40 incredibly beautiful and wise quotes about happiness and love

Photo: UGC Happiness is an individual and ephemeral concept. measure of happiness . Someone, having pennies and a large family, considers himself happy; someone, having bought a mansion or executive car, experiences bliss. If you haven’t whether you a good life in this world, then here are quotes about happiness. Read, perhaps, the answer to this question .

A sincere smile is a sign of happiness

When we are happy, we smile. Such a smile cannot be confused with a polite or welcoming one. From such a smile, the eyes glow, and the person is transformed. Quotes about smiling and happiness reflect this very accurately.

“Smile, even if you feel very bad, in pain and want to cry, smile for real, with sincere joy, straighten your shoulders and straighten up, as if you are happy and proud and want to sing with happiness. The body will believe and rejoice, maybe not immediately, but very quickly, it simply does not know how to truly suffer when you sincerely smile. And after the body, the soul will rejoice again..."

Maria Semenova

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“The cheerful expression on the face is gradually reflected in the inner world.”

Immanuel Kant

Who was Buddha?

Only a few details are known about the life of Siddhartha Gautama, the man who later became known throughout the world as the Buddha, or Enlightened One. He was born into a privileged family in a village near modern-day Nepal in the 5th or 6th century.


Being a prince by status, he only experienced the difficulties of the outside world when he was about 20 years old. This experience motivated him to set out on a quest for enlightenment (or Nirvana). Having achieved Nirvana, he became known as Buddha.

He passed on his teachings to many so that others could achieve Nirvana.

We present to you the great expressions of the Enlightened One.

What does a person need for well-being?

Even great writers did not deny that fate is made up of small joys. Therefore, you should not miss a single pleasant trifle that lifts your spirits. And in order to better understand it, it is proposed to read a number of interesting quotes.

  1. Great happiness is rare. But little pleasures come every day.
  2. You feel success when joy simply overwhelms you. And it doesn't matter how big it is.
  3. From pleasant little accidents great happiness is formed. But, fortunately, little troubles do not add up to big grief.
  4. The lucky one is not the one who gets lucky in the lottery. And the one who bought the ticket in the first place.
  5. For some, breaking someone else's pleasure is also a pleasure.
  6. You can't beg fate for happiness. But he manages to come to an agreement with her about the little joys of life.
  7. Few people understand that youth is a temporary state. It goes even faster than many others.
  8. Someone thanks for the crumbs. And others get upset over trifles. The only difference is the perspective.
  9. Anyone who greets the day in a good mood rejoices even in the rain outside the window.
  10. A pure soul is not at all the key to a happy life. But it relieves the conscience of an unpleasant burden.
  11. Taking care of loved ones and bringing them little joys is the greatest bliss.
  12. Happiness does not last long. But pleasant little things make up the overall bright background of life.
  13. People neglect joys, believing that they still have everything ahead of them. And then they realize that fortune has passed them by.
  14. Dealing with dirty baby diapers is no fun. And only those who do not have children understand what great happiness others have been given.

Feeling of happiness from childhood

Remember that intense feeling of happiness that you experience only in childhood? It was then that the feeling of it was most piercing and brightest. Quotes about children and happiness will help us remember this time.

“As we age, we lose many important qualities. And one of them is the gift of being happy just like that. To catch small joys on a hook and look at them with delight for a long time.”

Nadeya Yasminska

“Children immediately and naturally become accustomed to happiness, because by their very nature they are joy and happiness.”

Victor Hugo

“You cannot teach a person to be happy, but you can raise him so that he is happy.”

Anton Makarenko

“Happiness is an imaginary state that was previously prescribed to the ancestors; Now adults usually attribute it to children, and children to adults.”

Thomas Szasz

Unfortunately, it is impossible to return to childhood on your own. But our children can return us to it for a short time. After all, love for a child is one of the most acute and unforgettable moments of happiness.

“Happiness for a mother is the smile of a baby that she carried under her heart for months.”

“A woman’s most expensive necklace is the arms of a child hugging her.”

“When children are born, order, money, peace, relaxation disappear in the house - and happiness comes.”

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

Oscar Wilde

Learn to notice your well-being

This topic is very deep. Therefore, on user pages there are numerous quotes about happiness in small things with a meaning that not everyone understands. In them, people reveal their most intimate understanding of life.

  1. Only in old age does a person realize that tiny joys constituted one good destiny.
  2. Happiness, of course, does not come from money. But their absence is guaranteed to make you unhappy.
  3. Learn to enjoy little things and you will always be satisfied.
  4. For some people, seeing other people's misfortunes gives them great pleasure.
  5. A person often misses pleasant trifles. But he always feels bitterness from the loss of happiness. And he doesn’t understand that it was made up of little things.
  6. They sincerely mourn only the poor man who has left no inheritance to anyone.
  7. If you go home where they are waiting for you, then don’t look for any other joy. Otherwise you will miss the most important thing.
  8. Relaxing after a hard day brings great pleasure. It is unknown to those who do light work.
  9. When life passes, a person realizes how much happiness there was in it. He just didn't notice him.
  10. Joy does not last forever. Otherwise, it quickly loses its shine.
  11. A person forgets the most talented tragedy. But he remembers the funny comedy for the rest of his life. Because it's hard to be happy next to someone big. But next to the little one it is very easy to forget about your troubles.
  12. Anyone who has 1 wrinkle on his face does not understand how happy he seems to someone who has 100 of them.
  13. Those who believe that happy people are good and unhappy people are evil do not understand anything in life. A happy person will not pay attention to the pain of others. But those who have gone through it themselves will notice it in their neighbors.
  14. Success has nothing to do with whether we believe in it or not. And also on the mood in which we woke up. But grief can fall on anyone.
  15. Happiness is when loved ones are alive and well. Even great joys and pleasures will not bring pleasure if everything is bad at home.
  16. Small pleasures are like candles. In bright times they are often not noticed. But in the dark they serve as a real salvation.
  17. Only when you get into trouble do you realize how prosperous your existence was before it struck.
  18. A quiet, measured and calm life, oddly enough, brings great happiness. People just don't notice him. And sometimes they even call it boredom.
  19. Prosperity is often difficult to discern. But small joys are very visible.
  20. If a day is lived without troubles, then nowadays it is often considered happy.

People can talk endlessly about this topic. But all statuses revolve around the same thing: you should learn to enjoy the little things. The school of life teaches everyone such things sooner or later.

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