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Since time immemorial, knives have been in the arsenal of any person, contributing to his transition from savagery to civilization. Today, this wonderful tool is mainly used for cooking, but there are also hunting knives and knives designed for practical use, such as the Swiss Army knife. Below are the 10 most expensive knives and daggers in the world, the price of which is determined by the name of the master, the number of decorations, advanced

The coolest knives in history

Cool knives are functional, durable and visually attractive products, for example:

  • with sharp, long-lasting blades Busse Battle Mistress, Loveless Drop Point, Diamond Blade Goddard Traditional Hunter;
  • army BC-41, SOG Seel 2000, Fairbairn-Sуkes Fighting Knife, Fixation Bowie, the use of which requires special skills;
  • reliable, but also original and elegant Lancet Ouroboros, Dragon, Black Panther.

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The sharpest

The sharpest knives are not necessarily military ones; they can be of different types:

  • Busse Battle Mistress . This is a large and heavy weapon of the hunting type. It is distinguished by a weight of 900 g, a comfortable handle and a sharp blade. The property of the blade is enhanced by the mass of the product. It can easily replace a tourist hatchet.
  • Loveless Drop Point . This is a small hunting weapon, the length of its blade is only 10 cm, the handle is not much larger. But for manufacturing, very durable steel is used, which can be finely sharpened. Besides, she doesn’t get stupid for a long time.
  • Diamond Blade Goddard Traditional Hunter . Another hunting product that has been produced only since 2007, but has established itself as one of the sharpest. The reason for this is the method of making steel for the blade. It is processed under high pressure and high temperature. The result is a blade that is thin and durable.

Most dangerous

The most dangerous knife should be looked for among the following specimens:

  • BC-41 . This is an army product that combines a knife and brass knuckles. The handle has 4 ring grooves for fingers, and the blade has a pointed and beveled spine. The gun is intended for close combat and was used by the British Army in World War II.
  • SOG Seel . Also a combat weapon for special forces soldiers who have undergone special training to use it. Its butt has 2 protrusions, and part of the blade has serrated sharpening. In addition, the knife is quite large - the total length is 30 cm.
  • Fairbairn-Sukes Fighting Knife . It has a dagger-shaped blade, sharpened on both sides, and this is its danger. The length of the working part is also quite large - 19 cm. The purpose of the weapon is to inflict stab and cut wounds, which is why it was used by the army.
  • Fixation Bowie from SOG . This is also a military weapon, but with its help you can solve many problems. There are 2 protrusions on the butt of the product; the part closest to the handle has a serrated sharpening. The knife is very proportional and balanced.

The most beautiful

It is difficult to choose the most beautiful knife, since many models are not only tools of hunters and military men, but also real works of art:

  • Lancet Ouroboros . This is a folding copy with an engraving on the handle in the form of three dragons. The traditional-looking blade also has an ornament. Copper and gold are used in the finishing of the handle.
  • Knife Dragon . Similar ones are made by the Kizlyar company, but there are other manufacturers. The product consists of a handle in the shape of a dragon’s head and body, and a blade in the shape of its tail. It can be very curved. And the handle is often inlaid with enamel and stones.
  • Black Panther . This weapon looks more traditional than previous examples - just a small hunting knife. What makes it attractive is the handle with a panther's head instead of the base. This beauty is in simplicity, elegance and functionality. And the predator's eye is made of precious stone.
  • Gentak Makara . The product is from William Henry, and also expensive. It is distinguished by an engraving in the form of a hydra on the handle. The blade is also decorated with a signature pattern. This knife is folding.
  • Weapons of the people of the island of Java - Kuyan . Its blade has an unusual sickle shape, an original ornament on the surface, and a butt with a pattern.

The most beautiful daggers are:

  • National weapon of the Yemenis Jambia . It has a double-sided blade and a curved blade. And the handle has a guard. The handle itself is made of precious metal; previously it was made from rhinoceros horn. Its base is even wider than the guard, as it is a military weapon.
  • Indian Qila . Three faces of Buddha are depicted on its handle; the blade is not smooth, but also with a convex ornament. Every detail has some significance, so absolutely identical copies of this ancient weapon are rarely found.
  • The Gem of the Orient . This is a copy of Tutankhamun's weapon, handmade from precious metal. The blade has a notch in the center, straight. All the beauty is in the handle - there is engraving and precious stones on it, a very unusual guard in the form of two curls.

All of these are popular knives among collectors, so the price of each reaches several tens of thousands of dollars.

Top 10 best folding knives

Folding knife Stayer 47620-1_z01

Universal products that can be used not only for hunting, but also in everyday life, in the home and in the garden. The knife has a medium-length blade; the blade is made from tool steel of the highest quality. The metal has the necessary rigidity, so this knife can cut even fairly thick branches. In production, original sharpening technology is used, which allows the knife to maintain its sharpness for a long time. The blade rips open the animal's skin well, separating it from the bones and muscles of the game. The handle is also metal, but its mass is not too large, it is decorated with wood inserts. The balance of the knife is optimal, it is well suited for throwing. The design is quite reliable, which allows you to use the knife for many years.

