10 best tourist gas burners. Hiking portable models Optimus, Kovea, Pathfinder, etc.

PlaceNameCharacteristics in the rating
Gas burners on a can
1Optimus Crux LitePower 3000 W
2Kovea Alpine Pot WideWith a bowl
3Kovea KB-0808 FiremanWith adjustment
Gas burners with piezo ignition
1Fms-200, piezoPortable type
2Primus Frigg w.PiezoWith threaded cylinder mount
3Primus EasyFuel Duo PiezoHigh power
Hiking tourist burners
1Kovea TKB-9209 Backpackers StoveWith four legs
2Pathfinder-GTP-N03For various household needs
3Fire-Maple FMS-103For cartridges
4Optimus Crux Lite PZLight weight

Which gas burner is best for camping?

Read about how to choose the best gas burner and not make a mistake.

Gas consumption of household tourist gas burners

There is a certain relationship here: the larger the tourist group, the larger the volume of cooking utensils. The larger the saucepans and kettles, the wider, more stable and durable the gas burner should be.

Compact and lightweight samples are aimed at solo hikes and work with small dishes of modest volume. This is enough for a pot with a small bottom and a mug. Such a flame will not heat the handles and it will be easier to remove the item from the burner.

Travel ration

In this case, not everything is as simple as it seems. Some very simple dishes are quite difficult to prepare in the field. For example, cooking cereals, milk porridges, stews, noodles requires the use of gas burners with a wide divider. This ensures uniform heating of the bottom and the dish does not burn. If you plan to extinguish something, pay attention to the smooth adjustment of the flame.

If the team's diet consists of foods that do not require lengthy cooking, then the equipment will only need to effectively boil water. Here you can even take a budget one, the main thing is that the device suits you in terms of weight.

Gas burners with wind protection

Expected weather operating conditions also leave their mark on the choice. This question is especially relevant for those who plan to cook at temperatures below zero. Today, manufacturers offer a lot of solutions that ensure stable operation in cold weather (fuel heating, etc.). Check whether there is a built-in windbreak or whether a windbreak can be installed in accordance with all safety standards.

Efficiency and weight of a household gas burner with a cylinder

No matter how hard manufacturers try, most portable gas cylinders are not as lightweight as we would like. Often the weight of even one cylinder far exceeds the weight of the burner used.

The following can be said about this:

  • on long routes and travel, especially with a large team, you need to take gas burners with maximum operating efficiency. They boil water quickly, consuming a minimum of fuel. This way you will reduce the required number of cylinders;
  • If you have a difficult mountain hike or ascent ahead, the issue of efficient fuel consumption becomes even more acute. In the mountains, ice and snow become the main source of water; their kindling will require gas. Additional consumption is caused by the lack of oxygen in the rarefied air.

Packaging volume

This is relevant for cycling and water tourism, since the space for storing “luggage” is very limited. Pay attention to the burner’s packaging capabilities and dimensions, which will make it possible to quickly set up a field kitchen without digging around in a backpack bag.

Compatible with different cylinder standards

This problem can be solved by purchasing appropriate adapters. There are burners whose mounts work with a threaded standard or a threadless mount. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all, so choose a portable torch that is designed for a specific range of conditions and tasks.

In general, you can opt for:

  • gas burners;
  • burners with a hose;
  • integrated cooking systems.

In this case, take into account three main standards: threaded (Lindal), threadless with bayonet fastening, threadless collet.

Brief information on the manufacturers included in the rating:

  • Optimus is a Swedish company. Manufacturer of industrial, tourist, and household burners with many years of experience.
  • Kovea is a South Korean company. Specializes in the production of gas equipment and related products.
  • Fire- Maple – specializes in camping burners. The company produces gasoline, gas and multi-fuel models, ideal for extreme travel.
  • SLEDOPYT is a Russian company whose gas burners are simple and easy to use. They are characterized by a reliable design.
  • JetBoil is an American manufacturer of smart burners. Brings integrated food preparation systems to market. I am inclined to unceremoniously ignore the principle of “wholesale is cheaper”.

Gas burners on a can

Tourist gas burner Optimus Crux Lite

Optimus Crux Lite with Piezo is a powerful burner supplied complete with independent piezo ignition. Crux Lite is lightweight, which I think is a significant advantage. The piezo ignition weighs 14 g and produces 2,500 sparks .

Thanks to the special design, you can use it by pointing it upward. I find this very convenient, because... this ensures safety for hands, which are always kept away from the flame. Piezo ignition can be used in relation to gas or liquid fuel burners.

