Legal means of self-defense. 3 best options and useless crap

Do you often walk through dark courtyards? Do you live in an area full of drunks, AUE teenagers and other marginal characters? Or are you a beautiful girl, and people pester you everywhere they can and cannot?

There is a way out: carry an adequate means of self-defense with you. Let's figure out what is the best way to protect yourself from inadequate people, and what you should not take into your hands under any circumstances.

What Really Works

Aerosol gun

  • Price : ~20$ for the pistol itself (we took the price for “UDAR”, but there are other models), +100-150 rubles for each shot.
  • Permit : not needed, can be purchased from 18 years of age upon presentation of a passport.
  • Effect : pain appears in the eyes, tears flow profusely, and when the spray gets into the mouth, coughing and saliva flow in a stream. Depending on where exactly the spray hits and how much of it there is, the effect can last from 30-60 minutes to a day.

To put it simply, an aerosol gun is a pepper spray at maximum speed. It works roughly like a water pistol: it throws out a powerful jet of vigorous liquid 2-3 meters away, and several mini-cans (BAMs) are loaded into the pistol at once - that is, it will help even if the opponent is not 1. This thing looks pretty funny, it’s unlikely someone will carry it in their pocket, but putting the BLOW in the glove compartment of a car or throwing it in a backpack is worth it, its efficiency is exemplary.

Pepper spray

  • Price from
  • Permission
    : not required, can be purchased from 18 years of age.
  • Effect
    : Same as an aerosol gun.

Probably the most common and adequate means of self-defense. Cylinders come in a bunch of different sizes and cost pennies. They saved a lot of people from troubles, allowing an inadequate opponent to cool down and remain unharmed. The main thing is not just to buy a cylinder, but also to learn how to use it, so that in an extreme situation everything is done automatically. Therefore, be prepared to spend money on a couple of copies purely for training.

Have some soda

Here is a rack with cans. Everyone has nerve gas inside. Just kidding, these don't sell. There is a compressed irritant - a tear-producing, irritating substance. These may be colorless crystals of chlorobenzylidenemalonodinitrile (CS) or chloroacetophenone (CN), yellow crystals of dibenzoxazepine (CR), red hot pepper extract oleoresin capsicum (OC) or its synthetic analogue pelargonic acid morpholide (MPA). “In low concentrations (in cans) they cause irritation to the eyes, respiratory tract, skin, irresistible burning and itching,” says VOVGO weapons expert Alexander Belkin. “The attacker is switched off for several tens of minutes.” In high concentrations (in chemical bombs, grenades, artillery shells), irritants cause severe burns, paralysis, cardiac arrest, and death.

Irritants differ in the speed and power of their impact on the attacker, as well as in their effectiveness against drunks and dogs. One of the most effective is OS: it gives a 4-second delay when hit in the face and a hard stopping effect. The cans are also charged with a mixture of irritants, for example CR+MPK. The IPC itself is a serious thing. And CR, or, as it is also called, “police gas,” is generally the most powerful of the above. Therefore, its concentration in the cans is low.

MR-80−13T "Makarych". Traumatic pistol caliber 45 Rubber, produced in Russia.

The effective firing range from the cylinder is 1 m. After one use, it is better to buy a new one. You need to carry it not in a bag (you won’t have time to get it), but in your pocket. Let's take one for testing (the price is 300 rubles, no documents are needed for purchase) and proceed to the vacant lot. We take the cylinder out of our pocket, press the button on the lid - the valve opens. Depending on the type of balloon, either an aerosol cloud or a thin stream of irritant will fly into the face of the alleged adversary. Aerosols hit “over the area” - you won’t miss. But if the wind blows in your face, the balance of power will change exactly the opposite. Inkjet cans do not have this drawback; they can even be used in an elevator. But you will have to aim straight at the eyes.

Instead of a cylinder, you can buy a gas pistol. It looks like a combat weapon, but it only shoots irritant. Experts consider these weapons to be an endangered species. The Udar metered aerosol spray device, a civilian descendant of the FSB non-lethal weapon Fialka-M, is also on sale. Essentially this is a multi-charge canister. “Udar” resembles a pistol handle and is loaded with five “cartridges” (small-sized aerosol cans, BAM). When you press the trigger, the BAM “shoots” irritant at a distance of up to 3.5 m.

PB-4−2 "Wasp". Barrelless pistol of non-lethal action, produced in Russia.

