How to diversify your leisure time - 100 best ways

Why is it important to keep yourself busy?

Even a happy and completely satisfied person is capable of finding some shortcomings in himself. This will not happen if he does not have time for boredom and stupid thoughts. From childhood, parents try to keep their children busy with various clubs: they send some to dance, others to football, and others to music school. Most families explain this with a simple phrase: “So that there is no time for all sorts of nonsense.” Although the older generation doesn’t think that way about itself. After work, people lie down in front of the TV and absorb the television, but they could spend this time usefully.

The modern world is very dangerous for those who are consumed by boredom. A person dissatisfied with life with a lot of free time is easily drawn into dysfunctional organizations, which ends rather pitifully. Therefore, it is very important to think about what to do when you are bored at home.


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How to find something to do in your free time

How to force yourself to work when you don’t feel like it at all

There are countless activities in the world. Everyone can choose something suitable and exciting for themselves, an activity that will help them relax and have fun.

At home

What to do with yourself at home, having some free time, everyone decides for themselves, based on their abilities. You can explore new creative ideas or do things you already know:

  • Master painting. It is not necessary to immediately buy canvases, an easel, a palette and brushes. You can start small - with a pencil sketch. More than 30% of beginning artists give up because they lack imagination. If it’s difficult to come up with an object to draw, you can use other people’s paintings you like and try to repeat them. Successful specimens can add variety to the interior.
  • Propagate indoor plants. They can enrich the air in the room with oxygen, decorate the home, and please the eye. Studying plant varieties, rules for caring for them, and lists of useful fertilizers requires time and detailed attention. The result can be a source of pride and pleasure.


  • Try yourself in poetry or prose. Writing your own book in your free time is, at first glance, an impossible undertaking. Once you start writing down vivid stories from life, diluting them with your own dreams and conjectures, your first light book is ready, which you can later even try to publish to the masses and get additional income for it.

At work

Sometimes it is useful to think about what you can do at work when you have nothing to do. If the working day is organized in such a way that you can cope with responsibilities in a short time, and there is a lot of time left until the end of the day, you can come up with something to do to avoid getting bored and go out smoking with colleagues less often:

  • clean up your documents, your desk, wipe your computer, water your flowers - all this will help you keep your workplace looking attractive and have an ideal list of tasks;
  • read literature that improves the level of qualifications, thanks to which it will be possible to increase professionalism and earn a more prestigious position;
  • Do exercises for your eyes, back, hands and neck.


Additional income

Keep on hand a list of small tasks that you can complete partially or completely in your free time. During this period, you will concentrate on completing a task and you will be able to advance in it several times faster and further. If you have a few short breaks to work really productively and earn a low amount of additional or main money, use them.

Determine what work you have that needs to be done and that will bring money, break it into small pieces so that you can complete each stage within 5 - 10 minutes and just do it, do it little by little.

Useful and interesting hobby

How to become a team leader at work and in life

A useful hobby is something you want to do when you’re bored, and at the same time get a lot of fun. A person who has a hobby, and not even one, will never be bored, and besides, a hobby is always a good way to make new friends.

For women

Among the interesting women's hobbies are:

  • Playing sports, without having to go to the gym and spend money on a membership. You can quite successfully improve stretching while listening to pleasant music, do swings, squats, and devote time to your abs. The body will only thank you for this.
  • Embroidery according to the template. Even those who do not have the imagination for their own patterns can easily use ready-made sets of embroidery patterns, which will result in magnificent colored paintings that can be framed and hung on the walls.
  • Weaving with beads. The opinion of those who believe that only girls 12-14 years old can do such things is wrong. In childhood, everything just begins and develops; older girls and women can master the technique of weaving amazing figures, flower bouquets and funny animals.

For men

Men can also find something they like, but more useful than watching gangster series on TV and political debates. If you have a lot of free time, you need to choose what to do with benefit so that your valuable time does not go to waste:

  • in the evening, when there is no energy for carpentry work, you can expand your knowledge by starting to read a useful book, even if it is fiction, which is only suitable as entertainment, nevertheless, it will be more useful than TV;
  • ask your wife what help she needs in everyday life: perhaps she has been suffering from creaking hinges on interior doors for 10 years;
  • A great way to spend time having fun is to collect models of airplanes, ships or cars, to choose from. Even when a man is 40 years old, at heart he is always a boy who is interested in creating real masterpieces from details;


  • use the experience of bloggers on the Internet to make the best decision before starting repairs;
  • walk around the apartment to know how many electrical appliances the household plugs into one outlet at the same time, whether the power consumption corresponds to that for which the wire in the wall is designed - this will protect you from boredom and save the house from a fire.

Additional Information. If you have children, you should definitely do crafts with them that only a father can do (with a real hammer, electrical tape or self-tapping screws). This will increase the children's level of respect and admiration for dad, who has so many tools.


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What is the difference between a hobby and leisure time?

How to find yourself and your purpose in life: what does it mean and where to start

A hobby is something that one wants to occupy oneself with in one’s free time at home, something that a person strives for, and is used to having fun with. He knows everything about his hobby; there are no nuances that would not interest him.

