10 ways and tips - how can you diversify your life?

How to spice up your life: smile more often

To add variety to your life process, give it meaning and happiness, you need a smile to appear on your face more often. If you want this to happen, you need to do everything with joy that will make you smile. What brings joy is doing what you love, watching funny movies and, most importantly, making new acquaintances and communicating with everyone. There is no need to exist in gray everyday life; this is inherent in a robot. It’s best to try to look for what will bring you more happiness, especially since time spent on vacation, entertainment, or an unnecessary set of bad habits does not always bring it.

A person who has his own favorite pastime does not need rest or entertainment; he is already happier than those who like to have fun and harm their health with momentary pleasures.

Let you make new friends who will tell you how to diversify your life. Communicate, get acquainted and make those friends who will give you happiness. It’s all so simple: you need to be one team and conduct your business together. Surround yourself with people who, like you, are always looking for something new, and then it will be easy and simple for you to communicate with them.

Third week. Leaving your comfort zone

The third and final week will be about getting out of your comfort zone.

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There are only 3 ways to diversify your life, but they are not as simple as the previous ones. They should devote more time and effort.

3 ways to spice up your life in the third week

Challenge yourself

For example, eat exclusively vegetarian food for 7 days.

Make new acquaintances

The most effective dating methods:

  • Visit new places
  • Use dating sites
  • Meet people through social networks

Find a new hobby (hobby)

A passionate person is never bored. For example, I recently started mastering SEO optimization. Since my activity is related to website management, SEO optimization is simply necessary for me. Every day I improve my skills and knowledge in this area, and this cannot but please me.

Remember to rest

To relax, you don’t have to give up everything you’re doing and go on vacation to the Maldives. It's enough that you get out into the forest on the weekend.

Also, do not forget that the best way to relax is a change of activity.

Don't pay for Internet and cable TV

British researchers have found a recipe for how to diversify life: all you need to do is not pay for Internet and cable television services. And this works, especially in recent years, when the popularity of social networks is growing and people are directly connected to the Internet.

Want to argue? Please. The first thing you do when you cross the threshold of your home is to turn on your computer to check your email or view messages on social networking sites.

Try a little experiment. Well, are you ready? We are so used to the computer monitor that we are scared to think what will happen if the Internet suddenly disappears. This is true! And all this is due to the fact that we then get lost and cannot find another activity.

So, if you have the willpower to give up the Internet even for a short period of time, then you will understand how wonderful the world around you is. Remember the last time you had a book in your hands, were you at the theater, at a circus performance, or just on a picnic with friends or family? Everything is clear, you don’t have time for this, but you can sit for hours on the Internet, even despite the fact that you are tired.

You need to understand that your entire existence is sculpted by your own hands, and it’s up to you whether it will be gray and boring, and whether you risk not turning on the computer one day. But you just have to try it once, and you will see for yourself that hints will begin to appear in your subconscious on how to add variety to one evening, and then every day.

Become a foodie!

How often do we get used to one set of products in the supermarket, passing by the exotic? But isn’t it so difficult to try a new dish by preparing it at home? And you don’t have to take cooking courses; just find recipes on the Internet with good reviews and detailed videos.

The environment brings no less happiness. So, if you are used to eating in a hurry, perched in a corner of a table filled with various things, change the environment, learn how to serve, update the dishes, and turn every meal into an exquisite ritual.

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can ask the restaurant to recommend something more original than the usual Caesar salad.

Change your routine to add variety to your life

Hobby is your best friend

If you have something you love and spend most of your free time doing, you don’t notice how quickly it flies. It’s understandable, you are now puzzled by the question of how to diversify your life, and you lack exactly the thing that captivates you and gives you real pleasure and inspiration.

Then you should think about some desired activity. For example, knitting, embroidery, drawing or wood carving, or whatever, the choice is huge. Reflect in your spare time on what is closest to your liking, and be sure to do it.

There are times when people get not only pleasure from their favorite activity, but also a good income with the prospect of starting their own business. This often happens when a hobby turns into a full-time business. This is why people quit their day jobs and make changes in their lives for the better.

Relevance of the problem

Many of us periodically complain of boredom - they say that everything is boring, the routine has become boring, and there is no satisfaction amid the monotony. Boredom destroys not only a person’s personality, but also his relationships with other people. For example, scientists have found that one of the main reasons for the collapse of family life is routine. Needless to say, the cause of a creative crisis and a drop in labor productivity is also monotony and boredom. A person gets bored with literally everything, but instead of directly dealing with the problem, people begin to go “to the left,” drink alcohol, or simply turn into whiners who are pathetic to look at and don’t want to communicate at all.