Not always, but it can help

Keychain siren

  • Price 5-10
  • Effect
    : When activated, makes a loud sound that attracts attention and can scare off an attacker. This is not a full-fledged self-defense tool, but similar keychains work well on dogs.

In principle, a key fob is of little use against attackers, since a person himself may scream during an attack. But screaming will not scare away stray dogs, and the sound of a siren can disperse even aggressive dogs. A keychain like this would definitely come in handy in a miniature girl’s bag.


To make it you need a simple cord. At one end you need to make a loop. Make a bed for the projectile in the middle. Any small solid object can serve as a projectile. Even a simple pebble.

You should always think about safety. Moreover, making self-defense means with your own hands is not at all difficult. Watch a video on how to make homemade nunchucks for self-defense and training using improvised materials with your own hands:


We should not wait for this criminal and intruder before realizing the reality of protecting our most precious beings, in which case we should all be prepared to take extra precautions rather than wait until some robbery surprises us and we will . anything that can't be caught, including harming us and our families.

Not only can we be in danger in our homes, but we can also face such threats even when we are walking peacefully from work to our homes at night when suddenly an almond decides and approaches us to take our wallets and cell phones. Not only are they determined to take our money and our precious possessions, but sometimes they will also do everything possible to stop us from being harmed or stopped.

What makes no sense to use

Stun gun

With a power of 3 W (the maximum allowed in the Russian Federation), a shock with a shocker causes tolerable pain and sometimes cramps the muscles. At the same time, the aggressor remains on his feet, conscious, and is likely to only become embittered and act more decisively. For real self-defense, when you need to quickly render your opponent incapacitated and retreat, the effectiveness of the shockers allowed in our country is near zero.

Add here this minus: you need to let the enemy come within arm's length and apply the shocker tightly to the body, which is already dangerous for the defender. And shockers that “shoot” with wires are prohibited in Russia.


A good pocket knife can be useful in a lot of different situations, but considering it as a means of self-defense is unforgivably stupid. Have you heard the phrase “take out a knife - cut. So, not every ordinary citizen can actually do this, and hoping that in a dangerous situation it will be enough just to scare the attacker with a knife is absurd. Secondly, there is a huge risk of going to prison yourself for exceeding self-defense measures. Do you need such a perspective when protecting yourself from some gopnik in the yard?

Air gun

Pistols that can be carried without permission (up to 7.5 J of power and a caliber of 4.5 mm) are easier to compare with a children's toy. Yes, if it hits open skin from several meters it will hurt, the bullet will leave a bruise or even pierce the skin until it bleeds. But this certainly won’t stop the aggressor. And even if he’s wearing at least a windbreaker and a thin sweater, even if he’s shot at point-blank range, he won’t feel anything.

Telescopic baton

Firstly, it is prohibited not only to wear, but also to sell. Moreover, a criminal case is opened for selling, and an administrative case for carrying.

Secondly, just like a knife, you need to know how to handle it. In skillful hands, such a baton can actually protect against several attackers at the same time, although the criminal consequences for the consequences of such protection are quite real.

Tactical pencil

A funny advertising scam, designed for the narrow-minded. Looks cool, but requires the ability to fight. Plus, you will have to let your opponent come even closer than if you had a stun gun in your hand. Can be worn to have something to break glass if necessary.

Brass knuckles

A dangerous thing if placed on the hands of anyone who knows how to fight. And absolutely useless as a means of situational self-defense. In addition, wearing it is prohibited by law, and it is even impossible to legally obtain a license for brass knuckles, unlike some types of bladed weapons, in Russia.

Legal weapon for self-defense without a license

The main property of official means of self-defense is the limitation of their destructive effect. Weapons of this type are designed to have a psychological impact on the attacker and cause minimal harm to his health. But when used skillfully, it will help avoid a dangerous situation before it even begins.

Gas canister

An effective and relatively affordable means of protection. It is a small can with the function of spraying a special product. Manufacturers may include chlorobenzalmalonodinitrile (CS) or oleoresin capsicum (OC) in its composition. The action of the first is aimed at irritating the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and eyes. OC upon contact with skin provokes itching, can cause slight suffocation, and causes coughing. The latter is most effective for self-defense.

How to choose the right body armor: protection classes, materials and manufacturers

It is important to choose the right gas canister according to the type of spray:

  • Aerosol. When the mixture is released, small drops are formed, the direction of which is highly dependent on the wind. Advantages – large affected area. Recommended for use against groups of people, packs of dogs, etc. Range – 1-1.5 m.
  • Jet-aerosol. It has a smaller radius of action, but when sprayed, larger droplets are obtained. Characterized by a weak respiratory effect. Effectiveness – up to 2 m.
  • Jet. When pressed, a narrowly directed jet is obtained. Recommended for use indoors. Range – up to 3 m.