The knife is equipped with a convenient folding mechanism of the highest quality - the blade release button is made of metal, it can be easily detected even in your pocket by touch. The blade is ejected instantly; it takes a little time to bring the knife into working position. The mechanism does not jam, does not require special care, and will work even in conditions of severe contamination. It is made from materials that are not susceptible to corrosion, so there is no need to protect it from exposure to water.


  • Sufficiently strong and reliable steel;
  • The blade retains its sharpness for a very long time;
  • Universal – can be used both for hunting and at home;
  • Looks attractive;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Optimal balance between blade and handle;
  • The folding mechanism is of very high quality - it does not rust or jam even in the most difficult operating conditions.

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  • The button begins to fail over time.

Folding knife Stayer 47620-1_z01

Folding knife Hunter pro (0.9410) with case

Single-blade Swiss-made products, which were developed for use in wild conditions. The set also includes a case made of nylon, it has an olive color. The knife is original and of very high quality - the company that produces it has been manufacturing products for about 150 years. The product is popular among tourists, hunters and military personnel. The manufacturer claims that the knife will last forever, so it comes with a lifetime warranty against defects and manufacturing defects. The cover usually wears out quite quickly - literally within a few years. On sale you can find covers specifically for this knife, and they are made from different materials - natural or artificial leather, nylon, fabric, and so on.

The knife is made of high-quality stainless steel, has a reliable folding mechanism, and has a Spring Lock blade lock. On the handle you can find pads with a relief surface; they are made of nylon and will not slip out of your hands. The blade has a hole that is used to allow the knife to be opened without the use of a release mechanism. The blade has a one-sided sharpening to the state of a razor. The outer surface is sandblasted and has a pleasant matte shine. This was done so that the blade did not cast glare when exposed to direct sunlight. The knife is not afraid of moisture and dampness, it does not have to be lubricated. The blade stroke is very tight at first, but later it is developed to an optimal state. Despite the fact that the design is foldable, it has a significant margin of safety.


  • True Swiss quality;
  • The blade requires no maintenance;
  • Long service life;
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • When the knife is new, the blade moves very tightly, but then, however, it develops;
  • High price.

Folding knife Hunter pro (0.9410) with case

Folding knife Ganzo G7211

Intended for use in a variety of situations - hunting, fishing, hiking, and at home. The knife is characterized by compact overall dimensions. The ergonomics of the handle are carefully thought out - the product does not slip even from wet hands, and is suitable for both large and small hands. The blade is made from stainless steel of the original alloy, which includes manganese, chromium and silicon. This has a positive effect on the strength of the blade; these elements also give it anti-corrosion characteristics. The knife remains sharp throughout its service life and can be used to work with various materials. The manufacturer carefully sharpened it using original technology - a straight type sharpening was used, the surface of the blade was polished with a satin finish. The result is a semi-matte surface, with a fine line pattern on the blade.

The locking mechanism holds the blade in the desired position. The knife is equipped with an Auto Lock, due to which the knife can be opened with one hand. The handle here is combined: it is made from two materials – stainless steel and composite plastic. This combination provides high strength and increases rust resistance.


  • Attractive design;
  • Good ergonomics of the handle;
  • Neither the blade itself nor the handle rust;
  • Doesn't slip out of your hands;
  • Reliable folding mechanism;
  • Long period of operation.


  • The belt clip is a little flimsy.

Folding knife Ganzo G7211

Folding knife Tradition Classic Stainless Steel No. 12

One of the cheapest models in our entire review of the best folding knives. This product comes with a cover, which is made of raincoat fabric and does not get wet even in the heaviest rain. On the back side you can find a loop for attaching to a belt, which closes with Velcro. The dimensions of the knife itself are small, but the blade is very sharp. In the open position its length is 16 cm, in the folded position it is only 9 cm. The blade is quite short, so this knife does not qualify as a bladed weapon. Near the tip, the blade thickness is 1 mm, which ensures high strength of the product. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel and practically does not become dull during use. The handle is also made of metal, but has wooden overlays. Wood is practically not susceptible to the destructive effects of moisture.

The blade is released from the handle by pressing a button on the side. The button also serves as a blade lock, which helps prevent spontaneous opening. This knife is simply indispensable on picnics and during hiking trips - with its help you can open a tin can, prepare tent pegs, cut bread, clean and fillet fish, chop even large bones, skin an animal, and so on.


  • Very sharp blade made of stainless steel;
  • The knife comes with a fairly convenient and functional case that can be hung on your belt;
  • The opening button serves as a blade lock;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • Not suitable for people with large hands.

Folding knife Tradition Classic Stainless Steel No. 12

Folding knife Luzon Large

Quite a large structure, characterized by an original design. This knife is ideal for everyday use, as well as during hunting, fishing, or other outdoor activities. The blade is made from high-quality steel, which does not show any supernatural characteristics, but is quite capable of serving for quite a long time. The metal resists corrosion processes well; its processing technology allows for decent wear resistance. The blade remains sharp for a long time, cuts animal skins and wood well, it can be used to cut even not too thick bones, however, in some respects the metal will still be inferior to more expensive alloys. The handle is made from original GFN thermoplastic, which is highly resistant to shock loads.

