Folding knives: types of designs. How to choose?

For simple work on hikes and trips, it is best to choose a folding camping knife. It copes well with most cutting tasks, does not take up much space, is compact and comfortable to use. But when buying a folding knife, keep in mind that its weak point is the lock. This is the main mechanism that is responsible for both closing the tool and locking it in the open position. Therefore, when purchasing a folding knife, take into account the features of its design and the type of lock used. In today's article we will look at the most common types of knife locks and how they differ.

Liner Lock

Reliable knife lock. As simple as possible, without clever mechanisms and springs. If the knife is folded, the liner, which is a solid plate, is hidden in the handle. Its continuation is a flat spring, in the open position it rests against the tool shank, thus fixing it. To close the knife, move the liner to the side. To check how well the mechanism is made, pay attention to how deep the spring goes into the shank.

Folding knife Ganzo G615

Buy folding knife Ganzo G615

Ganzo 615 is a stylish, compact and surprisingly lightweight knife for camping purposes. The blade of Ganzo 615 is made of carbon stainless steel class 440; ABS plastic was chosen for the handle - a high-tech material widely used in many areas of industry due to its highest performance characteristics. The classic locking mechanism - Liner Lock - is responsible for reliable fixation of the blade in working and folded states.

Knife Spyderco Military 36GPE

Buy Spyderco Military 36GPE knife

The steel that served as the material for the manufacture of such an American product as the 36GPE Military folding knife is an example of revolutionary technology, due to which it was possible to achieve a phenomenal increase in the strength of the material. The superiority of this steel over its analogues in terms of wear resistance has been proven by independent CATRA studies. The length of the blade is 102 mm, and the weight of this product is 125. The simple and reliable design of the “Liner Lock” ensures effective opening of the knife and strong fixation of the heel of the blade.

“Knives on the pocket” - classification of folding knives

When choosing your first folding knife, a novice knife lover may encounter a number of difficulties - it’s difficult to decide on your first pocket cutter without knowing the nuances and not understanding the conventional classifications of knives. It’s good to have a friend nearby who is more experienced in the topic of knives and can give some advice, but even in such a situation it is quite difficult to make a choice.

Having set the goal of choosing a folding knife, you need to understand that knives have a specialization and are divided into several conventional classes. Therefore, you first need to understand the purpose for which the knife is being purchased and its purpose. It must be said that even simply carrying a knife in your pocket as a stylish accessory is also an option. Therefore, we will try to cover as wide a range of possible options as possible in this article.

The first prehistoric knife was apparently created solely for cutting. This principle is still adhered to by all the best knifemakers from all over the world, as well as by most members of the global knife community. However, modern trends have divided knives into several knife niches, each of which covers a specific range of tasks that a knife from a given niche can most effectively solve:

Universal knives for every day

The first knife niche that is most often mentioned in the knife community is everyday folding knives, or EDCs. Many will probably immediately remember the statement that everything universal is inferior to the special. It’s hard to argue with this, but it’s worth paying attention to the fact that a slight deterioration in one of the components of the knife’s functionality will allow you to limit yourself to only one knife in everyday carry, instead of an entire toolkit. It can easily cope with a wide range of tasks, the list of which will include punching a hole in plywood or working with a small lever when squeezing something that a more delicate blade cannot handle. Universal blades have a thicker blade that allows you to perform cutting work with lateral curves of the blade, an increased thickness of the blade that can withstand large lateral loads and a more powerful tip that allows you not only to pierce packaging materials, but also to pick dense and hard materials and even perform simple piercing work.

Tactical folders

The next knife niche has slightly fewer fans, and in general still gives rise to controversy on the very definition of a knife as “tactical”. However, knives that are classified this way are ubiquitous and are popular with many knife companies. This is a kind of intermediate link between city station wagons and powerful “crowbars”, about which a little lower.