The cost of a gas canister varies from 350 to 700 rubles. The most popular models are “Pepper 11-A”, “Sword”, “Foam Dragon”.

Stun gun

Hitting the attacker with an electric current using a special device will not cause him irreparable harm, but will disorient him for some time, and the functioning of the central nervous system will be unstable. To achieve this effect, you need to choose the right stun gun for self-defense.

Based on the type of action, they are divided into contact and remote. In the first case, the device comes into contact with the attacker with the active part, in the second, the electrodes are located on a detachable cartridge, which is fired back.

According to current regulations, stun guns are divided into three groups according to voltage and power parameters.

  1. 70-90 kV and 2-3 W.
  2. 50-70 kV and 1-2 W.
  3. 20-50 kV and 0.3-1 W.

Effectively use models belonging to the first group. It must be taken into account that if there is a large amount of clothing, the discharge may not penetrate the attacker’s skin. Also, when using a stun gun, safety rules must be followed.

The average price for popular models varies from 1,600 to 12,000 rubles. For self-defense, they most often purchase “ViperTek”, “Top-Gun”, “Taser”.

Household knife

The use of a household knife as a means of self-defense is extremely undesirable. Handling this type of weapon requires professional skill and practice. There is no need to think that it is a means of preventive defense - the sight of a knife will not always scare away attackers. At the same time, they can be seriously injured, even fatally.

How to choose a gas spray for self-defense - which option is better and why?

A knife does not belong to the category of edged weapons if it meets the following basic characteristics:

  • the absence of a tip or its placement above the butt line by 5 (10) cm for a blade length of up to 180 mm (from 180 mm);
  • if the blade is shorter than 90 mm;
  • with a handle less than 70 mm;
  • lack of sharpened blade.

This is just a number of characteristics, an extended list of which is given in GOST 51215-98.

Means of self-defense. What weapons can you have with you?

A monstrous incident in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The children played with a loaded hunting rifle. A shot rang out, blood sprayed out... Don’t think that this is an incredible incident and that this will never happen again anywhere.

If you believe the just published data from the Swiss Institute of International Studies, in Russia there are 13 million firearms in the hands of the population. Almost every 10th. Moreover, according to experts, only individual trunks were purchased under license and stored as required. That is, the threat - to us and our children - is much more serious than it seems.

Report by Yuri Chukhin.

Sasha Artyukhin celebrates the beginning of the new school year at the medical hospital. The boy has been confined to a hospital bed for a month and a half now. “Your son was born wearing a shirt,” the doctors told Irina Dmitrievna. A weapon shot from one and a half meters literally hit the child.

Irina Artyukhina, mother of Sasha Artyukhin: “The shot flew right through. It flew in front, flew out from behind, but the child still has the pellets. The operation was performed, but there was no hope that he would remain alive.”

When Irina Artyukhina was informed that her nine-year-old son had been taken to intensive care with a gunshot wound, the woman was in shock. To be wounded in their quiet, peaceful village, as if hostilities had begun in Buturlino, I couldn’t imagine this even in a nightmare.”

Irina Artyukhina, mother of Sasha Artyukhin: “I didn’t even think about a gun, the fact that the child could be shot through. The child's kidney was removed. Part of the liver. The kidney was completely crushed by the shot and the doctors were forced to remove the kidney and part of the liver. The shock wave hit the lung.”

Sasha himself does not seem to understand now that he was on the verge of death. He talks about everything as if it were a child’s game: friend Andryushka invited him to visit him, took his father’s gun out of the house and began to play around.

Sasha Artyukhin: “He aimed at me on purpose and shot me on purpose, but it seems to me that he didn’t know that there was real shot. He probably thought there were single people there.”

Then everything is like a fog. Something flew out of the gun barrel.

Sasha Artyukhin: “I didn’t see what flew. As soon as he pressed, it was all in my blood.”

This yard, from this window, twelve-year-old Andryushka Kochetov pulled out a gun when his parents were not at home, Artyukhin Sr. shows. The keys to the safe were in a visible place. It was not difficult for the teenager to get the loaded barrel. The father of the wounded child bears no grudge against the youngest would-be shooter.

Alexander Artyukhin, father of Sasha Artyukhin: “Why blame the children? The father is to blame and no one else, what will you take from them, from the children? It was necessary to store the keys and the cartridges and the gun properly.”

