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First, let's define the concept of a budget knife. I agree that everyone has different financial capabilities, as well as willingness to spend a certain amount of money on their hobby. And for some, 2000 for a knife is “what a waste of money!”, but for others, 60 thousand is a completely acceptable amount for F95 from MBS, for example.

A budget knife, in my understanding, is a knife that you can afford to buy without going into extreme debt, with one or two salaries, without killing the family budget. Therefore, we classify budget knives as those that cost up to 5,000 plus or minus a bast shoe.

Travel knives from Aliexpress

7.87"/5.91" Folding Pocket Knife

A knife with a metal handle of a convenient shape.
Available in two sizes. The large knife has a total length of 20 cm, and a blade of 8.7 cm. The small knife has a total length of 15 cm, with a blade of 6.7 cm. Average price: RUB 1,066

Fixed blade knife with sheath

A non-folding model in three sizes - you can choose this knife with a blade of 8 cm, 7.7 cm, 9.7 cm. The handle is wooden, with a non-slip coating, in two different shapes.
Average price: 784 rub.

German tactical straight steel knife DEHONG D2

When choosing a knife from a European manufacturer, you should pay attention to this model with optimal dimensions, a simple pointed sharpening shape, a comfortable wooden handle and a leather sheath.
Average price: RUB 1,878

Browning X50 folding knife

Swiss army knife with shortened blade (8.3 cm).
The handle is a combination of steel and wood. Blade steel hardness 57 HRC. Average price: RUB 1,040

Pocket knife, survival knife

A fixed knife with a stainless steel sheath that can be attached to any part of your clothing, arm or leg.
Has a pointed tip. Increased steel hardness (58 HRC). Average price: 734 rub.

Black 8.2 inch steel folding knife

A stylish knife with a blade length standard for hunting products - 9 cm. The blade is wide - 3.5 cm, lightweight due to slots along the upper edge.
Has a reliable automatic folding mechanism. Average price: RUB 1,007

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