Nine ways to diversify sex and make it more interesting

It's hard to argue with the fact that sex is an important part of relationships, and its influence on them is more than it seems. But it happens, and quite often, that it becomes boring. We are, of course, talking about ordinary sex, in which the couple uses their usual places and positions. Something that is repeated over and over again very soon gets boring, even if it is something pleasant and loved, and sex begins to irritate.

Let's say a person eats apples every day because he really likes them. But gradually he gets tired, wants to learn new tastes and simply replaces the apple with a pear. Something similar can happen in a relationship - someone in a couple decides to try something new and replaces their partner. But there is another way - to diversify your intimate life with your loved one. Here's how to do it.

How to prevent feelings from burning out?

If you are truly comfortable living with the person you are with now, then you need to take all measures to strengthen your feelings, love, and attraction to each other. Time in relationships does not always play a positive role. Everyday routine and standard behavior do not work in your favor. The longer you are together, the more effort should be made to ensure that neither of you regrets being with each other. Under no circumstances should you let yourself go. You should always look beautiful or beautiful, no matter whether you are next to your loved one or by yourself. This will increase self-confidence and give you a feeling of narcissism. If you don't love yourself, others will feel it too. You are the best and most beautiful, and your soulmate is very lucky to have you.

To prevent love from developing into a habit, you should think carefully about how to diversify your intimate life. Modesty, which may be inherent in you, has no place here. Looseness, audacity and initiative should become constant companions in this direction.

Ways to diversify your intimate life

In order to surprise and amaze the person close to you, you can come up with many options on how to do this. Let's look at some of them. Perhaps, after reading them, you will want to supplement this list with your own ideas that are most suitable for your specific situation and character.

  • Have romantic dinners by candlelight. Just imagine how surprised your other half will be when you come home after a hard day at work and see a corridor of small lights leading to a cozy place where you can have a delicious time with a glass of wine or champagne.
  • Role-playing games have always been famous for their success. Just think through everything well, down to the smallest details, so that your passion does not develop into a funny performance that may interfere with what you have in mind.
  • Learn erotic massage techniques. This is a great way to relax your partner and give him an indescribable feeling that will be remembered for a long time. The use of additional aromatic oils, incense, and appropriate music will set the background for a stunning romantic atmosphere.
  • A woman must have beautiful erotic lingerie. No man can resist the goddess who appears before him.
  • Erotic toys will allow you to play around. Feel free to visit the erotic store. There you will certainly be able to purchase what you need to play with your loved one.
  • Devote time to studying the Kama Sutra. New positions will give you new sensations and bring you closer to your partner.
  • Practice spontaneous sex. Your partner will be surprised beyond measure, especially if you have never done anything like this before. Surprise and originality excite and give new impressions.
  • Change your surroundings, move away from your everyday problems, escape from them together somewhere where only you will be, where you can remember the good old days, devote time only to yourself, surprise each other and give unforgettable moments. This could be a room rented in a hotel, a house in nature, a sauna, etc.

Outside the home8

Adrenaline is a good turn-on, and thrills will definitely help make your intimate life more varied. Spontaneous sex in unexpected places brings special piquancy. Of course, you shouldn’t do this right in the middle of the park, but finding a secluded corner in its depths, where passers-by do not wander, is just the thing.

According to sexologists, adrenaline can in any case influence arousal. Instead of spending the evening watching a TV series, you can go to an amusement park and try the scariest ones, although a simple Ferris wheel is enough for some.

Sometimes it is enough for a couple to simply get out of the bed or bedroom. Sex in the shower, in the kitchen, in front of the window will already seem like a breath of fresh air.

Intimate life in marriage

For some reason, marriage for many people is some kind of new field, and not entirely in the best way. The expression “marital responsibilities” appeared, although the word “responsibilities” does not evoke particularly positive emotions. But unfortunately, this is true. For many spouses, sex is simply an obligation that some perform only because it is necessary.

How to diversify your intimate life in marriage should be of interest to both partners. If everyone approaches this issue creatively, then there should be no problems. Interest in a new intimate scenario will eliminate the desire of the spouses to look for something new on the side. Be the best partner in bed, harbor a mystery within yourself that you will always want to solve and unravel.

What to tell your husband and what to remain silent about

It is important to be able to express your emotions without offending your partner, since suppressing them will lead to problems on a psychological level and will affect a person’s physical well-being.

Of course, emotions weaken. Many young men and women admit that when meeting their loved ones they experienced real trepidation, which disappeared after a while. But the chosen one became a loved one, empathy appeared, a desire to take care of him and spend time together. It is important to remember that a man and a woman are not only friends and parents. They need to take a break from family responsibilities and spend weekends together, trying to find suitable ways to add variety to sex.