Tactics is “conducting reasonable, planned actions aimed at achieving certain goals,” and the definition of “tactical knife” implies the only knife with which you can solve all problems that arise in the process: from combat to technical. Such knives are especially valued by the military, police and special forces, and each of them chooses their own “tactician” based on the priority of the tasks they solve. Such knives are equally successful in cutting, piercing, chopping and stabbing, and working with levers and improvised steps. Tactical knives are the favorite devices of people who really appreciate the high level of man-made danger in modern megacities and prefer to have a powerful knife with them. Of course, the components of the functionality of this knife will be somewhat worse than the main functionality of ideal “cutters” and “crowbars,” but they are guaranteed to solve almost all problems that arise in an extreme situation. Many tourist and hunting folding knives can often be classified into this category.

Tactical crowbars are the unspoken name for folding mastodons, capable of not only piercing, chopping, chiseling, but also working with powerful levers, an entrenching tool, and even a chisel, on which the strongest blows are applied to apply the maximum impact with the blade (tip or cutting edge). Such actions are called batoning in slang, and such knives are capable of piercing steel sheets of considerable thickness and splitting wooden elements without damage. Such knives are usually used by people whose work involves frequent misuse of a knife, and are also in the equipment of knife lovers as a mobile survival tool.

Gentleman's suit knives

In addition to the listed knife niches, one can name the segment of gentleman's folders, which includes premium small-sized knives, the historical roots of which go back to knives for sharpening pens and pencils, as well as knives for cutting cigars and opening correspondence - the so-called penknives. Such knives are mostly cutters, and their choice comes down to personal preferences regarding certain design and artistic solutions, as well as materials. Based on different tastes and preferences, we will not dwell on the choice of such knives.

In addition, some people buy knives as a stylish premium accessory, produced under a high-profile brand or a famous craftsman. Such purchases usually serve to shape the image of the owner, and their main advantages are belonging to a high-profile brand or the authorship of a famous master, brutal or creative appearance and the presence of good mechanics that allow you to effectively throw away a blade surrounded by friends or engage in knife meditation in moments of relaxation. Such knives, depending on the image of their owners, may belong to different knife niches and here, as in the case of gentleman’s knives, you need to start from personal preferences.

After reading this rather simplified classification, you need to decide what you plan to do with your knife and whether its responsibility will include functionality that is in demand in extreme situations, which may never be used, but will turn it into a full-fledged tactical tool.

Back Lock

Another common type of lock, where the shank is fixed from the butt. A spring-loaded lever is used as a lock. There is a groove on the heel of the blade where this lever should fit. The reliability of the mechanism is determined by how accurately the spring-loaded lever fits into the desired slot. Otherwise, the blade will be poorly secured and will either open without the owner’s knowledge, or, conversely, jam when opening/closing the tool. Also, play may appear, which negatively affects the reliability of the entire structure.

Knife Spyderco Endura 4 10PSBK

Buy Spyderco Endura 4 10PSBK knife

Over the long history of the Spyderco company, many varieties of the Spyderco Endura model have been released, with different types of blade sharpening, color and handle material. Here is a Spyderco Endura 4 knife, semi-serrated (C10PSBK) with a handle made of durable FRN polymer and a reliable Back lock. The semi-serrated blade can easily cope with any household tasks: cutting food, opening packaging, quickly cutting fibrous materials, fabric, ropes. Ideal for daily use.

Cold Steel “Broken Skull 1” folding knife, Carpenter CTS steel, G10

Buy Cold Steel “Broken Skull 1” folding knife, Carpenter CTS steel, G10

The knife will be a good choice for buyers looking for a tool for everyday carry in their pocket. The shape of the bowie blade has proven itself in almost any type of work. The weight of 85 grams makes it easy to carry – you won’t even notice that the knife is in your pocket. High-quality steel Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy retains its sharpness for a long time, and the G10 handle is not afraid of moisture and fits perfectly in the hand. A special pin on the blade makes it easy to open the knife with one hand, and the back lock securely locks it in this position.

How to choose the best folding knife?