In old age, people are more likely to regret not traveling than not earning a certain amount of money.

Start now, start saving, get a passport, look through the “hot offers” of tour operators!

Vacations don't have to be expensive. If you don’t have enough money for a plane, but your health allows it, you can buy a bus tour. It’s cheaper, but it will give you no less new emotions and impressions

Even in your country there are many interesting and beautiful places that you have not been to. Study the geography, sights and go!


How to spice up your married life

No matter how long you have been married, the most important thing is that your feelings do not end because of everyday life. If between you, as before, there is love and harmony, but the old feelings have faded away, then they are replaced by everyday life and moderation.

But there is no need to lose heart, because there are ways to add new colors to family relationships and remember that your other half is just as loved as in the old days.

Here are some tips on how to diversify the lives of spouses:

  1. Take an hour for your personal life
    . If both spouses have a busy life period, then it is necessary to constantly plan their day and even free time. You must not forget about family vacations and include them in your work schedule.
  2. Discuss your sexual relationship with each other
    . This is a very important point, since it is sex that affects the strengthening of your relationship in everything else.
  3. Treat each other with understanding
    . Are you able, for example, to pick up on each other's thoughts? Maybe not. So try this and you will be surprised to find out that you have the same wave tuned.

First week. Start with the little things in life

The name speaks for itself.

In order to diversify your existence, you do not need to rush headlong into vacation. All you need to do in the first week is make changes to your daily routine. For example, start doing everything with your left hand, or change your blue pen to a black one.

These tasks seem simple, but despite this, they perfectly enliven an established lifestyle and add variety.

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To make it clearer, below I have described a clear example of what the first 2 hours after waking up in these 7 days might look like:

  • 6:00 – Got up an hour earlier.
  • 6:10 – Brush my teeth with my left hand.
  • 6:30 – I picked up a book for the first time in a couple of months (and read a couple of pages).
  • 7:30 – I chose an unusual style of clothing.
  • 8:00 – Went to work or school along a new route.

I think the operating principle is clear - don’t get hung up on large-scale changes, but start with the little things.

Now I propose to consider 10 ways that will help diversify your life in the little things. Read them carefully and memorize them to put them into practice.

10 ways to spice up your life in the first week

Start getting up an hour earlier.

At this hour you have the opportunity to do those things for which you previously did not have enough time. Get up, brush your teeth, do exercises, make your bed, iron your shirt.

Thus, you will already have completed 5 tasks. Done! ☑ Done! ☑

Start using only your left hand (or right if you're left-handed).

Place a reminder on your desk, refrigerator, and toilet so you don't forget this rule. Seriously, this is very funny.

Change your route to work or school.

We have already become so accustomed to everyday routes there and back that it began to happen automatically. For this reason, we need to periodically change our routes.

Or go along the old path.

But just now try to notice those things that were previously ignored.

Change your wardrobe to a style that is unusual for you.

If you're used to black clothes, buy a couple of T-shirts in white or yellow.

Get a new haircut.

You don't have to dye your hair red. Just ask your hairdresser to cut it a little shorter.

Rearrange the furniture.

Pay attention to the design of your room. Maybe it's time to transform something?

Start using black pen paste.

Applies to schoolchildren and office workers. Do you agree that blue paste is already boring?

Practice new greeting gestures.

Instead of the usual handshake, “bump your fist.” In the context of coronavirus, it is recommended to greet people without touching at all.

In the evenings, start keeping a personal diary.

By following this system, every day you will notice new discoveries for yourself. Therefore, enter into your diary all your internal changes regarding the first week.

Such simple methods will help you prepare for future, more global changes.

If the city is suffocating you

Sometimes there is a feeling of stagnation, and you want to break out of the usual circle and live in another place. Don't be afraid to take risks! Try to settle temporarily in the city of your dreams first, for example, spend your vacation there before deciding to move for permanent residence. Falling in love with a new city and its atmosphere will fill you with new emotions.

Moving will help diversify your life

Bottom line: what positive do you get from what you did?

  1. Improving the emotional state of not only yours, but also those around you.
  2. Strengthening relationships between loved ones, friends, colleagues, and just passers-by.
  3. Finding new acquaintances, that is, expanding your social circle.
  4. Freshness in family relationships: uniting for a common cause.
  5. Newness is introduced into leisure activities.
  6. Building relationships with children, especially teenagers: solve all problems together.
  7. Children trust their parents more and listen to their opinions and advice.
  8. Discipline and the ability to make plans, properly managing your time.

That's all. Now you know how to diversify your life.

