? Well, don't worry, this article is designed to help you overcome those feelings that are keeping you away from achieving your happiness potential. Keep reading to learn tips on how to find happiness in your life again.

Step 1: Be strong and optimistic

Don't let sadness or negative circumstances seep into your life or ruin it. Whenever you feel sad, hold your head high. You have to tell yourself that life is full of hope, challenges and unexpected pleasant turns.

Look for the good side in everything. Often in life something happens that we interpret as a bad thing. However, when we look at the situation, there are also good aspects to it. These are also called rays of hope. For example:

  • Your partner left you. Where is the ray of hope? There are so many different people you can meet. You have the opportunity to meet someone who opens your soul and heart, it's a very powerful thing.
  • You lost your job. Maybe you didn't like your job that much. Ray of hope? Now is your chance to find a better, more meaningful, higher paying position.
  • Something didn’t work out for you, but you thought you could handle it. Life is funny, isn't it? Ray of hope? Failing at what you do will teach you just as much, if not better, than succeeding the first time.

Step 2: Keep busy

Do you know what they say about lazy people? Research consistently shows that busy people are happier than idle people. Not only is too much free time a little depressing, it can also be counterproductive. Think about all the things you could do, such as joining clubs, visiting places, attending lectures, and then think about how little time you devote to these activities.

Step 3: Give yourself a reason to smile

Scientists have found that smiling can actually make you happier. Yes, yes, a simple smile. Give it a try. Take one of the following reasons for smiling and smile:

  • A stranger passing by smiled.
  • Someone else did something nice for a stranger.
  • Something unexpected happened that made you think about how big and unpredictable this world is.
  • You have seen something beautiful in the world.

Step 4: Listen to your intuition

People who trust their instincts may be happier than those who struggle to make decisions. Here's why: if you listen to your intuition, you're less likely to wonder what other options might have been; If you're struggling to make a decision, you'll wonder if you made a mistake by choosing one over the other.

Step 5: Be Generous and Empathetic

You may be smart to think that winning the lottery can make you happy, but you are wrong. Money only increases happiness up to a certain level where your basic needs are. After that, money doesn't make you happier than other people. Empathy is what will do

make you happy.

Step 6. Learn to forgive others

By forgiving others, you allow the past to be the past. If you can forgive other people, even those who don't deserve it or those who aren't ready to forgive you, research shows that you'll be a happier person.

Forgiving other people can make you a happier person by lowering your blood pressure, lowering your overall stress levels, and slowing your heart rate.

Step 7. Whatever you do and whoever you are, exercise.

Research has established a pretty strong link between exercise and overall happiness. Working out can increase endorphin levels in the body, reducing overall stress levels and leaving you feeling pleasantly tired.

Step 8: Do what makes you happy

Don't do what you think will make you happy or what makes other people happy. Do what makes you happy. Let go of preconceived notions about what you should do and follow what you know you can achieve.

Step 9: Listen to Inspirational Phrases

Whether it's reading books or searching for quotes online, or attending interesting lectures, the world is full of inspiring messages if you know where to look. Here are some inspirational quotes that can motivate you to go out into the world and find what makes you happy:

“Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them gives it meaning.”

– Joshua J. Marin

“The best revenge is a huge success.”

– Frank Sinatra

“No one ever created a plan for how to be poor, fat, lazy or stupid. This is what happens when you don't have a plan.”

– Larry Winget

“It's never too late to become who you could be.”

– George Eliot

Step 10: Join clubs or organizations that express your personality and interests

Whether it's bowling, knitting, public speaking, experimenting, cooking, flying, sports or gaming, joining a community of like-minded people will make a huge difference.

When you first get there, introduce yourself. Try not to be shy. Maintain eye contact and try to remain relaxed. Remind yourself that other people can be just as nervous as you are.

Step 11: Ask Other People for Help

Don't be afraid to ask your friends for help. When you ask, be grateful. As mentioned earlier, people get pleasure from helping others, it makes them feel useful and more experienced. You know what? Helpful and experienced people tend to be happy and easier to get along with. This means that it will be easier for you to communicate with them, and around them you can simply be yourself.

  • Ask for help with your homework.
  • Ask for directions if you get lost.
  • Ask for help with a project.
  • Ask for advice about the problem you are dealing with.

Step 12. Don't be afraid to open up about your feelings to other people.

Keeping it all inside can be difficult: you may feel depressed, like you have no one to open up to. For these reasons, it's better to trust people and tell people you trust what's on your mind. Talking about problems, with a friend or a professional, can help you achieve catharsis, that is, a clearing of emotions.

Step 13: Keep other people's secrets

If someone trusts you enough to tell you their secrets, be kind enough to keep them. This means no gossip, no random slips of the tongue, and no playing on two fronts. Imagine what would happen if you told someone your secret, and he accidentally “let it slip” to other people? You would be hurt and you would feel betrayed. There is no need to make the other person feel that way. Happiness comes from being close to your friends and giving them every reason to trust you.

Step 14: Keep Your Promises

Follow this advice: If you promise to do something, stick to your words. Words are just words unless they are backed up by true actions. Understand that your friends rely on you, keeping your promises will help reassure them that you are a man of your word.

What does happiness have to do with keeping promises? By keeping your promises, you teach people to trust. You teach your friends to trust you. If you constantly promise things you don't deliver, your friends will stop trusting you. If your friends stop believing you, you will find that you are not that close to them.