What is the best folding knife? In order to answer this question, you need to clearly understand the tasks that you plan to solve with its help. If you need to sharpen a pencil, then there is no point in purchasing a camping version of a folding knife. And a pocket knife is unlikely to be an excellent assistant for you when starting a fire or cutting up game. It is the tasks that you plan to solve that determine the choice of one or another folding knife model. In addition, when choosing the best folding knife , its convenience for the owner is of great importance. The knife should lie comfortably in the hand, have a comfortable, pleasant shape and weight for the palm.

It is important to know that not all knives are suitable for left-handers; it is worth remembering this when purchasing them through online stores, when it is not possible to hold the knife in your hand and feel the characteristics. It is also important to remember that the most reliable folding knife does not come cheap. Well-known manufacturing companies use high-quality materials and the latest technologies to create truly reliable assistants for all occasions. Therefore, when choosing which folding knife is better, you should give preference to well-known brands.

Tri-Ad Lock

In fact, it is a modification of the Back Lock model made by Cold Steel in 2008. A special pin was added to the design of the lock, designed to reduce the load on the blade, and the geometry of the lever and its interaction with the hole in the shank were revised. The hole took on an oval shape. All these innovations had a positive impact on the strength of the lock structure, and also removed the backlash that contributed to tool wear.

Cold Steel “Code 4” folding knife, Carpenter CTS, serrated

Buy Cold Steel “Code 4” folding knife, Carpenter CTS, serrated

Folding knife “Code 4” from Cold Steel, Carpenter CTS, serrated sharpening, is intended for both everyday and outdoor use. The folding system significantly reduces the size of the product and allows you to always carry the tool with you. A reliable Tri-Ad lock blade lock will save you from unforeseen accidents. The unusual shape of the tanto blade has high and concave slopes, which improves the cutting qualities of the tool.

Knife Cold Steel “ProLite” steel 4116 German, folding, clip point, blue

Buy Cold Steel “ProLite” knife, steel 4116 German, folding, clip point, blue

Using its example, the knife demonstrates that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get a quality tool that will serve you for many years. The blade is made of German stainless steel 4116 Krupp and has a Stonewash finish that does not lose its attractive appearance with everyday use.

The handle of the Pro Lite knife is made of glass-filled FRN nylon, a wear-resistant and practical material that is resistant to shock loads. The massive, rough handle fits perfectly in the hand and does not slip out or twist in the palm. A compact pocket clip is located at the back of the handle. It can be moved to the right or left side in the “point up” position. There is also a hole for a lanyard on the heel. The blade locking mechanism is a virtually indestructible Tri-Ad Lock™. The knife is packed in a box.

Frame Lock

This is the configuration of the aforementioned Liner Lock, a simple yet reliable design. In such knives, part of the handle is made of metal and it acts as a spring-loaded plate. Elastic and durable metal contributes to the reliability of the locking device and makes the knife safer, preventing inadvertent opening and closing of the tool.

Knife Gerber Paraframe II SS 2248447N

Buy knife Gerber Paraframe II SS 2248447N

The practical Powerframe II SS knife is a folding knife with a modern design. The lightweight handle of the original shape, the latest design technologies and the use of the most advanced materials in the manufacture of the knife allow us to classify it as the highest quality product in its class. The knife looks very stylish. The Frame Lock and unique handle design ensure safe use of the knife. The knife is equipped with a convenient clip that allows you to securely fix it on a belt, backpack, etc. An excellent choice for fishermen, hunters, it can also be used in tourism or camping.

Folding tourist knife Ganzo G743-1-OR

Buy a folding tourist knife Ganzo G743-1-OR

The Ganzo G743-1 travel folding knife is a combination of practicality and high quality. A reliable Frame Lock is installed. The length of the blade is 87 mm, and the thickness of the butt is 3 mm. Blade sharpening type: straight. The blade has a classic shape - Drop Point, material - 440C stainless steel with a hardness of 58 HRC. The total length of the product when open is 200 mm, and when closed it is only 113.

