The best means for self-defense - what improvised means to use as weapons

How to defend yourself on the street

Evening parks and deserted streets are an ideal place for an attack by a petty thief or rapist. What can you do in a dangerous situation?

Contents of pockets and handbags

Everyone has a bunch of keys in their pocket or purse. Use it as a weapon. Hitting your knuckles or face with a small metal object will hurt and give you a little time to figure out what to do next. If you need to seriously harm your enemy (there is a serious threat to your life), aim the key at the throat, nose, eyes.

There may well be manicure accessories in a lady's handbag - files, tweezers, scissors. They can be used in the same way as keys. A sharp manicure can be stabbed into a criminal's limb, causing severe pain but no critical damage. A pencil, pen, or makeup brush will also work for this.

Hairspray, antiperspirant, perfume - any product from this list can be sprayed into the attacker's face. This will confuse him, at the very least.

A purse, bag, grocery bag can become an independent means of self-defense.

In a dangerous situation, you should not spare your gadgets like a mobile phone, tablet, or e-reader. A strong blow to the head with any of these objects can cause a concussion to the attacker. A USB cord or laptop charger can be used to hit someone in the face, for example. Severe pain will confuse the criminal, giving you time to strike again or escape.

Are you preparing for bad weather and taking an umbrella with you? Wonderful. Hit the stomach and head with an umbrella, use it to brush off blows directed at you.

Accessories and clothing

You can whip your opponent in the face or even immobilize him if he loses consciousness from one of your techniques with a regular leather belt.

Shoes, especially women's ones, are an excellent and effective means of self-defense. Quickly remove your boot or shoe if it has a heel. Hit parts of the attacker's body that are sensitive to stings - the groin, stomach, neck, face.

If you are a smoker

Smoking certainly kills, but not in this situation. If you are caught by surprise with a lit cigarette, try burning the bully's skin with it; the burn will definitely distract him for a while, but will not cause serious damage.

A rather barbaric means of self-defense, but nevertheless capable of really saving lives. Using a lighter from your pocket, try to set the criminal's hair on fire.

Surrounding objects

If you don’t have anything suitable on you or with you, don’t get lost, quickly look around for weapons. Any stick, thrown glass bottle, brick will do.

Features of self-defense on the street

The first thing you need to know about the street is that it is not a sports section, and therefore there is no question of observing moral or sports rules in this case. Therefore, even if you have certain self-defense skills, you need to be prepared for dirty tricks from the enemy. Moreover, if possible, you should use similar self-defense techniques yourself on the street, which will allow you to gain a little time to hide from the attacker.

Many street thugs rely on surprise. It is the fear experienced by a person at the time of the attack that prevents him from thinking sensibly and taking adequate actions. Therefore, readiness for self-defense should be expressed not only physically, but also psychologically.

Basic Strikes

Self-defense strikes should be as sharp as possible.
To master the basic skills of street fighting, it is not at all necessary to attend a specialized section. To do this, you just need to have some free time and a training partner.

It should be understood that practical training is a prerequisite for successful training in street hand-to-hand combat. You can read theory or watch videos of self-defense techniques as much as you like, but without practical consolidation of knowledge, you will not be able to achieve high results.

Self-defense techniques in a street fight should be as effective as possible. Their main purpose is to incapacitate the enemy. Let's look at a few basic techniques:

  1. Direct hit. This is a kind of foundation. The blow should land on the jaw, eyes, nose, and it is considered more effective to apply it not with a fist, but with an open palm. The latter option is less traumatic for the fighter himself, while more serious damage will be inflicted on the enemy, with a larger affected area. You need to understand that when an untrained person strikes with a fist, the joint capsule of the fingers can rupture and even crush the knuckles.
  2. Uppercut. This is one of the most effective strikes, which is used in boxing, kickboxing and a number of other sports disciplines. We are talking about punching from the bottom up, straight into the opponent's jaw.
  3. Kick to the groin. It is a prohibited self-defense technique, but on the street you need to do everything possible to incapacitate your opponent. Such a blow allows you to gain time, since it works flawlessly. You can hit with your foot or knee. In the latter case, the opponent is grabbed by the chest, pulled towards himself with force and at the same time a blow is delivered. This technique is highly effective even when the enemy grabs you by the throat.
  4. Hit your kneecap with your toe. This technique is very effective in a street fight. When performed correctly, it is so painful that it completely discourages the opponent from performing further actions.
  5. A blow to the shin area. If you hit from the side, the result of such a blow will be similar to a sweep, and the criminal will lose his balance. If the force of a direct blow is sufficient, a fracture of the tibia is possible.
  6. A blow to the solar plexus. Must be sharp and strong. When the technique is performed correctly, the opponent's breath is taken away and severe pain appears, as a result of which the attacker is incapacitated. You can strike with either an open palm or a fist.
  7. Press your thumbs onto your eyeballs. This technique is great for when your opponent has started to choke you. You need to clasp your opponent’s head with your palms and put your thumbs in his eyes. The pressure should be as strong as possible - the enemy will quickly surrender.