Why is there a piezo element in this model? The first reason: increased versatility. There are restrictions on the operation of piezo ignitions. For example, their work may not be effective at high humidity levels. Another reason: increased service life.


  • the burner has a strong body;
  • the gas supply can be adjusted as precisely as possible using a practical handle, even if you use gloves;
  • The burner weighs about 72 g.

Other technical properties:

  • fuel: gas;
  • boiling time for 1 liter of water: 3 minutes;
  • power: 3,000 Watt;
  • continuous operation time at maximum power: 90 minutes (gas cylinder for tourist burner 220 g);
  • weight: 86 g;
  • dimensions: 56 x 71 x Ø 57 mm.

The cost is 3,563 ₽.

Gas portable camping burner Kovea Alpine Pot Wide

Kovea KB-0703W Alpne Pot Wide is a system that has many advantages. First of all, I want to highlight among them the presence of a special heat exchanger welded to the bottom of the pan. It allows you to conduct heat from the fire twice as efficiently. This ensures that 1 liter of water boils within 3 minutes .

Thanks to its low power, the burner operates without interruption in cold weather, as there is less cooling of the cylinder and easier maintenance of power. In addition, gas is consumed twice as slowly with the same boiling time.

The wind does not blow out the pillar of flame, since the latter is located inside the device. Heat losses are extremely small. The boiling of water can be monitored through the transparent lid of the pan . And even if boiling water overflows, it is possible to safely turn off the burner using the power regulator, which extends outside the pan.

I note that thanks to the neoprene case, you can handle the system without gloves. In addition, there are practical folding handles that are securely welded to the pan, allowing you to safely pour boiling water into the cup. Rigid fastening of the burner and gas cylinder to the bottom of the pan is guaranteed .


  • weight: 510 g;
  • diameter: 11 cm;
  • power: 1.01 kW;
  • piezo ignition: yes;
  • fuel consumption: 75 g/h;
  • fuel: gas.

The cost is 9,800 rubles.

Camping gas burner for bottled gas Kovea KB-0808 Fireman

KB-N0808 Fireman Stove is a model of a non-removable gas burner. Stainless steel body, light weight (only 87.5 g), acceptable power (2.16 kW) - all this makes this gas burner, in my opinion, an ideal option for preparing hot food for one/two people.

A strong plastic transport box provides reliable protection against mechanical stress. An integrated piezoelectric element is not provided in this model. Matches, a lighter or a KI-1007 Igniter piezo, suitable for any burner model, can be used.

Strong fixation of dishes with bases of different diameters (metal cup, pan with a small volume) is ensured by folding steel supports in the amount of 3 pieces. The flame intensity is adjusted using a convenient metal handle.

Properties of KB N 0808:

  • Stainless steel combined with lightweight aluminum alloy makes the case strong, lightweight and durable;
  • the absence of plastic elements guarantees the wear resistance of the burner (steel parts do not melt during operation);
  • a vertical flame from a burner with a diameter of 12 cm ensures fast cooking or boiling water, minimizing heat loss.

Other characteristics:

  • weight: 88 g;
  • power: 2.16 kW;
  • size: 54x54x100;
  • gas consumption: 158 g/h.

The cost is 1,300 rubles.

How to choose a camping gas burner or mini-stove?

For your information! Well-known manufacturers of functional equipment for cooking in outdoor conditions offer customers many models of stoves and burners.

All of them are distinguished by a compact and ergonomic design, an optimal set of options and an affordable price.

However, when choosing a device, it is important to take into account a number of characteristics that determine its operation. The following parameters deserve special attention:

  • power
    . On average, 1 kW of heat power is required to prepare 1 liter of product. Therefore, calculating the required power of the device will not be difficult. According to experts, the ideal option for a small company would be a gas appliance with an indicator of 1.5-2.5 kW;
  • fuel consumption
    . The less time a device needs to cook food or heat water, the greater the gas consumption. This parameter can be indicated in the form of the time during which one liter of water boils, or expressed in the form of gas consumption per hour of operation. The buyer will be able to find out information about fuel costs in the technical passport attached to the device;
  • dimensions of the structure
    . The permissible width of the dishes used for cooking, as well as its possible volume, depends on the size of the hob. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, you should use the recommendations of specialists. If the device is purchased for preparing various dishes for 6-7 people, it is better to choose a unit whose cooking surface width allows you to install a capacity of 5 liters;
  • weight
    . Depends on the size of the housing, the materials used, the area of ​​the burner and the presence or absence of a built-in reservoir. In specialized stores you can find models from 800 g to 2 kg. But it is important to consider that when going on a hike, the user will have to carry the structure himself, which is not always convenient;
  • safety
    . High-quality equipment must be equipped with a gas leak prevention function, an option to protect against an incorrectly installed gas cylinder and a built-in overpressure safety valve;
  • presence of piezo ignition
    . Most modern gadgets for cooking while camping are equipped with a function that allows you to ignite fuel on the burner with one press of a button. The presence of this option makes working with the device more comfortable and allows you to save matches. However, with increased humidity levels, the piezoelectric element may fail;
  • equipment
    . Some manufacturers supplement their equipment with removable windproof covers, a plastic case for compact storage and transportation, as well as an adapter for connecting the unit to external gas sources. Gas cylinders and protective covers are purchased separately.