Compression Lock

This variety is a kind of hybrid of two other lock options: Liner Lock and Back Lock. Like the Liner Lock, it has a flat spring, but it rests on the top of the shank rather than on the back. One side of this spring fits into the shank, on the other side there is a pin against which it rests. Compression Lock handles usually have metal inserts.

The undoubted advantage of this type of lock is that when opening the knife, the user’s fingers will not collide with the blade. This will protect you from accidental injuries when using the tool.

Products with a Compression Lock type lock work like this: between the pin and the heel of the blade there is a small slot into which a spring-loaded bar fits. Thus, the knife is fixed in the open position.

Knife Spyderco Para-Military 2 81GPLE2

Buy knife Spyderco Para-Military 2 81GPLE2

The Spyderco Para-Military 2 81GPLE2 pocket folding knife is designed for everyday urban carry. This model perfectly combines reliability, convenience and sleek design. The blade is made of CPM S30V powder steel, the hardness of which on the Rockwell scale is 58-60 HRC. The handle is made of G10. Handle color is black. Lock type: Compression Lock. The total length of the product when open is 209 mm, and when closed it is 122 mm.

Knife Spyderco Yojimbo 2 C85GP2

Buy knife Spyderco Yojimbo 2 C85GP2

Designed by renowned personal defense trainer Michael Janich, the Yojimbo 2 is Spyderco's original Yojimbo design, featuring the first use of the Wharncliffe blade in a tactical folding knife. The refined ergonomics of the Yojimbo 2 complement the natural contours of the hand, providing maximum surface contact and excellent control, and make the 3-1/4-inch (79 mm) CPM S30V steel blade a natural extension of the hand. Blade style - PlainEdge, grind style - hollow- ground. Stainless steel liners provide structural strength and form the basis of a high-strength compression lock. Textured G-10 grips and a four-way clip ensure that your hand doesn't slip on the handle and you can always reach the knife quickly.

Types of locks for folding knives

10/30/2017 Which folding knives are the most reliable? The safest? Most comfortable? Depends largely on the type of lock. Locks can be automatic or semi-automatic, with or without a lock. There are simple and well-known ones - like liner locks or frame locks - and there are those that are invented by knife manufacturers themselves.

Let's look at the most popular ones.

Liner lock

Found in 8 out of 10 knives: it is the easiest to make, it is reliable and convenient. The mechanism is based on a flat spring that pushes against the blade's tang when you open it. The spring should fit onto the shank at a distance that is greater than its thickness - then the knife will not fold due to any movement.

Example: MF-1 knife from Extrema Ratio.

Frame lock

Similar to a liner lock, but instead of a locking plate there is part of a metal handle. This knife is stronger because there is less risk of damaging the spring, and you additionally press the plate with your hand when holding it.

Example: Cobia from CRKT.

Back lock

Here, under the spring, there is a lever in the form of an arc, which fixes the shank from the butt side. This kind of lock is more difficult to make: the part of the lever adjacent to the shank and the slot must be perfectly adjusted, otherwise the lock will quickly become loose. That's why knives are more expensive.

Example: Code 4 by Cold Steel.

Tri-Ad Lock

A later version of the back lock, which was invented by Cold Steel: they added a locking pin, which took on the entire load, modified the clutch of the lever and the groove in the shank, and made the axle slot oval. As a result, the lock has become stronger, wears less from friction and does not become loose.

Example: Large G10 from Cold Steel.

Compression lock

It combines the best features of liner lock and back lock: the spring here rests on the shank from above, and the other side goes over the pin. The lock has become safer - now your finger will not be in the way of the blade when you close and open the knife.

Example: Spyderco Para-Military.

Viroblock (Coupling lock)

This lock is used in Opinel knives: the blade is secured in it by a metal sleeve with a transverse slot. If you turn the clutch, the slot will align with the blade and the knife can be unfolded. When folded, the clutch is turned again and it locks the blade. A very simple, cheap and reliable mechanism, but it requires additional effort and movement. Example: Opinel No. 7.