The role of male initiative

Often it is women who strive to change something in relationships and are the first to begin to think about how they can diversify their intimate life. However, men should also not remain indifferent to this topic, try to nourish their woman’s feelings, give her compliments, gifts or just flowers. A woman herself is like a flower that can wither without attention and bloom at the first watering with love and care. It is imperative for a man to devote time to thinking about how to diversify his intimate life with his wife. A lot depends on the man. Therefore, he must pay due attention to this topic. After all, not only a woman should think about how to diversify her intimate life with her husband.

Intimate life with children

Many married couples are confused by the question of what to do with children who are at home and can interfere with intimate pleasures. Of course, if it is possible to give them to grandparents, this radically changes the situation. However, this option is not for everyone. In such cases, you should try to find ways to solve this problem. The most common option is to wait until the children fall asleep. Some people install a lock in the bedroom so as not to worry or be distracted by the thought that a child might come in at the most inopportune moment. If living conditions do not allow you to make love in your own bedroom, without the presence of children, then this is not a reason to despair. There is a kitchen - a place that is even more interesting than the usual family bed, a bathroom where you can take a relaxing bath by candlelight and give each other a wonderful romantic evening.

If you are really determined to find the answer to how to diversify your family intimate life, then you will undoubtedly be able to find it. Only you know each other’s capabilities and preferences, after analyzing which you can draw up a clear plan for your actions. The main thing here is not to withdraw into yourself, but, on the contrary, to give free rein to your feelings and fantasies, to liberate yourself, to set yourself up for the fact that you can get new emotions and excitement and set the pace for new variations in relationships.

How to set yourself up for change?

Thinking about intimate relationships is much easier than putting everything into practice. Sometimes, even when you have already planned something, a failure happens due to the fact that you simply did not dare to take this bold step, to take a new intimate wave, you were afraid to be funny or ridiculous and were simply shy. No one is saying that such changes are easy. Therefore, if you still need some changes and improvements in sexual terms, you should not delay, not to mention completely discard this idea.

Consider all the possible options that suit your situation in order to understand how your life can be transformed. Consider ways to spice up your intimate life. Feedback from people who started implementing this goal before you will help you understand what suits you and what doesn’t, what kind of outcome you can expect after certain actions. People offer many ways to diversify their intimate life, for example, such as changing the environment or going on a trip together. You can also go in for sports together, have romantic dates more often, intrigue each other with love notes, and so on.

Indeed, there is a lot of information on how to diversify your intimate life. The reviews reflect a problem that many people face. People share their experiences, ask for advice - this is a good sign, which indicates that they are not standing still, but are making every effort to change the situation for the better. You need to take an example from such people and only move forward.

This is a creative process that forces you to organize mini-performances for your loved one. You will have to pay due attention to preparing and studying all kinds of methods on how to diversify your intimate life.

A photo showing a couple in love in an unusual setting should attract your attention. After all, people often pass by advertisements that present some way to spend time romantically, where a cozy corner in a restaurant or in nature is depicted. Find out how and where in your city you can simply have a good rest with your loved one, escape from problems and everyday worries. Instead of a standard dinner at home, have dinner in a cafe or restaurant. Watching TV can be replaced by going to the cinema, theater or exhibition. If you have the opportunity not to sit at home, but to go out somewhere, go out! Take walks together more often just for fun. After all, this is a great opportunity to talk, dream and just be together.

Tips to avoid monotony

When sex with your beloved becomes like an obligation and partners want variety, it’s time to use your imagination and give your feelings a little shake-up. To do this, you can use a few simple tips:

  1. Suddenness. By pouncing (in the good sense of the word) on your beloved not in a boring bedroom before bed, but somewhere in the living room at the height of the day, you can get a charge of positive emotions.
  2. New places. There is always a place in the house where a couple has never had sex. It's time to correct this unfortunate omission.
  3. Special literature. Experimenting with poses will help you get rid of everyday life. To select them, you can use books or come up with a new position together with your partner.