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The handle retains its original appearance throughout the entire period of operation of the knife; the pattern on its surface is not erased. The texture of the material is quite rough, and feels more like unpolished wood. The ergonomics are well thought out; the knife will not slip out under any circumstances. There is a reliable stop that prevents the palm from slipping onto the blade while working with the knife. The folding mechanism is reliable - the knife is brought into working position within a few tenths of a second. The total length of the knife when unfolded is 343 mm, the greatest thickness of the blade is 4 mm, while the weight of the product is 259 grams - the product turned out to be quite heavy.


  • Relatively cheap products;
  • Thick steel blade;
  • Looks stylish and courageous;
  • The ergonomics of the handle are carefully thought out.


  • Peeling vegetables is not very convenient;
  • Wearing it on summer trousers is also quite problematic.

Folding knife Luzon Large

Folding knife Hunter Pro M alox

This is one of the newest models, released by this manufacturer just a year ago. The product has an interesting and original external design - the handle is equipped with Alox aluminum pads, which are very popular today. A subtle shimmer can be seen between the blade, spring, clip, pads and retainer, adding an extra layer of innovation and elegance to the design. The fastening system is equipped with a clip, a hole for a cord is built into the spring, and a woven fabric pendant is also included. The silver clip is conveniently located on the handle of the product, due to which the knife will be securely attached to a belt or pocket. The blade is made of a high-quality steel alloy, to which chromium and manganese are added, which ensures the material's insensitivity to corrosive processes. As a result, the developers have come up with an original and very reliable design product, which, by the way, is more suitable for hiking trips than for hunting.

The blade has a special loop that allows you to open the knife with one hand. The blade is matte, and the matting was applied by sandblasting. The blade does not glare when exposed to direct sunlight, which is quite convenient. The handle is painted red, and the paint will not fade for a long time. The length of the knife in the ready-to-use state is 225 mm. The thickness of the handle is 16 mm - it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and does not slip out of it. The weight of the knife is decent - 225 g.


  • The latest products from a world famous brand;
  • Made from high quality materials;
  • Fits securely in the palm of your hand;
  • Perfectly balanced blade;
  • Stylish aluminum trims.


  • It's quite expensive.

Folding knife Hunter Pro M alox

Folding knife Classic LE 58mm collectible (4 functions)

It is a collectible product that includes not only a knife, but also other useful tools - a file, scissors, and so on. The blade is not too thick, the knife itself is small in size, which allows you to carry it with you all the time. The handle is made of polished granite, sandblasted, which gives it a matte shine. Thanks to this design solution, the products have acquired additional style and attractiveness. The blade is made of high quality steel, which retains its sharpness for a long time and also successfully resists corrosion processes. There is no folding mechanism as such, nor are there any hinges in the blade so that you can open the knife with one hand.

To bring the product into working condition, you will have to use both hands. However, in the unfolded position, the blade is securely fixed - there is no need to think that it will suddenly begin to fold and injure your hands. The rest of the tools included in this product are also made from high quality materials. The knife is suitable for daily use and for hiking. It is not very convenient for hunting and fishing, since the blade is quite short - it is not suitable for cleaning fish, skinning and butchering animal carcasses, although it can easily chop small bones, such as chicken.


  • A true collector's item;
  • The blade is of high quality and does not become dull for a long time;
  • Long period of operation;
  • The handle is made of natural polished granite, which is mined only in one place on the planet - in Brazilian quarries;
  • There are several additional tools - scissors, file.


  • Very expensive cost.

Folding knife Classic LE 58mm collectible (4 functions)

Kudu folding knife

In third place in our ranking of the best folding knives, we decided to put the products of a famous German brand, which in its shape goes back to the traditional Spanish Navaja knives. The handle here is cast, it is additionally decorated with a wave-shaped element made of stainless steel. The axle assembly operates using Torx screws. The length of the blade is 108 mm – a fairly decent figure for a folding design. It is produced according to the “clip point” type: equipped with descents from the butt. The material used for its production is special steel 4116 Krupp - this is a stainless material developed by the manufacturer for the production of this particular knife. The handle fits securely in your hand and does not slip even in wet palms. On top of it you can find a flat spring, which is also made of stainless steel.

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The spring has a cutout where the ratchet tooth will go, ensuring reliable fastening of the blade. There is also a ring for squeezing and unlocking the blade. The knife is equipped with a Ring Lock. On the butt of the product there are ratchet teeth, and the last of them engages with a cutout in the spring, thereby ensuring complete fixation of the blade. The remaining teeth allow for smooth closing of the knife, preventing injury. The screws on the thread locker are quite soft and should not be turned unless necessary. It is worth noting that the blade is polished and has a characteristic metallic sheen.


  • Reasonable cost;
  • Low weight of the knife;
  • The blade is made of stainless steel and is quite long;
  • The lock is reliable and prevents injuries and cuts when using the knife.


  • The spring is quite tight - in order to close the knife, you have to apply considerable force.

Kudu folding knife

Folding knife G6252

Belongs to the group of pocket knives, but the product is optimal for lovers of hiking and just long trips. The product will be an excellent support tool for a fisherman. It is convenient to use and has a long service life. The blade has a drop point shape - its spine line decreases towards the point of the tip. It is made on the basis of BRD4116 steel - a stainless material, which provides a significant advantage when used in natural conditions. However, it should be borne in mind that such steel is not too hard, although it is quite elastic. Due to these characteristics, the material will quickly become dull; it must be sharpened regularly. To prevent such an incident from happening far from civilization, you will have to take a pocket sharpener with you.