A pin lock used in Benchmade knives. The blade in it fixes a pin in the form of a spindle, which fits into the grooves on the shank. The protection is very reliable: the knife is fixed both in open and folded form. However, dirt gets clogged into the grooves over time, so the knife must be thoroughly cleaned.

Example: Pardue by Benchmade.

Arc lock

An analogue of AXIS, which was patented by SOG. The difference is that the pin here is attached to the rocker arm inside the handle - this way the lock is more securely fixed.

Example: Ultra C TI from SOG.

Button lock (plunge lock, push-button lock)

This type of lock is most often used in automatic knives. The knife opens with a button-pin, which, when pressed, the thin part goes into the plane of the blade and releases the blade. The button securely locks the knife in both the open and closed positions, but the quality of the lock greatly depends on the assembly and materials. These knives also need to be thoroughly cleaned. Example: Launch 1 by Kershaw.

Ram safe lock

A crossbar lock in which the shank of the blade holds a rod - a crossbar moving parallel to the butt. On the reverse side, the bolt is pressed by a stiff spring. To open the lock, you need to pull the lanyard, and doing this with one hand is very difficult. But such a knife is more difficult to break.

Example: Bushman by Cold Steel.

Ratchet lock (cogwheel lock, gear lock)

The shank here is rounded, with teeth - they lock the plate-plate with a slot when the knife is folded. When the blade is unfolded, the plate is raised and the teeth of the tang pass through it. To fold, you need to lift the plate with your hands (most often it has a ring). These locks are commonly used on traditional Spanish and South African knives.

Example: Kudu by Cold Steel.

"Butterfly" (balisong)

Strictly speaking, this is not a lock, but a way to secure the blade. When folded, it is closed by two halves of the handle on both sides, and to open it, you need to rotate each one 180 degrees. Sometimes the handles are additionally secured with a latch so that they do not accidentally unfold. The design of the lock is reliable, but opening the knife is not very convenient: you have to do it with both hands and with effort. Example: Paradox by Cold Steel.

Friction folder

A design that was invented by our distant ancestors: this is how old straight razors and Japanese higonokami are designed. The blade unfolds due to the friction of the tang on the handle. Often there is a lever on the shank that protrudes beyond the handle when folded: it is more convenient to pull on it to fully open the knife.

Example: Fleet Street Razor by Magnum Boker.


A simple lock that is used in inexpensive camping knives. When folded and unfolded, the shank is held from above by the rounded tip. The mechanism is not fixed very reliably, it is not suitable for serious loads, but it is also difficult to accidentally injure yourself with it.

Example: Old Timer Senior by Schrade.


This type of lock is typical for pocket knives from Opinel. In this case, a metal rotary coupling is used to fix the blade in the desired position. It is equipped with a special longitudinal cut. By turning the coupling in different directions, you can lock the tool in the open or closed position.

Knife Opinel No. 7 VRN

Buy knife Opinel No. 7 VRN

The Opinel No. 7 VRN knife is a modern device that can be used in a wide variety of situations: from outdoor recreation to hunting or fishing. Among the advantages of the product, it is worth noting the use of high-quality carbon steel in the production of the knife, which is not only durable, but also has a long service life. The handle of the equipment is made of wood (beech) and covered with a special protective layer from moisture and dampness.

Due to the fact that this model uses the Viroblock system developed by the creator of the Opinel company, the knife is not only securely fixed in the open position, but also conveniently folds, which makes such a product safer for use and transportation. By ordering French-made knives in our online store, you not only buy an exclusive product, but also find a reliable assistant in performing various tasks for many years.

Knife Opinel No. 8 VRI mushroom

Buy knife Opinel No. 8 VRI mushroom

The very convenient folding mushroom picker knife Opinel 8 VRI is a medium-sized model - the blade length is 80 mm. The handle is made of solid beech wood. The blade is removed manually. When open, the knife is secured using a Viroblock ring lock. This lock is a metal ring with a slot located at the end of the handle above the axis of rotation of the blade. When the knife is opened, the blade passes through the slot. To fix the blade in the open state, you need to turn the ring, the slot will move and it will be impossible to accidentally close the knife. The lock is very reliable due to its simplicity; there is nothing to break. In addition, it should be noted that the wall of the ring next to the slot is made with a slight bevel, which allows you to tighten the blade, completely eliminating play.