Step 15. Lean on your friends in times of need.

When you're feeling down and need someone to cheer you up, call your friends. Find an effective, fun way to take your mind off what's bothering you. Your friends believe in you. They are your friends because they want to see you happy and because they enjoy spending time with you. We hope they would do as much for you as you do for them. Count on them when you need it.

Step 16: Rely on your family in times of need.

Your family loves you unconditionally, even if they don't say it outright. Your family, first of all, cares about your safety and well-being. Secondly, they want you to be successful and live a fulfilling life. Even a simple conversation with your family about your problems can ease your soul.

  • Try not to worry about your family judging you. At the end of the day, they just want you to be able to find happiness on your own. If you are afraid to tell your parents something, find another family member or friend to whom you can confide.
  • You don't have to have “problems” to talk or spend time with your family. If you can talk to your family about normal, everyday things, it can bring you a lot of happiness. Talking to your family about everyday things can be a huge step in helping you strengthen your relationship.

Step 17: Talk to People Frankly

One study found that people who occasionally have open conversations with other people experience greater happiness than people who chat about small, trivial things. So the next time you find yourself gossiping about the weather or what Rihanna wore to the Grammys, resist the temptation to talk about small things and go for something big and bold. You will not regret it!



Keep an eye on your appearance

A person will not feel truly happy if he stops paying attention to his appearance. Being unkempt doesn't look good on anyone. It is not known who you will meet today, when, for example, you go to throw out the garbage, but what if this turns out to be your fate? The man or woman of your dreams? Oh, will you look like a slob in their eyes? Try to review your wardrobe, think about what you can improve in your appearance, what you can adjust to look more attractive.

15 psychological tricks that work on most people

Stop complaining

If you analyze most of human conversations, you can accurately conclude that most people spend a lot of time whining and complaining. Constantly complaining about fate, bad work, stupid children, an awkward husband or wife, and so on in a circle, day after day. And, naturally, the more a person complains about this, the more negativity he receives from life in response. Everything really ceases to please him and seems terrible in life. Just try to change your own perception of reality. Be kinder to people, thank fate for what you already have, and eventually you will notice how the world will become cleaner and better.

Why can't I become happy?

For most, the search for happiness is a kind of wandering through a dark labyrinth, where there is only one way out and many wrong ones that lead back. A person has to run back and forth, testing every move, in the hope that the right one will be found. And such wanderings can last a very long time.

As soon as you stop to rest a little, you again have to rush into another hole. And again there is hope that this is the right way out. And again days, weeks, respite and all over again. You will find yourself in the maze again, already tired and old.

So many try to find their own corner of happiness and do not find it, and then rush to new constant searches. Some try to find it in dear people, others in work, relationships, hobbies, and so on.

But in most cases this all happens without any results, because that is not what happiness is about. Simply owning things will not bring you any happiness. Yes, you will receive temporary satisfaction, but then other needs will appear. Not having all these benefits will make you unhappy because over time you become too dependent.

Explore the world

Start traveling, leave your home at least once or twice a year and go explore the world. Someone will skeptically note that this requires a lot of money and not everyone has such an opportunity. But, you can choose travel to the best of your ability, go on an excursion by bus to neighboring cities. You can start saving for a vacation to the sea a year in advance, think about a part-time job to make your dreams come true. Anything is possible if a person really strives for it.

Learn to truly love yourself!

Before you begin to carry out any manipulations in the outside world, look inside yourself and your soul. We are often our own harshest critics. We are the first to kick us for the slightest offense or serious mistake. So, this is no good! Loving yourself means supporting yourself, like a good parent and a beloved child. Learn to encourage, calm, and thank yourself. And only then proceed to mastering Feng Shui tips. Without this step, all your further actions will be useless.

Know how to make a decision

Learn to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Sometimes it’s so hard to decide to take some step, for example, change jobs, start building new relationships after a previous failure, learn a new profession. But, you are an adult and capable of much, be firm, do something, but do not stand still in thought and confusion.

Start living slowly

Productivity seems to be number one on the list for improving your life. Some of this is not bad. But don't let the frantic rhythm take over you. Learn to live slowly, savoring every moment like a sip of expensive wine.

  • Why should you live slowly

The tips above will help you develop a better mindset and focus on your mental state. If you don't take care of your mind, you will never be able to find the happiness you so desperately need.

  • 10 Best Tips for Creating a Happy Life


Only that person can know happiness who believes in something. And, this is not just a matter of religion. This concerns your inner feelings, sensations, the ability to see the good in every day you live, to believe in the best. Therefore, just live every day positively, live and believe that you will definitely achieve your goals and desires.

Implement these 15 simple points into your life and you can very quickly achieve everything you want, change for the better and find inner happiness.

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Do you really need changes?

And these changes will help answer the question: “How can I find happiness?”

The technique is as follows: take paper and pen, make up questions and answer them honestly. “If I quit, what will it give me?”, “Why do I need this?”, “Which of my needs will be satisfied?”, “Do I really want this?”, “What other way can I satisfy my need?” ? etc. When a new desire appears, we act in the same way: we sit down and write. After your honest answers, you will definitely understand whether you need this desire in order to become happy or not, you will understand that many desires are imposed on us by society. Fulfillment of your true desire will definitely bring you happiness.

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