The police have already opened a criminal case regarding the careless storage of firearms. Literally two days before the tragedy, the local police officer checked how Sergei Kochetov, Andrei’s father, kept his weapons. And then everything was fine. The key to the safe is securely hidden so that children will not find it, and the gun is without live ammunition.

Sergei Krivoruchko, head of the Buturlinsky district police department: “There were no complaints against the owner of the weapon from the local police officer. The boy’s father had a hunting license.”

It is unknown whether the owner of the gun went hunting on the day when the fatal shot rang out. Now the Kochetov family refuses to communicate with the press. This is how the unfortunate shooter’s mother tried to explain herself when, after the shot, her son Sasha Artyukhin was taken away in an ambulance.

Elena Kochetova, mother of Andrei Kochetov: “Tea, the police checked, everything is fine with him, the safe, everything. And the keys are all hidden. Well, they found them. Who knows how they found them? They were together. There would have been someone else, even though he would have been a witness. And they were together.”

Obviously, the answer to how a deadly weapon could end up in the hands of children will be given by the court. However, the matter is unlikely to be limited to just one trial.”

The parents of the injured boy intend to file a claim for compensation for moral and material damage. So it’s hard to say when this dramatic story will end.

Host: What could be more valuable than the feeling of complete security, even if you have to defend your own safety with arms in hand? But it's not that simple. There are a lot of prohibitions, restrictions, and special conditions. There are ongoing debates in society about whether it is possible to distribute guns to everyone, and whether this will lead to the tragedies that constantly occur in the USA? A child secretly brings his parents' carbine or gun to school and makes a real-life horror movie. We invited an experienced journalist specializing in weapons, Alexander Kudryashov, to understand this complex problem. What does world experience say? Does it always lead to fewer crimes when people have guns?

Guest: No, there is no direct correlation, that the more weapons or the fewer weapons, the more crimes. Most likely, there is still a culture of handling weapons, like any high-risk item; if people know how to handle them, then it is quite safe.

Host: What means of self-defense can you buy in Russia without the right, without permission?

Guest: Without the right or permission, we will be able to buy electric shocks and spray cans, gas cans.

Host: How effective are they in protecting their property, their lives, their health?

Guest: The spray can is quite an effective weapon, so to speak. The only thing you need to remember the basic conditions is not to use it against the wind and not to use it in enclosed spaces, because in rooms such as an elevator or a car it will harm not only the attacker, but also the one who is defending.

Host: And if you get all the certificates and go through all the required procedures, what weapons can you have?

Guest: You can purchase a gas pistol, a traumatic pistol, a smoothbore weapon, and after 5 years of owning a smoothbore weapon you can purchase a rifled weapon. For self-defense, you can only use gas, traumatic and smooth-bore weapons. Carved weapons are either sporting or hunting.

Host: Is it necessary to somehow train or undergo any special tests?

Guest: When you get a permit, you will have to pass an exam on your knowledge, so to speak, of the rules for handling weapons and the laws of using weapons. And, strictly speaking, that’s all.

Host: What do you advise women for their self-defense?

Guest: If a woman does not want to get permission, after all, this procedure is quite lengthy, then the most effective are, apparently, aerosol cans.

Host: In general, to protect a house, dacha, apartment, car, what is better to have so as not to harm yourself?

Guest: The simpler the weapon, the longer it will take you to master it and the more often you will have to train. A knife, and even, in principle, a shock, electroshock weapon that we sell, is still a contact weapon, and you will have to engage in combat and make contact with the attacker in order to use it, and this is still negative, so to speak , means for weapons. It’s still better to have a weapon that works at some distance.

Host: If a weapon is used, do I need to prove that I did it justifiably?

Guest: Yes, definitely. After using a weapon, especially a weapon that requires a license, you are required by law to call the police after using it and even provide first aid if you see that the person is really unwell.

Host: Even from traumatic weapons there can be severe damage, right?

Guest: Yes, “Wasp” can easily lead to a fracture, and if shot in the head, even to death.

Host: And in what percentage of cases does a person who has some kind of weapon, a means of self-defense, manage to use it during an attack?

Guest: This is more of a psychological problem. Not everyone is ready to use it, even if they wear it. Many seem not even ready to wear it. We did research. Yes, and not everyone is ready to carry a weapon with them. And many of those who wear it, he simply feels that he is kind of protected, yes, and he has some kind of chance, but they are not ready to morally apply it even to a person who wants to cause him some harm.

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