Types of locks on switchblade knives

In order to secure the blade of a folding knife in working condition, a lock is provided on the knife. There are several types of locks for fixing:

  • liner-lock or linear type of lock, where a flat spring, which is part of the handle, presses and thus fixes the blade;
  • back-lock, in which a spring located in the handle presses the lever that holds the blade from the butt side;
  • clasp-knife or viroblock - here the blade is fixed with a ring coupling, which you simply need to turn to keep the blade in working condition;
  • axis-lock or movable pin lock;
  • a balisong lock that holds the blade of a butterfly knife.

There are also rarely seen locks such as ultralock. This is a kind of linear type lock and frame type lock.

Button Lock

Knives with the Button Lock system have a special button-pin with which the blade is released or held in the handle. By pressing the button, the tool can be locked in both the open and closed positions.

It is necessary to avoid getting dirt into the micro-cracks near the button, as this will interfere with its operation.

Folding tourist knife Ganzo G802-BK

Buy a folding tourist knife Ganzo G802-BK

The Ganzo G802 folding knife is a unique model in the line of the Chinese brand. The owner of the knife has two blades at his disposal at once, and can use them in turn. The material for the manufacture of blades was high-carbon alloy steel, hardness category 57 HRC. Blades of different diameters and shapes, the first, with a smoothly sharpened tip and a straight line of the spine. This blade is more suitable for cutting and splitting animals, mainly used by tourists in standard situations. The second blade has a slightly concave cutting side and a rounded end. This blade is designed for cleaning and cutting fish, as well as for use in other special tasks. Each blade is 9 cm long.

Folding tourist knife Ganzo G707

Buy a folding tourist knife Ganzo G707

Ganzo G707 is a semi-automatic travel folding knife with a combined straight sharpening blade. This model will be useful in the everyday life of a person who loves active recreation, and will also find its place in the arsenal of a truck driver, fisherman or hunter.

Axis Lock

The Axis Lock type lock is a spring rod that moves back and forth along the groove of the handle. The product is fixed in the open state using a flat section located in the heel of the knife. If you pull the rod back, the knife folds back.

The advantage of this type of lock is that such tools can be used comfortably by both right- and left-handed people.

Among the disadvantages - due to the abundance of moving elements in the design, instrument hygiene can be difficult. The ingress of crumbs, dirt and dust will damage the mechanism and prevent you from using all the capabilities of the product.

Folding tourist knife Firebird F7551-GR

Buy a folding tourist knife Firebird F7551-GR

Travel folding knife Firebird F7551. An excellent universal model for use in hiking and sports trips. The unusual shape of the Sheepfoot blade. Small, but at the same time, durable and reliable model. Weight is only 118 grams. Smooth cutting edge. The Axis lock secures the blade. The length of the blade is 85 mm. The total length when open is 200 mm, and when folded it is 115 mm.

Folding tourist knife Firebird FB7631-OR

Buy a folding tourist knife Firebird FB7631-OR

A small folding knife for daily carry in the city from the manufacturer Firebird. This model will not leave any fan of folding knives indifferent, as it combines extraordinary compactness, lightness and ease of use. The blade is made of the strongest 440C stainless steel, thanks to which the knife can really help out its owner in many situations. The strong AXIS lock reliably secures the blade both open and closed.

Design of the first folding knives

At first, the design of a folding knife involved the usual rotation of the knife blade relative to the attachment point, which was located at the end of the handle. The design was quite unreliable, since the fixation of the blade was based only on the force of friction and depended to a greater extent on the rigidity of the material from which the base was made. Initially, the way out of this situation was to reinforce the wooden handle with metal plates. However, high reliability and safety of using this knife was not achieved by this technique. The knife could fold or open at the most inopportune moment.