The blade is characterized by a smooth sharpening, so you can use absolutely any sharpener to care for this knife. The length of the blade from the handle is 89 mm - quite enough for a hike. The handle itself is made from an original composite material – glass-filled plastic. This substance has an increased level of strength; it also easily resists all types of corrosion processes. The outer side is wavy, so the knife will not slip out of your hands. In close proximity to the blade there is a knife lock button.


  • Optimal price-quality ratio;
  • A fairly reliable lock;
  • Ergonomic handle shape;
  • Suitable for ordinary tourists and fishermen;
  • Looks attractive.


  • The blade is made from a relatively soft alloy, so it will have to be sharpened regularly.

Folding knife G6252

Folding knife Tradition Classic Carbon No. 12

The leader of the review is another model from a well-known French manufacturer, which produces souvenirs, garden tools and folding knives. The handle here is made of beech wood. The blade attachment is not too complicated, but practical and original. The product is sharp and quite easy to use. The blade is fixed using patented Viroblock technology - this mechanism reliably holds the blade both folded and unfolded. The blade itself is made of carbon steel, which is susceptible to rust, so you need to handle it carefully, avoiding exposure to moisture. The model will not be suitable for hunters, but for fishermen it will be very useful - with this knife you can clean a large amount of fish, open a tin can, cut vegetables, fruits and meat.

All mechanisms are reliable, which completely eliminates injuries - the knife will never open spontaneously. The length of the blade is 80 mm: this parameter will be quite enough for daily use. If desired, the knife can be completely disassembled and cleaned of dirt and coated with protective compounds.


  • Reasonable cost;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Quite sharp and tough blade;
  • Only safe mechanisms are used - the knife will never open spontaneously.


  • If used improperly, the blade may rust;
  • The wood of the handle swells from moisture.

Folding knife Tradition Classic Carbon No. 12

Lancet Ouroboros

Edged weapons from a company with a rich history and worldwide reputation, William Henry. Its cost is $18,500. This folding royal "dragon knife" is completely handmade. Its handle, engraved with three dragons, is inlaid with gold, silver and copper.

The blade is made of high-quality Damascus steel, and the decor will surprise even the most picky collectors. The knife is packed in a stylish leather case. The set also includes a wooden box.

Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife18 $500

Its name translates to “Royal Dragon Knife.” This is a knife from William Henry and Mike Norris, a famous blacksmith, and Mark Hosht also took part in its creation. The blade of the famous Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife was made of Damascus steel.

He's incredibly handsome. Its handle is decorated with gold, as well as copper and silver, spinel. The advantage of this expensive knife is not only its beauty and quality, but also its lightness and ease of use.

Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki

Price: $6,980 or 444,831 rubles.

Our selection of the most expensive knives opens with a product with such a long name that its blade must also be extremely long. Indeed, the knife looks more like a sword due to the blade length of 15.4 inches or almost 40 centimeters.

This is a traditional Japanese knife made by craftsman Yoshikazu Ikeda from white steel.

Its scabbard was hand-decorated using Wajima varnish, which makes the material stronger, and decorated with sakura flowers, one of the symbols of Japan.

Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki – Price: $5,000

This is more than just a cutting knife - it is also a real work of art. It features a unique design of Mount Fuji with the full moon shining above. You can't imagine how sharp it is; with just one easy movement you can cut fish for sashimi. The traditional Yoshihiro knife has been around for over 9,000 years and is still the dream of many chefs.


Why: a Swiss legend in your pocket

The personification of the phrase “Swiss knife” and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Victorinox Spartan is an inexpensive tool available to everyone for every day.

Large and small blades, bottle opener and corkscrew, small screwdriver and tweezers... everything you need is here.

There are as many as 19 types of designs available and different case materials. Everywhere the same 12 instruments and Swiss quality standards. By the way, a universally useful gift for any man.

Buy: 1520 1292 rubles with promotional code BL20 15% discount on all Victorinox models

Medieval combat weapons

Knives and swords that ancient people fought with are considered rarities today. Rare specimens have survived to this day, which only increases their value on the collector's market. The most expensive weapons of antiquity are presented in the following list.

Hunting knife of the Qianlong Emperor

The handle of the weapon is made of antelope horns, and the ancient master made a small cache there. The sheath is made of rhinoceros horn. The image of dragons adds aesthetics. And the values ​​are gold, turquoise, lapis lazuli and coral. A beautiful knife with a legendary history was bought at auction in 2009 for $1,240,000.

Ulysses Grant's sword

And this rare specimen was accepted as a gift from the residents of Kentucky by US Army General Ulysses Grant. The weapon is decorated with 26 diamonds, and, most importantly, contains the engraving of the commander-in-chief. The cost of the sword was determined at auction in 2007 - $1,600,000.

Dagger of Shah Jahan

The most valuable weapon originally from Southeast Asia belonged to Padishah Jahan. For many years, the dagger was in the private collection of Jacques Desenfants, who devoted his life to purchasing rare weapons. At the auction, the starting price increased 5 times, reaching a stunning figure of $3,300,000.

Nasrid era dagger

The older the artifact, the more expensive it is. This dagger was made in the 15th century in North Africa. The hilt of the dagger depicts a man hunting animals, holding a crossbow in his hand. A worthy specimen for the collection was sold in 2010 for $6,000,000.