Downshifting in Russia

The word “Downshifting” has been heard by everyone who wondered how to learn to live without money. Imagine that a person can choose a certain lifestyle. There are only two options. The first represents a good job and a stable income, but with a rigid rhythm and framework imposed by society, rules of obedience and constant stress, as well as the cruel conditions of the metropolis. The second is a lower level of society, a modest income, no career growth, but in return - complete freedom and independence from the rules that society loves to establish.

Downshifters are people who are inclined towards the second option: a conscious renunciation of career and social status in the name of freedom of choice regarding a place to live, hobbies and family.

Downshifting (from the English words “down” and “shift”) is an automotive term that translates as “moving to a low limit.” As a phenomenon, it represents a rejection of the goals that society imposes on a person and the pursuit of one’s own worldview.

If society believes that a person should strive for success, wealth and stylish luxury goods, then downshifting involves giving up city life or a career, moving to nature or abroad and completely dedicating oneself to personal values ​​and spiritual growth.

As an example, we can cite the story of the Russian multimillionaire oligarch German Sterligov. A successful politician, businessman and public figure, the founder of Russian commodity life left his business and moved with his family to the Moscow region, where he built a house and farm. Tired of the race for success and position in society, he chose an activity that gave him freedom and psychological comfort.

German Sterligov is a former Russian businessman, now a Russian downshifter.

Downshifting in Russia differs from the global phenomenon, but its ideology remains the same. If in Europe downshifters mostly go on trips, then in Russia the idea of ​​moving to the outback, away from civilization, joining communes or religious groups, where the problem of lack of money is familiar to everyone, is more popular.

How do people live without money?

Continuing the theme of sensational stories of world-famous downshifters and simply people who successfully survive in civilization without money, we cannot fail to mention Heidemarie Schwermer and Raphael Fellmar.

Heidemarie Schwermer

Heidemarie Schwermer was born in 1942. At 53 years old, this unique woman decided to live without money. It was a conscious decision, made not under the pressure of circumstances, but as a result of long thoughts about the meaning of my life. Heidemarie called the owner of the apartment in which she lived, joyfully told him that she would no longer pay rent, gave away all her belongings, leaving herself only a suitcase with a change of clothes, three pairs of shoes, a small amount of cosmetics, a book and glasses, and began to live without money. She considered the issue of lack of money not a problem, but a liberation from shackles.

Heidemarie was a psychotherapist by profession and initially planned to provide psychotherapeutic consultations in exchange for food and accommodation, but it turned out that few people wanted to host their own psychotherapist. Then Heidemarie changed her approach and began washing windows, mowing lawns and doing other housework in exchange for food and shelter.

This approach fully justified itself: after a while, her talent as a psychotherapist was noticed and Heidemarie made her dream come true. Schwermer lived for almost 17 years without using a single cent. She had a reserve of 200 euros in case she still needed the money, but she did not use it. At a certain period of her life, she was assigned a pension, which she initially wanted to refuse, but then she accepted, but began to distribute money to those who really needed it.

The whole world learned about Heidemarie, newspapers, magazines and TV news channels became interested in her, thanks to which she got the opportunity to travel completely free of charge with lectures and readings in her specialty.

For 17 long years, Heidemarie Schwermer lived completely happily, proving to the whole world the immutability of her philosophy: money is far from the most important thing in life, but also a completely unnecessary thing with the right approach. Necessary food, clothing and shelter can be earned through personal labor, but time for creativity and spiritual development cannot be bought with money.

Heidemarie died quietly in 2016 from cancer at the age of 74, leaving the world her legacy: instructions for finding the meaning of life. It is noteworthy that throughout her life the woman was extremely rarely sick, explaining that illness is caused by stress, and stress is caused by the pursuit of money, which does not exist in her life. By giving up money, she found complete freedom and true happiness. She explained this refusal with the desire to expand human consciousness, freeing it from the harmful thought that everything in this world is decided by money.

Rafael Fellmar way

Rafael Felmar is known not only as a downshifter experimenter who conducted the “5 years without money” experiment, but also as one of the founders of food sharing, along with the German journalist and director Valentin Thurn.

Rafael Felmar, a social activist, spent five years of his life without money. All this time, together with his wife and small child, he ate edible waste. At first I rummaged through trash cans, then I began collaborating with cafes and shops that weekly and even daily threw out food that was still good but was approaching the end of its shelf life.

As a result of this experiment, Raphael made it clear to the public that supermarkets and catering establishments are wasting a huge amount of food, which would be enough to feed an impressive number of people in need. This is how the phenomenon of “food sharing” appeared.