With the invention of a special blade retainer, flat springs and an eccentric, the situation changed, and a folding knife became one of the most popular and sought-after types of bladed weapons. The best folding knives open easily with one hand, are suitable for both right-handers and left-handers, securely fix the blade, are safe and practical to use.

America, Europe and Asia are competing for the championship in the invention of the first folding knives. Everyone has something to offer - the Filipino butterfly knife, the Spanish Navaja, the knives of the French colonists, etc. Today, one thing is clear - without a universal folding knife it is impossible to imagine any trip, whether it takes place in the wilds of the impenetrable jungle, on a luxurious snow-white yacht or in a friends’ country garden!

Slip Joint

One of the simplest types of locking mechanisms. The blade moves with the help of a special spring, and to fix it on the shank there are bulges that are located parallel to its movement.

This design is not able to provide a tight lock of the knife in the open or closed position, so tools with the Slip Joint type of lock are not suitable for heavy-duty work that requires force.

Knife Spyderco UK Pen C94PDBL

Buy Spyderco knife UK Pen C94PDBL

The Spyderco UK Pen C94PDBL is an everyday but unusual knife. The shape of the wharncliffe blade allows you to cut very accurately, due to the fact that the entire tip is in one straight line. The premium steel of the CTS BD1 blade is almost completely purified from negative impurities using a vacuum melting method, which provides excellent strength coupled with high hardness.

The knife handle is made of fiberglass, which ensures impact resistance and reliability in extreme conditions. Also, the unusually low weight, the presence of a finger groove, the presence of a hole for a lanyard and the ability to open with one hand make the Spyderco UK Pen C94PDBL knife very easy to handle. And a guarantee of safety is the Slip joint lock.

Knife Spyderco Urban 127GPFG

Buy Spyderco Urban 127GPFG knife

The Spyderco Urban 127GPFG Folding Knife is the perfect combination of practicality and style. It is small in size - only 15.4 cm in length, while the blade length is 6.5 cm. When folded, it is only 8.9 cm in length. Thanks to the G-10 fiberglass from which the handle is made, it is very light - 58 g.

The blade is made of VG-10 steel, so it is not subject to corrosion and retains its cutting ability for a long time. The blade can be removed quickly and efficiently with one finger, as it is equipped with a patented Spyderco mechanism. The Slip Joint lock is simple and easy to use, while guaranteeing security.

The handle has finger grooves and follows the curves of the palm; the surface of the handle is textured, which prevents slipping in wet hands. Using the clip, you can conveniently attach the knife to your trouser belt or pockets. Such characteristics are what you need to buy a Spyderco Urban 127GPFG folding knife right now.

Ball Bearing Lock

Patented development of the Spyderco knife company. The blade is locked using a small ball. It acts as a load transmitter from the blade to a special spacer that separates the dies.

Knife Spyderco Manix 2 101PBL2

Buy knife Spyderco Manix 2 101PBL2

In 2010, this knife model received a prestigious award in the industry - “Most Innovative Design”. The award was presented by Blade magazine. And, it is worth noting that despite the fact that almost 10 years have passed since that very moment, the Spyderco Manix 2 101PBL2 knife is still popular among buyers - and not without reason. It is very light (only 85g) and the materials it is made from are premium.

Knife Spyderco Manix 2 101GPDBL2

Buy knife Spyderco Manix 2 101GPDBL2

The Spyderco Manix 2 folding knife model 101GPDBL2 is made of stainless hardened steel grade CPM-S110V, which guarantees the product a long service life. The design has folding knife functionality and a Ball Bearing Lock for the blade, which ensures safe use. The manufacturer recommends sharpening using the direct type of sharpening when caring for the tool.

We have listed the most popular and common types of knife locks. In fact, there are a little more of them, plus, almost every major knife company has its own developments. It is difficult to answer the question “Which type of knife lock is best” - each has both pros and cons. When choosing the right variety, rely on the goals and future scope of the purchase. It is important to monitor the serviceability of the locking mechanism - this is the key to the long and high-quality service of your tool.

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