Saber of Napoleon Bonaparte

The wealth of the nation for a long time lay within the family of the great commander. In 2007, the saber was sold, albeit from one descendant to another. Despite the fact that it contains gold and rare species of trees, the value of this weapon is still given by the history of its owner. Today experts value the blade at $6,500,000.

Saber Bao Teng

It is not known for certain who owned this weapon. However, scientists, having compared the characteristic features - ornaments of leaves and flowers, as well as a handle made of jade, suggest that the owner is the Qianlong Emperor. According to historical information, during the Qing Dynasty, 90 similar blades were made at court. This copy was sold for $7,700,000.

Qianlong hunting knife, $1,240,000

This knife was the property of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong. Its handle was made from the horn of a considered rare antelope. In it you can find a cache where toothpicks and chopsticks, necessary in those days, were kept.

It was created from real gold and decorated with coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli. The scabbard of the weapon was made from rhinoceros horn. On them you can see dragons frolicking in the sky, in the clouds above the sea waves.

This knife was auctioned at Sotheby's in 2009 for 9,620,000 Hong Kong dollars.

The Gem of the Orient

“Pearl of the East” - this is exactly what the name sounds like in Russian. An incredibly beautiful and expensive edged weapon, worth $2,100,000 (it was for this money that a Japanese billionaire bought it). Such a specific name does not at all indicate that the knife was made by oriental craftsmen. Its author is the American Buster Warensky. It is noteworthy that it took almost 20 years to create the masterpiece.

Buster Warenski began mastering the technique of making exclusive edged weapons in 1966. It took him 40 years to grow from an ordinary amateur into a real world-famous professional.

800 g of gold were used to create the dagger The Gem of the Orient. The handle is made of dark green noble jade, it is inlaid with 153 emeralds and 10 diamonds. Knife length – 324 mm.

Melee weapons are not always used for their intended purpose. People have long loved luxury, and therefore even the making of knives was able to turn into an art. An exclusive handmade knife is a masterpiece that will be admired by many generations of connoisseurs of beauty.

The most expensive knives

The most expensive knives are usually decorated with precious metals and stones and created by hand:

  • Pearl of the East . This item is forged from 18-karat gold, and the handle and scabbard are decorated with diamonds and emeralds. It looks like a dagger 32.5 cm long, the blade is sharpened on both sides. But gold is a soft metal, so the Pearl of the East is more of a jewelry rarity. It is in a private collection and costs more than 2 million dollars.
  • Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer . This is a large kitchen tool with a Damascus steel blade. That is, theoretically, it can be used for its intended purpose, but its handle is made from bog oak, which was 5 thousand years old at the time of production of the Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer. And it is also decorated with a platinum edging with 25 diamonds. Therefore, the price of the product is 100 thousand dollars.
  • Nesmuk Diamond Studded . A kitchen tool whose blade is the same shape as the previous product. But it is made of multi-layer carbon steel, which makes the blade unusually sharp. The handle of the product is finished in silver and decorated with 8 diamonds. And its price is 40 thousand dollars.
  • Searpoint Lace . This is a folding automatic weapon made of Damascus steel, the handle of which is completely covered with handmade engraving. It is also decorated with gold. The precious metal, the pattern of the handle and reliability in use allow us to set the price of the product at 25 thousand dollars.

Also mentioned among the most attractive knives are Monarch Steampunk Dragon ($18 thousand), Gentak Makara ($12 thousand), Black Panther ($8 thousand), Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with Corian Handle ($7 thousand) .

Rating of knives: which are considered the best in the world

It’s difficult to rank knives because of the variety, but first it’s worth breaking them down into categories:

  • among folding ones, Opinel, Buck, Kershow, Spyderco products are considered the first in quality;
  • the best universal ones are Spyderco Endura, Benchmade Contego 810, Zero Tolerance K0562;
  • For survival weapons, you should choose Mora 2000, SOG D 25, FALLKNIVEN S1, Jungle King II;
  • almost ideal for the kitchen, but also very expensive - Hattori, Sabatier Lion, Global and Samura;
  • best melee weapons – Fixation Bowie, LHR combat, Bundeswehr Advanced;
  • Among the hunting ones, Spyderco Bill Moran, Eggen HE75, Hidden Canyon deserve attention.

Watch the video about which knives are in the best ranking:


Perhaps the best folding knives in the world are produced by the following companies:

  • Opinel . This is true Swiss quality, that is, reliability, convenience, durability. The blades of all models of these weapons are distinguished by high steel hardness, and the handles are comfortable. And Opinel products have affordable prices.
  • Buck . Among all the models of hunting knives from this company, the 110 is especially popular. It is universal and suitable for hunting animals of any size. But all other products are distinguished by a strong and sharp blade and a reliable lock for it.
  • Kershaw . The American company produces not only folding products. But among them there is something for every taste and budget - automatic, semi-automatic, with a blade length from 5 cm to 10 cm, a comfortable handle.
  • Spyderco . Most American folding guns are flip-out[/anchor]. They have the hardest blades, made from 60-62 HRC steel. Another feature is its brutal appearance and original design.