Sex toys

Sexual toys, which spouses for some reason hide as far away as possible, can enhance pleasure. Both women and men can use them. Popular among them are:

  1. Vibrator. Many people confuse it with a dildo. The main difference is that the first one vibrates, while the second one is simply a copy of the male penis. Despite the widespread stereotype, not only women can use it. The vibrator is suitable for stimulating the G-spot, inner thighs and other erogenous zones in both sexes. You can try placing it during intimacy so that it touches the clitoris and scrotum. It is important to always wash and dry toys, and also not to forget about an additional supply of batteries, because it will be a shame if they suddenly run out before the onset of orgasm.
  2. Anal beads. They can be used to give special pleasure to a man. It's just a thread with balls that are selected according to size. Using generous lubricant, they are inserted into the young man's anus. During climax, thanks to the contraction of the anus and the friction of the balls, the orgasm will reach its highest point. It is important to use enough lube and leave a small part of the toy outside.
  3. Cock rings. This is one of the oldest sex toys, which is a device worn on the penis during an erection. A small ring restricts blood flow and thereby helps maintain an erection for a longer period of time. It allows you to diversify sex with your husband and adds thrill to the woman during penetration.
  4. Dildo. In shape it is a copy of the male phallus. Regular use of the toy helps strengthen the walls and muscles of the vagina. If a dildo is purchased for insertion into the anus, you need to make sure that it has a thickened end. This will allow the owner to avoid a humiliating and unpleasant trip to the local clinic to have the toy removed from the anus.

The main task of sex toys is to provide additional pleasure to their owners in bed. You should not think that if a woman has purchased a vibrator, this means that the man does not suit her as a lover. Most likely, she just wants to add variety to her intimate life with her partner and is looking for options.

Buying a new bed

The Department of Family Sociology at the University of Cologne conducted the following experiment: scientists selected volunteers who had cameras installed in their marital bedroom.

Based on the results of observations, it was established:

  1. Those with wide beds had sex more often, their foreplay was more varied, and the duration of intimacy was longer.
  2. Those couples who had recently completed renovations or simply changed furniture also had better sexual relations. They were passionate and willing to experiment.

From this it was concluded that a simple interior detail can help bring novelty and variety into the intimate life of partners.

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We are looking for the treasured point

The G-spot can be compared to the philosopher's stone. Everyone has heard about it, but no one knows where it is. The only difference is that the G-spot is real and can be found. The search can be turned into an intimate game that will bring sexual pleasure to both partners. The most sensitive areas of the human body are:

  • mouth and lips;
  • ears;
  • area from the pubis to the navel;
  • neck;
  • clitoris;
  • breasts and nipples;
  • popliteal dimple;
  • feet and toes;
  • buttocks.

In intimate areas, you can use a variety of caresses: with your hands, tongue, feather, ice, warm wax. The main rule is to monitor your partner’s reaction. This will allow you to understand what gives him or her pleasure and which caresses should be avoided.

Massage session

A good massage not only gives you energy and allows you to relax. It is able to excite both spouses, set them up for sensual sex and help them achieve a strong orgasm. For men, the areas suitable for massage are:

  • back;
  • torso;
  • buttocks;
  • shins;
  • head.

When massaging, you can use creams and aromatic oils that will achieve the maximum relaxation effect.

Unfortunately, passion in marriage can fade over time. But if both partners show the desire to maintain the fire of sexual attraction and diversify the relationship, then achieving results will be easy.

Intimate life after 45

How to diversify your intimate life after 45? Many people are concerned about this question. Is it worth changing something if you are already over 40? Some people already stop thinking about intimate life altogether, citing their age. This is the stupidest mistake - giving up on yourself and engaging in self-hypnosis that you no longer need it and are not at all interested. If you really think this way, then you should immediately begin to form completely opposite thoughts. A person should not give up love affairs, but, on the contrary, devote time to thinking about how to diversify his intimate life.

Reviews from people over 40 prove that having sex at this age rejuvenates a person, fills him with an amazing mood, love for life, revitalizes him and gives him strength and energy.

For some people over 40, watching erotic films together helps and motivates them to engage in intimate activities. Someone at this age buys the book “Kama Sutra” and tries something new, which interests both of them.

If, nevertheless, age makes itself felt and all this is reflected in your health and mobility, then there is nothing shameful in seeing a doctor about this problem. There are a large number of medications that help maintain sexual life.

Do not forget that men experience a midlife crisis at this time. Many men say that it is up to the woman how they survive this crisis. Women should not turn away from a man if he does not behave exactly the way he would like. Love, affection and care will help a man feel needed and bring him back to life. A wife should not give up intimate life with her husband, but, on the contrary, try to be more seductive and persistent. The man will appreciate it.

It is possible that your fantasies will be more restrained, but do not forget that your soul, your inner world does not correspond to your real age. You shouldn't pay any attention to how old you are. Live as your heart demands. Allow yourself what will give you wings and lightness.

Where does passion go?