Gas burners with piezo ignition

Portable burner Fms-200, piezo

A portable burner that, despite its small size, is powerful. Equipped with piezo ignition. I would like to draw your attention to the usable area for dishes – 136 mm . This is the highest figure of all modern gas burners without a hose. This level is ensured due to the paired system of holder legs. They, in combination with the teeth, allow for better fixation of the dishes, preventing them from moving during cooking.

The model has an elongated body and a flat burner. Even using combined fuels, the power of the device remains high. Piezoelectric ignition prolongs the service life of the fuse. It makes ignition easier.

The portable burner has a nipple . Even with regular connection and disconnection of the replacement cartridge, fuel loss can be avoided. The modification is suitable for working with threaded replaceable cartridges. Can be connected to collet cylinders using an adapter.

Advantages that I would like to note:

  • simple flame regulator;
  • diameter: 136 mm;
  • height: 85 mm;
  • weight: 108g;
  • power: 2800 W;
  • It takes 3 minutes 40 seconds to boil 1 liter of water;
  • fuel: gas;
  • material: stainless steel.

The cost of the burner is 3200 rubles.

Gas burner for camping Primus Frigg w Piezo

Primus Frigg with piezo is a safe gas burner for camping from Primus, equipped with a strong carrying handle. Has a valve with a regulator and piezo ignition . Fits in your pocket. Valve control improves performance in cold and fuel-starved conditions. The set includes a gas adapter for the cylinder.

Please note that the model is suitable for large pots and pans. The windscreen is equipped with drainage holes. Thanks to this, the fire continues to burn, even if the contents of the pan have “escaped.” The package includes an adapter for a Russian cylinder .

The design is simple. I consider it an advantage that starting the device takes a matter of seconds. The burner itself works flawlessly. Used for industrial applications and in the operation of heating boilers.


  • power: 1700W;
  • weight: 750 g;
  • dimensions: 225 x 90 mm;
  • Piezo ignition: present.

The price is 4500 rubles.

Portable camping gas burner with Primus EasyFuel Duo Piezo cylinder

The Primus MicronTrail Stove gas burner combines a convenient format, lightness, durability and performance.

I think the model is quite compact. It can fit in your breast pocket and can boil a liter of water in 3 minutes . The narrowly targeted, fast fire seems to be specially created for convenient work in the wind and is ideally compatible with boilers.

The folding handle is quite long, which I find a plus as it protects my hands from burns. The regulator allows you to control boiling as precisely as possible.

You can choose from three options:

  • MicronTrail without piezo igniter (to facilitate burner design);
  • with piezo igniter for greater practicality in use;
  • with piezo ignition and adjustable valve for productivity.

The adjustable valve helps improve the functioning of the device in case of low fuel level in the gas cylinder or at sub-zero temperatures. Equipped with a bag for transportation and storage.


  • power: 3000 Watt;
  • boiling time for 1 liter of water: 3 minutes;
  • weight: 346 g;
  • size: 160x100x90 mm;
  • piezo ignition: yes;
  • optimal for: 1-4 people;

The cost is 9,600 rubles.

Types of tourist burners

There are 3 types of burners for tourism:

  • Gas burners are the most popular type of burners. Because they do not require special maintenance and are quite easy to operate. They run on isobutane and propane. Screw onto regular valves with threads from gas cylinders.
  • Liquid fuel - connect to fuel containers that are intended for repeated use. Almost all run on gasoline. Sometimes kerosene or diesel fuel is used. A liquid fuel burner can operate on many types of fuel, so if you are going on a long hike, it will be more practical than a gas burner. Because gas can be very difficult to get. This type is great for cooking in the mountains.
  • Multi-fuel - you can use both gas and gasoline. Such models can be purchased for hikes of any complexity. True, they are much more expensive than other types.
  • Solid fuel - filled with special fuel in the form of tablets. This type of fuel must be carried with you at all times.