The highest grade utility knife is any of the following:

Name Description Photo
Spyderco Endura This knife is folding, which means you can carry it with you, use it on a hike, while hunting, and even in the kitchen. The blade is made of VG⎼10 steel, so one sharpening will last for a long time.

The product has a comfortable small handle with a recess for your finger.

Benchmade Contego 810 This tool may seem large, since when opened it is more than 23 cm long. But the knife is very convenient for any work.

The quality of the steel is such that it can cut very hard materials. The handle will not slip in your hand, even when wet or in the cold.

Zero Tolerance K0562 It is also a massive product, but due to the shape of the blade and the ergonomic handle it is suitable for any job - from cutting branches to chopping food.

The blade is thin, sharp, and nothing sticks to it. There are 2 finger grooves on the handle.

Benchmade Shane Sibert Vicar Its length when opened is just over 22 cm. The handle is durable and non-slip, as it has rough linings. The butt has a small protrusion, the blade is pointed, and the blade is rounded.

For the metal part, CPM S30V steel was used.

TOP 5 survival knives

Among the survival knives, five deserve attention:

  • Mora . This is an outwardly simple product that can be used to plan wood, open a tin can, or cut a rope. The blade steel is quite strong (hardness 58 HRC), the blade is easy to sharpen on a special stone. The total length of the knife is 22 cm, the working part is a little more than 10 cm, but there is a sheath in which it can be transported. It is suitable for those who like to be in the forest in not too harsh conditions.
  • SOG D . This is a more serious American-made weapon. It has a dagger-type blade, the blade at the base is serrated sharpening. There is a guard that protects the hunter from cuts. The weapon is intended rather for stabbing and digging the ground.
  • FALLKNIVEN S. This is a universal product made in America. It is lightweight, the blade is made of durable steel, and the shape allows it to perform any work required in harsh conditions. The total length of the weapon is just over 24 cm, the steel part is 13 cm. There is a leather sheath.
  • NV-1-01 . Russian knife with a dagger-type blade. The handle is very comfortable, but in addition it contains a needle, an awl, fish hooks, and water purification tablets.
  • Jungle King II . This product is from Spain. For survival, its handle contains a spinner, fishing hooks and fishing line, tweezers, needles, pins, a sharpening stone, a tourniquet, a plaster, and a device for striking fire. The main blade of the Jungle King II is double-edged and has saw-like teeth on one edge.

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Jungle King II

The most expensive kitchen

The most expensive kitchen knives are sets designed for different jobs:

  • Hattori . These are forged products made from Damascus steel or the Cowry X brand of material. There are different series, the most expensive is the one made by hand. These are very sharp knives, but not designed for rough work. The price of 1 product is not less than $800.
  • Sabatier Lion . The line includes forged products and alloy steel. They are distinguished by high quality blades and the absence of the need to frequently sharpen a sharp edge. The cost starts from 8000 rub.
  • Global . These Japanese products are distinguished by their sharpness and the presence of a protective layer on the blade, because they are made from a single segment of stainless steel. But they need to be sharpened at least once every 8-10 months. The handles are equally safe in a dry or wet hand, as they are made of a special material. Cost – from 4000 rub. for the weapon with the shortest blade.
  • Samura . There are series of products made from Damascus steel, especially durable ceramics with different types of handles. Cost – from 700 rub.

Watch the video review of a kitchen knife from Global:

Steel arms

Edged weapons of the highest quality, if you do not take into account ancient examples, are:

  • Fixation Bowie . A combat knife, effective for attack, defense and survival. Its butt has 2 obtuse angles, and the part closest to the handle has jagged edges. The total length of the weapon is 31 cm, the blade is 18 cm.
  • LHR combat Weapons of American special forces. The smooth, rounded butt allows you to quickly pull it out of the sheath, while the thin tip allows you to instantly hit the enemy. And the blade closer to the handle has serrations. There is also a guard that protects the owner of the knife from damage. The product is more miniature than the previous one, its length is 30 cm, blade size is 15 cm.
  • Bundeswehr Advanced . These are German weapons, mainly military ones. But not only can they hit the enemy, but also shred wire, saw a tree branch, open a bottle, tighten a bolt, etc. The materials of the blade and handle are not afraid of heat and cold. Product length – 30.5 cm, blade – 17.5 cm.

Combat knives

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Fixation Bowie

LHR combat

Bundeswehr Advanced

The best knives in the world in this category are also M9 Baonet, Eickhorn Advanced, Gerber Mark II.


The most expensive and high-quality hunting knives are distinguished by their lightness, functionality, reliability of the materials from which they are made, the sharpness of the blade, and beauty:

  • Spyderco Bill Moran . This is a monolithic product with a total size of 203 mm, blade – 99 mm.
  • Eggen HE . It has a steel blade with a three-layer structure, a wooden handle, created by hand.
  • Hidden Canyon . Its size is 200 mm, blade length is 70 mm. The working part is quite wide, which makes the weapon universal for a hunter.

Hunter knives

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Spyderco Bill Moran

Eggen HE

Hidden Canyon

The best knife manufacturers: ranking

The best knife manufacturers in the world are the following companies:

  • Cold Steel,
  • Zero Tolerance,
  • Benchmade,
  • Spyderco
  • Kershaw,
  • Victorynox,
  • Emerson,
  • Buck,
  • Gerber,
  • Opinel.