In fact, the factors that greatly influence physical attraction and constant maintenance of the spark in a relationship are very banal and ordinary.

  • Perhaps the novelty has worn off, or you and your wife are tired of work, children, social life, and you have no time or energy left for lovemaking.

  • Perhaps you're not in the mood because you're unhappy with your body or appearance, or because you're experiencing some other difficulty in your relationship.
  • Additionally, your sex life may be declining due to psychological factors, chronic illness, medications, depression, or addiction. The number of possible reasons is almost endless.

It's important to understand the bottom: Whatever the reason, it is important to understand that bringing intimacy back into your marriage is necessary, because only in very rare cases can building a healthy relationship be possible without this component.

With all this in mind, sex can be a rather challenging aspect of your life. It is beautiful, funny, unique and enjoyable, but on top of all that, it is associated with self-esteem, emotions, intimacy, health and personal history.

You may think of it as just fun, but it could be the central cause of tension in your relationship. A lack of passion, sex and intimacy can be the downfall of a marriage unless both partners have a low sex drive.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, it's very easy to fall into a vicious circle: it's hard to want sex without emotional intimacy, and it's hard to maintain an emotional connection without physical attraction. In short, the less happy you are, the less you want sex, and the less sex you have, the more unhappy you are in your relationship.

What to do in such a seemingly hopeless situation?

First of all, analyze yourself. It is very important to understand why you and your wife still don’t want sex, as it was before, to find the root cause. This topic was given special attention in one of the articles already published earlier. In addition, you can find other tips that will help not only revitalize intimacy, but also strengthen your marriage. You can read this material here.

What to do after trying to change your intimate life?

Let's imagine that you have already taken the first step. This could be a romantic dinner, a joint shower, an erotic massage, and so on. How to behave after all that you have done? If the first attempt went well and your significant other is still in shock, then you should proceed very carefully. The bar has been raised, you are at a new level, a step into the past is failure. Once you have changed something, you should continue to make changes, not only in an intimate way. Continue the topic that worked to your advantage. Behave in such a way that you will be admired, and not vice versa, descend to earth and return to routine life. You will soon realize that change is great. You will want to change and adjust something again and again. That's how it should be. This is the path that will lead you to new happiness.

If your attempts turned out to be ridiculous and you yourself were unhappy with yourself, well, it doesn’t matter. In any case, your partner should take the hint that something needs to change and that you need something new, not the usual old one. Perhaps now the two of you will try to make the second and subsequent attempts more successful, which will bring you closer.

Unsuccessful attempt

If everything you did turned out to be unnoticed or simply no one wanted to play with you according to your scenario, saying that it was stupid, maybe even vulgar, then you have an additional problem. Your partner is either not ready for such changes, or everything inside him has gone out, and you came to him too late with your ideas. In any case, this issue needs to be clarified to the end in order to understand how to proceed and see the future of your relationship. Still, you made this leap, tried to show the way how to diversify your intimate life.

Reviews of such cases can help you figure out what to do next, because someone has experienced similar things and can give you advice. Many people claim that it was a bad experience that made them strive even harder to achieve success. Someone began to watch their loved one more closely, trying to understand what interests him, what programs he watches, what women he has his eye on. Surprisingly, they actually noticed something they had not noticed for many years.

Are changes always necessary in your intimate life?

This question worries many. Some can immediately say that they do not complain about their intimate life and everything suits them. It is very important to be responsible not only for yourself, but also for your partner. To make sure that everything suits both of you, you need to find the right moment and talk about it with your significant other. A conversation on this topic is necessary in any case, because if you know what your loved one likes and what he doesn’t like, this will allow you to find better ways to satisfy each other in bed. Don't be shy to share it, it's worth it.

Never say that you don’t need any changes. You try something new first and then decide. In any case, standard behavior, like a pattern, can sooner or later get boring, so you still need to have something in stock that will awaken new feelings and surprise. People are always interested in how to diversify their intimate life. Reviews from friends or strangers play a positive role. However, any information needs to be processed, because not everything that suits others will suit you. You yourself must choose those paths and methods to make your loving hearts beat with renewed vigor.




What is sploshing? It's like in the cult movie "9 1/2 weeks", when something edible is applied to the partner's body and then licked off. Even running an ice cube over someone else’s stomach, chest, or collarbones will be interesting for both. One partner will receive new, vivid impressions, and the other will be excited by the fact that he has some kind of power and control.

Sometimes, from the simple touch of a loved one, an electric current runs through the body. And how strong the effect will be from a tongue licking whipped cream from a naked body. Pleasant impressions are guaranteed for both.

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