Leisure is a one-time activity, a random choice made in order to have fun. Some informal meeting, a trip on an excursion, or a walk in the park can be chosen as leisure activities. Sometimes leisure time occupies a person, captivates him and turns into a hobby.

What can you do at home?

From tips aimed at growth in the future, let's move on to simple things.

  1. Dream . Lack of sleep has a bad effect on performance and mood. An hour or two of sleep during the day improves well-being, increases vigor and activity.
  2. House cleaning . From purely hygienic moments (vacuuming, wiping windows, tidying up the table, sorting out things lying around) to more energy-intensive ones - rearranging or repairing furniture, re-pasting wallpaper, painting walls, etc.

What to do if you have a lot of free time

A large amount of free time should be occupied with deep hobbies. If a man doesn’t know how to entertain himself and still has a lot of free time, he can try his hand at fishing. There are a lot of advantages in this business: privacy, nature, fresh air, male company, and fresh food on the table. This type of holiday is relevant even in winter.


Women on maternity leave often suffer from the fact that their work life has been replaced by crying babies and diapers, and self-realization has reached a dead end. For such girls, there is an opportunity to master knitting from wool - and the child can always create a new wardrobe item, and his free time, while the baby is sleeping, will be occupied with a quiet activity.

Outdoor activities ideas

Let's consider options on how to spend a weekend for lovers of outdoor activities.

  1. Take part in extreme sports. Go skydiving and kayaking. Enjoy visiting a fair or amusement park located near your home.

  2. Take part in amateur competitions. For this purpose, it will not take much time to check the local newspaper the day before to find out where nearby in the city there will be volleyball, basketball, football, darts, bowling, disc golf games to participate in for the upcoming weekend.
  3. Visit an quest room, if there is one in your city, and get a lot of impressions.
  4. Visit the dance floor. Take a dance lesson, swing salsa for an unforgettable experience. Perhaps there will be a dance master class nearby, where it will always be interesting to take part. This is an excellent physical activity in the morning, and in the evening you can go to the bar, sit and relax with friends.
  5. If you are a man and you have your own car, spend time on it, because a car, like a woman, always requires attention.
  6. Learn new meditation techniques for relaxation right at home, and in the evening pamper yourself in a fragrant warm bath.

Income-generating hobby

Some of the profitable ways to entertain yourself include:

  • fishing;
  • knitting wardrobe items;
  • seasonal cultivation of vegetable and garden crops in the country;
  • writing test papers for college and technical school students;
  • copywriting;
  • walking pets;
  • Providing childcare services for neighboring children who did not receive a place in kindergarten.

The only condition that you should pay attention to when choosing a type of activity for money is that it should bring pleasure, otherwise it will turn into a second poorly paid job.

Explore the world around you

Those who constantly use different gadgets rarely notice changes in the world around them. While traveling on the subway, you can study other people, notice their beauty and individuality. It is advisable to replace trips in transport with walks, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Only attentiveness and openness allow people to notice changes in weather and seasons, observe the behavior of animals and people. This attitude towards the world will fill life with bright colors and extraordinary discoveries.

Why is boredom dangerous?

The danger of boredom is that the emptiness is usually filled with simple ideas. There may be a feeling of one’s own uselessness, a false lack of friends, self-esteem will gradually decrease, and as a result the person will be completely consumed by laziness. If you can’t figure out how to entertain yourself on your own when you’re bored at home, you can always call your friends and discuss the past day over a cup of tea.

Attention! Bad thoughts creep into an empty head. Where there is no strength for thought and idea, the work of the old woman Shapoklyak will always live.

The most common result of frequent boredom is complete absorption in laziness. It is extremely difficult to get out of this state. Apathy, pathological fatigue, drowsiness develop, which causes the heart to work worse, blood pressure decreases, tinnitus appears every time you get up from the couch, all this is accompanied by constant dizziness.

The most difficult and at the same time simple thing for everyone is not to succumb to boredom and not allow laziness to take over the body, instead, come up with a useful hobby and really get sick of it. This will be an excellent salvation from early aging, sclerosis and various age-related diseases of the nervous system. A person creates his own life, organizes work and leisure. The main thing in this matter is not to be lazy and get the most out of life.

Play sports

Many modern people suffer from excess weight, and also rarely go for walks, as they do not pay enough attention to physical activity. It is advisable to exercise at least twice a week. To do this, you don’t have to go to the gym, as you can go to the pool or ride a bike.

Do not swear or promise: what else cannot be done on January 3, the day of St. Peter

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Turkey and cheesecake. Signature holiday recipes from Natalia Podolskaya

In winter you can ski or skate. Even regular walking allows you to increase activity, which has a positive effect on your health and mood. Additionally, self-esteem and body image improve.

Keep a diary

This activity is quite interesting and unusual. It is good to write down your thoughts, ideas and plans in a diary. Additionally, you can describe in detail various serious events in your life in order to evaluate your emotions and feelings in the future.

Many experienced writers claim that it is by keeping a diary that they learn various life lessons that are quickly forgotten without a reminder in the form of text.

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