Knife brands

They produce hunting, tourist, and universal products. When it comes to kitchen tools, the rating of knife manufacturers looks different:

  • Hattori,
  • Global,
  • Sabatier Lion.

But their products are more suitable for professionals due to their high cost. For home cooking, the best brands of knives in terms of price and quality ratio:

  • Samura,
  • Tramontina,
  • Fissman,
  • Arcos,
  • Micadzo.

Types of products

There are a large number of steel knives. Depending on the connection between the handle and the blade, the following models are distinguished:

  • fixed. The handle and blade of such products are made of different materials. The design is not foldable;
  • monolithic. For such models, the handle and blade are made of steel. They are durable, but they are inconvenient to take with you on the road;
  • folding. In such products, the blade and handle are made of different materials. The design is made in such a way that during certain manipulations the blade is retracted into the handle;
  • ballistic. The design of such knives is made in such a way that the blade is separated from the handle and inserted into it.

Video - Forever sharp knife

The following types of knives are distinguished by purpose:

  • kitchen This category includes a large number of products - for peeling vegetables, slicing cheese, cutting fish, etc. They are used only for cooking;
  • army. Specialized products that military personnel use in field conditions;
  • hunting Models with a wide blade. Maintains blade sharpness for a long period;
  • tourist. These products are convenient to take with you on a hike. They fold, do not become dull for a long time and are easy to sharpen;
  • bivouac Models are designed for cutting hard materials;
  • sports. Throwing products that have a blunt edge and a sharp tip;
  • for professional use. This category includes medical knives, garden knives, etc.

Important! There are other types of knives, but these are the main models.


Rare knives are those that belong to the culture of a particular nationality, are distinguished by their originality, and in our time have become more like antiques than regularly used:

  • Nepalese khukri;
  • Indian kuttar;
  • German rondel dagger;
  • Japanese sai;
  • Javanese Kris;
  • African wrist knife.

There are other weapons that were not widespread before because of their originality or high cost. Rare instruments include those that were once produced in small quantities, not for a wide range of buyers, and whose production has ceased. These are, for example, the German trench Mark1, the Soviet Titan, Vostok.

We recommend reading the article about

knife handle options

. From it you will learn how to make a handle for a knife, how to attach a blade to a knife handle, and whether it is possible to use a knife without a handle.

And here is more information about throwing knives.

The variety of knives makes it possible to choose, but also makes it difficult. It must be taken into account that the tool must be convenient for the owner and meet his goals. This means that you should choose not only based on price and prestige, but first of all “for yourself”, then the knife will last a long time and will be a good helper.

How to choose the right knife?

It is better choosing any knife by determining the purpose of its use. These can be knives for the following purposes:

  • household (kitchen);
  • combat;
  • hunting;
  • tourist;
  • multifunctional;
  • folding;
  • survival knives;
  • throwing knives.

It should be understood that there are no universal-purpose knives, therefore, when the purpose of this tool is determined, you can move on to the next question. The fact is that what kind of knife it is, it is a blade whose blade has a sharpened one or one and a half sides. But there are also daggers, the blade of which is sharpened on all sides, or stilettos, which have a specific blade shape in the form of a polyhedron with three or four edges. Their appearance completely determines their functionality, since daggers and stilettos are more suitable for ritual or decorative purposes. For professional purposes (combat), they must have permission.

The most important characteristics when choosing a knife are:

  1. type of material for making the blade. The most common material for making the cutting part of a knife is high-carbon steel of varying hardness, which depends entirely on the percentage of carbon content. The highest quality models are made of steel with a percentage of no more than 2% (usually it is in the range from 1 to 1.5%);
  2. types of impurities in the base material. If carbon steel contains impurities of chromium, vanadium, nickel or other heavy metals, then the blade will have higher resistance to corrosion (rust), environments of varying acidity, wear, etc.;
  3. blade shape and geometry. These characteristics determine the cutting ability of the product, so special attention should be paid to them;
  4. material, type and structure of the handle. It must be made in accordance with the type and purpose of the tool, and also guarantee easy and safe work with this item. The most common materials from which the handle is made are hornbeam, oak, beech or walnut wood. Specialized knives have an additional anti-slip coating on top of the wood. Household knives often have rubberized or plastic handles;
  5. correspondence between the size and shape of the handle and the palm. In this case, the knife should be conveniently located when taking it with various grips, as well as when trying to comfortably take it “blindly”;
  6. knife sharpening. It is checked against the paper, and cuts are made in all possible ways.

The most common types of knives that are most popular are hunting knives, kitchen knives, and survival knives.

The best knife for hunting: what to look for

Hunting knives are a separate group of tools whose main purpose is to “assist” in hunting. They have a sharp blade, sharpened on one or one and a half sides, and are divided into several groups according to types, purpose, sizes and materials.

It will help you determine which knife is best suited using the most well-known classification of these items:

  • general purpose, used for protecting and finishing off animals;
  • special-purpose, which are similar to household knives and are used for cutting up a carcass, skinning it, protecting against attack, for sport or industrial hunting, etc.;
  • special dual-use weapons, which are edged weapons. They are used for hunting (to finish off) large animals and in fishing, for cutting carcasses, protection, etc.;
  • hunting daggers, which are also bladed weapons and are used to defeat and finish off animals, and protect against attacks from large mammals.