The best tourist gas burners

Portable gas burner with piezo ignition Kovea TKB-9209 Backpackers Stove

The Kovea Backpackers Stove TKB-9209-1 gas burner is one of the lightest and most compact representatives of non-removable burners without piezo ignition, the cylinder to which is screwed directly onto .

Convenient folding legs make the Kovea Backpackers Stove TKB-9209-1 comfortable for a novice traveler or cyclist, since its low weight and convenient packaging volume will allow you to rationally use the space in your travel backpack. Please note that it is possible to use an adapter with a Cobra Adapter hose to connect the torch to collet type cylinders.

4 comfortable feet will ensure comfort when cooking , and a powerful directed flame flow in the burner head will eliminate the possibility of being blown out by the wind.

Characteristics and equipment:

  • weight: 190 g;
  • diameter: 14 cm;
  • power: 2 kW;
  • gas preheating: no;
  • piezo ignition: no;
  • fuel consumption: 146 g/h;
  • fuel: gas.


  • burner.
  • transport case.
  • user manual.

I consider the advantages of the burner:

  • affordable price;
  • compactness;
  • ease of transportation;
  • no breaking parts;
  • minimum fuel loss;
  • possibility of connecting the burner to collet-style cylinders.

Disadvantages of the burner:

  • lack of overpressure valve;
  • no gas preheating.

The cost is 2000 rubles.

Household gas burner SLEDOPYT-GTP-N03

Gas burners "SLEDOPYT-GTP" are small-sized household gas burners for working with a cylinder. The flame temperature of the main torch is 1300C.

N01 series burners are equipped with piezoelectric ignition . With this system, the burner can be used at different angles, freely turning in any direction. The same manufacturer is also known for its gas tourist burner (gas mini burner) Pathfinder.


  • weight 135 g;
  • the possibility of free rotation is absent;
  • piezoelectric ignition – yes;
  • optimal fuel consumption 80 g/h;
  • burner dimensions – 15о by 40 by 60 mm;
  • burner power – 1.0 kW;
  • flame temperature 1300 degrees.

Options for operating the burner for the necessary needs:

  • with metal components:
  • heating, burning and glowing of pipes, rods, threads on connections
  • defrosting metal pipes with frozen water
  • soldering and welding with copper and tin solders

With wood products:

  • creating decor;
  • treatment of wooden buildings to destroy fungus and pests;
  • for kindling charcoal, wood in the stove.

On a personal plot:

  • to destroy ant colonies.
  • burning hay and leaves.

Note that the device can also be used for cooking.

The SLEDOPYT-GTP burner costs 600 rubles.

Tourist gas burner Fire-Maple FMS-103

The portable gas burner is a lightweight and powerful unit. The difference between this model was the narrow and high flame jet . With this combustion option, the efficiency of the device increases significantly.

The design of the gas burner is minimalist. Please note that the model has a built-in mechanism for protecting the flame from the wind. The burner legs are designed so that when folded they take up little space.


  • unfolded: height 80 mm diameter 123 mm;
  • folded: height 95.5 mm diameter 70 mm;
  • gas burner weight: 103 g;
  • gas burner power: 3000 W.

The FMS-103 gas burner is equipped with a mechanism that protects the device from loss of fuel when changing the cartridge. Due to this, fuel consumption is reduced, which allows you to stretch its quantity for the maximum possible time. Those cartridges that have a thread are suitable for the burner . If you have a special adapter, you can attach a collet cylinder to the model.

The price of the unit is 1300 rubles.

Multi-fuel tourist burners

Sterno Single Burner

It is a universal and portable burner. Costs $50. This model is considered reliable for backpacking trips. It can be refueled with various fuels: charcoal, dry fuel, firewood, gas, gasoline. A wide metal grate provides a large cooking area. It can be used as a grill. There is also built-in wind protection. It will last for many years if used carefully.

Sterno Single Burner


  • Cheap;
  • Wind protection;
  • Can cook with any fuel;
  • Large cooking area.


  • Weak power.

Kovea Booster

This burner from a Korean company is not cheap, but it is of high quality. Its characteristics speak for themselves:

  • Costs about $140;
  • Power 3 kW;
  • The diameter of the burner is 19 centimeters;
  • Weighs 306 grams (with accessories 520 grams).

It is almost entirely made of stainless steel, and comes with a container for liquid fuel. In addition, there is a pump, a transport case and a lubricant.

Kovea Booster


  • You can refuel with either gas or gasoline;
  • Lightweight;
  • Wide range of equipment.


  • High price;
  • Weak power.
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