How to protect yourself at home and in other premises

Unfortunately, becoming a victim of an attack is not only possible in a dark alley. The toilet room of a cafe, the entrance, the elevator of a shopping center and even your own home... It is impossible to predict where danger may await a person.

If you are caught by surprise in a confined space, follow the same principle as on the street - the sooner you find something to protect yourself with, the more likely you are to escape. Look around, use what you have.

Remember that indoors your main task is to render the enemy unconscious or immobilize him, since you have nowhere to run.

Furniture and interior items

Some objects from the premises will bring you much more serious damage to the health of the criminal, and therefore a more significant advantage in battle, rather than stones and bottles from the street. Use chairs and stools. They are easy enough to lift, they can be swung well, and most importantly, the blow will be strong. Table lamps are also suitable for resisting, for example, a burglar. Any small household appliance that catches your eye can become a dangerous weapon - a kettle, laptop or toaster.

Books, thick magazines, even jars of skincare products can buy you some time. Throw everything you can get your hands on until you find a way to defend yourself more seriously.


If the attack happened in a kitchen setting, great, there are plenty of improvised weapons in the form of utensils at hand. Pots, pans, heavy glass objects (vases, salad bowls, microwave pots) will help not only seriously confuse the enemy, but also make him lose consciousness.

You can throw plates and mugs in search of heavier weapons. The fragments can be pierced into the soft tissue of the attacker.

Curtains and blankets

You will not be able to harm the criminal with these objects, but for some time you will deprive him of the ability to see. When you lure the intruder under the window, pull the curtain as hard as you can. Make the attacker go under the clothesline and drop the clothes on him. Throw a sheet or blanket over the bully's head.

Boiling water

Is there a plate of hot soup or a mug of tea on the table next to you? Use them! Throw hot liquid in your opponent's face.

Conducting self-defense in a confined space

The main rule of defense is attack.
Attacks often occur in spaces that significantly limit our movements. Some attackers deliberately attack their victims in elevators, on stairwells or inside cars so that the person does not have the opportunity to escape. An unprepared person will be so caught off guard that he will not be able to defend himself properly. To successfully defend yourself in this case, you should know about several techniques.

In the elevator

If you are attacked in an elevator, then you should not panic, because effective self-defense in a confined space is quite possible. Let's look at some of the most effective self-defense techniques:

  1. Knee to the groin. Excellent for confined spaces, guaranteed to incapacitate the enemy.
  2. A blow to the throat. Can be applied either with a fist or with the edge of the palm. In this case, it is very important not to overdo it, since a strong blow to the Adam’s apple can kill your opponent.
  3. Side elbow strike. It is also considered very effective. It should fit into the jaw or temple. It is necessary to hit very sharply and suddenly. It is advisable to rotate the body in this case, but even if this fails, considerable damage will be caused to the enemy.

It should be understood that light blows in this case will not be effective. You need to hit with all your might, aiming at the most painful points.

On the stairs

Pressing your thumbs onto the attacker's eyeballs is a good technique for self-defense
. Due to its specificity, the ladder requires a special combat tactic. Here you should first of all try to take an advantageous position, on which the outcome of the battle will largely depend. To do this you need to do the following:

  1. Try to get to a higher level, leaving your opponent at the bottom. When fighting on a ladder, you should always be higher than your opponent, thanks to which you will be able to inflict more crushing blows on him.
  2. Now that you are higher, you need to do everything possible to prevent the enemy from rising towards you. To do this, you can hit him with your hands or feet in the head and body area. Your advantage in this case can determine the outcome of the battle.
  3. In this case, direct blows and blows to the throat, which have already been mentioned above, are good. Having felt the weakening of the enemy’s pressure, you should go on the attack in order to not allow him to come to his senses. With a high degree of probability, the attacker may be frightened by your pressure and flee.

We consolidate the acquired knowledge:

  • Even now, having information on how to protect yourself in the event of an attack with improvised means, do not neglect specialized defensive items. Buy a gas can or stun gun.
  • For self-defense purposes, any item is useful. Don't get lost, grab the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Look for weapons in your pockets, bag, on yourself, around. The faster and more efficiently your ingenuity works, the higher the chances of escape.
  • Assess your capabilities on the street; if you can and have time to escape, run; if not, try to gain as much time as possible for this.
  • A confined space does not give you the opportunity to escape. Knock the attacker unconscious and call the police.
  • If the situation allows, avoid “striking” techniques. You are defending yourself, not attacking!

We record the acquired knowledge:

  • Even now, having information on how to protect yourself in the event of an attack using the means at hand, do not bother with special defensive items. Buy a gas canister or a stun gun.
  • For self-defense purposes, you will need at least some item. Don't get lost, grab the first thing that comes to mind.
  • You look for weapons in your pockets, bag, on yourself, around. The faster and more efficiently your resourcefulness works, the higher the chances of escape.
  • Assess your abilities on the street; if you can and have time to escape, run; if not, try to gain as much time as possible for this.
  • A confined place does not give you the ability to escape. Make the villain unconscious and call the police.
  • If the situation allows, beware of “striking” techniques. You are defending yourself, not attacking!
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