The best knife for hunting, in addition to the basic performance requirements, must have good cutting properties. The most convenient is the classic version of a hunting knife, which has a blade from 12 cm to 15 cm and is quite lightweight.

Experienced hunters prefer to choose their own knives, while paying attention to the following parameters:

  • the blade must be made of steel with a strength of 60 HRC, which is marked 440C. It is quite flexible and durable, easy to sharpen, and remains sharp for a long time;
  • The shape of the knife can have the following design:
  • drop point, characterized by a wide and thick design, with a sharp edge;
  • clip-point, which has a narrow and thin design, a pronounced sharp edge, often used in everyday life;
  • a skinner, which is similar in shape to a drop point, but has a rounder tip and may sometimes lack a cutting part. This model is only suitable for skinning;
  • the handle should be comfortable and durable, fit tightly to the blade, and fit perfectly into the palm. It must have an anti-slip coating, which ensures the safety of using the tool when working even with wet hands. The best material for the handle is considered to be durable wood (beech, hornbeam, birch bark). It should be completely straight, have no bends or stops, be fairly light and inexpensive. Modern knife companies also recommend handles made from synthetic materials: micarta (imitating wood) and kraton (a polymer material resembling rubber);
  • method of attaching a knife to the handle. The most convenient are riveted handles, which, despite their greater weight, increase the strength and wear resistance of the knife as a whole;
  • sheath. Made from various materials (leather, fabric, wood, metal), they provide protection to the hunter from damage from the knife when not in use. Therefore, they must firmly hold the instrument in one place, be durable, compact and lightweight so as not to interfere with walking.

Survival knife: which one is better to choose?

A knife is a very useful tool when traveling and exploring. Quite often, its quality is the key to not only comfort in the wild, but also the life of its owner. The question arises: “ Which knife is best for survival?”

If we do not take into account the interpretation of the meaning and use of this item by the military (a knife with a hollow handle into which additional items are placed to ensure survival), then a good survival knife should have:

  • a blade whose length ranges from 15 cm to 20 cm and width from 4 mm to 6 mm. It must be double-edged, one side must have a serrator. The blade material must be strong enough, it can be stainless steel, high carbon steel with titanium coating, or a mixture of zirconia and composite materials. The blade, like the knife itself, must be selected individually;
  • the handle must be connected to the blade using the mounting type, i.e. when part of the blade is “fitted” onto the finished handle;
  • mandatory presence of a limiter or guard, special recesses for fingers;
  • The shape of the handle is oval so that the knife does not rotate in the hand.

The best survival knife must be chosen not only according to the listed characteristics, but also taking into account the area where you are planning a trip, since environmental factors (temperature, humidity) affect the wear resistance of the product.

The most famous manufacturers of quality knives for survival and hunting are Becker Knives, Benchmade, Fallknives, SOG, etc.

“Helpers” in the kitchen: which knives are the best?

Every housewife knows that “work” in the kitchen, like any other, should bring joy and pleasure. To do this, any kitchen must be equipped with high-quality equipment. Knives are indispensable tools when cooking, so it is very important that they are comfortable, reliable and durable. Of course, the number of kitchen knives should not be limited to one or two, since each cutting action requires a specific type of tool.

What are the best knives to use in the kitchen? First, you need to decide on the purpose of the item, since it is this that will determine the appearance and type of knife. The most popular are:

  • a knife with a long, wide blade, which has a wave-like or serrated shape, with a large handle - a bread knife;
  • a knife up to 45 cm long, having a wide blade, a sharp end, a smooth, even surface of the blade and a large handle - a knife for cutting hard foods;
  • a knife that has a small blade, a pointed end, a smooth blade surface and a large handle - a knife for peeling food (vegetables and fruits);
  • a knife with a wide blade, a large handle, quite heavy - a knife for cutting meat and bones;
  • a knife that has a blade that is quite flexible with the same width along its entire length and has serrations - a fish knife.

Good kitchen knives are primarily designed to be easy to use, since they will be held in your hands regularly. Therefore, they should be of medium weight, comfortable for the palm. When choosing such kitchen items, you must “hold them in your hands” and evaluate them.

Secondly, the quality of the blade, its surface and sharpening. What could they be? There are two main options here:

  • a classic metal blade that is laser processed and does not have any chips, scratches, gouges or protrusions upon close examination. The surface of the blade is shiny and smooth (except for the bread knife) along its entire length, while the surface of the part that will cut should ideally not differ from the rest of the blade;
  • modern ceramic knives made of zirconium dioxide, which are characterized by a longer service life, high density and low porosity of the material. Despite the fact that a properly used knife does not require sharpening, such tools are highly fragile, have higher prices, and today they are not universal, i.e. suitable for cutting a specific type of product.

The third thing that determines the high quality of a kitchen knife is the handle. It can be made of wood, as with most types of similar instruments. Or from polymer rubberized materials, which are characterized by anti-slip properties and high durability. Particular attention should be paid to the insertion of the blade into the handle. A good knife is distinguished by the fact that the blade runs along the entire length of the handle, which guarantees its secure fastening.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the best knives in the world, which have become real works of art. This is a Thom Browne cleaver, a Fallkniven A1 cleaver, and a Chris Reeve (Green Berets) hunting knife.

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