Food sharing (English: foodsharing - from food “food”, share “to share”) is a socio-ecological project aimed at saving food in the literal sense of the word. Project volunteers connect stores and cafes with surplus unused food with people in need of food.

Food sharing appeared in Russia in 2015, while it has been known throughout the world since 2012. First appearing in Germany, it spread throughout Europe and received an incredible amount of response from people all over the world. In Italy and France, owners of large supermarkets were even obliged to enter into contracts with charitable organizations and donate excess food, otherwise the supermarket could receive a serious fine.

Thanks to the example of Rafael Felmar, the world realized that a huge amount of food products can be distributed wisely without harm to any of the parties: written-off products are already losses for organizations, but are still suitable for consumption.

What is monotony

Monotony is a regularly repeated algorithm of actions, devoid of spontaneity and variety. In ordinary life, we are used to calling this state a routine.

As a rule, this state implies regularity, monotony and predictability. The daily schedule of people leading a monotonous lifestyle is clearly calibrated and known in advance. Spontaneous affairs, meetings or trips rarely appear in it.

On the one hand, this format is good because it allows you to clearly plan your day and manage to accomplish everything planned. However, on the other hand, routine is fraught with the transformation of life into one big pattern.

The defining features of a monotonous life are:

  • indifference to everything that happens;
  • emotional burnout;
  • limited range of interests;
  • excessive conservatism;
  • loss of joy in life;
  • lack of bright events;
  • plateau effect in all areas of life;
  • loss of motivation;
  • lack of purpose.

A routine lifestyle does not contribute to the emergence of new interests, acquaintances and impressions. People stop experiencing memorable emotions, which are so necessary for feeling the fullness of life.

But the good news is that monotony can be overcome! And then we will tell you how to do this.

How to diversify your life: engage in self-development

Perhaps you know that nowadays there is educational literature in large quantities. Nowadays you don’t need to run to bookstores to buy books; you should go to the Internet, where there is a lot of free literature on any subject. All you need to do is download and print it. Try to explore the world using books, even those that are far from your profession.

You need to focus your attention on something new, for example, on design, handicrafts, growing indoor flowers, or start learning a foreign language. It is best to read general educational books to broaden your horizons.

You can also experiment in the kitchen. Make a new approach to already boring recipes, changing the ingredients, coming up with something of your own, unique. It would be a good idea to study the kitchen recipes of the peoples of our planet and implement them. If it is not possible to get original products, then try experimenting with affordable ones. It would be nice to get used to healthy and varied vegetarian cuisine.

Realizing your own thoughts will be a good help. Most likely, you are overcome by a variety of thoughts, you are always dreaming about something, for example, on Monday to start living in a new way, making some entries in your diary, planning a certain period of time.

Don't delay with your desires. Do everything you have in mind right now, not later, act decisively, immediately and confidently.

Let's look at the reasons for boredom:


It becomes boring when you do nothing.

Least favorite thing

People often fall asleep at jobs they don't like. When there is no interest, boredom appears. It seems that time drags on for a very long time, and the working day never ends.

Too much to do

You are constantly busy with something, and during the weekend or vacation you start to get bored.


You are used to getting up at the same time, having lunch in the same cafe, and walking in the same park. Remember that monotony is the main cause of boredom.

Is it really possible to live without money?

Life without money and without work cannot be called carefree, but it can definitely be beneficial, especially if the difficulties are temporary. After living a little in a mode of reduced opportunities, you can learn to save and plan a budget with minimal losses. It is not for nothing that many rich people, businessmen and oligarchs, live modestly and sometimes even ascetically, saving on luxury and investing only in the most necessary: ​​housing, health, cars.

In local second-hand stores and charity shops (used bookstores, household goods, food stores) you often meet wealthy people who know about the most profitable points of sale. It is this prudence and modesty that increases the wealth of these people.

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People wonder how to live without money for just two reasons:

  • Someone is forced, due to life circumstances, to know first-hand about the problem of lack of money;
  • Some are attracted by the very essence of independence from finances and the style of detachment from worldly concerns, gluttony, and greed.

Regardless of what prompted this question, it is possible to live without money and there are quite a few ways to do this.

Outdoor sports

As a child, we did without gyms, and the magic phrase “Throw away the ball” was enough to keep us active for many hours.

Years have passed, but the playgrounds remain. In some places they have not seen renovation since then and are quite dilapidated, but there are also enough new stadiums, volleyball and basketball courts. Add to this outdoor exercise equipment, free hockey rinks and skating rinks - there is plenty to do. You can play badminton and frisbee in the parks when it's warm.

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